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In tonight's programme: Could do better.


Why some schools in Oxfordshire will see their funding cut -


Also on the way: as the Oxford Children's Hospital celebrates


its 10th anniversary, there's a new appeal


We step back in history and look at the evolution of Milton Keynes.


It's been revealed nearly half of Oxfordshire's schools


are going to lose money under new government plans.


The way education is funded is being looked at across the country


to deal with unfairness in the system.


But campaigners in Oxfordshire say some schools could be worse off


It's the ultimate political football.


Oxfordshire schools have traditionally been in the lower half


of the league when it comes to school funding.


Last year, the government promised to tackle


Hopes were raised that schools here would be in


for a big win, but actually nearly half of schools are going to lose


133 schools will get more funding,


by 0.8% for Oxfordshire schools. That's below inflation.


And when the new formula was revealed,


Overall I think it's horrendous, I think we


are facing an unsustainable cut to our budgets.


And for struggling smaller schools, the consequences are very serious.


but I don't just see how that can work in practice.


And I think there will be a huge political backlash


Badgemore Primary School in Henley will lose


Headteacher Jackie Steele says that could mean losing a member of staff.


It's going to be even harder to achieve, you know,


the results and the standards that we are being


expected to achieve, the bar is being raised ever higher,


and we are being stretched ever further,


and I think that's a really big ask of school leaders.


At the other end of the funding league table,


which is getting a 2.8% boost under the new formula,


but headteacher Lynn Knapp says that money will really only


When we were looking at going to deficit, we were


actually, we can't employee any extra staff, we may even have to


So, by having either a standstill figure or at


least an increase we are just protecting the staff we've got.


The Department for Education insists the new formula will mean an


end to the postcode lottery in school funding, but in Oxfordshire


fears remained that for some schools losing out, it could be game over.


More than 40% of junior doctors have admitted to falling


asleep at the wheel, on their way home.


The BBC's Inside Out programme has investigated the impact


working night shifts, is having on staff across the south.


It's 8am, and junior doctor Sam Jayaweera has just finished


another 13 hour night shift in Oxford.


Really, really busy. Quite stressful.


and we had a full, full unit of patients.


Right, so if you'd like to come through to the simulator.


To see how working nights affects her driving,


we brought her to the Transport Research Laboratory in Berkshire.


Fatigue is a huge road safety problem.


Our own perception of our fatigue level tends to lag


behind reality, and by the time we've realised that we could have


already made a very serious mistake that could have led to a collision.


Sam is put through a series of tests on a virtual motorway,


and just 19 minutes in, she starts having micro sleeps.


Micro sleeps are a slightly longer blink, up to 15 seconds in duration,


but neurologically it's an indicator


that someone is disengaged from the task.


you can see the muscle tone in her face


Sam, you can now stop the vehicle,


this is a wake-up call about the dangers of driving tired.


What's really worrying is the number of times that


and there were 12 occasions when you failed to respond quickly enough.


And Inside Out is on tonight at 7.30 on BBC One.


The international trade secretary Dr Liam Fox has been shown around


Banbury's engineering firm, Pro Drive.


He visited the motorsport company as the government launched


It's promising to invest in science, support new businesses


and upgrade infrastructure - as part of plans to bolster


Other countries, France and Germany, have exported a bigger share of


their GDP than we are, and we need to do that because we will be


running a balance of payments deficits for some time now, and I


want to see the UK selling more of what we make and the skill that we


have abroad because there is actually a big demand for them.


This week - the Oxford Children's Hospital is celebrating


its 10th anniversary and is marking the milestone


Staff there treat children from all over the UK,


providing some of the most specialist care.


Doctor Jay Jayamohan is a leading brain surgeon who's helped


My name is Jay Jayamohan, and I'm a paediatric neurosurgeon


at the Oxford Children's Hospital here in the John Radcliffe Hospital.


We start at about 7.45 and we do a handover


..a patient who was diagnosed with spina bifida.


When he was born he was taken straight into intensive care, he had


his spine closed at two days old, he had his first shunt put in at


one-week-old, and then when he was two weeks old we went home.


So he's had quite a few operations


What we're going to need to do is get him seen by


physiotherapists, community paediatricians.


Sometimes, you have to give bad news to families.


It is possible and probable that he'll


But as long as he continues to make progress then we just keep going.


Being able to make them understand that actually this is the best way


forward and this is something that has to be done requires a lot of


Come on, big lad! He's heavy.


Ooh! Come on!


Having children has certainly has impacted


It's no good if you get so overwhelmed that


you can't do the operation, so you have to be


able to say yes, this is a really big deal


but that actually we've got to get on with it


and do it in a calm and controlled manner.


Leighton is a young boy who had problems


with fluid build-up on his brain


for which he had a telescopic operation.


Amy got a phone call from the hospital to say


I put his life in the hands of Mr Jayamohan


and I've never been more happy at the decision I've


Since then everything has just gone uphill.


Mr Jayamohan rings Amy just out of the blue,


We struck gold with our consultant, he's amazing.


I get to come in every day and do operations on sick babies and


make them better, and for those that I can't make better I make what time


they have as enjoyable for them and their families as possible.


And tomorrow, we'll meet four-year-old


who received life-saving treatment for cancer at


There's also coverage of that story on the BBC Radio Oxford breakfast


After a nine-month delay, a new unit to provide urgent medical


support at the Townlands Hospital in Henley has now


Building work is finally complete on the the Rapid Access Care Unit -


which is part of the ?10 million hospital project.


The unit's a consultant and GP-led service -


giving patients assessments and rehabilitation support,


The centre was supposed to open in March last year.


Next tonight: Milton Keynes has officially turned 50 today.


Half a century ago, the town was formed from a collection


of rural villages and it's grown to a town of more than a quarter


Mike Cartwright has this special report


which takes us back to the beginning:


When millions first got a glimpse of Milton Keynes,


an ad campaign to tempt more people to live here.


Diane Sutton moved four times in 40 years in MK, and last,


to here, where the world home exhibition was held in the 80s.


and the right-hand one he used as his office.


In her 20s, she lived in one of the first states built up she


worked at the Open University, based here.


was going to be a great place to live.


It's a place which is not scared to do things that other


We've got the first big shopping centre up


we had the first multiscreen cinema at The Point.


From a handful of houses, it became Europe's most


Lee Shostak, a town planner in the States, helped plan MK.


Yes, it's still young, but 200 years from now


when you come back to Milton Keynes what will you find?


You'll find our city's landscaping is the gift


That isn't going to change, that, that is what makes


No building should be higher than the tallest tree,


that's what the planners first said,


but of course with the arrival of buildings like Xscape,


Now, there's talk of even taller buildings going up


Its corporation came up with the plans.


Its chair, Lord Campbell, this, one of the many


But here is where the formal ground-breaking for MK happened.


Next to the old A5, only 16 people here.


Businessman Jim Wyatt, one of them.


I think the only reason it was here was because


the main trunk road limitation of what was behind us.


Everything behind us was basically fields right to


Warehouses here now super-sized,


more than 10,000 businesses based here.


Among them, Niftylift, started small


but its reach is now global.


It's our shop window, so our customers


And so that's quite important, we're in a dynamic environment, and Milton


Keynes is a great backdrop to our operation, here.


We've grown to a company of something in the order of 450


people, now, and you know, worldwide sales,


They made fun of its roundabouts, but today it's one of the


fastest-growing towns in the country.


And the new kid on the block has grown up.


Now, there's been a church at the site St Mary Magdalen


in the very centre of Oxford as far back as Saxon times.


But the years have taken their toll and the church roof


The church choir have now taken matters into their own hands


We need a fairly large sum of money because the roof


The problem mainly is that part of the building is


medieval and part as Victoria and where things have been joined


together then the lead is splitting or the guttering is giving way,


slates are loose, and of course, being a listed building, then,


everything has to be specially chosen and specially


arranged, and we need to keep this old lady,


you know, in good working order,


and she needs a new hat, I suppose you might say.


Byrd's music is very, very well written for the text.


No composers afterwards apart from Purcell and Britten


have come up with an ability to really make sure the text comes


His position as a Catholic within Protestant


Britain meant that the music is absolutely


it's just fantastic to sing, and really very wonderful


I think Byrd, for me, is a very important composer, he worked


in many different institutions, Anglican, Catholic, in a time that


was very, very different to what he was perhaps used to doing


He seems to have a sense of humour, he seems to have a


sense of good word setting and wordplay and how


Quite a challenge to sing so much music continuously which is why


we've got a team of people, so we're doing it in shifts.


I've got three other members of my family singing,


We're doing it partly to raise awareness


but also to have a chance to sing this music and have a sense of how


it fits together, I mean, how it fits in the history of the church,


I'm back with headlines at 8 o'clock and another


Sally Taylor and the rest of the team are next,


with the rest of today's news, sport and weather.


Stay with us - Tony has all the weekend sport.


Alexis has the weather - more fog on the way.


It's back with a vengeance, dense fog patches already causing problems


this evening, the details shortly. The bill for protecting Portsmouth


from flooding is set to top ?150 million,


a government minister Most of the money will have to be


spent re-building Victorian defences in Southsea after storms breached


the wall in 2014. Environment Minister Therese Coffey


denied the city was soaking up money Our Political Editor


Peter Henley reports. Much of the city of Portsmouth lies


below sea level. When storms breached defences at Southsea, plans


were drawn up in a major reinforcement of the sea walls. Any


visit today the floods minister said the project looked ready to uproot.


The City Council said it would be a real amenity for the setting. To use


that seawall as almost a seating to watch some of the spectacular


sailing that goes on and to have some more cycle pathways and to make


it really safe, as much as we possibly can. This is just a


temporary solution to make a permanent new seawall will cost ?140


million. That money is probably on the way but the worry is that big


schemes like this soak up all the available funds. It leaves less for


rural areas. Areas like Hambledon have now seen major schemes but not


everywhere can be protected. In the rural areas, it is difficult to get


enough interested parties and money together to justify schemes that are


easily justifiable in a place like Portsmouth when you're protecting so


much in terms of number properties. It is a no-brainer. Some work has


already been completed. This line of granite imported from


Norway at a total cost of ?44 million. This is future proofed


against proposed estimated climate change impacts. Never the less we


will continue to encourage people to make their homes resilient as the


one thing I cannot promise is that no one will be flooded ever again.


When it comes flooding causes huge destruction and although the total


bill has now topped over ?150 million, compare to the loss


flooding would cause, the authorities believe it is a sensible


use of taxpayer money. Prince Harry has been in Wiltshire


today to see how former members of the Armed Forces are being helped


with mental health issues. The prince spent the afternoon at the


recovery Centre in Ted is worth what supports ex-service personnel and


their families living with anxiety, depression and stress. No stranger


to Help For Heroes, Prince Harry came today to learn more about the


field of mental health. They call at the head and wins service where men


and women find themselves dealing with depression, stress, anxiety and


something turning to alcohol. There is a risk at the moment that people


get used to experiencing low mood and anxiety and stress and think


they don't need support, so the more we can raise awareness and see their


stuff we can do and we can help you, if you can recognise those symptoms


and yourself. The Prince was shown the things they do and introduced to


people they help. They have found lots of ways to help people here.


This gives them space to think but also they are in the outdoors, using


tools and their hands and working as part of a team. I have got both


physical and mental issues that I need to address, I am no longer the


person I was when I joined the force. We would all agree it is a


therapeutic environment and we enjoy being out and enjoy the company of


Comrade is. Learning new skills and defining ourselves by what we can


do. Lots of friends are still battling through but they have been


pointed in this general direction by myself and other friends and


colleagues. It is invaluable. With Prince Harry highlighting the issue,


Help For Heroes hopes to remove the stigma of mental health problems.


Straight on to sport and let's stop football and look ahead to


Wednesday. I went to see their manager today and he was talking


about they deem it would be to get Southampton to a major cup final,


more on that coming up. Southampton ended a four game losing


streak in the Premier league and will head to Anfield


in a confident frame of mind after a convincing win over


Leicester yesterday. The champions were no match


for Saints in the midday sun. James Ward-Prowse swept


in a fine first goal. Jay Rodriguez thumped in a second


by reacting first to the lose ball They had a goal disallowed for


offside early in the second half. Then Shane Long was bundled over


in the box and Dusan Tadic completed Did you strike it as cleanly as you


would have liked? I can't even remember, sometimes a bagel in and


if you hit it too sweetly it goes on to the stand but I am just pleased


to get the goal and it is a massive result going into Wednesday, gives


us confidence and belief. In the Championship, Brighton's


dramatic win over Sheffield Wednesday on Friday night briefly


put them back on top of the table. Newcastle promptly won on Saturday,


but tomorrow Chris Hughton's men can go back to the summit if they beat


Cardiff in their game in hand. Reading have dropped to fifth


after their loss at Derby. They really drop points if they


score first saw the omens were good when they led at Derby through John


Swift. The home side followed that with three balls on the bounce.


They fought to the end, this header the last, but tomorrow they have a


key game against Fulham. Eddie Howe raised much of his side's defending


in the 2-2 draw against Watford but undone by two corners from the


physically powerful visitors. Italy in the second half it was level as


Joshua King completed a fine move to slot in the equaliser. Bournemouth


are still to win in 2017 and any chance of that changing probably


vanished when Troy Deeney punished them again from a set piece. Home


games are certainly entertaining. Benik Afobe took his goal well to


earn a point. Real quality goals and they worked really hard for them so


disappointing to give that away. Bournemouth are 12th in the table


and have cup weekend off before hosting struggling Crystal Palace a


week tomorrow. Portsmouth didn't play as the pitch


at Crawley was frozen, So Pompey player Christian Burgess


went on social media to ask if anyone had


a game on he could watch, Burgess then got a reply


from Bransbury Park under 12's. Sure enough, he turned up to help


out at training and give the players an experience


they would never forget. That is great! Footballers are not


all bad at all. There was disappointment


for Team Solent Kestrels men and women's clubs this weekend


on the basketball court, they lost their national


final to Northumbria Worthing Thunder maintained


their unbeaten start to 2017 at home with this victory over


London Lituanica in what was a warm up in the league before


their National Trophy semi Lyonell Gaines scored 37 points


including nine rebounds. And the freezing weather no doubt


made ice hockey players feel Basingstoke Bison and Bracknell Bees


squared off in a local derby. The Bison came out resounding


winners scoring five unanswered Bracknell remain a place off


the bottom of the table while Guildford flames are sixth


after one win and one Worried about that fog actually. The


big issue overnight tonight and tomorrow is fog, again. That is


right and we have had freezing fog lingering in many places today so


the temperature tomorrow could be even lower.


John Lewis photographed the dense freezing fog at Barton on Sea.


This eerie picture of the fog in Blandford was taken by Greg Stretch.


And Rebecca Beusmans captured a frozen bubble


The start on a foggy note. The weather for the week ahead, it will


start to feel less called by the end of the week with the lot of dry


weather this week but bitterly cold temperatures, particularly on


Thursday, and overnight tonight, some really dense fog patches. The


Met office have a fog warning in force. This is up until midday


tomorrow, solemn pomp polices the fog may not even left. Some bright


and sunny spells with lows overnight of potentially minus five. A


bitterly cold start to the day with lingering fog patches that may stay


with us through much of the day. Some of the fork me left into low


cloud and quite cold temperatures with the lack of sunshine but where


we see sunny spells, a high of five Celsius. He called into the day and


once again freezing fog will develop through the early hours of Wednesday


morning. We are expecting it to be more densely further east you are.


The further west you are, the milder the temperature, dropping to


freezing or just below. We are hoping the freezing fog will start


to thin and left. This allows for some bright and sunny spells of on


Thursday, a filament of cloud. A bitterly cold day, and Europe at the


moment around freezing so the temperature will be very cold on


Thursday but with plenty of sunshine. A dry and sunny day. This


weather front is expected to arrive through Friday, some patchily and at


times and a lot of dry weather and on Friday after the potentially


frosty start we see bright spells with the temperature reaching a high


of 5-7. A contrast to today, with some places heading just 2-3. The


weekend less called and mainly dry with some sunshine.


That's it from us this evening, tick here if you have to be out and


about. Tomorrow you will want us to a new sport, cyclo-cross. That's all


from us, good night.


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