19/03/2017 South East Today

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South East of England.

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Good evening. stories on the BBC News Channel.


Six people have been taken to hospital -


It follows a collision between a car and pedestrians


The driver of a black VW Beetle is being treated for minor injuries


The seriously injured have been taken to a hospital in Brighton.


Schools in Medway are struggling to recruit and retain teachers


and are having to look overseas to fill empty places.


The Council says they're losing out to London and more


This primary in Medway is classed as outstanding by Ofsted, no mean


feat in an area where finding and keeping teachers is a


For one, neighbouring London can tempt them away with


enhanced salaries but there's another hurdle.


I think there has certainly in the past, a view that


Medway is a difficult place to work, pupils are challenging and there


I think colleagues are working really,


really hard to change that and, certainly in Medway schools, results


are improving and we expect that to continue.


Medway Council is looking as far afield as South Africa and


It's holding a recruitment fair on Wednesday.


Some say the Government is doing its bit.


For the year 2016-2017, there are 15,000 extra trainee teachers


What we have seen over the last 20 years, irrespective of


different political parties, has been a stability in a number


But Government figures show, over the last few years,


the numbers leaving the profession have gone up while


recruitment targets have been consistently missed.


The announcement of ?320 million more


for free schools has missed the point, say some.


I've always supported good schools expanding.


I think I'd much rather see people putting


their focus will do that, rather than just building another school


and another school, and another school, with no guarantee of success


The national union of teachers blames workload for so


One third quit within five years of joining.


A man from Seaford is fighting for his life following a road


The 23-year-old was riding a motorcycle in Station road


in Berwick when he collided with a Land Rover.


The motorcyclist was taken to the Royal Sussex


The driver of the car was not injured.


Kent Police have charged two men after a taxi driver was allegedly


threatened and assaulted by two passengers.


Two men are reported to have prevented


the driver from stopping at Ebbsfleet railway station.


The men have been charged with racially aggravated assault


Both will appear before Medway Magistrates' Court tomorrow.


Thousands of people have taken part in the 33rd Hastings half marathon.


Ben Fish battled the windy conditions


It's a second victory for the man nicknamed the Blackburn flyer.


The finish is very tough in that headwind.


It is a very hard last two and a half miles along there.


My best time was 67:08 when I won it seven years ago.


If the conditions were like last week, I


But I knew going in that it would be difficult.


Now to Elizabeth Rizzini with the weather.


a lot of low cloud, and very little in the way of brightness.


We also saw misty and murky conditions on the south coast, too.


Overnight tonight, the air is still mild and not dropping


These outbreaks of rain mostly light and patchy


through the night, sticking around into tomorrow's rush hour.


This rain band will put it to a south-eastwards through


Top temperatures tomorrow still mild, 12-13 C.


Turning significantly colder on on Monday night.


Chilly on Tuesday, but dry with some sunshine.


That's what we all want to see. Now, don't forget, you can keep


up-to-date with all the latest news, features and whether by logging onto


our local live pages. That's it from me. We'll be back at 6:30am


tomorrow. Have a good evening. Goodbye.