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Hello and welcome to South Today. and on BBC One we now join


In tonight's programme: The highly toxic


diet pills not for human consumption.


They've been linked to a number of deaths -


But a BBC investigation's found they're still being sold online


Also on the way: Calling all Specials - why more voltntary


police officers are being looked for in Wiltshire


And the absent parents dodghng child support payments...why you could be


worse off if you live in Milton Keynes.


A BBC investigation's discovered lethal diet pills are being sold


on "hidden" websites, despite a major crackdown.


been linked to a number of deaths in the UK,


including a man from Buckinghamshire four years `go.


Now there are calls for tougher prison sentences for those


who sell the pills - which are currently set at ` maximum


Zoe Curtis has this exclusive report:


Sean Clithero was just 28 when he died after taking


the highly toxic chemical DNP in a High Wycombe gym.


He was hoping to lose weight and his mother Sharon Ayres wants


I was in with him probably H think no more than ten minutes and when I


first got in there he was trying to stand up because he said his back


was hurting and he was just shouting that is back hurt and he wanted to


stand up and he wanted me to help him, and he said I can't st`nd up. I


noticed his stats were really high and the doctor was telling le to


keep calm and lie down, and the sweat that was running off of him


was... I've never seen anything like that.


legally used in fertilisers, dyes and even ammunition.


But it's illegal if sold or marketed for human consumption.


Four people were jailed in connection with Sean's c`se.


The Food Standards Agency is clamping down on underground


websites selling DNP 'as didt pills' and has closed 19 in the last year.


If you are selling it onlind we can track you, we can trace you to your


home address, and we have done on two occasions this year, we've


successfully intervened in those selling it online, thinking they


were selling it in a way th`t could not be traced back actually we


traced them, and they are now active, ongoing investigations


hoping to be result in prosdcution. New figures from the Medicines


Health Regulatory Authority seen by the BBC show it seized


?1.4 million worth of unlicdnsed The BBC purchased pills frol one


of these sites and had them The results showed


they contained 40% DNP. The campaign to clamp down


on the sales is continuing Sean's grandparents just looks. .


It's just aged everybody. They look frail. It's just so hard to live


with. I had Sean when I was 17, so not just using a son, he was like a


little brother to me so it hs very, very difficult when you havd that


bond with someone and all of a sudden they are just gone.


A man from Chipping Norton's been sentenced to 18 years in prhson -


for the attempted murder of his elderly mother.


Steven Williams, who's 44 and from Hailey Road


in the town, was convicted after a seven day trial.


He'd stabbed 72 year old Daphne Williams in the neck six


six months ago, in an unprovoked attack.


Researchers at Oxford University claim the so-called


"weekend effect" at trauma centres across the country isn't valid.


Calls for a seven day NHS h`ve been key to Government changes to working


conditions for doctors, leading to Junior Doctor


such as the John Radcliffe in Oxford.


Last year, The British Medical Journal claimed you're 15


per cent more likely to die, if admitted to hospital on ` Sunday,


compared to a Wednesday. Oxford experts disagree:


One thing we had to do is adjust for different isn't observations I come


to hospitals that we can. The pattern of injuries is a subtly


different at the weekend colpared to the week so we had to use some


statistical techniques to adjust for those differences, but once we have


done that we found no difference in either disability for the p`tients


who are discharged alive, or the number of patients who died.


Next tonight - Specials - or voluntary police officers,


could soon make up around a third of the number of


The force has started a recruitment drive for more, but denies ht's


using volunteers to plug the gap, left by cuts.


Angela Walker has been to Swindon to find out more:


"Yeah, just seen a bmw he's doing 60 mile an hour in a 40.


"He's just up ahead of us so we ll do a compliance stop in a sdcond."


The reason I've stopped you is because you're speedhng


Ian Evans has been doing this job for ten years,


You could be sat round the corner and a call could come in, a distress


call, or someone trying to commit suicide.


It is very satisfying being able to come along and help a melber


of the public and calm them down and let them know, reassure them.


I enjoy that I just enjoy the satisfaction of being able


Nationally, specials make up 16 of police constables.


Wiltshire has around 1000 Pcs and 136 specials.


They want to increase that number to 500.


That would mean a third of its constables


"There's a danger that people will see it as using voluntders


that the special constabulary have a very special place and that


they're there to support the police not to replace


No, no, I mean its fair to say we have fewer officers now


than we did a few years ago but we still have the core strength


and we certailnly would not ever use or expect the specials to fhll


Specials have the same responsibilities and the sale powers


enabling them to take on other, more serious duties.


Wiltshire Constabulary say people wanting to become a special


will receive full, ongoing training and the chance to specialisd


in an aspect of policing, such as cyber crime,


or traffic policing. Angela Walker, BBC South Today.


New research suggests singld parents in Milton Keynes are owed more


money by absent partners, than any other place in the UK.


It's been calculated more than ?12 million


of maintenance payments remains uncollected in MK


Across the country, that figure is ?4 billion.


I virtually have given him shoe sizes, bank account details, and


address, car registration ntmbers, I have given them his information you


could simply Google and get the answers, so if I can get those


answers, why can't they? Despite asking for over ten years, the child


support agency hasn't been `ble to provide any answers to thosd


questions. More importantly, it hasn't been able to provide Laura


with any money, either. It lakes me angry, I suppose, is that what does


message it sent out to thosd children? That they're worthless?


That somebody is allowed to create another human being and then just


walk away. And according to research by the charity gingerbread, the


issue of nonpayment appears to be more acute in this region. Here in


the Milton Keynes constituency, there are over ?5.7 million worth of


arrears. In the Milton Keynds South constituency, that figure is 6.


million. If you add both of those figures together, that gives the


over ?12 million, making it the highest figure in the whole of the


country. Gingerbread is now calling on the CSA and the government to do


more. They have very extenshve powers to enforce maintenance,


making them deductions from earnings, taking money from bank


accounts, and reporting people to credit reference agencies when they


have debts. But the power to report people to credit reference `gencies


was brought in over a year `go, and so far they have not once rdferred a


case will stop the CSA is in the process of being scrapped, replaced


with the child maintenance service, a service the government hopes to do


more. In my roll on the bed head select committee, we are enpuiring


into beat old system so that before the new system is rolled out are


there any tweaks that we cotld make that system better than the old one?


'S the question now is what will happen to the ?4 billion of


outstanding payment? The fe`r is that when the new agency takeover,


unless parents apply to find that money can debt could simply be


written off. A new memorial garden


is being created in Oxford , to commemorate the lives of soldiers


who were killed in Afghanistan. 456 daffodil bulbs have been planted


- one for each of the servicemen Many of the bodies were brotght


to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford for a post mortem


examination. Hundreds of mourners would turn out


to pay their respects. A formal ceremony will be hdld


when the daffodils A new magazine is officiallx


on offer in Aylesbury. It's a collection of tales of life


in Buckinghamshire The magazine, written by veterans,


is designed to help them find Brennan Nicholls has been


to the launch: There are about 50 rounds of


ammunition left in each of ly guns, and without thinking I crawled away


and into the front of the m`chine. I conclude that little had ch`nged


from the World War II. The Home Guard was probably thinking them the


For both Amy and Lee this h`s been a voyage of self discovery.


We first met them three months ago as they and other former arled


service personnel produced `rticles for this Maybe Magazine.


The project is designed to help give new skills,


I have actually managed to get a small job working in social


communications and media for a furniture designer in Chichdster


which is directly as a result of being on this programme, so it has


really been great. And lots more stable now than when I first started


the project. I suffer from PTSD and I got involved in the project


because I was on the edge of another deep, dark hole, disappearing into


the house for months at a thme, so I used the project as an excuse to get


out of the house. One of the tales included


within is the story He and fellow crew members of HMS


Bulldog captured a German U,Boat It was brought to Bletchley,


where the 99-year-old now lhves and used to crack the Nazi wartime


coded messages. We got to the submarine, and who


smashed away. We have no tr`nsport. We had to borrow another shhp to


bring us back with all the stuff on, and from there we loaded thd stuff


onto the old dog, all the prisoners on the mess deck.


An online version of the magazine will be launched in December.


It will include some of the audio and video capttred


Other parts of the country `re now looking at the results of this


project and considering running their own version to help more


I'll be back with headlines at o'clock, as well as our latd


Stay with us though - Sally Taylor is next with more


Tireless - the Southampton lan who's no roll over when it comes


to winning a silver medal in the World's Strongest


The A27 through West Sussex is one of the region's


Everyone agrees something needs to be done but they


Hundreds of people are gathdring for a public meeting this evening


Highways England has up to one hundred million pounds to spend


but there's concern some iddas might actually make matters worse.


Good evening. Behind me you can see the mass of people waiting to get


into this meeting to discuss the A27 bottleneck in Worthing. Tod`y, I


discussed the problem with one family, asked them


about the problems they facd on a daily basis.


I lose so much time just sat in traffic permanently.


Trying to get my daughter from school is always


Trying to make it to meetings in time for work,


How long would you be sitting in a traffic jam?


We definitely need a bypass of some sort.


We don't know where it's going to go!


It's very difficult around here because we've got


the green fields at the back with the Downs and things.


Sea to the other side, so there s not a lot of places to go!


Possible answers include a tunnel or so-called three pass, widenhng the


road through the town. One campaign group believes the existing road


should be kept just for loc`l traffic. They want a northern bypass


making use of existing roads. Through traffic would head north and


rejoin the existing dual carriageway at patching.


By definition, a through pass favouring through traffic mtst


disfavour all the locals trxing to cross the road or join the road.


So we are talking about givhng 50,000 people in the top half


of Worthing a problem to favour a few people who want to go


Environmentalists say the answer is to reduce traffic.


Well, we know from history that every time we build a new road,


So that exactly what is going to happen.


If we're going to tackle congestion on the A27, we need


to minimise the demand for people who want to drivd.


And to do that, we've got to give them real choices in terms


of walking and cycling for the shorter journeys,


linking up with buses and r`il for the longer journeys.


They will be opening the doors here in just a minute, and the formal


consultation gets underway hn the With the sport now,


here's Tony Husband. That road will be pretty busy


tomorrow! Many a time I havd driven on A27 trying to get... Or not


driven! Big game for Brighton tomorrow.


Brighton boss Chris Hughton comes up against his former club in this


Albion face Norwich tomorrow, a club Hughton managed in the top


His current club are second in the table -


two places above tomorrow's opposition, who have lost


only once in the last 13 games in this fixture.


Two promotion rivals facing off means three big points on offer


It's also about points that the opposition don't gdt.


Is there any difference in ` game away at Wigan and a


We want to be taking points off our closest rivals if that's how


it's going to pan out towards the end.


The disappointing performance up there.


Bournemouth are on the road at Middlesbrough tomorrow sdeking


a fifth game unbeaten in thd Premier League.


That's a three o'clock kick off Southampton's game against Chelsea


Reading host Nottingham Fordst in the championship,


a win could put them back into the top six.


In league one, Oxford's game against Millwall


is a one o'clock kick off, Swindon are at Scunthorpe.


Portsmouth have only one win in five, so they'll hope


for a positive result at Cambridge tomorrow.


Another impressive round of golf from Stoneham's Richard Bland means


he remains in contention at the halfway stage of the world


The 43-year-old from Hampshhre shot another 68, making him eight under


He's tied for fourth and five shots off the lead held


Now to the world of strongman competition.


In this sport you can often lift, drag, pull and push weights of over


A businessman from Southampton has just returned


from the United States where he earned a podium pl`ce


in his class, but as I find out he won't give up until he's


Tom trains four times a week and often twice a day,


so putting on a show for thd cameras today was no sweat.


He has 26 stone he is about to lift and carry, twice my body wehght He


started entering events in 2012 and won his competition. Last wdek was a


big breakthrough on the loc`l stage. Second place in the world's


strongest man and 90 kilogr`ms. It's hard. There was a different winner


in each event. It was a fierce competition, and as always the most


consistent person won. In world's strongest man,


there are usually about six disciplines, from deadliest


to moving obstacles. 30-year-old Tom will lift wdights


of over 300 kilograms. There is no prize money, we found


ourselves. We are literally competing for a title, that's all it


is about. There is great calaraderie between the different competitors.


It's just a case of you havd these weights and you have delivered them,


push your body to give the best of durability. The way they sahd they


went up, they're always progressing, progressing, always making things


heavier -- the best of your ability. Tom runs a personal trainer


business in Southampton. I'm not going to give up until I win


at least once. He has the mhndset! You didn't give him much of a


helping hand. I couldn't evdn move the trial. Absolutely incredible!


You don't change the tyres on your own hand, why would you be trying


out? Next Monday it is of course


Halloween but in other parts of the world, particularly


in Mexico, it's traditional to celebrate the Day


of the Dead instead. It's an occasion to


honour the ancestors - visiting their graves,


leaving offerings and There's a distinct carnival


atmosphere and that's what they're tapping


into in Basingstoke tonight, with it's own Day


of the Dead parade. I'm surrounded by ghosts and ghouls


to mark the Day of the Dead. Celebrations here in Basingstoke,


and it's all about reconnecting with ancestry. In Mexico, they do just


that. They go to graveyards and have it picnic and reconnect with their


loved 1's past. I'm joined now by Mary from a theatre group. Tell us


about who's getting involved? We have been working with an alazing


company who do this work at Glastonbury every year. We work with


young people in Basingstoke to create the lanterns, face p`inting,


to do dance workshops and theatre workshops. They have been doing


theatre all day. It's been great and they are ready to take part in the


parade. Why is it important to celebrate arts? It brings the whole


community together. The kind of work we do is all about this,


enlightening a community, m`king it a great place to win. -- to live.


You can come down and have ` party, and celebrate where you livd. It


certainly is feeling vibrant. There are also people heavens we have a


dance troupe here. What performance are you doing? The living. Fabulous.


Have a look around this sitd. We have a tiny werewolf. I'm a little


scared of you! I'm going to find our counsellor. Terry, this is putting


Basingstoke on the map in a different way to our part of the


region? We wanted something different, quirky, bit less


threatening than the tradithonal view of Halloween, and something


that brings everybody else from the street in Basingstoke and enlivens


what is the historic part of town. So connecting with ancestors as


well. And you're hoping for great success? Absolutely, it was


fantastic last year. I think the crowds will be bigger this xear and


we have even more happening. It s just exciting. Is half of the parade


is the living. We will join up with a parade of the dead, this spooky


crew! Fabulous, we will join you for our forecast of the


weather. Now, more than 100 footballs


are being sent to Syrian refugee children in Turkey,


thanks to a pack of Cub Scotts. The cubs from the second


New Forest North Group at Copythorne raised ?1000 and this


morning bought the balls from the Saints shop


at St Mary's Stadium. It's the Cub Scout law


to always do your best, think of others before yourself


and do a good turn every dax. And today, this team of young boys


are doing just that. Because of the crisis in Syria,


they've been going to refugde So we've been thinking that we're


so grateful for everything that we play with and footb`lls


so we think that every child should be able to have a go


and have a football. They started at the


beginning of January. They collect 20p, which thex bring


in dribs and drabs They've had kickball compethtions,


they've had car washes, sponsored tractor clean,


which was absolutely amazing First to Calais in France,


where demolition is starting today on one of the biggest migrant


and refugee camps. The Cub Scouts came up with the idea


after watching the news But how much do the younger


generation know about what's There's a lot of killing


and stuff like that. It's interesting learning


about all the different I watched it this morning


about the war. Yeah, I wish I could but I can't


because it's kind of far-aw`y to it. But maybe for young people


like these Hampshire scouts, the only way they feel they can help


is with little acts of kindness Well done to that group. Yot have


done really well. Shall we go back to Basingstoke now `nd join


Sarah? Now time for a look at the weekend


weather, here's Sarah Farmer. It's not looking too terrifxing


This weekend's forecast for the last weekend of October, it's prdtty calm


and mild. You can see from the satellite picture earlier today that


we have a band of thick clotd across the central part of the country


This is actually a weather front that divides the cold northdrn half


of the UK and the warm southern half. That's the mild weathdr for


the last few days and today is no different. We have got cloudy


conditions in Basingstoke this evening, and that's what we will


stick with throughout the course of tonight, a mild one with


temperatures down to 12 or 03 degrees. That is what we wotld


normally see by day during this time of the year. We will see ond or two


patches of fog which could be slowed to lift by first thing tomorrow


morning. A minibus, cloudy picture. A light breeze and as we st`rt to


head towards the afternoon ht lives in some spots. He may be lucky


enough to catch one or two sunny breaks. Most of us see tempdratures


up to around edge you may bd. You might see is up to 16 or 17 degrees


locally. Tomorrow night, thd clocks change so an extra hour in bed. We


will continue the theme of cloudy and mild weather. There may be a few


patches of fog once more. Temperatures down to around 11 or


12, so the mild theme continues Sunday morning, a similar phcture.


We start off with cloudy conditions, a little bit of patchy mist and fog


possible. By afternoon, we could see more bright breaks. Sunny spells


towards the end of the weekdnd. Monday looks like it will bd a


brighter day, and we start to see a fresher feel to things as wd go into


the new working week. By Tudsday, we return to slightly cloudy


conditions. Not too terrifyhng for the celebrations here for


the Day of the Dead. Here in Basingstoke. Thank you, Sar`h. There


is a wonderful woman behind Sarah, those skeletons. You can sed the


parade on our Facebook page and we thought we would leave you with some


great shots from our cameras there in Basingstoke. Enjoying thd Day of


the Dead celebrations in Basingstoke. Have a great wdekend,




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