28/01/2017 South East Today


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Around 200 people have marched through a Kent village to protest


The plans to build 700 homes near Sittingbourne have been put


forward by the local council so that it can meet


government targets, as Peter Whittlesea reports.


This march is in Borden near Sittingbourne but communities across


the southeast face the same issue - hundreds of new homes proposed


as councils try and meet national housing targets.


This is a greenfield site, grade one agricultural land, countryside,


footpaths, and it's the only countryside we've got left.


Residents argue their village would be absorbed by Sittingbourne


The council says it's been forced to find sites for 4000 more homes


than they wanted to, to meet government building targets.


Do you actually have enough brownfield sites?


I mean, I think virtually every brownfield site,


if not every brownfield site is already within


So whatever happens on this local plan, someone's going to be upset?


Not only in Swale but everywhere else in the southeast,


But critics claim in this borough, houses aren't being equally


In this particular council, they have chosen to divide


One area, Faversham, are treating specially,


the other area, Sittingbourne and Sheppey is having to take the bulk


As councils decide which new developments will get the


go-ahead, more protests are expected.


Peter Whittlesea, BBC South East Today, Borden.


A man has been arrested in connection with a stabbing


A member of the public called the police at around half


They found a man in his 20s with stab wounds


He was taken to hospital for treatment.


Lorry drivers should be banned from using sat


navs designed for cars, according to local councils.


It comes after a series of incidents in which vehicles have become stuck


in narrow lanes in villages such as Mereworth in Kent.


Residents in Pevensey in East Sussex have also complained


The Local Government Association wants all lorry drivers to use sat


navs specifically designed for their vehicle.


Too many lorries are still using cheap sat navs


coming from small stores which are designed,


What they should be doing is using more expensive


that actually give them an idea of where they can safely drive.


A man in his 20s has been taken to hospital with serious injuries


The incident, involving a black BMW, happened on the A20


in Maidstone at around a quarter to one this morning.


Two D-Day veterans from East Sussex have been awarded the Legion


At a special ceremony in Seaford this morning,


96-year-old Ernest Frobisher, from Eastbourne,


and 90-year-old Arthur Burrett, from Seaford,


were both given the award for fighting


and risking their lives to secure the liberation of France


There's not many people who get them.


And for these to be handed on to the family, it gives them


Onto football and in the last half hour, Brighton and Hove Albion have


been knocked out of the FA Cup by non-league side Lincoln.


In their fourth round match Lincoln won 3-1.


And in the Sky Bet League One games, Charlton won away


Gillingham drew with Shrewsbury Town 1-1.


And in League Two, Crawley Town suffered defeat


Time for a look at the weather now with Wendy Hurrell.


The weather is changing over the next few days to something


milder and there will be a little bit of rain around


because it's all coming in from the Atlantic and I can show


This is the first tangle of weather fronts that's


Through the day tomorrow, you can see lots of low


pressure systems stacking up in the Atlantic


and that's basically what we're going to see coming


In fact, there are a few showers around


this evening and they will continue overnight as well.


Bear in mind the ground under our feet is pretty


frozen solid after a cold couple of weeks and so as temperatures fall


to one or two Celsius tonight, this showery activity


One or two icy patches not out of the question rurally


The showers continue into tomorrow morning.


There'll be bits and pieces of rain around and


generally quite a lot of cloud around as well.


And some more significant rain coming through later on in the


day, the first significant rain really we've had


Temperatures will be around seven or eight Celsius.


We've got mild conditions, often double figures,


That's it from us now. We would like the same time tomorrow evening. See


you then. Goodbye. Hello. If you don't like the cold


weather, it certainly felt a lot better for you today, at least


across the southern half of the UK. Still pretty chilly in northern


areas, even some sleet. When we see this transition from one type of


weather to another, we get a lot of variable weather. That's what we've


had today that is what is on the way tomorrow. Sunshine and showers


today, and tomorrow will be quite a mix as well. Lots of clouds in the


Atlantic ready to come our way. The short term, just bits and spots of


rain in the western areas, some rain in the North least. Cold enough for


some ice to form in Northern Ireland, northern England and parts




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