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In tonight's programme: Married but forced to live apart.


Their partners have been denied visas to live here -


now they say they've had to resort to extreme measures.


Also: a protest about the President -


campaigners in Oxford express their opposition to Donald Trump.


And later on - five generations of family recipes from India -


the chef who is now sharing them with others.


You cannot lose a book like this, it must be cherished and loved.


Two couples from South Oxfordshire - who've have been separated


from their partners because of visa problems - say they've been forced


Steve Bearns has a three year old British born son


He's now left him in China - after flying out there


Meanwhile Julie Bolitho has decided to move to Sweden


Steve Bearns from Wallingford has no idea when he'll


They're flying out to China where they'll be reunited


He can't stay away from his mum any longer, it's not fair on her.


So, I've got no choice now but to take


Then they'll split - Steve is due back here


for work next week. But Ryan will stay in China.


What do you think will happen to Ryan when he's in China?


He can't speak Chinese, so he can't go to preschool or anything, so he's


going to miss his preschool that he's been getting here.


So, I think it will affect his education development.


Steve's wife - Mary Zu - has been living near Hong Kong


for 12 months after her spouse visa was rejected by the Home Office.


But last year, she won her case to overturn that


The Government, though, still hasn't authorised the visa.


We did exactly what they wanted. We sent everything they wanted.


Her husband, Steve, now has an appeal hearing scheduled in March -


which they tried to expedite before Christmas - but were refused.


In a statement, the HM Courts and Tribunal Service told us...


20 miles away in Southmoor - Julie Bolitho is going through a similar


She married her husband, Vikram, three months ago.


But he was refused a visa to come back to the UK from India.


We've been together for a few years now anyway.


We lived in this home, Vikram lived in the UK for 8 years.


Julie has now decided to leave the UK and move to Sweden


Current reports seem to indicate that EU


citizens who are resident, so if you are a British citizen


and resident in another EU country, before Article 50 is triggered, it's


highly likely that you'll be able to stay.


But when we contacted the Home Office it sent us this...


Even though Julie is going through the appeal process she says


she isn't prepared to wait months for a decision.


And over in Wallingford - it may be months before


Steve sees his son again. Adina Campbell, BBC South Today.


Part of East Oxford was brought to a stand-still this morning -


following what police have described as a "fear for welfare incident"


Magdalen Road was closed - just off the Iffley Road.


Police, fire and ambulance crews have spent much


of the day at a house there - and emergency workers


wearing chemical suits were sent to the scene.


A woman was found dead inside the property.


Police are not treating her death as suspicious.


The search for a company to design, build and maintain high speed trains


The line is due to pass through Buckinghamshire,


Northamptonshire and North Oxfordshire.


Up to 60 trains will be needed to transport passengers -


at around 225 miles per hour. The contract, which is worth


?2.75 billion, will be awarded in 2019.


There have been protests in Oxfordshire - as Donald Trump


was sworn in as President of the United States.


His election campaign was dogged by controversy.


So what are the expectations for the coming four


Jeremy Stern has been gauging opinions across our region.


Donald Trump's rise has reignited interest in politics both


Oxfordshire has a strong connection to the White House.


In 2011, the former first lady Michelle Obama visited.


You have everything that you need to succeed


in a place like this, you just have to work hard.


Pupils from Didcot Sixth Form College were in


Current students have differing views about


I think he's very straightforward, although he is


quite different to the people of America.


I think the way he doesn't worry about political correctness


and he speaks his mind. It comes across as quite genuine.


I think the world needs to keep an eye on Trump.


To make sure the values of democracy are upheld.


But we can't judge too much on what he has said on Twitter.


The way he has treated the media and his campaign strategies


will have a big impact on young people today.


Decisions made by Trump could directly affect UK business.


Buckinghamshire entrepreneur Alex Pratt founded a company


The US is one of the biggest markets.


Politics has got unaware of what businesses are like.


And business, in the end, pays for everything.


So, having a business manager, it's certainly a new dimension.


And let's hope his rhetoric was just rhetoric


and he's got some good solid sense behind his decisions.


Fifteen years ago, Bill Clinton, who studied at Oxford University,


opened the Rothermere American Institute in the city.


This morning academics gathered to discuss politics of the past


and how Donald Trump's appointment could change Anglo-American


For better or worse, what goes on in America affects the rest of the


world. People in the UK feel that especially strongly because of the


long-standing special bond we have with the UK. Winston Churchill is


just worshipped in the United States. I find it... Will they get


the chance to see Donald Trump at the Institute? He has not shown a


great interest in forging close ties with the academic community. If he


were to plan a state visit to the UK and wish to come to Oxford, we would


certainly love to have him here. That he would not be welcome


everywhere. This group protested in Oxford earlier today. Members of the


nose to come out racism group have made their feelings clear in Oxford.


Refugees welcome here, they say. No to Trump, they say, whether they


like it or not, America said yes. A group of homeless people -


squatting in a former car show room in Oxford -


have been told they can stay Around 20 people have been living


in the premises on the Iffley Road. The site's owned by the university,


which has let the ground floor A court order - imposed today -


has allowed the squatters to remain, provided they do not commit acts


of anti-social behaviour. A campaign's been launched


in Oxfordshire urging the Government The Association of Convenience


Stores wants the law changed so more It also wants improved internet


access in certain areas. David Lumb's been to


Hook Norton to find out more. Morning!


Morning! Every day June Smith makes this


visit to collect her newspaper. The grandmother of six has lived


in Hook Norton for two years and says everyone relies


on the village shop. I think it's very important,


particularly as you get older. One of the reasons


we moved into this village is because it had a village


shop and we realised that someday we would stop driving and so you need


something local with everything you Jo Williams' family has run the shop


for the past 27 years. Traditional opening times no


longer satisfy everyone. And with higher wage


rates on the horizon, The biggest thing we are worried


about is obviously we're going to have an


increase in the bill. We won't be able to employ any


more members of staff. And we'll possibly have


to cut staff if we The Association of Convenience


Stores has visited to share It wants improved internet access


and the rules changed so more There are pressures on stores,


the cost of employing people, of business rates and the challenges of


providing services in a profitable Real challenges for convenience


stores in rural areas. The Government says its championing


the needs of rural communities and is committed


?2 billion to maintain and modernise This shop in Hook Norton


is hoping it will Property prices in Oxford have been


increasing faster than almost anywhere else in the country


according to a new report. The Hometrack UK Cities Price Index


recorded an eight point 1% rise - with an average house costing


more than ?420,000. Oxford was third - behind Bristol


and Manchester. London was sixth. A folder containing the ceremonial


details and route map of Sir Winston Churchill's funeral


is to go up for auction next month. The plans for the wartime


Prime Minister - who was born at Blenheim Palace and is buried


in Bladon - were given the codename The folder was discovered


by the family of an unnamed man, who was involved


with the arrangements The documents are expected


to sell for ?600. Headlines at 8pm and a full bulletin


at 10:30pm. Here's Sally Taylor. modelling, all kinds of things to


try and understand processes. Good luck with the whole thing. Thank you


so much. Thank you. Later tonight putting


it all into the mix. The taste of India from family


recipes going back five generations. A man has appeared in court


charged with killing two Robert Trigg, who's 52,


is accused of murdering his girlfriend, Susan Nicholson,


in Worthing in 2011. He has also been charged


with the manslaughter of Caroline Devlin, who was found


dead, five years earlier. Trigg, of Park Road, Worthing,


has been remanded in custody. It's estimated that a fall


in foreign students coming to study in Bournemouth and Poole


has cost the local


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