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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South East of England.

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Good evening. at 11pm - now on BBC1 its time


A 37-year-old man from Rochester has died in a crash on Chatham Road


in Maidstone after his car collided with trees.


Police were called to the scene on the A229 slip road


towards the Running Horse Roundabout shortly after 3:30am this morning.


A pioneering scheme in Sussex designed to tackle loneliness should


continue after its current funding expires in June,


The project allows doctors to prescribe social activities,


Struggling to care for her husband, who has dementia, Anna had


But joining a local bowls club has set her well on the way to recovery.


Thanks to a prescription from her GP.


I was crying a lot for a whole month, and I couldn't get


I needed people talking with me and helping me through a very,


It's estimated one in five patients who visit their GPs don't primarily


Many of them just need somebody to talk to.


Under the social prescribing scheme, doctors can refer these patients


to voluntary groups, who match them up with activities


Social prescribing will save the lives of a lot of older


It makes a world of difference to the patient.


It means the doctor is freeing up appointments to see other people,


Medicine and wellness is more than tablets.


What we have to do is commit the will of the Government


The pilot project's ?76,000 funding from Crawley Borough


But the town's Conservative MP is hopeful it can become permanent.


Crawley, several years ago, was designated


That wasn't just a label, that is something that again has


meant that Crawley is in the lead in this issue, and I think we can be


in the lead in terms of tackling loneliness as well.


The Council says its decision about whether to keep funding


the scheme will depend on evidence that it really is helping


to reduce the pressure on health and social care.


The key challenge currently facing all our local authorities.


Amanda Akass, BBC South East Today, Crawley.


A toddler from Tunbridge Wells has died barely two weeks after ?250,000


If you will fault Canterbury. It is in itself was great on Friday. Three


people were taken before. If one is in with two and -- envoy from London


has charged with two is a review for you.


A toddler from Tunbridge Wells has died barely two weeks after ?250,000


was raised to fly her to America for what her parents hoped would be


life-saving surgery. Two-year-old Florence Jackson had


A toddler from Tunbridge Wells has died barely two weeks after ?250,000


was raised to fly her to America for what her parents hoped would be


life-saving surgery. Two-year-old Florence Jackson had


Her family say she's left a huge hole in their hearts.


Hundreds of people gathered in Ramsgate today for the 75th


anniversary of the Channel Dash. A ceremony and flypast were held


at the harbour to mark the day 18 pilots took off from Manston


to attack the largest German fleet ever assembled.


Only five of the men survived the attack in 1942,


Football, and a sixth successive home league win for Brighton briefly


saw them move to the top of the Championship table.


With that and the rest of the weekend's action,


It was a pretty one-sided affair at the Amex.


12 minutes in, and Tomer Hemed capitalised on a fine cross


And after the break, Sam Baldock doubled the lead.


More cracks appeared in Burton's defence


It made the visitors spark into life, but this header


from Glenn Murray ended any hope of a comeback.


This free kick from Charlton's Ricky Holmes won't be


It would have earned them three points against AFC Wimbledon had it


not been for this superb finish from Tom Elliott in stoppage time.


He was so happy, he got a yellow card for over-celebrating.


It was also his second booking, so he was sent off.


In Kent, Gillingham were moments away from being beaten


Step up debutant Josh Parker, who snatched this goal in the 95th


minute, earning a point for the Gills.


In-form striker James Collins was on target to put Crawley


But it was two goals from the home side's leading scorer, Danny Hylton,


which meant Crawley left Kenilworth Road empty-handed.


Let's find out what the weather's going to be like.


Just a little more cold weather to come before we see some milder


Now, tonight, first of all we see quite a lot of cloud around.


But then clearer skies moving in the second half of the night.


It's unlikely we'll see frost, though, because of that wind.


Temperatures getting down to about two or three Celsius.


An easterly, biting wind taking the edge off those temperatures.


Although there is a good lot of sunshine on offer,


and temperatures up to eight or nine Celsius, it's certainly not


going to be feeling that warm because of the wind.


But, as we head through the week, well, it's still fairly breezy


But some sunny spells around on Tuesday.


And a bright and breezy day generally, starting


On Wednesday, more cloud around and a few showers,


but at least we're seeing some double figures.


But by the end of the week it's certainly feeling milder,


and also a lot drier than we've had the past couple of days.


I'll be back at around 11:20pm with another update


For now, from all of us here, have a good evening.


Good evening, dull, grey, cold, miserable. And that's just me! The


weather hasn't been great leader for most of us, it will be chilly out


there with this nagging easterly breeze, wetter weather for Northern


Ireland, by the end of the night most of the dampness across parts of


Eastern Scotland and North East England, most of the high ground