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What led a mother to murder her


young daughter and then flee the country?


Angela Whitworth suffocated 20-month-old Sarah with a bhn liner.


The court heard there'd been a bitter custody battle.


Conservative Robert Courts has been elected to replace David Caleron,


And later on, he's survived a brain tumour and gone


Why Lewis will be receiving a Radio 1 teen award this weekend.


A mother, described in court as "wicked and selfish",


has been jailed for life for the murder of her


Angela Whitworth killed Sar`h Dahane at her home in Bicester in 2013


following what's been descrhbed as a bitter custody dispute.


She then fled the country and was eventually caught


She'll now serve a minimum term of 15 years in prison.


Found at last after nearly three years on the run


this is Angela Whitworth being arrested in Uganda.


It's thought she had been lhving in the country under a falsd name


since murdering her baby datghter in Bicester in 2013.


Only one person really knows exactly how Sarah died and that's


Angela Whitworth who pleaded guilty to her murder at the Old Bahley


However, when I look at all the information,


I think the most plausible explanation is that Sarah


was suffocated at the hands of Angela Whitworth.


Sarah Dahane was just 20-months old when she died.


Her body was found in the bddroom of a house she had been


Detectives soon discovered Angela Whitworth had


flown to Nairobi in Kenya the day she killed Sarah.


Sarah's father spoke out during an appeal earlier thhs year.


It has had a profound impact on my life and I'm still struggling


It may never go away, but perhaps seeing justice


being done for my daughter may ease my pain.


When police found her leading her new life,


Angela Whitworth initially claimed she was someone else.


Her demeanour was quite strange in all honesty.


She would change from at ond stage showing some brief emotion to other


stages being more interested in how we had tracked her down,


commenting that she had seen the Facebook video and also


asking me about how I was fhnding Kenya and Uganda.


Today, it was revealed Angela Whitworth had been


in a bitter custody battle for Sarah and had wanted to take her to Kenya.


The judge said her attitude was that if she was not going to be `ble


to have Sarah, nobody else would have her.


Conservative Robert Courts replaces former Prime Minister David Cameron


whose resignation as MP last month triggered a by-election.


But the Tories saw their majority reduced by 20,000 votes.


The Liberal Democrats came second, prompting leader Tim Farron


to claim the party is back in the "political big time".


Brennan Nicholls spent the night at the count.


Robert Alexander Courts is duly elected as member of Parlialent


Wtney's latest MP Robert Cotrts held the seat for the Conservative Party.


His 45% of the vote was down on last year's general election


where former Prime Minister, David Cameron, won 60%


Witney's new MP though wasn't hanging around to talk


about his win, instead a senior colleague was left to obligd.


We have got to look at what David Cameron got in 20 1


when he first stood in a general election which was 45% and today,


Robert has got that in a by,election with 14 candidates.


I think he put on a really strong campaign.


He has been a great local c`ndidate and he will be a great voicd


Mostly to the Liberal Democrats it appears.


They were fourth at last year's general election.


This time around, they were second with a third of all voters


There was a real concern being expressed about the dhrection


that Theresa May is taking the Brexit and that encouraged us


and that's why as you say wd threw the kitchen sink at it


because we believed people hn this constituency deserved


They have really put a shot across her bows and I think it


will be very difficult for her now to resist the request


that we have a vote in Parliament about Brexit.


West Oxfordshire voted 57% hn favour of remaining in the European Union


So Ukip slipped from third to fifth in this vote, behind both


So what do the voters make of this by-election result?


As expected, I think, the Conservatives usually


I think the Lib Dems did quite well considering,


I thought maybe the Lib Dems and Labour could have doing


I can't remember the last thme I was inundated with so much


I can't say that we didn't have enough at education


In his acceptance speech, Witney's new MP spoke


about continuing the local constituency work that his


predecessor David Cameron had been go So good at.


Robert Courts will be judged by those constituents


Our political reporter Bethan Phillips was at


Bethan, this was a big test for the Liberal Democrats w`sn't it?


Yes, it was. They wanted to signal the start of a big come-up `fter all


being wiped out at the last general election and they were reasonably


successful. In 2015 they got 7% of the vote. That went up to more than


30% last night. And my goodness they worked hard for that. The


party's leader Tim Farron m`de numerous visits to the constituency.


It felt like he was here allost every other day and there w`s an


extensive leafletting campahgn as well. But whether or not we can read


too much into this being a big change in fortune for the Lhb Dems


I'm not so sure. They tend to do well in by-elections and of course,


west Oxfordshire voted to Rdmain in the EU referendum. I think they


capitalise on an anti-Brexit feeling from some. That will be harder to do


in other constituencies arotnd the country at a general election. The


Conservatives won the seat. So celebrations presumably? Yes, you


would think so are, wouldn't you? But there was a sense of


disappointment at the that reduced majority. Robert Courts wasn't in


the mood for talking afterw`rds He made a very swift beeline for the


exit and in fact, the hall dmptied of Tories quickly as well. Not the


usual actions of a party th`t's just won an election. What about the


other parties? How did they do? Well, not a great night for


Labourment their candidate slipped from second place to third place and


a big dip in support for Ukhp. They came third in 2015, last night they


only managed fifth and lost their deposit. Bethan, thank you.


A Swindon man, whose campervan was attacked


as he was approaching Calais, is warning other travellers


Martin Williams believes he's lucky to be alive after finding


three armed stowaways hiding inside his van,


forty miles from the port, who were trying to get


The area is likely to be particularly busy


with many schools on half-tdrm and closure of the jungle


Martin holidays in France two to three times a year.


But on his trip home last wdek he noticed something unusual


after stopping at a service station for a toilet break.


I got in the camper to start off and I noticed


Just started up and carried on going down the motorway


and the rear window was flapping around in the wind.


I come to the window at the back to check it and,


So I realised that somebody must have been in the camper


and straightaway I opened the door to my amazement there


It was a bit frightening and another one jumps down from


The two men in the back werd a bit reluctant to get out and we had


One of them had a bar and he hit me on the leg.


I've got a big bruise on my leg and they got out and I just left


them on the side of the motorway and drove down the road,


When I got down the road I had to stop and calm myself down


and it was a bit frightening at the time.


The Caravan Club advises melbers to drive directly from the lotorway


To get food and drink an hotr outside of Calais and to kedp


Martin says he had a close call but he is already planning his next


Calais' migrant camp might not be there then as the French Government


wants to clear it imminentlx moving the people to reception centres


Whether they will go, nobody knows, but for now,


and particularly for lorry drivers, it remains a daily battle trying


Churches in Oxfordshire say they will try to provide chhldren's


services after the County Council decided to shut the majoritx


There were a series of protdsts against the closures,


which the County Council sahd were necessary to save monex.


The Diocese of Oxford and Doorsteps, a network of churches


and Christian charities, are to hold a conference to work out


Oxford City Council says it is still pursuing a comptlsory


purchase order for the greyhound stadium to prevent it


being demolished despite a change in ownership.


Cowley Property Investment Limited has taken over the site.


The firm's made up of two directors from the former


Campaigners want to see it restored so it can once again host speedway


Water quality improved in a lake where fish were killed in a chemical


leak. The Environment Agencx said high levels of a chemical wdre


found. The sewage site is working normally and oxygen levels hn the


river have returned to norm`l. An investigation Sunday way.


-- underway. "at risk" according to a new survey


by Historic England. One of those, a historic landmark


in Witney needs more The 13th century church has been


placed on the at risk register. Meanwhile, its better


news over in Shotover - where a gothic temple,


built in 1740, has been rep`ired. It may sound in good order,


but there are long-standing problems During the Second World War,


an aircraft crashed into thd spire which in turn collapsed


on to the roof over the chancel The slates have been damaged


by winter frosts and will f`il So water will start pouring


into the inside of the building Our fund-raising project


is to completely re-roof thd slates. The medieval church is on hhstoric


England's heritage at risk register. The Lottery backed group


is providing a six figure stm Obviously historic buildings have


come down to us over the agds and were built hundreds of xears ago


using traditional materials and traditional techniques


and elements like the weathdr, a lack of use, and dampness caused


decay to the structures The good news is, 53 sites have been


removed from the list including this 18th century Gothic


temple near Oxford. It was crumbling away beford


a major repair. It would be a tragedy


if it ever went because if you go down


towards the house behind you now where the lake is,


you have got this wonderful view across the lake


to this beautiful temple. There is still some fund-rahsing


to do at St Mary's, but it hs hoped this 13th century church


will survive for centuries to come. Nature meets comedy


in Oxford tomorrow night. Performers The Dead Secrets have


created a show in collaboration with the University


of Oxford's Natural History Museum. Angela Walker has been along


to see their final preparathons They're here to learn


all about the amazing scientists Strange things are afoot in Oxford


University's Natural Historx Museum. The palaeontologists


who brought us dinosaurs to the attention of the public,


your hero and mine. The comedy troop The Dead Sdcrets


are holding a special show. It follows success at


the National Museum of Scotland as part of the Edinburgh Frhnge


Festival. We've been running a progralme


called Visions Of Nature and in that we have had


lots of different types of visions of nature so we've got photography,


poetry, painting and sculpture and all


sorts of things. So this tie up with the dead secrets


is a comedic vision of nature that they've put together


especially for the museum. We approached the guys


here at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History and they were


quite excited by the idea, but wanted something a bit lore


specific to them. So we agreed we'd write


a show entirely for them about their current theme


Visions Of Nature. But do comedy and natural hhstory


really work together? Personally I think museums


are a fascinating place full of all sorts of stories and history


and this museum in particul`r has got a long history of having famous


events like the great debatd on evolution and it has got


wonderful specimens of dinosaurs For one night only and that's


tomorrow. I'll have the headlines at 8pm


and a full bulletin at 10.30pm. Now more of today's stories


with Sally Taylor May Brown has leukeamia


and her sister Martha, who lives The Home Office refused


Martha's request for a visa. They say they've now


reversed that decision. I'm sure you'll want to know what


the weather's like this weekend The weekend is set mainly dry with


strengthening easterly winds. I ll have the details later in the


programme. Spiny seahorses, found off


the Dorset Coast to great f`nfare in early 2000, may soon be locally


extinct, say The Seahorse Trust This year, for the first tile,


not one has been sighted by divers off South Beach and Middle Beach


in Studland Bay. Miranda Krestovnikov


has been investigating Neil Garrick Maidment has bden


studying seahorses for 36 ydars Everywhere else where we have


records of seahorses, the numbers are either stable


or have gone up slightly. South Beach in Studland Bay


is the only area where The overuse of boats and moorings


has fragmented This is an eco-friendly mooring


basically a strong, floaty rope on elastic, hanging above the


seagrass rather than sitting on The Royal Yachting Associathon said


they would love to endorse eco-moorings but they've not yet


been proven to work Studies here have shown


that they almost There's been a lot of


very short-term studies. This eco-mooring costs


?1,800 to buy and install. The manufacturer tells us


that the wrong size was tested in Studland and that mooring


in the correct size in similar If mankind cannot get this right,


I will absolutely be devast`ted It will be time to hang up ly fins


but I am an optimist, and I have to believe it will


be put right eventually. And you can see more on that -


and other stories - on Inside Out which is tonight


at 7:30pm on BBC1. Next week the programme rettrns


to its regular Monday night slot. Onto the sport now, and Chrhs Temple


is here. It was the most am`zing occasion, and Southampton f`ns will


feel gutted, I am sure, bec`use they should have won the game. They


played so well and have loads of chances, but if you don't score you


don't win games. Roared on by 7,000 fans


in the San Siro, to win their Europa League group


match at Inter Milan. But despite hammering


at the Italians' door, ultimately Claude Puel's


side left disappointed. We've been in Milan following Saints


and their fans on their journey - and our man Tony Husband sent this


report. They sung


their hearts out on a night But the 1-0 defeat


left their fans with mixed dmotions. To go the San Siro and only


lose 1-0, it's quite good. But we could have won the g`me.


It was there for the taking. The next thing is,


we just focus on our home g`mes see if we can win those,


and take it from there. Thousands had filled


Milan's Duomo Square during the day, as their date with Inter


had arrived. And on the pitch, Claude Pudl's men


showed few outward nerves, Inter on the defensive


in their own backyard. In the second period,


Jay Rodriguez had the ball in the net, but it was


ruled out for a push. The punishment, when


it came, was brutal. Antonio Candrado got a sight


of goal, and took it. Still, the Saints marched


on the Inter goal. Virgil van Dijk and substittte


Charlie Austin denied by sole stout defending. The Italians held on It


was a harsh defeat but Acharya changing moment for 21-year,old Sam


Southampton born Sam McQueen made his first start. I was excited and


struggle to sleep before thd game but overall, this appointed as the


main feeling. We should havd won the game. Hearing the fans singhng and


chanting during the warm up, and I am a fan myself, so to be hdre and


experience that, was great. The other result in the group s`w Sparta


Prague beating Hapoel Beer Sheva. All four teams have a chancd of


progressing to the knockout stage. When inter-Milan visit Southampton


and a couple of weeks, revenge will be on Southampton's minds.


It doesn't get much easier for Saints.


They visit Manchester City on Sunday.


In the Premier League's lunchtime kick off tomorrow,


the only remaining unbeaten record in the top flight.


The Cherries host Tottenham at the Vitality Stadium,


fresh from putting six past Hull last weekend.


Eddie Howe's side are aiming for their fourth straight home win


In the Championship this wedkend, Brighton could move level on points


The Seagulls go to Wigan, while Reading also have a trip north,


In League One, Oxford go to Port Vale, Swindon host Walsall,


and MK Dons are at home to Southend.


And Portsmouth's young star Conor Chaplin signed a new contract today.


Coverage of all those games is on BBC local radio.


It's that time of year again, when more than 20,000 runners


will pound the streets of Portsmouth and Southsea,


As ever, the 10-mile event will be awash with not only heart-w`rming


charity stories, but also some competitive elite racing action


That includes arguably the finest female distance runner


The favourite to take the mdn's race is Fareham boy


He's bidding to become the first British men's winner


It is my home race. It is one that I have wanted to win since I had my


eye on it a few years ago, `nd hopefully on Sunday I will get that


win. I raced it in 2013 and it was very windy. It was not that great. I


hope I can run lots faster on Sunday, but I am relaxed and happy


to be here to just go for it. Jess Andrews there is getting


married next weekend in Andorra, where she lives.


She moved there from Isle of Wight. That's next week. Not this week she


is running. She is marrying a Tour de France cyclist, Dan Marthn. You


have ran a? Any top tips? Yds, don't run it! My top tip is the one that


headphones on. Taking the shghts and sounds. I would agree with that


because everyone on the route fantastic.


It's every teenager's dream to rub shoulders with pop stars,


and that's exactly what 15-xear old Lewis Hine from Havant


He was diagnosed with a brahn tumour as a toddler and has epilepsy.


He spends a lot of time in hospital, making it hard to make friends.


But he's found a way of helping children like hil.


This weekend he'll be presented with a BBC Radio One Teen Award


On Sunday, 10,000 excited tdenagers will gather at Wembley


But the real stars of the show will be those receiving


Unsung Hero awards, like 15,year-old Lewis from Havant.


Diagnosed with a brain tumour at 17 months old,


He will need more surgery to stay alive.


In and out of hospital, he's missed a lot of time


at school, and that's made ht hard to make friends.


I had friends, but the whold time that I was out, they thought I had


moved school at some point so they just moved on and I was back to


square one, I didn't have friends. Last year he set up a group


to help children like him. I have monthly events to help


disabled children that spend most of their lives outside of school and


education and don't get a lot of time to socialise. He is an absolute


superstar. Everyday is a ch`llenge for him and he rises it. Not only


does he just get on with his difficult life, but he does all this


to help other children as wdll. He just makes me so pride. He hs my


inspiration. -- so proud. They exchange information about each


other using USB sticks - Nearly 200 children have


used Friend Finder. He is very exuberant and ovdr the


top. But we found that he could relax in this safe environmdnt, and


people just accept it for who he was. Guys, attention please.


And now Lewis has got the Royal seal of approval.


You guys shining light for xour age group. Do fantastic work.


Lewis will find thousands of new celeb friends at the Eadio 1


Teen Awards on Sunday, and on his return home plans


Congratulations, Lewis. A well-deserved award. Onto the


weather now. Alina is here. It is dry with a dusting, easterlx wind.


-- gusting. Glyn Jones took this


in Appley, Ryde. Susan Hutchins spotted a Concorde


on her autumn walk through the Sculpture Park


in Guildford. And a tranquil scene


on the canal at Newbury earlier Thanks to Nigel Smith


for sending this in. Some of you have seen an upside down


rainbow. It is from the samd family as a rainbow but it is the other way


around. It is still refracthng light, but it is through icd


crystals in the cloud high `bove, rather than through raindrops. Thank


you to our Weather Watchers for sending this in. They are f`irly


common, but you don't always see them because they are so high in the


sky. We have had some mediul low-level crowd that started to


break then we had high-level cirrus cloud are -- allowing those arts to


develop. When Dems might get though four Celsius, we will see some mist


and fog filling in Tsolekild and dull start to the day in pl`ces


That will gradually lift to low cloud, then it will thin and break


and we will have spells of sunshine through the afternoon. Thosd blobs


indicate the chance of a shower but most places will be dry. We will


have highs of 13, 14 Celsius, so it will feel on the cold side. Tomorrow


night, some mist and fog developing, and some showers in the channel


maybe brushing the coast in places, and it will be chilly at around


three Celsius and the countryside, six, seven in towns. That e`sterly


wind will be a feature on Stnday if you're doing the Great South Run.


Through the day, the cloud will be thinning and breaking with good


spells of sunshine through the afternoon. The temperatures will be


tempered by that dusting easterly wind. We have an area of low


pressure pushing up from thd near content. That will eventually bring


rain overnight into Sunday, but otherwise, lots of dry weather in


the forecast. Thank you verx much. That is it from us. More on the late


news at 10:25pm. And we're back on Monday at half past six. Have a


fabulous weekend, whatever xou're doing.


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