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The special school under investigation for pupil safdty


Will paying by contactless credit cards make travelling


And later on: A campaign to celebrate the life of a lerchant


who loomed large over Newbury in Tudor times.


The future of a special school in Fairford, where all the children


were removed in the summer, is in doubt after the counchl


revealed it's no longer financially viable.


A consultation starts on Monday on plans to close Coln Housd.


Separately, a number of investigations are continuing


following concerns about thd safety of children at the school.


Even before Ofsted published the results of its inspection


earlier this year, the council learnt of worrying concerns -


most notably a high number of physical restraints being used


on pupils and a failure of the school's management


As a result, the county council stepped in and removed the pupils


And tonight I understand the headteacher and three


non-teaching members of staff have been suspended.


The school is being run by an interim head, along


with an interim board of governors, after the original board


And as for the reasons why the children were removed


earlier this year, very little at this stage is being made public.


I have to be very careful what I say because I don't want to prejudice


There are clearly a number of concerns about children's safety.


There were no allegations m`de, as far as I'm aware,


that have come forward regarding sexual abuse.


I know that has been a rumotr that has been going around and I do not


The council says demand for Coln House has dropped to such


a level that they'll no longer be able to afford to keep


That means that the school will be making a crippling loss,


By 2018-2019, we will be having to find ?2.5 million just


the council mishandled the removal of the pupils


Teachers who are still at Coln House are now being given extra training


and others are on placements at other schools.


But reluctantly, in the current climate, the union accepts


that the school won't be able to stay open.


Whilst we are saddened by the fact that it might mean,


been quite popular and servdd the needs of the community well


the case for the lack of financial viability is quite strong


and I think it is fair to s`y that, having talked to members,


we are quite resigned to thd fact that the most likely outcomd


All of the children removed from here in the summer are now


at other schools and it now seems increasingly likely they'll become


the last intake of pupils to be taught at Coln House.


Steve Knibbs, BBC South Today, Fairford.


Five men have appeared in court in Oxford charged


with historical sexual offences against teenage girls.


They were among those arrested during early


They're charged with a rangd of offences including kidnap,


trafficking and conspiracy to rape between 2000 and 2004.


They've been remanded in custody and will appear before


A Thames Valley Police officer has been jailed for seven years


PC Richard Hale joined the force in 2003.


Two years before he'd raped a woman who was then in her 20s.


They visited pubs in Witney before he took her to a house in C`rterton


House prices are dropping slightly in Oxford, according


The analysts, Hometrack, say the average house in Oxford now


Hometrack says that since J`nuary, the market has slowed,


partly because of economic uncertainty.


Bus passengers in Oxfordshire are among the first in the country


to be able to pay for their journeys using contactless


The new system's part of a multimillion pound invdstment


The Transport Minister Andrdw Jones was at today's launch.


Katharine Da Costa went along to find out more.


Now Stagecoach has installed contactless payment on all


of its Oxfordshire buses and Oxford Tube coaches.


It is I am very keen to see this technology rolled out. We h`ve seen


government support for it across the country. I can see customer benefits


and BBC that, you see more people choosing that mode of transport --


and where you see that,. It's the first operator outside


of London to offer its passdngers The Oxford bus company


hopes to do the same It is great because people do not


have a lot of change or cash in your wallet or pocket, so it makds it


the public transportation that we the public transportation that we


have in Oxford. It is quite fiddly to get Carter Cash. Especially when


you are buying your ticket. This would definitely be a good hdea


To keep up with passenger ddmands in the 21st century,


Stagecoach says it's investhng ?15 million in its


We want an application to wdeks ago and that allows you to plan out a


journey and to track your boss and also pay for your travel on the app.


This is another development on that front to make the bus is much more


convenient. public transport will enticd more


commuters out of their cars and free Hundreds of farmers


across the region have taken part in the National Farmers' Unhon's


biggest ever consultation on the shape of the


industry outside the EU. Access to migrant labour


and ensuring cheap The NFU will now present


its findings to the Governmdnt. Like his father and his grandfather


before him, Jeff Powell His barley, grown here


in West Hagbourne, will be tsed Like other local farmers, Jdff's


had his concerns about Brexht. He's among hundreds in the region


who've taken part in the NFT's A major issue was that anything


that is imported into this country needs to be produced to the same


standards as we produce thel So animal welfare,


environmental benefits, the same use of chemicals, so it's


absolutely crucial that imports As well as wanting to protect


British produce from cheap hmports, farmers are keen to ensure


they can carry on using So many farms employ migrant labour


and the NFU are actually going to get together with the NHS,


care homes, pack houses, and form a lobbying group


to actually lobby the government so The NFU wants Britain to become less


dependent on foreign imports. From our three consultations over


Berks, Bucks and Oxfordshird, our vision that came from those


consultations is very clear - and that is we need a progrdssive,


profitable and competitive farming industry to serve our UK food chain


and also that that UK food chain is fairly enabled to be abld


to provide safe, affordable and high The NFU also wants to maint`in


full, unfettered access Following the consultation,


the NFU's now set up They'll work on Brexit and trade


alongside the Government to try and secure the best deal


for Britain's farmers. This time next year,


Oxford's new Westgate Centrd We've been given access to the site


which will house 100 stores, Developers say the ?440 million


project is on time and is dte to be And structure and form a separate


buildings, and behind me at the top of the roof terrace which wd're


really excited about with all of the great restaurants that will be up


there. The John Lewis store you can begin to see taking shape now at the


southern end of the scheme. It will be ready for opening next ydar.


The Duchess of Cornwall has been in Swindon today to celebrate


She named the square outsidd the station in honour of thd man


who helped Brunel establish the railworks there.


People will now walk out into Sir Daniel Gooch Place.


He was a famous engineer in his day and made the case for buildhng


Yes, I am really pleased, it is a great honour to have Her Roxal


Highness here with us today. Swindon is a really important place in the


history of the great Western Railway and it is great to celebratd that


of Sir Daniel Gooch who is ` person of Sir Daniel Gooch who is ` person


with regards really is as mtch as with regards really is as mtch as


she should be. Bat-mac railways People have been voting


in West Oxfordshire to elect It follows the departure


of David Cameron last month, after representing


Witney since 2001. 14 candidates are standing


in the by-election. People have until 10pm


to cast their vote. Americans living in this cotntry


could have a crucial role to play in the outcome


of the US presidential election More than 300,000


Americans live in the UK - and a study from Oxford University


suggests more have registerdd In last night's debate, Don`ld Trump


and Hillary Clinton traded blows over everything


from immigration to Vladimir Putin. From everything that I see, Vladimir


Putin has no respect for thhs person. That is because he would


rather have a puppet than... You are rather have a puppet than... You are


the puppet! I have made the cause of Children and Families Bill hn my


life's work. We will make Alerica great again and it must start now.


Earlier I spoke to Dr Halbert Jones from the Rothermere American


Institute at the University of Oxford.


I asked him if the debates had answered voters questions.


I think a lot of voters havd been turned off by the hostility that has


been on display in the debates and the personal attacks that h`ve been


going back and forth, rather than the focus on the issues. Thhs might


have given some insight into the character of the candidates and that


might be useful in terms of making decisions for them. When I look at a


map of the US Tore Roundabott election time, it looks likd the


East and the west coast votd Democrat and the centre seels to be


assessment? It generally is, major assessment? It generally is, major


concentration of Democratic voters, concentration of Democratic voters,


rural states in the centre, the great Plains, the south of the


country, they tend to be more Republican. The result is a set of


states that are competitive with the changing trends and demographics and


the other ones we will be w`tching. Between 200000 and 300,000 dligible


to vote in the election, wh`t difference could be me? Americans


living here in the UK, parthcularly the ones that come from somd of


these more competitive swing states, they could make a real diffdrence.


Historically, overseas parthcipation by voters abroad has been qtite low.


It the significant number do take up their right to cast ballots, that


could start to make a difference, particularly in those days that are


really close. Those states would be? North Carolina, Arizona, Ohho,


Georgia. The list was just `s the polls are just from each dax and


week to week. But some of those states, they are seen to be battle


grounds. Can they really make a difference, those votes, from here?


I think so. As in Florida, hn 2 00, were the race was so tight that it


forced a recount, well after the election day. Late arriving votes


from overseas and absent dedpwater did actually swing the election in


that state and overall from Al Gore to George W Bush. Briefly, xou are


voting in North Carolina, h`ve you voted? The ballot papers ard ready


to go and I will send them hn by e-mail shortly. Thank you for that.


Thank you. Now more of today's


stories with Sally Taylor. Feelings were found any casds of its


drivers. One of those is a piano teacher from Hampshire who has said


that Havana. Premature retirement. Laura Trant has been to metdr. It


was a routine eye test that shows Francis Lee had an undiagnosed mini


stroke. She had no idea it had happened. She was not allowdd to


drive for one year. She was then forced off of the road for two more


years because of confusion with the DVLA. I should have been told by the


DVLA that my case could be treated as an exception Alan Tate and this


is something behalf have within is something behalf have within


their remit. They did not tdll me. I found out completely by chance,


completely by chance. If I had not found that out, I would be driving


today. Without her car, she had no choice but to retire from hdr job as


a piano teacher. Angry, bec`use I felt I was a little boy shotting as


loud as I could for justice and no one was listening. I knew, just me


that this was wrong. Legal fees and other costs meant Francis spent


?30,000 getting back on the road. That money has now been reilbursed.


The parliamentary and health service Ombudsman found major feelings and


eight drivers' cases. Criticisms in the report I directed at thd medical


group of the drivers. Part of the DVLA which considers both drivers


with a medical condition ard set to die. They have accepted that they


have made mistakes but they have said they are not willing to make


sure that people know about those mistakes so others who could be


affected can complain and do something had gone wrong and their


case, it could be put right. That is a denial of justice for people who


could have lost their livelhhood. The DVLA has apologise for how it


handled the cases but it makes the point that the eight cases date back


to 2009 and it says that since then, the vast majority of the 4 lillion


cases it has handled have bden dealt with swiftly and correctly. It also


says improvements have been made that are more members of st`ff and


there is now and my system, where drivers can give details of medical


conditions. It took nine ye`rs to get Francis's is resolved. She is


now back on the road with a new lease of life.


On two spot. Last night we were previewing it, tonight it is


happening, it is happening right now. The moment that Saints fans


have been looking for in Milan. The anticipation. Since the tickets were


released. Yes, so far, it is evil- zero. Holding their own, we hope.


This evening around 7000 Sotthampton fans are on the edge of thehr seats


at the San Siro Stadium. Sahnts take on Inter Milan and Europa Ldague.


The match is just coming up to half-time. Our sports editor Tony


Husband is there. Saints holding their own against the three,time


champions big winners at thd moment? Yes, indeed. From behind me I can


hear the half-time whistle has just gone. It is evil- zero in the San


Siro. More than holding thehr own. Not staying on the edge of their


seats, the fans are out of their seats. What a first half from


Southampton, the hatful of chances, Jay Rodriguez guilty of missing a


few. James Ward-Prowse put one over the top. Martina Purdy one `cross


the face of goal. No one cotld get on the end of it. The 7000 fans have


been roaring them all almost sucking the ball into the net. Can they


break the deadlock in the sdcond half? What a day we have had, let me


rewind the clock and look b`ck at some of the scenes from Mil`n


earlier today. 7000 fans tr`velling to northern Italy, many of them on


flights that that the south and all airports across the country earlier


this morning. They have been in great spirits and enjoying their


day. They came here tonight and they have seen their side to thel proud.


I have got the stories of three fans in particular Ruby will heal from


which tells you just how far Saints supporters have come. 19 hotrs,


door-to-door through Qatar from Singapore. I just could not miss


this after supporting them for God knows how many years, not bding able


to see them very often, so ` big event. It must feel very spdcial


today. Very special, and wandering around the San Siro Elder,


fantastic. I have never been away with since before, Milan is an


amazing and lovely place to be, great experience. What a first trip


away, how did you come up whth that? I have lived in Southampton for


seven years and I have started following the team and going to warm


games then I thought let us go to Europe, it has been really good


Full-on from Florence, norm`lly I worked on a Thursday night `nd I


would not normally be able to come to the game but my company have


challenged me to do 1503 te`ts on Twitter and helping -- asking Saints


fans to help out. I am requesting people who love to


go and what Southampton plaxed to comment. If I can get 1500 re-tweets


on this video, they will move the Thursday night to the Fridax night.


That would make me very happy. Within eight days we reach the


target. Thank you to everyone. Here we are in Milan. I am sure H pressed


the re-tweet Button! Are yot looking forward to tonight? Amazing. I never


thought that we would watch Saints away in Europe for a long thme,


especially other thing that happened six or seven years ago. The fact


that we are is outstanding. Confirmation then, half-timd at the


San Siro in the group game, Southampton holding Inter Mhlan at


the moment and more than holding their own. The home side had a few


opportunities before the brdak, they are not out of it but have not won


yet in this competition. Sotthampton have a victory and a draw so far. If


they can get a victory this evening that it -- they would take ` huge


step towards qualifying out of the group and this competition. Live


commentary on BBC five live. We will have reaction from the Saints camp


this evening. And we will h`ve the this evening. And we will h`ve the


goals in the late news this evening. What an atmosphere it has bden for


Southampton fans today. It really does feel like a special molent and


Matthew Le Tissier, a legend, he has treated in the first half, never


thought I would see Southampton battering Inter Milan in thd San


Siro! Candy finish it off? That is the big question.


Thank you, Tony, let us hopd so A match to remember regardless of the


score. But wouldn't it be great if they can get it the point?


We have heard this afternoon that easily's FA Cup clash against


Swindon town will be broadc`st live on BBC Two. Last season the Spitfire


is nearly pulled off one of the great FA Cup giant killings. The


match against being one Sundin takes place at the Silverlake Stadium on


the 4th of November. -- agahnst League 1 Swindon Town. Team GB


cyclist Jon Trueman competes in the James Brent at the track


Championships in Paris. Seen here in training he took fifth placd in the


one kilometre time trial. It was his first appearance for the senior GB


squad. The 19-year-old came away with a personal best and is


confident of putting any strong performance with his team-m`tes in


the race this evening. I thhnk we have all done good times and


training. Came away with a good start up. We are positive going into


it. Let us hope they can do it. Tomorrow be ahead to biggest


participation sporting event in the south. On Sunday, more than 20, 00


runners will pound the stredts of Portmarnock for the great South run.


The ten mile race is one of the largest in Europe and attracts a mix


of elite athletes, fun runndrs and charity fundraisers. If you are


going to be among them on Stnday, please let us know. We would love


you to send your pictures in via our Facebook page. The address hs on the


screen. We can add it to our South run gallery.


We would love to see your fhnishing We would love to see your fhnishing


pictures. Always a good event. 00 years before the Industrial


Revolution a Berkshire Weavdr set up England's first of factory. As many


as 100 lumens producing cloth that was exported across Europe. John


Winchcombe was a visionary, clearly a man ahead of his time. Yet there


is little in his hometown to mark his place in history. Now momentum


builds behind the campaign to create a statue of the man who bec`me known


as Jack of Newbury. This model of each of the room as


part of a collection of artdfacts inside West Berkshire Museul related


to the man who perhaps that more than any other to put the town of


Newbury on the map. -- loom. John Winchcombe became known as Jack of


Newbury and built on his father s loss-making business to set up


England's first ever factorx. Legend says he had up to 200 looms and


an exaggeration, mass production an exaggeration, mass production


made him one of the most we`lthy and influential men of Tudor tiles. In


terms of historic importancd, there is no doubt about it, Jack of


Newbury, John Winchcombe, c`n be seen as it -- combination of Deco


Whittingham and Bill Gates. In terms of having an economic role `nd


someone who represents the ordinary person that can succeed.


Only a small part of his huge mansion now stands, touched down a


side street and easily missdd. Local sculptor Luke Webb hopes pl`cing a


live site 's statue of a jack of Newbury you will be a fitting


tribute and a reminder of this importance to both the town and the


nation. He is holding a sample of his own cloth over his right arm.


His other hand is raised aloft. As if to capture the moment th`t he


conceived the idea is to sc`le up production. The statue has `lready


won local council support, casting a full-sized bronze statue will cost


up to ?15,000. It is old arts bodies and other sources of sponsorship


story of this town is finally given story of this town is finally given


the prominence deserved. Allen Sinclair, BBC South Today, Newbury.


We will let you know about that story. Guess who is here? Alina


Jenkins. We were talking about spring.


I think you mean April showdrs! There are so many wonderful colours


around. Beautiful autumn colours in Chichester. My thanks to David Gould


for sending this in. And also to Paul DeMarco for this


one. Jill Richards sent in this beautiful


picture as well. There has been a lot of dry weather


and the forecast in recent days and there is more to come for the


weekend. The reason, High pressure, it is formally established `cross


much of the UK but I am surd your eyes are drawn to this area of low


pressure and we have seen a few showers filtering into part of


Berkshire, and parts of futtre for this afternoon and this evening


They will fade and a night becomes dry. This guy is increasingly clear.


As the temperatures begin to drop, we could see some patchy mist and


fog and in rural areas we could see it as low as 2 degrees or 4 degrees.


The will be some mist and fog and The will be some mist and fog and


that will be slow to clear. From mid to late morning onwards it will


begin to break. More sunshine in the afternoon. The winds are lighter


Sobel -- although temperatures are only 12 or 13 Celsius, it should


feel pleasant. Tomorrow evening and overnight it is a


performance, probably cleardr skies performance, probably cleardr skies


earlier tomorrow night and that means it will turn more chilly but


we could see some mist and fog developing which will be slow to


clear on Saturday morning. Some areas could see lows of 2 ddgrees or


three degrees on Saturday morning. For the weekend, if you havd outdoor


plants, there is dry weather about. Mist and fog will clear but it will


be chilly as the pick-up th`t. On Saturday, mist and fog around in the


morning, that will clear, good spells of sunshine coming through


during the afternoon. Most places will be dry and temperatures are


around 12 or 13 degrees, perhaps even 14 Celsius. Further ahdad, we


need to look at what is happening to the South West of the UK. This area


of low pressure. Nor does it starts to squeeze out the isobars so later


in the week we will pick up by easterly wind. Quite a busy weekend.


Eventually that area of low pressure could bring us some rain ovdrnight


into Monday but over the next few days, aside from one or two showers,


we have dry weather on the cards and sunny spells by day, cool at night


with a little bit of mist and fog and a you are looking for something,


probably overnight into Monday. Will you come back tomorrow? I think


I will. That is all for the moment. John is again at 8pm and 10:30pm.


Goodbye for now. -- join us again. Everyone's living these


amazing lives,


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