11/02/2017 South East Today


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Good evening. the late news at 10.15pm.


A man from Whitstable who has a rare bone marrow disorder is making


Yevi Ilangakoon is originally from Sri Lanka, but only a tiny


percentage of registered bone marrow donors in the UK are Asian,


which decreases the chances of finding a match.


A winter 's day of Whitstable is a world away from the Sri Lankan


sunshine. But in South Asian background means he is struggling to


find a bone marrow donor here in the UK. A search which is becoming


increasingly urgent. Recently, we had a bone marrow


biopsy and that showed that the condition had progressed and was


very aggressive. It is called myelofibrosis, a


disorder which disrupt the normal production of blood cells.


He would get quite tired and he is losing weight quite rapidly at the


moment. Which means that now it is quite imperative that he finds a


donor, because, you know, that is what is going to sustain him.


The money with my family managed to get a computer to raise awareness.


But so far no luck. From the entire register, only 4% from a South Asian


background and only 3% are from an Afro-Caribbean background. It does


not mean to say that any other background cannot be a match for my


dad or anybody else, but the tissue type is more likely to be from a


salvation background. At the moment we find a perfect


match for about 60% of white northern European patients who need


a transplant but that drops to around 20% for anybody, any patient


of ethnic minority. Experts say joining a register is


He hopes the search will soon be over.


A woman from Sussex has been given a 15 month sentence


after threatening to kill horses at a yard in Shoreham.


Kirsty Geoghegan, who's 25 and from Hove, tried to blackmail


stable owners at Buddies Yard into paying her ?5,000.


The horses had previously had their tails and manes cut off


The stable owners say they're relieved the judge handed out


Absolutely gobsmacked that she got a prison sentence but then ecstatic.


Justice has been served. I mean, we went through a horrendous... It was


absolutely horrendous, the messages that we received and everything that


that we received and everything that we went through.


A historic lifeboat, thought to be among the oldest


in the UK has been returned to Thanet to be restored.


The Francis Forbes Barton was built in 1896 and served the community


It was tracked down to a field in Lincolnshire before being


Thanet District Council will bid for one million pounds


of Heritage Lottery funding to refurbish the vessel.


The team behind Saltdean's ionic Lido development have confirmed it


will open on the second Bank Holiday weekend in May.


They've also announced that for the first time in its history,


Earlier this week Brighton and Hove City Council granted


a further ?700,000 to the project to renovate


the library - housed within the art deco building.


In football, all our teams are in action today:


In the Championship, Brighton are playing Burton Albion,


while in League One Charlton face AFC Wimbledon and Gillingham


Those matches kicked off just over an hour ago.


We'll bring you all the results in tomorrow's bulletin.


So what's the weather doing for the rest of the weekend?


Here's Georgina Burnett with the details,


Good evening. It has not exactly been very heavy but there have been


some snow showers. The Met office has the other weather warning in


place for snow until 7pm this evening. As it turns to slash it is


not too helpful on the roads. Overnight, quite a lot of cloud


around. Probably more sleet than snow and some rain as well. But


these are the wind continuing. Temperatures staying above freezing


but it may be a little icy and the odd spot tomorrow morning so do take


care on the roads. Fewer wintry showers and more rain, really. By


the afternoon starting to break up a little to give us some drier spells


but temperatures only getting to around four or five Celsius, perhaps


in some spots 6 degrees but feeling cooler than that with the bitter


east of the wind. There is change on the horizon as we head through the


week NBC does temperatures gradually rising and by the middle of the week


we could see double figures. So does feel after this weekend, like spring


That's the news and weather from us in the South East for now.


For now from all of us here have a very good evening.


Good afternoon. An afternoon to snuggle up in front of the telly and


watch some rugby. It's been a cold winter's day. Not just for humans.


This shot was taken earlier. There was some sunshine in Scotland, here


a beautiful afternoon. That was the expectation for most. It's bleak out


there. A mixture of rain and snow on the radar. You have to go a long way


up the hills to find settling snow. Into the evening and temperatures


begin to fall again, we could see some of the white stuff turning up


again at lower levels across eastern Counties of England and quite a lot


of snow piling up over the Pennines in particular on a brisk wind, it is


going to feel cold wherever you are with temperatures hovering close to


freezing. Tomorrow another raw feeling day.


Further rain, sleet and snow. Most of the snow focussed over the Peaks