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Good evening. Families of elderly residents at two


Sussex care homes say they are upset and disgusted after being told


they are closing. These are the second and third


homes in St Leonards that the New Century Care company


has shut in under a year, blaming the national funding climate.


52 residents will be displaced and there are fears more care


homes are set to close. Jon Hunt reports.


Marjorie is facing her second care home move in the space of the year.


Last March, the same company closed the home she used to live


We have got to find another home for my mum.


She is very frail. She is 88.


Something has got to be done about it.


95-year-old Alice has dementia and her daughter


says she will struggle with the change.


She can't do anything for herself. She has to be fed...


Everything has to be done for her. She doesn't know what's going on.


New Century Care blamed the national funding problem.


Linda used to be a manager with the company and says


the minimum wage, pension obligations and pressure


from the regulator mean homes cannot afford to run on the fees


that local authorities are prepared to pay.


The government need to put more money into social care,


I think there will be more and more providers who will be looking


at the bottom line and thinking, "This is just not sustainable."


Challenged about social care funding today, the Prime Minister said


she recognised there are pressures and said more money is being


This is an issue that has been ducked by governments for too long.


That is why I have set up work to say, we need to find a solution,


so we have a long-term sustainability of our


Back in St Leonards, relatives tell me finding new homes


It's just a shame because there isn't anywhere in Hastings.


It could be judgmental to her health and it's a very worrying moment.


The county council said it would explore all potential


alternatives to closing the two homes and will be making contact


Jon Hunt, BBC South East Today, in St Leonards.


A man has died after being hit by a car in Swanley.


The 29-year-old was walking on Maidstone Road near the junction


with Hockenden Lane just after 10 o'clock last night.


He was struck by a silver Renault Clio.


Police are appealing for anyone who saw what happened to contact them.


The search for a man who jumped off a motorway bridge


into the River Medway has been called off for the night.


Police and the coastguard were called to the M2


A helicopter and divers were involved in the search


and the footpath between Junctions 2 and 3 was closed for several hours.


It is expected to resume in the morning.


More strike action begins on Southern Rail


The RMT union is launching a 24-hour strike over


the role of the conductor starting at midnight.


Southern Rail insists 705 of its trains will run and a full


service will resume on Tuesday. The union says Southern needs


to "engage" with them, to deal with safety issues.


The RSPCA say a dog is "lucky to be alive" after she was abandoned


in sub-zero temperatures in Kent. The spaniel, thought


to be about a year old, was discovered on Wednesday,


surrounded by frozen faeces in a field on Snodland Road


in Birling, having been thrown over a six-foot fence.


She is now recovering at an RSPCA centre and animal inspectors


are trying to find those responsible,


Now, we can catch up on the weather, with Elizabeth Rizzini.


It was a very cold start to the day today.


Minus 7 Celsius degrees in some of our more rural spots.


Most of us were cheered up by blue skies and sunshine.


The fog, however, is coming back overnight.


In rural areas, we are talking about minus 5-6 Celsius.


This time, though, there is a Met Office yellow warning


It could possibly cause some travel problems tomorrow.


Poor visibility on many of the roads and it will be very dense in places.


Quite slow to lift and clear in many places.


Possibly just brightening up as we head into the afternoon.


It will be dry, but feeling cold, too.


Top temperatures of just 3-4 Celsius, for the most part.


The fog could return on Tuesday morning.


It will stay dry, but rather chilly, for the rest of the week.


We are back with updates during Breakfast tomorrow morning


from just before 6.30am. Goodbye.


Good evening. If you are dreading the trudge back to work in the


morning I'm not going to help matters. There is the prospect of


nasty, freezing fog over the next couple of days. Quite localised but


tricky out there on the roads. Disruption possible. Check out your


BBC local


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