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Hello and welcome to South Today. news teams where you are.


In tonight's programme: The mother jailed for manslaughter


after her baby daughter drowned in a bath.


A report says social workers couldn't have


If there is one thing we can do in her memory is to improve the


services in a way where independent authors have suggested that we


shared. -- that we shared. We made this video to help you keep


yourself safe on the Internet! Why pupils made a video about


the dangers of sharing information. And later on: Despite two female


Prime Ministers why are there so few The death of a baby - who was left


in the bath by her mother - couldn't have been prevented


by social workers, according The findings come despite


social services having an official protection plan


for the 14-month-old, Jasmine Gregory, seen


here in the hooded coat, is serving a three year sentence


for the manslaughter of her daughter, Robyn,


who drowned in the bath in Grove A serious case review investigated


whether professionals could have Today's report talks


about an immature mother While the report says that the death


of this baby could not have been prevented by any of the bodies


in the building behind me, It suggests that some


of the administrative processes, particularly in risk


assessments, were inadequate. It talks about the communication


between agencies and how that Despite the review's


findings to the contrary, one charity believes more effective


communication and intervention from professionals


could have saved Robyn - who is known as Child Q -


in the report. This is a tragic example


where clearly opportunities were missed to safeguard Baby Q,


and I think our view at the NSPCC is that there is further work that


needs to be understood in relation to the complexities of neglect,


and what needs to be done to ensure that children in the circumstances


are adequately safeguarded This family was known


to social workers. At one point the baby was taken


into emergency foster care. In another instance,


Robyn was strapped into her pram for a day while her mum


was at the pub. You must get a careful balance


between supporting the parent, where they are not appropriately


parenting their child, challenging them if they do not


improve sufficiently, and, if necessary, intervening,


if that improvement does not meet the threshold that would lead


you to be assured of The council has already made


improvements to identify and support those at risk of neglect in light


of the review's findings. Children's services


in Buckinghamshire are steadily improving -


according to Ofsted. The department was rated


"inadequate" in 2014. New findings have been


published in a letter - following a second visit last


November. Inspectors found social work had


improved for children entering care. In a statement, the council conceded


there was still more work to do. Police investigating the theft


of ?100,000 worth of computer equipment have released a picture


of a man they believe can help. Up to five men stole MacBook


computers from a firm in Bletchley. Officers believe it


happened between the 22nd A campaign to highlight journey


times between Banbury and the John Radcliffe Hospital


in Oxford has the backing It's part of an ongoing protest


at downgrading of services The idea was launched by Banbury


MP Victoria Prentice. People are being asked


to time their journeys by car or public transport to getting


to hospital in Oxford and then Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson has lead


a debate in parliament on how to spend proceeds from the new Sugar


Tax. The government wants to give more


funding to schools for sport - Justin Tomlinson wanted to convince


ministers that the approach used by a Swindon after-school sports


camp could hold the key to success, The skies may be grey,


it may be cold and wet, but these children in Swindon


are getting active and having fun. They're at Draycott Sports Camp


at Oakhurst Primary School. It's an after-hours club and helps


to target the children who aren't I enjoy it because we get


to go out, and get fit. And enjoy some new sports we've


never heard of before. Children, particularly at a primary


level, it get home and cannot wait to get on their iPads,


They can't wait to get their Xbox. Although I do believe


that there should be a balance, I love the thought of children


choosing to play sport, be active, But I think that we are really


trying to encourage that firm But I think that we are really


trying to encourage that fun Figures from the Department


of Health say three out of five children aren't taking part


in any activity clubs. That's what the government


wants to address. It's hoping to use money


from the new sugar tax, which will be introduced next year,


to help fund more clubs. I love the idea of 100 sports camps


going on around the country, and as many sporting


clubs as possible. If I had my way we


would do 50, I think. It is a great way of


spending the money. Today MPs have been discussing how


best to use that money. This club is being held up


as an example where it is working. And they want many


more just like it. A group of pupils from Oxfordshire


have been recognised by Thames Valley Police for a video


they made into online safety. The project was part


of a competition run by the police to raise awareness of the dangers


faced by children sharing We tweet, we stream,


we vlog, we blog. We Instagram, Facebook,


like, share and comment. But just how safe is


this virtual world? It's a question asked


to students here at St Helen Hello, I'm Marina... Josie...


Lottie... And Rosie... We made this video to help you stay safe on the


Internet. The video shows a girl


inviting someone she thought she knew to her party,


but her plans spiralled out of control when her home address


was shared with hundreds It's one of the real danger is that


they may face. We have to celebrate what they can do with the Internet


and social media. And the tremendous power that it has. But, it is a risk


factor and we had to share that with them and help them develop maturity


to make good decisions, be decent human beings online.


The lessons are welcomed here at the Oxford Internet Institute


where research shows the real life pressures of our virtual world.


One of the things that most concerns me at the moment is around the use


of things like texting and mobile phones for the exchange of sexual


content between kids. It is a new risk and not one we are dealing


with, and it is more of a worry that they may see adult content online


and make it, and exchange it with your peers. It is hugely alarming.


continue to tackle the dangers of life online...


So what if you are a parent and want to have a conversation with your


children about staying safe online? How do we do it? The aware of


technology and make sure your child is comfortable telling you. Make


sure your children are open and share their accounts and profiles


with you. Ask children how things work which helps. Let them show it


to you and what they can do on it. Then you have more of an


understanding with it and help if there is a problem.


And tomorrow on BBC Radio Oxford's Breakfast Programme Howard Bentham


will be asking how parents can protect children from seeing


inappropriate images - when the material is so readily


The 80's music festival Rewind - which has been held in Henley


for the past 8 years - is to be sold as part


Rewind attracts around 40-thousand people each year -


and is staged across a weekend in August.


Its been purchased by Global Radio - and will remain in the town


The line up for 2017 is due to be announced in the next two weeks.


From David Bowie to Adele, it seems a surge in record sales


is giving businesses in Oxfordshire a boost.


2016 saw the highest sales of vinyl for 25 years.


Katharine Da Costa has been to meet some of the businesses cashing in.


I really like live recordings because they're on a good system,


they're so much more realistic and you can hear all the little


For collectors and enthusiasts, vinyl's never really


gone out of fashion - but it's not since the early


90s that record sales have fared so well.


And for this distribution company in Didcot, demand for high spec


turn tables has doubled in the last five years.


When you download an MP3, your physical interaction


with it is through your phone, which you do a myriad


Vinyl makes music a special experience that you can really


enjoy, and the more that you commit to it, there is the associated sound


benefits that come with it as well, you can enjoy it in much higher


Over the last 10 years sales have grown by 1,500%.


However a recent survey found nearly half -


We've got things like the first printing of Led Zeppelin


which is worth about ?100 - in mint condition things


The Music Box in Wallingford first opened in 1959,


when all the latest hits were played on vinyl.


But with the rise of the digital age and streaming,


many of the specialist record shops - including Wallingford's -


back in a million years, let alone selling records, vinyl.


Now in a new permanent town centre location,


I must admit in the last year it's gone crazy,


people want something physical - they don't want to pay for something


They want something they can hold, like the artwork and the sleeve.


Just listen to it, and the whole concept of an album.


I find with vinyl, it sounds so much better than downloads or CDs.


When you buy limited edition ones, you open it up and you find out


It is great just going through the records and you find


something a bit odd or a bit strange, and you can


There is definitely a social thing to it.


Vinyl sales may still be dwarfed by streaming and digital downloads,


but music fans say it's the nostalgia of rediscovering


the old classics hidden in the bargin bins that keeps them


An Oscar winning sound designer and mixer from Wheatley near Oxford


Niv Adiri's won an Academy Award in 2014 for his work


His BAFTA nomination is for Fantatsic Beasts


His BAFTA nomination is for Fantastic Beasts


and Where to Find Them - a spin off from the


He'll find out if he's won on February 12th.


I'll have the headlines at 8 and a full bulletin at 10.30.


Now more of today's stories with Sally Taylor.


Still to come in South Today: Closing in on history.


Gosport sailor Alex Thomson is set to take the Vendee


Women have come a long way since the first female MP


was elected to parliament almost 100 years ago...or have they?


Despite boasting a second female Prime Minister,


the UK is 48th on the global league table for female politicians.


Now the Basingstoke MP, Maria Miller, who chairs the Commons


Women and Equalities Committee says parties should be forced to do more


Currently only 30 per cent of our MPs are women.


I spoke to her a little earlier and asked her why so few women


I think across the country still we do not see enough women in


leadership positions to encourage women to come forward.


Also, I think people see some of the harassment


and the online abuse that


women can endure and also the tragic murder of Jo Cox


last year, I don't think that is encouraging women to come into


That's why this report is so important.


Talking about introducing targets and founding


political parties and forcing positive discrimination, that


doesn't necessarily get you the best candidate, does it?


And in a way, it demeans women as well.


Look, we need more women to consider coming into


politics, but I don't think anybody would argue that aren't enough women


with the right sort of experience out in our communities who could


And you seem to have all the leaders of all the


parties sort of in general agreement, a consensus, but there is


no action, really, nobody is doing anything about it.


Do you feel slightly frustrated by that?


I think there is a huge frustration there,


because all of the party leaders have told us that they think


parliament would be a better place with 50% female MPs, but they don't


really have the strategies in place to make it happen yet.


At the next general election, there are big


boundary changes, 21 women look set to lose their seats and if parties


do not act, we could see the number of women going back in 2020.


And we heard the Green Party, fielding two


female candidates wanting to job share.


So women are up against that kind of thing?


Obviously, we have to modernise Parliament, and that has


been happening over the last decade, but there is more to do.


You've women on South Today listening to


you now, tell them why they should go into politics, in 15 seconds.


If you want to change your community for the


better, if you want to ensure your community is the best it can be,


then you have to take responsibility, stand for election


and make sure women have a strong voice in Parliament.


Last January, quite a lot of us registered to give blood.


But fewer than half of those who signed up actually


This year the NHS says it needs at least ?200,000


new blood donors, to replace people who've had


to stop giving because of their age or health.


Nikki Mitchell reports from Berkshire.


People with O negative blood like Sheila here


are much in demand as donors.


That is because their blood can be given to almost any patient


and is so often used in emergency situations.


Sheila began donating after her father was diagnosed with


I couldn't help my father, he died, sadly.


But I carried on and they said we need


your blood, so I have done this since then, since...


I was 18 when I started, it was just something


I wanted to do, but then, I've been so glad I could do it all


It is so easy for me to just sit here for a few minutes.


I can get a cup of tea and a biscuit!


The NHS needs new donors of all blood groups, but it is


particularly keen to encourage younger people and people from black


Donors that can donate need a place so we can


make sure we get the


It is always something people think though,


I must come along and give blood and then you forget about it.


So, a new year, we're just hoping people will sign up but also book


that appointment and walk through the doors to come along and donate.


I've always wanted to do some good with


my life during the year, so I just thought, what's better


than donating a pint of blood every couple of


My best friend, my school friend, she had to have a blood


transfusion and that inspired me to give something back, really.


All donors must register before making an


appointment online, via an app or over the phone.


At least 100 pints of blood were collected during this


session and each pint has the potential to save


And if you'd like more information on becoming a blood donor,


There's also a mobile app called 'NHSGiveBlood'.


The sport. Tony husband is here. We were talking about Alex Thomson last


night, this is the sport. Tony husband is here. We were talking


about Alex Thomson last night, this is because Paul yes, there's a great


sense of anticipation there and the feeling that their manner could


catch the leader and he could win. could catch the leader


and he could win. as Sir Ben Ainslie attempts to win


the Americas' Cup, but just days into the new year, our sights


are fixed on the toughest offshore Tonight, Alex Thomson remains


in the hunt to make history as the first Briton


to win the Vendee Globe. say on current projections, it


will go down to the wire next week. All this despite losing


one of his boats foils I've been to see his


team today in Gosport. Staff glued to their computers,


tracking the race data in the But in the offices of


Alex Thomson Racing, they are also preparing to head for


the finish in western France. I think everyone throughout


this has different His family and friends are very


different to the team. I feel we are good at


concealing it, we are all pretty happy we have come


to the finish, but I think the emotions will probably go wild


when he 65 days ago, Thompson


left for the French He has broken three


speed records already on the journey around


globe against the prevailing winds and tides.


He is currently second, with 3,000 miles to the finish.


But projections are that there could be


as little as three hours between the two leading


Thompson is chasing the prerace favourite.


In the north Atlantic, you are dominated by the high


pressure and there is a high pressure there, so it looks like


whoever is in the lead can't really run away


from a second or third, so


I think we will see as the race comes to the closing stages that


tactically, the sailors will have some big challenges.


Four years ago, Thompson finished third.


No British person has ever won the race.


I remember coming of the canal with Alex and third and we both


looked at each other and said, we are coming


You think back to all the great British sailors and


they've all led and been part of this great sport which is a single


person setting out on sale around the world alone, nonstop.


It is a phenomenal sporting challenge and to


win it would be amazing for all of us.


A place in history is in touching distance.


The website has posted the latest positions in the last hour and Alex


is just over 100 miles behind the leader, but as we deny reports, it


is likely to close up in the next few days.


A new record's been set for the number of entries


Organisers say the 340 boat limit was reached


The 47th edition of the race from Cowes on the Isle of Wight


to Plymouth via the Fastnet rock will set off on Sunday


A new record's been set for the number of entries


Organisers say the 340 boat limit was reached


The 47th edition of the race from Cowes on the Isle of Wight


to Plymouth via the Fastnet rock will set off on Sunday


And Reading's under-23 side face Yeovil tonight in the last


Thank you. Just before the weather, we want to show you these fabulous


pictures. This was sent in by photography


student. Isn't that wonderful? Joanne Porter captured Cirrocumulus


clouds over Frimley in Surrey. Gaz McLean photographed


a Giant Otter at the New Forest And Martin Perry took this


picture of the bright spells in Freshwater Bay


on the Isle of Wight. We are expecting clear skies in some


places but cloud foremost and a bit of a drizzle here and there. A lot


of dry weather, too. Temperatures will fall to 7-8 C, fairly mild. The


breeze will increase to the west in the early hours of the morning.


Quite a grey, start tomorrow. The rain clears eastwards. Sunny spells


with the increasing breeze and there will be a wind chill. Temperatures


of 8-11 C, but feeling lower in many locations because of the wind-chill.


Tomorrow night, the odd spot of rain, patchy cloud, still a brisk


north westerly which will make it feel chilly. A chilly start on


Thursday with lows of 3-5 C tomorrow night. A cold and damp starts on


Thursday. Ahead of this band of rain which could turn to sleet or even


snow showers. The Met office have issued a snow warning for Thursday.


More likely over the Chilterns and Cotswolds. You need all the


ingredients to make the snowfall. We have the northerly breeze and moist


air from the Atlantic, so we could have some snowfall, we are not


expecting anything significant or anything to settle. If it does, it


will be most likely over the Cotswolds and Chilterns. The Met


office warning is in the fourth through Thursday, when we may


potentially see snowfall. Friday and Saturday, things brighter note that


it would bitterly cold. Temperatures are for - five Celsius, but with the


wind chill, feeling more like freezing or just above in many


locations. As we head through the week, there's a chance of snow and


it is getting colder. Now on this day at this


time in 1941, the people minutes away from the start


of the worst bombing raid But amidst the devastation,


a war artist was at work, but incredibly, it's never been


displayed in Portsmouth until now. It's now gone on show


at the city's museum. Our reporter Steve Humphrey


is in Portsmouth tonight. Steve - it's a painting that


captures the mood of the time? Yes, it was just after seven


o'clock on January 10 1941 It total, 300 German aircraft swept


in across the harbour behind me - their target the Naval


base - and 76 years ago where I'm now standing


at Gunwharf was part The attack continued


through the night. By the time it ended, 170 people had


been killed and hundreds But out of the onslaught


emerged a famous painting that managed to capture


the city's mood of defiance. It is clearly showing a war scene,


but showing the resolve of people to get on and deal with it and get


through it. I don't think there is a street and this is that was bombed


at some point or another. Was one of the most heavily bombed cities in


this country during World War II. Portsmouth's suffering on this night


76 years ago was immortalised by War artist Richard Eurich. He has this


access the not even the press would have had. It is an amazing insight


into part of the city that is normally underrepresented. It was


such a uniting thing as well as being a desperately awful situation.


Even as the country battle for survival, art had its place. As


Winston Churchill visited the city to boost morale, Richard Eurich was


a work on his painting. You can use art as a propaganda tool as opposed


to photography. You can change it to how you want things to be perceived


in a positive light. But the heart of the painting is HMS victory, an


enduring symbol of previous battles but amid the devastation of the 20th


century, sent out a powerful message. It is kind of like the


heart of the dockyard. She is there and does not seem to be affected by


all parties going on around. Another artist, Edward King, also painted


Portsmouth's ruined streets. There were a total of 76 bombing raids.


930 people were killed and 3000 were injured. The Royal Garrison Church


near the seafront hearing Portsmouth was amongst the buildings that were


badly damaged, back in 1941. It has been left as a permanent memorial to


those who were killed and injured. Richard Eurich's painting has been


left to Portsmouth Museum by London's Tate Gallery. It is a


remarkable reminder of the city's suffering during the Second World


War. As we reach 7pm, the moment when German planes flew over


Portsmouth on this day in 1941, we will leave you with this remarkable


painting which captures the devastation of the bombing of that


city. Good night.


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