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Good evening. stories on the BBC News Channel.


A 37 year old man from Rochester has died in a crash on Chatham Road


in Maidstone after his car collided with trees.


Police were called to the scene on the A229 slip road


towards the Running Horse Roundabout shortly after 3.30 this morning.


12 firefighters are at the scene of a chalet bungalow fire


They've been there since half past nine this evening


GPs in Crawley are calling for a pioneering scheme -


which aims to reduce loneliness - to continue when its current


The scheme allows doctors to prescribe social activities


Struggling to care for her husband who has dementia, and had become


completely housebound. Joining a completely housebound. Joining a


local Bowls club has set her on the way to recovery thanks to a


prescription from her GP. I was crying for a whole month and I could


not leave my front door. I needed people speaking with me and helping


me through a very dark time in my life. And the project helped me get


back. It is estimated one in five patients who visit their GPs do not


primarily have a medical problem. Many of them just need someone to


talk to. Under the social prescribing scheme doctors can refer


these patients to voluntary groups who match them with groups in their


local community. It will save the lives of the lot of people that we


work with. It a world of different the patient and the doctor is


freeing up for permits to see others and you are saving money. Medicine


and wellness is more than tablets, we have two connect the will of the


government into action and funding. The ?76,000 funding from the council


ends in June but the towns Conservative MP is hopeful it can


become permanent. Crawley was designated as a dementia friendly


town, that was not just a label but something that has again meant that


Crawley is in the lead in this issue and I think that we can lead in


terms of tackling loneliness as well. The council says this decision


about whether it keeps funding the scheme depends on evidence that it


really is easing pressure on health and social care, a challenge facing


all local authorities. A toddler from Tunbridge Wells has


died - barely two weeks after a quarter of a million pounds


was raised to fly her to America for what her parents hoped


would be 'life-saving surgery'. Two year old Florence Jackson,


had a rare cancerous tumour. Her family say she's left a huge


hole in their hearts that Dramatic footage of a car on fire


has been filmed outside a fast food restaurant


in Chestfield near Whitstable. The two minute video


which contains flashing images It shows flames leaping


from the car's engine Although the car was badly


damaged nobody was hurt. Hundreds of people gathered


in Ramsgate this morning to mark the 75th anniversary of the Channel


Dash. A ceremony and flypast were held


at the harbour to commemorate the day eighteen pilots took off


from Manston to attack the largest Only five of the men survived


the attack in 1942 - the rest were shot down


by the Germans. Weather now - let's see how it's


looking for the week ahead. Here's Georgina Burnett


with the details. Good evening. After snow at the


weekend it is going to be feeling very different by the end of the


week with milder weather on the way. It does look like we see in the back


of any outbreaks for the evening survey largely dry night tonight,


cloud about and clearer skies coming through later on in the night but it


is unlikely that we will see a frost because of the wind, a largely dry


and breezy night to night, and tomorrow the easterly wind continues


and it will be quite biting at times, pretty gusty as well, at 40


miles an hour across the coast in particular. It's taken the edge of


temperatures which have improved after the weekends, high survey to 9


degrees, but really not feeling that way because of the wind, there's a


good deal of sunshine and dry weather on for tomorrow at least.


Still fairly breezy on Tuesday and Wednesday, Tuesday has bright and


sunny spells about, a bright and breezy day on Wednesday, and a bit


more cloud and a few showers coming through but we start to see double


figures and by the end of the week, dry and mild weather on the way, so


it's all change, especially after the weekend's events.


That's the news and weather in the South East this Sunday.


We will be back during Breakfast tomorrow from 6 o'clock.


For now, from all of us on the team, thank for watching.


I'm sure most of us are glad to see the back of this weekend. It's been


cold, bleak and at times wintry. It provided some beautiful weather


Watchers photos, like Sheffield earlier today. I suspect some of the


lying snow will be blown around by strong winds starting to develop.


The odd spot of drizzle into the far north-east. The wind strengthening


here. Already signs of something a little bit miles, temperatures


climbing up. However it's not going to feel that warm straightaway.


Because of the strength of the wind. The wind however will break up the


cloud, so some sunshine into central and Southern areas. The cloud is


thickening all the time. The odd bit of drizzle. Some sunny spells