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The latest news, sport, weather and features from Oxfordshire and the surrounding region.

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Now it's time for the news where you are.


Hello, I'm Anjana Gadgil with the news here in the South.


17 people were taken to hospital this morning after a coach


overturned on a motorway slip road in Oxfordshire.


It happened on the northbound exit at Junction 7 of the M40,


Thick fog made access to the scene more difficult,


and the slip road itself was closed for several hours.


Passengers escaped in such a hurry they left their belongings behind.


16 adults plus the coach driver were taken


to the John Radcliffe Hospital after last night's crash.


We had to stabilise the coach to prevent it sliding down the bank


any further and from rocking from side to side, to make sure


Then we had to search the immediate area for anybody that may have been


ejected from the vehicle, so we used thermal imaging cameras,


we used some of our remote cameras we have there,


we had a period of using audible detection, so we needed


There was thick fog just before 3am, when the Heathrow Express bus came


It went crashing through the barriers and flipped.


Certainly it would have been a chaotic scene.


You've got people inside who are probably wanting to get out


Also their medical welfare needs to be taken into account,


and sometimes getting them out quickly isn't necessarily


Two things that we are looking into, obviously keeping an open mind,


but the two main things are very foggy at the time and the driving


conditions and the fact that the bus wouldn't normally be leaving


It's not the first time a coach has veered off


This on-board footage from 2010 shows the moment when an Oxford Tube


bus crashed at the very same slip road.


The slip road was closed while barriers were prepared here today.


The Oxford Bus Company has been contacting passengers this afternoon


and as foggy conditions remain investigations are continuing


to try to work out how this crash happened.


The fog has caused travel problems across the region today.


Poor visibility on the coast - this view


across Poole Bay was typical - badly affected the ferries.


Wightlink services between Lymington and Yarmouth and Red Funnel


crossings between Southampton and East Cowes were suspended, with


There have also been delays and cancellations for flights


to and from Gatwick, Heathrow and Southampton airports.


And football has fallen victim to the fog as well -


Brighton's evening Championship match against Cardiff City has been


Elsewhere, the railway line between Eastleigh and Basingstoke


in Hampshire was closed for much of this morning,


after a body was found by the track near Shawford.


Rail replacement buses were laid on and the police say they are not


Meanwhile, Southern Rail is warning of severe disruption


on their network once again, as conductors stage


The company says some routes will have no service


at all tomorrow, New Year's Day and on Monday the 2nd,


while the majority of others will have a very limited service.


It is the biggest night out of the year but many people


are going to struggle to get home afterwards, as the Southern strikes


The RMT insist they are not trying to disrupt


We did cancel the strikes on Christmas Eve and the day


We've done everything we can to recognise that the public have


been wonderful in supporting our position on maintaining


the safety-critical role of the guard on the train.


Once again Southern say they will have to cancel around 50%


Crucially, though, they are warning anyone who is planning to use


the trains to get home after a New Year's night out that


many later services in particular will be completely cancelled.


The conductors are striking over plans to give drivers responsibility


for closing train doors, changing the conductors' roles


Southern said 220 conductors have signed up to the new contract


and many will begin their new roles from the 1st of January.


The proposals we have made are entirely reasonable,


we think the union's reaction has been unreasonable


We think these strikes are absolutely unnecessary


and I would call upon the trade unions to call off these strikes


A six-day drivers' strike is planned from January the 9th and the unions


say they can't rule out further action for 2017 if an


Drink-driving is still a big problem in the region,


In the first two weeks of the Force's Christmas


and New Year crackdown they've arrested more than 140 people.


Additional patrols are being carried out in Berkshire to catch


A Christmas lights display in a Buckinghamshire village has


helped raise money for a girl with a rare health disorder.


Frankie Ross from Pitstone has Rett syndrome, which only affects one


This dazzling display, now in its 20th year,


is raising money for 11-year-old Frankie Ross.


She was diagnosed with Rett syndrome when she was a toddler.


She potentially would lose her speech, lose


purposeful use of her hands, might not be able to walk,


could develop scoliosis, epilepsy, breathing difficulties.


The community in Pitstone had initially been fundraising to buy


a hoist for Frankie for water therapy but thanks to social media


two hoists were donated to the family in the last few weeks.


This year we have had a great campaign and I believe that we have


We all really get on well as neighbours and it was just


the perfect opportunity to pull the stops out for Christmas.


There are so many worthy causes and to think that Frankie's touched


local residents' hearts enough for them to want


to fundraise for her I think is absolutely amazing.


There is no cure for Rett syndrome but Frankie's family hope more


research and funding will help find better treatments in the future.


It's a generally cloudy picture as we end the year


but for most it should stay dry for the New Year festivities.


We are seeing this weather front pushing down


Rather cloudy overnight tonight. arrive until the early hours of New


Again we've got those problems with fog and there is a Met


Office yellow warning in force until ten o'clock tomorrow morning.


With more cloud around overnight tonight


I don't think it will be quite as cold as it was last night


but still the chance of a bit of frost and


indeed those fog patches where we do see any clearer skies.


It should clear away to low cloud fairly swiftly


and one or two breaks possible through the day.


There is also a fair amount of cloud tomorrow, temperatures just about


scraping into double figures the sum of us. Staying cloudy into New


Year's Eve, the rain continues on Year's Eve, the rain continues on


New Year's Day, becoming drier and brighter behind that, but it will


feel that much colder with frosty nights.


I'm back later with more on today's top stories at 10.50 this evening.


If you are heading out on the roads, please take care.


Good evening, fog has been a problem in recent days, slow changes over


the next 48


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