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Good evening, I'm Jo Kent. for the news where you are.


Three major housing developments in the south have been


given financial support from the Government.


Welborne, near Fareham in Hampshire, and a new site near Eynsham


in West Oxfordshire will be designated as Garden Villages.


Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire has been named as a Garden Town.


As David Allard reports, the new status could push forward


projects which have been held up in planning rows.


Welborne - it's been talked about for years as a way to solve


But after all the protests, a public inquiry and a compulsory


purchase row, not one of the planned 6,000 homes has been built yet.


Today, though, the project got a shot in the arm.


Welborne would be a completely new community, built on these


fields, with affordable homes, schools, shops


In fact, pretty much what the Government says


So now Welborne gets a share of ?6 million and other support


What we are looking for is for the Government to start


pushing out of the way some of the obstacles to getting this


We accept this is needed, the Government accept it is needed,


we need homes, we need jobs, we need schools, we need


They feel other sites are more suitable for housing.


About 1,000 people are wanting homes in our area and it is our duty to do


that, but a lot of it could be absorbed in either brownfield sites


or sites that have come through and hopefully will go


It's likely Fareham can now bid for money to upgrade the A32 and M27


Improved transport links will be crucial to another planned garden


One of the important aspects of Government backing for this


scheme is it gives us access to the Housing Infrastructure Fund


and that could go some way to helping alleviate some


of the existing problems in nearby areas such as the A40.


Meanwhile, thousands of new homes will see the extension of Aylesbury


With talk of "new planning freedoms" and "accelerated development",


it's clear the Government wants these garden communities built


Later this month, they'll set out more radical plans to boost housing


So it may not be long before landscapes like this change forever.


Two men have been charged after a spate of knife-point robberies


Four incidents happened on Friday and Saturday in the Paulsgrove area.


46-year-old Wayne Bailey of Hillsley Road has been charged


with four counts of robbery and four counts of possession


And 41-year-old Martin Lee O'Sullivan of Chaucer Avenue has


been charged with two counts of robbery.


It's hoped around a third of artefacts which were being stored


at a disused museum in Swindon could be saved, after a fire


Fire fighters are still investigating the cause of the blaze


at the old Coate Agricultural Museum, which started on Saturday.


The museum had been closed for decades, but a number


The Cowes floating bridge on the Isle of Wight


will make its last crossing today after 40 years of service.


It's being replaced with a new bridge that


A temporary launch will operate for foot passengers from tomorrow


until the new floating bridge is ready at the end of March.


Vehicles will be diverted via Newport.


Many people have worked over the festive period, including those


But some people give up their time then and throughout the year,


doing unpaid voluntary work to help others.


Among them, some dog owners whose family pets have been specially


trained to help in the search for missing people -


often elderly people with dementia or people who are depressed.


It's a scene like many in homes across the south


this holiday season, families getting together,


But Darren Yates and springer spaniel Millie could be


Darren and his three-year-old pet dog are volunteers with lowland


rescue group Searchdog Sussex, which is drafted in by police forces


across the south to help search for missing people.


They are on call 365 days a year, which meant abandoning the festive


fun last New Year's Day, when the telephone rang.


That call came through at ten o'clock on the morning


That call came through at ten o'clock in the morning


and that was completely out of the blue, so that shook up


We were planning on playing a board game, watching a bit of telly,


the typical family stuff that you usually do on New Year's Day,


but it was a case of dropping everything, grabbing the kit


from under the stairs, loading the car and driving 50 miles


to help the police search for a missing gentleman


I get quite sad because he's missing out on the fun with us but I kind


of feel proud of him because he is, like, saving people's lives.


However, part of the compensation for ten-year-old Ellen


is helping Dad train Millie, playing hide and seek


For Millie, it is just a game, she loves the search


For her, it is about the search and finding that missing person,


going to tell me what she's found and taking me back into


But even so, Millie, Darren and the whole family


are hoping for a peaceful New Year this time around.


In football, Southampton lost a third Premier League


Everton put three past them in the last 20 minutes.


Manager Claude Puel said his players were tired after three


In the Championship, Brighton have gone to the top


of the table after a 2-1 win at Fulham, while Reading came


from behind to snatch a 3-2 victory against Bristol City,


with Yann Kermogant scoring two late goals.


In League One, there were goalless draws for the MK Dons


at Chesterfield and also for Swindon hosting Southend.


And in League Two, there was a 1-0 home win for Portsmouth


against League Two promotion rivals Luton.


We are in for a cold night, quite markedly so in some areas.


We have a Met Office warning out for icy stretches on untreated


surfaces and pavements, this is courtesy of a frost that


will develop quite widely during the course of tonight.


Unsurprisingly, temperatures pretty widely at freezing or below.


Some parts of Oxfordshire could be as low as minus 4 to minus six.


Do take it easy on the roads at first light tomorrow.


There could be the odd patch of freezing fog around.


Most places starting frosty, yes, but with some sunshine around.


The general trend into the afternoon is to introduce more


Rather patchily, until we get late into the evening,


when it will thicken up to the north.


They could even be the odd spot of light rain feeding into the north


Temperatures tomorrow eventually up in a range of about 4-7 C.


We'll find those temperatures drop away get the tail end of Wednesday


We'll find those temperatures drop away at the tail end of Wednesday


overnight into Thursday, but then start to pick up a milder


theme towards the tail end of the week with some rain


Good evening. It has been turning colder and clearer and our weather


watchers have been capturing the sunshine. Here is the scene in


Derbyshire and where we have had the clear skies by day, we are in for a


cold night tonight. Temperatures already plummeting, particularly


towards the south with some icy stretches across parts of central


and southern England, and into Wales. For the north-west, not as


cold, as we have the cloud building. But to the south we could see


temperatures down to minus four or five first thing Tuesday morning. If


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