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In tonight's programme: Protests over rail fare rises.


The passengers angry about the increases that add around


Also, are businesses looking less rosy after the Brexit vote?


Why some firms have seen their costs grow.


And later on, a mother joins a campaign to make a groundbreaking


drug available for anyone with cystic fibrosis.


There have been protests against fare increases at rail


Ticket prices are going up by an average of 2.3%.


Campaigners say some passengers spend up to 14% of their income


on a monthly season ticket to London - far higher than comparable


But the government insists it's spending billions of pounds


In Oxford this morning, opinion was split about whether or not


I feel that the train service here is actually pretty poor. Prices that


we pay over here completely outrageous. I am dependent on public


transport and I understand both sides of the story. But it does feel


in other places that it may be cheaper. I think it's great value


for money taking the train, giving the growing cost of gas and car


ownership. I think it's great value. The average increase of 1.9%


in the Thames Valley means the annual cost for passengers


will go up by around ?90. Great Western rail passengers


travelling from Oxford to London will now pay ?4920 per year and


previously it was ?4830. If you are from Swindon travelling to the


capital, it will now cost more than ?4300 per year. That is a rise of


about ?80 per year. Campaigners have claimed


the rise is a "kick They say public ownership


would be better than If you're commuter, often


you don't have a choice, so you've got to take


the train, probably. But for some people, it probably


will affect their decision. Especially if the price


of petrol comes down, because that's the thing they're


measuring it against. Rail prices are competitive compared


to the car. The Government says it's spending


billions modernising the railway, And with everybody's wages going up,


that is good value for money. A man's been threatened at knife


point during a robbery It happened at the Lane End Tandoori


on the High Street, A 50-year-old man was tied up


and threatened with a knife. Two men stole cash, a driving


license and bank cards. They also demanded pin


numbers of bank accounts. Police are now looking for two Asian


men in their thirties. A fire at a school in Bicester


on New Years day is being treated The storage space at Bardwell School


was completely destroyed. Teachers say the play equipment lost


in the fire is vital to students People have been donating bikes


today, and they've already fundraised thousands of pounds,


to replace the toys It's been a frustrating start for


the year, but the community response has been absolutely amazing. Within


the first couple of hours on the fundraising page we have raised over


?1000 and we have had people arriving at the school donating some


really good bikes and building resources and toys. There's been an


amazing response and I think it's a real positive to come out of the


experience. Some businesses in our region


claim they're already being hit by price


rises linked to Brexit. The fall in the value of the pound


since the EU referendum has made it more expensive for some companies


to buy products It's feared the extra expense


could now be passed on to shoppers. Here's our political


reporter Bethan Phillips. Shoppers are busy hitting


the January sales in Oxfordshire. But could we be on the


verge of a price shock Experts have been telling me


that most companies buy their stock in advance,


so the things we're picking up in the shops now were originally


purchased before the pound But inevitably that change is now


catching up with businesses and it's predicted by many that


price rises will be passed Rosa Ashby runs a flower


shop in Witney. She says she's already


being hit by price hikes. At the minute we are trying to


shoulder it, but obviously there's only so much you can take as a small


business. We are not a big national company. Therefore we don't have the


wherewithal to go on. We have to pass some of it on eventually. But


others say Brexit is a big opportunity. I think the fall in the


value of the pound, which I don't think will be long-term, will be an


opportunity for people to get out there and sell their products. And


we are doing exactly that and we are looking at opening a retail premises


in Singapore, of all places. Shoppers in Oxford say they haven't


noticed much of a difference in prices. I have got a lot of bargains


in the sales last week so I haven't seen any effect. There were sales


around Christmas when the normally wasn't, but before there was, which


was handy. In the food department I have nosed price rises, but not


clothing, because lots of things are discounted. It's still not known how


leaving the EU will affect prices and the economy and how long the


pound will remain weak. But in times of a long -- uncertainty, the


message board any people from experts is to pick up bargains while


they are still around -- the message for many people.


A sports pavilion in Oxford worth ?800,000


Windows and doors of the building in Cutteslowe Park were


The pavilion only opened in September.


It was paid for by Oxford City Council, the FA and Premier League.


It's home to Summertown Stars AFC, the biggest young people's


As far as I know, Summertown Stars doing their best to see if they can


make it into city -- Saturday, and that's very hard because it's


wonderful to have a new pavilion and lots of children play there. They


need somewhere to change and go to the loo and have a drink afterwards.


A vocal coach from Witney has become an internet sensation


after her mother secretly filmed her and posted


Shukrandra Gant had no idea she was being recorded while singing


and playing the piano inside Lincoln cathedral.


The video has been viewed around 100,000 times.


here's the video that's become so popular.


We could not see your lovely face there because you were wearing such


a big hat. You had no idea your mother was around. How did you find


out? When we got home she posted it on Facebook, and I decided, you know


what, I will roll with it. It's good for me to put myself out there. And


that is what happened. How does it feel knowing you have been seen by


tens of thousands of people across the world? It's extraordinary.


Absolutely incredible, especially as it was such a surprise. It has been


so beautiful receiving the messages of support from people, and coming


to the recognition that people enjoy listening to my music, and that has


been a huge gift. He wrote the song yourself, didn't you? -- you wrote


the song. Normally you give the support because you are the vocal


coach, so how is it getting the love back? It's fabulous. I feel like I


am glowing on the inside. It really is wonderful and it has given me a


big creative firework inside me to get out there and start recording


again and start sharing my music again with the world. I'm very, very


grateful. You were a month, but not in the conventional sense that


people might understand -- a monk. I have a commitment to be the most


lovely person I can be, and this is kind of my compass, my inner


compass, and it is reflected in the song which is about love. It is my


big passion. Love and creativity. You are not a stranger to the music


industry, because a few years ago there was the prospect of a record


deal. There was. I have done a few different projects and I've been in


a few different bands and things and this particular project, we were


offered a record deal, which at the time I thought was with universal


music and I was so stoked. It turned out to be something different which


wasn't connected with them at all. And when it came down to it, it


would have been like signing my soul awake for a good 25 years. I was


very disappointed at the time, but I do feel that it is funny how things


unfold and with my time being a teacher, and this moment comes now


and all this happening, sometimes things happen for a reason. I am


very happy to be happy where I am now and have this opportunity. What


about the future? Might you revisit the idea of a career in the music


industry? I love that. I want to find my creative Yoda out there. I


am open. I love Star Wars. I would love to find my creative family, I


would love to make an album this year. I have been so encouraged by


the love and support of everyone, so yes. I want to go for it. We wish


you the best of luck. Thank you for coming in.


I'll have the headlines at 8pm and a full bulletin at 10.30pm.


Now more of today's stories with Sally Taylor.


The Cherries are gunning for another big scalp in the Premier League,


Arsenal the visitors tonight. We will be live here shortly.


A mother from Portsmouth has joined campaigners fighting to make


a ground breaking cystic fibrosis drug available on the NHS.


Gemma Daysh, whose daughter Ivy has the genetic condition,


says that "Orkambi" could make a big difference to people's lives.


The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence says the drug,


which costs more than a hundred thousand pounds a year per patient,


For three-year-old Ivy a daily regime of medication is something


Ivy was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis


A faulty gene means her body produces thick sticky mucus


which can clog her lungs and digestive system,


leaving Ivy prone to infections and long term damage.


I think it was a 12 month period, she had 24 weeks of oral


antibiotics, and not including the IV antibiotics. So she picks up a


lot of bacteria still. Current treatments like the drugs


and physiotherapy Gemma gives Ivy help to manage the symptoms -


but what she and other campaigners are fighting


for is for a new drug called It tackles the underlying cause


so thinner mucus is produced - it costs ?104,000 a year


and The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has


decided not to fund it. It makes me angry, it makes me think


is she not worth it or something? It frustrates me that it always comes


down to money. When you look at reduced life expectancy and all the


problems they have giving their lives, and then you know there's a


tablet that could potentially not prevent but prolonged that, you


pretty a lot of hope into it. They told us


We know how important a new treatment option would be


for people with cystic fibrosis, but for the benefits it offers,


We can only recommend treatments when we are certain they are both


clinically effective and represent good value for money.


the sticking point is a lack of long-term data to illustrate the


drug's true effectiveness. At present the base their decisions on


24 weeks of clinical trial data. We are offering results based on a


registry of 99% of the cystic fibrosis population which could


monitor how effective the drug is. Orkambi is currently only licensed


in the UK for people but Ivy's family hope that


after more trials that age restriction will come down


and with continued pressure the decision not to fund


it will be reversed. Set in beautiful Hampshire


countryside, a semi derelict mansion called The Grange has hosted operas


for nearly 20 years. When the resident company moved


on it seemed that the music might stop forever but now a new team has


taken on the venue. As Briony Leyland reports


they are appealing to the public to help them bring opera back


to a unique setting. Music is in the air once


again at the Grange, an exotic looking mansion


at the heart of the World-renowned countertenor


Michael Chance is leading the team. For years, Grange Park Opera


were the resident company, but after lengthy negotiations over


the lease they moved last summer taking with them their seats


and stage equipment. The new tenants, Grange Festival,


are using ?3 million You have the stalls here,


all now empty, and it is a challenge but we see it as equally


an opportunity, because the theatre has been left to others


in this rather empty state, The Heritage and legacy of this site


but with a 21st-century feel. Seat prices will range from ?10


to ?185 with dining in the shabby The previous tenants are building


a new theatre in Surrey, in Surrey, so is there demand


for two opera houses? We are in no way rivals


and predecessors are building I think it will be an expanding


audience, not the same audience As well as money, practical


donations are welcome to. We put out a call and say


we are looking for fridges and a piano and you get phone calls


and e-mails saying we are just clearing out a house and we have


all that stuff, With continued support


from volunteers and donors, the team is confident of performing


in a fully furnished theatre come What a voice! The festival starts


this summer. A busy year of sport we have ahead of us. An exciting finish


to the last week of 2016, brought us some tremendous action. Many


congratulations to so many of our pad Olympians and Olympians who took


honours in the New Year is Honours list. In amongst it all, loads of


football. It seems like every day there is football.


We'll look ahead to tonight's live football in a moment.


Kris Temple is at the Vitality Stadium where Bournemouth host


The Cherries are back in the top half of the table.


First though, Brighton and Hove Albion start 2017


Albion's former Fulham goalkeeper David Stockdale saved a first half


penalty at Craven Cottage, but Chris Hughton's men would fall


behind in the second period, striker Lucas Piazon,


who was at Reading last season slotted in to put Fulham in front.


Tomer Hemed was then felled in the box and he got back


to his feet to score the resulting penalty.


Just a minute later, a fine goal from Lewis Dunk


would send 6,000 Albions wild, setting up the chance


and then finishing it, Albion snatch a 2-1 win.


Meanwhile a heck of a comeback from Reading at Bristol


City, they were 2-0 down when Tammy Abraham netted


a penalty at Ashton Gate, and there was little hint


First, Liam Kelly had space to turn and shoot.


With the home side looking nervous Yann Kermorgant


Then the man who won promotion to the Premier League


with Bournemouth finished form long range to claim all three points.


So here's how the table looks in the Championship


Albion sit in first place and they have a game


They're third after three consecutive wins.


Both sides are in FA Cup action this weekend,


In the Premier League attention turns to Bournemouth tonight.


The Cherries host Arsenal at the Vitality Stadium.


Christmas saw a win and a loss for Eddie Howe's side,


a better return than their south coast neighbours Southampton.


Kris Temple's at Dean Court, Kris Bournemouth in a moment


but first Saints fans had a difficult Christmas period.


Born both actually set above Southampton in the table.


Southampton's wretched Christmas and New year ended with a 3-0 defeat


at former boss Ronald Koeman's Everton.


Let's have a look at the action in that game.


All the goals came in the second half as another much changed team


fell behind to Enner Valencia's close range strike.


Maya Yoshida then gave away a penalty which was converted


by Leighton Baines, to effectively end Saints chances of getting


Romelu Lukaku blasted in a third to leave Claude Puel


facing up to a third consecutive league defeat.


Here that the Vitality Stadium, lots of talk from managers of the


congested fixture stadium. The Cherries have had 24 hours more


arrests since they are last match. Arsenal beating Crystal Palace 2-0


on New Year's Day. Some notable scalps this season, the home form


has been the backbone of their current position in the Premier


League. They will be up against an Arsenal side tonight who are bidding


to keep Chelsea within reach at the top of the table, Arsenal could hit


third. One man who would be involved as the influential midfielder Jack


Wilshere, currently on loan from Arsenal but the terms of his all and


means he can't play tonight. That is the headline team news as far as


Bournemouth is concerned. The game is live on BBC radio Solent. Don't


forget to join them from 7:45 p.m.. Let's wrap up yesterday's other


football league action. Luton Town boss Nathan Jones


launched a scathing attack on some Luton player Cameron Mageehan


was stretchered off with a suspected broken leg with some reportedly


jeering him as he was taken away. On the field Pompey


are fourth after a 1-0 win. Christian Burgess headed the winner


before the interval. Gary Roberts missed a late penalty


for Paul Cook's side. In League One goalless draws


for MK Dons and Swindon, meanwhile Oxford's 1-0


win at Gillingham came That result cost home manager


Justin Edinburgh his job. There was no rest for round


the world sailor Alex Thomson He's involved in an epic tussle


in the toughest single handed race of them all,


the Vendee Globe. After rounding Cape Horn


over Christmas, Thomson, aboard Hugo Boss is continuing


to track the leader Armel Le Cleche. He's around 218 miles


behind the Frenchman. The leading boats have a lead


of more than 600 miles No Gosport based Thomson is hoping


to become the first briton Hampshire cricket won't comment


on reports that South African bowler Kyle Abbott may be set to sign


a long term deal at the club. The 29-year-old is currently


enjoying a successful run He was in action for his country


today playing in the test However Abbott is known to have been


frustrated at his lack of opportunities at the highest


level, and could opt to rejoin the County


whom he played for in 2014. That would be great news to start


the year for Hampshire funds. Onto the weather and before we get to the


forecast we should just look back at 2016 and thank you so much for all


the fabulous weather pictures you keep sending. What are your


favourites? I like coastal views. I like the quirky ones that surprise


us. You can decide what are your favourites from 2016. Your daily


weather pictures do seem to get better and better. We had some


lovely ones during 2016 and they are featured on our Facebook page.


Wildlife photos remain popular as ever, while plants and flowers are a


great way to illustrate the changing seasons. We had some good pictures


of unusual weather, check out these clouds photographed in March. 2016


wasn't a record-breaking year for the South by any stretch but we had


some nice weather. The hottest day was 19th of July. This dormouse was


spotted. They call this night was the 29th of November when the South


shivered at minus nine. This picture was taken in Salisbury. Anthony


Morris captured this frozen cobweb. A superwoman provided a definite


photo opportunity, this image captured in Bournemouth. Just a few


days later, this barrel Graf revealed the sharp drop in pressure.


After three weeks of rain had fallen in just three days, Jack sent us


this picture of floods in Swanage. This circular rainbow was filmed in


Portsmouth. Once a year and we like to come and meet one of


photographers. This is a lovely spot but not such a great day


weather-wise. Over here as Natasha and this is one of her favourite


places. I like this but because you get a good view of the sunrise,


especially on misty mornings rising in the ballet. I have been living in


the area for about 22 years. I moved out for university and started doing


a lot of walking and started to appreciate the wildlife which is


when I realised I wanted to capture it on camera. And capture it she


hides. These are just a few of the wonderful photos she has taken


around the new Forest. It is a very satisfying hobby but could it be


more? I'd love if it could be one day but I will keep working hard at


it and I have just had a picture of a hare published and I really


chuffed that I have been asked to become one of the national parklocal


photographers as well. Thank you for all of the photographs you shared


with us last year, please keep them coming in 2017. There is always a


photo to be taken. All you need is a little optimism.


That is a quirky one. Let's take a look at the first pictures of 2017.


Colin Lee photographed the cold frosty start the the day


David Batchelor capture the cold start to the day


And Albie Somerset photographed the blue skies and lingering


Overnight, we are expecting freezing temperatures initially but a frost


for some and cold and frosty at times with some are not amounting to


too much. There will be a cold breeze for the north-west and that


will settle overnight. The risk of frost but increasing cloud. A


weather front moving southwards across the country and it will


arrive through the early hours of the morning with the laws of two


Celsius. A chilly start and the cloud one priest in the morning and


we see some patchy rain but it will disappear so thoughts and we're


looking at some sunny spells through the afternoon, remaining dry as well


with the high tomorrow of 7-8. Despite the temperature being higher


than today it will feel bitterly cold. Tomorrow night, another cold


one with the temperature plunging two minus six. The chance we could


have some ice patches on untreated surfaces as well as mist and fog and


frosty start the day on Thursday with a low of -3, even in towns and


cities. A chilly start to Thursday but a lovely day in store with


lighter winds than tomorrow. The temperature will struggle with the


high of just the Celsius in places. A dry night Thursday into Friday


morning, Friday starts off on a frosty note, but very quickly the


cloud will increase and this weather front will move on. A spell of rain


this week, not amounting to too much, light and patchy in nature,


moving south and east words. Looking ahead to the weekend, high pressure


starts to build and it will be mainly Diane settled. The risk of


the odd isolated shower but it will be mainly dry with sunny spells.


Maybe a few days into the New Year but we haven't wished you a happy


New Year yet, so happy New Year and we will join you tomorrow, good


night. Magical new drama...


The Worst Witch. Something like this


could change my life. We're looking for someone


who can sing, someone who can move. Someone who can keep an audience


on the edge of their seat. Something like this


could change my life. When you're born to perform,


Let It Shine... A team of spy creatures


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