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Hello and welcome to South Today. news teams where you are.


In tonight's programme: A ten year jail term


for the lorry driver who killed a mother and thrde


To all intents and purposes, Thomasz Kroker's news of his mobile phone


while driving turned his vehicle into a lethal weapon.


Also: Too heavy a load - calls for rent to be waived


for community groups hoping to save children


And later on - top of the class for Mr Emeny as he wins


a national teaching award for making maths fun.


He might as well have been driving with his eyes closed -


the damning words of the judge as she sentenced Thomasz Kroker


for driving his lorry into the back of queuing tr`ffic


killing a woman and three children whilst he was on his mobile phone.


Harrowing video from his lorry cab was shown to the jury


revealing the moment he looked up from his phone to realise,


His lorry smashed into the Vauxhall Corsa which was carrying


Tracey Houghton and her sons Josh and Ethan,


The family said the ten year sentence was insufficient


for a crime which, they said, had destroyed their family.


Video released by police in conjunction with the victim's


families shows Thomasz Krokdr scrolling through his


His lorry closing rapidly on a queue of stationary traffic.


Moments later, children, Ethan, Josh and Aimee were dead together


with the boy's mother, Tracey Houghton.


Their car crashed to a third of its size,


In the moments Thomasz Krokdr chose to look at his phone,


he caused a multiple vehicld accident that endangered


all surrounding road users and took the lives of Tracy,


To all intents and purposes, Mr Kroker's use of his mobile phone


whilst driving turned his lorry into a lethal weapon.


Videos seen by the judge exposed the wider family's emotional trauma.


I thought that was the worst day of my life.


But I think it was three wedks later when I went to the funeral directors


and actually saw them dead, cold, in their coffin.


Witnesses said Mr Kroker was in tears after the crash


but insisted his brakes had failed until he was confronted


The death toll could have bden higher. Adam Pearson's was thrown


upside down in the crash brdaking his back. Using your phone while


driving is not something minor, it is something that can ruin lives. It


is the only good thing to come out of this, that it will changd


public's outcomes when using a phone while driving. The family s`id it


could never be compensated for the loss.


Aimee's mother, Kate Goldsmhth, called for more to be done to stop


people using their mobile phones behind the wheel.


Earlier I spoke to our transport correspondent Paul Clifton


and asked him how realistic that might be.


There is no evidence to suggest the number of people using ` hand


held mobile phone at the whdel is going down.


Yet the number of drivers ptnished for doing so fell by 43%


last year alone, and by 84% since 2011.


Principally because fewer police are out on the road looking


There are far fewer traffic police than five years ago -


every force in this region has cut the size of its roads polichng unit.


It is not because people ard using their mobile phones behind the


wheel. Many studies have described it as shocking. The RAC called it an


epidemic of use. The cuts that police forces have seen, and they


have had to make difficult choices, road traffic policing has bden seen


as a soft target. These offhcers save lives and -- and we nedd to see


investment to make sure people think they will be caught when thdy use a


mobile behind the wheel. Thdy have stopped doing that. Having two


cameras inside a cab is norlal. Having one facing the drive is more


unusual. It is the boss is watching every would think they do. They


welcome it because it exonerates the driver at the time of an incident


and demonstrates they were doing the right thing or not doing solething


they might be accused of. It works both ways.


We know that texting whilst driving impairs reaction times more


than being at the legal drink drive limit.


IAM Road Smart, the Institute of Advanced Motorists,


said the courts seem to be playing catch up


with society's views on this, and said sentencing was out


It supports stronger penalthes and more police.


The drink driving battle has largely been won.


That's because it is widely regarded as socially unacceptable.


Using a mobile phone whilst driving does not have the same


Until it does, and until drhvers fear they might actually be


caught breaking the law, there will be more terrible


Police are investigating after a man was seriously injured at a Halloween


The man was stabbed at Bottelino's Restaurant in the early


He was taken to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford,


where he remains in a seriots but stable condition.


Three men have been arrested and released on conditional bail.


Community groups hoping to step in to save some of Oxfordshhre's


children's centres are clailing they're being "kept in the dark


about how much rent they'll be charged to use council buildings.


Funding cuts mean more than half of the centres


are set to close in March - unless other groups


Now some councillors are calling for rents to be waived


Our political reporter Bethan Phillips has the story.


The Doorstep Family Centre hn Oxford is one step ahead of other similar


It's managing to stay afloat without depending


on council funding - that's exactly what Oxfordshire


County Council wants to happen elsewhere.


But managers here are worridd about how other community groups


will cope if they're charged rent when they take over


children's centres saying that they shouldn't have


If they spend their first ydar raising money to save rent, they


will not get to the second xear They need that step for the right


direction. Funding is very difficult in itself.


One of the children's centres that


from closure by a charity is Britannia Road in Banburx.


But those trying to take ovdr say Oxfordshire County Council hasn t


been clear about how much rent it will charge.


At the moment we are in the dark about information we need to include


in our business plans. We still need to find out what the rent whll be,


we are still waiting to find out lots of different things like what


costs we would be liable for. Tomorrow Oxfordshire County Council


will debate whether or not to waive rents for children's centres


for the first year - something called for by


the Green party. This is a false economy bec`use if


you close the children's centres, the number of children taken into


care will increase. Taking ` child into care costs a fortune and that


money can be better spent kdeping the doors of the centre is open


Meanwhile, local churches are being urged


by the Diocese of Oxford to help run services like this.


What we are saying is this hs a fabulous opportunity to takd your


place at the heart of community life. In terms of doing things that


are for the common good, for the community good.


The County Council says it's now received bids


from 17 from charities and communities hoping to t`ke


over children's centres across Oxfordshire


and has insisted the discussions its had with those groups h`ve


The Ashmolean Museum has bedn granted just over ?1 million


from the Heritage Lottery Ftnd to help it secure a hoard


The rare find of Viking coins and artifacts


was discovered in a field near Watlington by metal detectorist


Comprising of about 200 coins, seven items of jewellery


and 15 bars of silver, the find is hugely signific`nt


because it contains so many coins of Alfred the Great.


The estimated value is ?1.35 million.


The Museum has until the end of February next year to rahse


Now if you'd like to get in touch with us here at South Today to tell


us about stories you think we should be covering,


Our address is [email protected] or join the conversation


Police have released footagd of a fatal crash caused by a distracted


lorry driver using his mobile phone can the wheel. Four people were


killed when Thomasz Kroker smashed into stationary traffic. I will have


the headlines later on. The Halloween horror show


that is the weekend football Now, always a treat -


here's Sally Taylor. All I want is a head full of hair


and I can't even have that. For five years she kept


her condition secret. Only those closest


to her knew, until now. Hair loss seems to be


such a taboo subject, it's really stigmatised and we don't


talk about it. Every time I did speak about it


even to my mum, I would be hn floods Claire's aim is to raise money


for the small charity which aims Stay with us as we mark Halloween.


There's spooky goings on and the case of the haunted swimming pool in


Worthing. If I mention school and maths,


fun is probably the last But fun is exactly what maths has


turned into at Wyvern College near Eastleigh, thanks


to the Numeracy Ninjas. That's the name of a mental


arithmetic programme which has transformed the subject -


not only at Wyvern, but at thousands It's just earned Will Emeny,


the teacher behind it, a prdstigious We sent Lewis Coombes back to school


to find out more. Right, pencils ready. Three, two,


one. 30 questions in five minutes


at the start of every lesson. I needed something that would be fun


and like a Game for them and I thought I had done martial `rts as a


kid and what better than a belt system to level up?


Each correct answer is awarded a point.


The more right answers you get, the better


And when it comes to mental arithmatic, the Year 7 pupils


at Wyvern College have developed into quite the Ninja Warriors.


We did a research study last year that showed the numeracy ninjas


boosted their numeracy by 70% for the average student. Some students


it was greater than that. The questions are set to be


challenging and the oldest pupil sitting at the back found


it harder than most. OK, times tables answers ard 42 I


like how we do with at the start of the lesson because it gets ts ready.


I liked because it's challenging. At the beginning I got red and then I


got Brown. Did anyone get the blackbelt? Congratulation 's. We


lost it a year ago and it's grown to 3500 schools all over the world


The success of Mr Emeny's brainchild has been


rewarded with the accolade of Secondary School Teacher


of the Year at a national teaching awards ceremony.


The plan is to now roll out an online version of Numeracy Ninjas


For those pupils at Wyvern, Mr Emeny has become a significant figure


I never knew I would end up a maths teacher but I'm so glad I dhd


because I love the job. Go, numeracy ninjas! Congratulations to him and I


would think from his whole class. We will move on to sport. It's not a


happy story to start with, hs it? Yes, we know the dangers of the


sport of horse racing. The champion jockey Jim Crowley was one of two


rushed to hospital after a serious incident at Kempton Park. Wd will


not show you the accident. That is the worst that fell at the left of


the picture, the other forcds, including Jim Crowley on


Electrified. He was taken to St George's Hospital at tooting. That


is the remainder of the racd. Both men described as being in a serious


condition. We will have an tpdate on that on our late news, if wd have


one. We can go to football now. We'll start with a look at the top


of the EFL championship table. Brighton and Hove Albion


cemented their position in second with a victory Chris Hughton


described as right up there with the best in his


time as Albion manager. Hughton's Albion are second only


to his former club Newcastld And look out for Reading,


Jaap Stam said top ten was ` big stretch in the summer -


the Royals are fifth. Norwich goalkeeper Michael LcGovern


had a bad day and his mistake allowed Glenn Murray to get


the first of his three on the day. The on-loan striker headed


a second on the hour mark Then Murray completed his h`t-trick


as Albion marched to a ninth game A super finish coming up


from Anthony Knockart compldted It's a special result because we're


up against at top team and ht was our day to day. I think the second


goal was the big one becausd at that stage they had to open up. Ht starts


and a real good opportunity from Glenn and then from that first page,


you have a good In their first match, MK dons were


to find no mercy as Sheffield United. The Blades talk less than


ten minutes to take the lead. After the break, NK dons did get on better


terms. The dons were to leave Bramall Lane beaten. Billy Sharp


betting the winner for a result which leaves the Buckinghamshire


side outside the bot four on goal difference. Swindon Town on one of


the teams inside the relegation day -- zone and did little to e`se fears


of the drop. They had a close range finish and Dwayne Holmes made it 2-0


after was. Shambolic swindlhng defending here. There was a rebound


for his second of the game `nd Scunthorpe's fourth as the


opposition crumbled. The new opportunity will force Swindon was


Nathan Thompson's consolidation at half-time. Oxford United's


inconsistency continues to frustrate. This time against


Millwall. The opener at the Chris Ham Stadium. The Lions came back in


spectacular style. Morrison with a contender. A lapse at the b`ck


allowed Millwall to win it. Some sad news, Dave Lanning has


died, famously describing the first live darts final on TV in 1884. He


started his career on the Bournemouth Echo.


Staying with hockey tomorrow night we'll have a special report


from the Netherlands where two of team GB's hockey stars are now


Sussex's Maddie Hinch and Surrey's Sophie Bray were part


of Team GB's gold medal winning team against the dutch


This weekend Maddie, from West Chilitington,


was up against Sophie and our cameras were in Utrdcht


to see what life after Rio had brought for them.


Now to someone who always seems to be looking down


on the opposition, Hampshird cliff diver Gary Hunt is on top


Hunt, who's from Eastleigh and trained at the Quays Diving


centre in Southampton won his sixth world title,


following the final competition of the season in Dubai.


Although that dive placed hhm second, a string of wins


throughout the series secured the overall win.


The sport - which sees divers jump from a 27 metre high platform


and reach a speed of 65 miles per hour -


is so extreme that only around 50 people in the world have


enough technical skills to take part.


I heard him talking on the radio about having to change from diving


head to coming down with yotr feet first, so that was difficult and


look at that, Hurford! It t`kes my breath away, that -- perfect.


As you can hardly fail to h`ve noticed, tonight is Hallowedn -


the night when the spirits, not to mention young trick


To mark the occasion, Richard Latto has been delvhng


into BBC South's archives in search of ghostly goings-on.


And he's breathed new life into some weird and wonderftl


tales of the unexpected - starting in Worthing with the case


1976 and the long hot summer had us diving into the


swimming pools to cool off but there was one that was perhaps


Swings our baskets around, moves things.


Things that suddenly appeardd, suddenly disappear.


Sadly this pool has now been shut down, probably


because of the hauntings, so if you see a ghost here wearing


armbands and looking lost, you will know why.


You have the sensation there is somebody behind


you but you turn around and nobody is there.


This is Quarry Road in Winchester and it was here in 1972 that


She had two exorcisms but the spirits refused to leave.


The first thing I saw was a lady, a nun up in my bedroom.


She was dressed in black and I just glanced across and saw her


at the end of the bed, towards the wardrobe.


I couldn't say anything, under my breath I said oh mx God


You have held two exorcisms but without much success.


I wouldn't say without succdss for the simple reason that


when I first went there, it was apparent that somethhng evil


was there and that evil has been done away with.


Not many people know it but according to records Botrnemouth


is the ghoul capital of the South, known for its nightlife


and also its afterlife nightlife and as reporter Tim Hirst found out


when he met a family from Whnton, there is a particularly nasty


The television was pushed over, fireplace was pushed over


and a disco ball was thrown across the room.


She rang me and said please come home, things


Then a neighbour picked the phone up and said you must come home,


And it seems that possessed houses in Bournemouth were very colmon


Mike Purton set out the case for another


John and Edith Upshaw lived here with their son and with


It was an ordinary life unthl a few weeks ago everything changed.


First thing that happened here was that the electricity supply


began to fluctuate and then the lights would begin to swing


There haven't been many ghost reports on South Today for ` long


time, so maybe these things just don't happen any more,


Wonderful spooky stories thdre from Richard. Let's move on to the


weather because we have a H`lloween deal, haven't we? What will it be


like? Very mild. Today we h`d a high 20s Celsius but tomorrow will be


cooler. Let's look at the phctures. Shazz Hooper photographed some eerie


looking trees in the New Forest John Tweddell captured a pulpkin


in Emsworth Town Square. And Dot Williams took this picture


of a narrow boat at Newbury Wharf which had been transformed


in to the Creepy Cruise. Today we had mild temperatures, are


high of 20s Celsius in West Sussex and sorry. In the rest of the week


it is set to get cooler, especially Wednesday and Thursday when we could


just reach double figures, so turning cooler and unsettled --


settled on Wednesday and Thtrsday but unsettled on Friday. Tonight


there will be missed in fog and the Met Office have issued a dog


warning, tonight and tomorrow morning it should clear the


temperatures may drop to six or seven. A foggy start to tomorrow,


once the fog clears its an hmproving picture but still a fair amount of


cloud and patchy rain moving south, not amounting to two much btt there


will still be a lot of cloud, one or two bright spells and highs tomorrow


of 14 Celsius, a contrast to today because the northerly breezd will


set in. The route tomorrow night, once the rain has cleared your


looking at clearing skies are living temperatures to fall away into


single figures. Wednesday whll be a chilly start, those of four or five


Celsius. Wednesday is a dry day the air will be cooler and fresher with


temperatures reaching up to 11 Celsius, so struggling during the


day, feeling to the west th`t northerly breeze but the brdeze will


be light and remains light on Thursday. Thursday morning we may


have a bit of frost in the countryside, high pressure pulling


away. This low pressure in the North will bring rain on Thursday night


into Friday, moving south and east and Friday is a wet start to the day


but improving, showers expected with some bright spells and a high of 13


Celsius. The weekend, isolated showers, turning breezy on Saturday


and cooler on bonfire night. Tomorrow we will talk about the role


milk Revolution, milk straight from the Co-op helping to turn around


profits for farmers. Thank xou for watching tonight. Good night.


If you trust me not and I trust you not,


then what is the point in this marriage at all?


Life holds very few things which are genuinely worth having.


If you don't possess them, everything else is worthless.


'We're the Raintown Superheroes Keep the streets safe.'


You can trust me. What the hell are you dressed as?


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