29/01/2017 South East Today


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A teenage shop assistant threatened by a man with an axe at his family's


shop in Gravesend says he was terrified the armed robber


A police helicopter was scrambled to search for the suspect,


This is the terrifying moment a man brandishing an axe burst into a shop


in Gravesend and tried to force the 18-year-old cashier


The shop assistant, Havinees, is the owner's son


and his two younger brothers, aged 14 and 15,


I thought he was joking so I started smiling at first.


he wasn't joking and I got really scared.


I was worried he was going to hurt my brothers because he, like,


got the axe up, trying to, like, threaten me.


In all the commotion, one of the brothers was able


to alert their dad who was loading up a van at the back


My son said to me, "Come in, Dad, quickly.


He heard my voice then he ran, opened the door and ran away.


The suspect fled out of this door,


despite the best efforts of the police helicopter


and a dog unit which were called out


Havinees says it is made him feel very vulnerable.


I wasn't before but now I'm, like, thinking


anyone can walk in at any time and then ask for money.


Kent Police say the suspect is white, around 5'7"


Amanda Akass, BBC South East Today, Gravesend.


The family of a man from Eastbourne who died of altitude sickness


in South America have raised ?10,000 to fund research into the condition.


Adam Savory was 25 when he died on a trip to Peru in 2012.


The charity set up in his memory is helping a team of sports


scientists at Brighton University find out why some people


are particularly susceptible to altitude sickness.


They've also developed an app to help other travellers.


The symptoms are quite subtle and they kind of creep up on


you and you may think you have a cold or a hangover or...


You don't really think it could be something very serious so it's just


it is a problem and just, you know, keeping an eye on it.


The Kent MP and chair of the Culture, Media


and Sport Select Committee, Damian Collins, says he'd


like to see arts organisations innovate more in response


Local authorities have reduced their funding for the arts


by an average of 20% since 2010 and most councils


are planning to cut the money they give to the sector further over


Football now and Brighton suffered a humiliating defeat in the fourth


They were beaten 3-1 by the non-league side Lincoln City,


In form and focusing on Premiership promotion,


Brighton Hove's FA Cup run took them


The Seagulls started well, a goal from Richard Towell.


But then everything went horribly wrong.


First, a penalty for Lincoln, then the Albion scored an own goal.


The promise of the Imps becoming giant-killers was no longer


a fairy tale when Theo Robinson made it 3-1.


We have to burden that as a club and certainly


But these are tough days and you hope what you can do


But being taught a lesson by a club


three divisions below Brighton Hove was tough for fans.


I'm a big supporter of Brighton and...


I don't really mind because I think we are going up to the


I'm a little bit disappointed but if we go up to the


The last time Lincoln City got to the last 16


A historic result which the Falmer Faithful will want to forget.


Peter Whittlesea, BBC South East Today.


So, let's have a look at the rest of yesterday's football action.


In League One, Charlton Athletic were away to Bolton Wanderers.


Reduced to ten men, the Addicks came from behind to win 2-1.


Gillingham were at home and held to a 1-1 draw


Defender Adideji Oshilaja's left-footed shot was enough to earn


And in League Two, Crawley's James Collins equalised


10-man Notts County went on to win 2-1.


Let's take a look at the weather now with Wendy Hurrell.


It worked out to be a rather soggy Sunday in the end,


And we will see a little bit more rain as we go through this week.


This was the beautiful scene at Broadstairs


and the beach there throughout this morning


and it was a similarly bright picture elsewhere,


nut not for long because it clouded over and


Although, on the plus side to that, it's going


So, still some heavy rain trailing its way through


Throughout the night, it clears away to the east


so really misty and murky, particularly over higher ground,


the downs, but that will keep as well warmed.


We will have temperatures no longer than six or seven Celsius.


but really quite gloomy, misty, murky condition and I don't think


we're really going to shift that as we go through the afternoon.


In fact, there could be a little bit of further drizzle


However, we're up into double figures and that's going to be


Lots of cloud around, maybe a bit brighter


but at least we don't have to worry about too many overnight frosts.


Z, we will be back at 10pm tonight. Goodbye.


There was some sunny and cheerful weather across the UK today.


Scotland and the far north of England, but further south, a rainy,


ugly picture, and it's still pouring with rain in some places. The week


ahead, more spells of rain and some wind towards the end of the week.


There is a lot happening here. There's a lot of weather fronts


lining up in the Atlantic, a lot of isobars and lots of wind heading in


our direction. From tonight and into tomorrow, this unsettled spell of


weather continues. Get rid of one area of rain in the early hours of


the morning, and then another band of rain comes in. In the north,


after that sunny day, clear skies and really cold. The Glens of


Scotland could get down to minus ten. Here is the


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