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The dawn raids to tackle organised gangs dealing


Also: the motorist who was using his mobile phone


when he killed another driver on the A34.


Glasses for classes. A new route for teaching at the textbook's thrown


out. Police have arrested


22 people in a major operation to tackle organised drug


dealing in Oxfordshire. In a series of dawn raids police


targeted almost 40 homes in Oxford, Operation Stronghold,


as it's called, is aiming to stop drugs coming into the county


from the capital. Organised policing


tackling organised crime. This Oxford address


is one of 37 raided by Thames Valley Police in Oxford,


Abingdon and London this morning. 180 officers were involved


in what the force is calling The start of a campaign to stop


the flow of Class A drugs We've made some really good arrests


today. That'll have a deterrent impact on the people dealing drugs


in the city. One of the things we'll look at is working with partners to


protect vulnerable people. We want to target key locations any future


that we know these groups have operated in. We want to make it very


difficult for them to come back. Detectives say gangs


from the capital come to the county These locations, the police say,


are often the homes We have criminal that often operates


through the London area who send runners out into the counties,


dealing drugs in our area. These operations are very organised and


they target vulnerable people, probably the most honourable people


in our DVDs. An obviously a real threat to local policing of the


area. -- communities. Police are continuing


to patrol in the areas where the raids took place this


morning in an effort The force says there will be similar


operations in the future to stop drugs gangs operating in the Thames


Valley. Two men and a 17-year-old boy have


been charged with the murder of a Canadian man whose body has


been found in Milton Keynes. Police were called to


Great Linford early on Saturday morning where the body of 32-year


old Suren Sivananthan was found. The three have appeared before


magistrates this morning. A 23-year-old man is


still in police custody. Thames Valley Police's response


to the death has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints


Commission. A motorist from Oxford has pleaded


guilty to causing death by dangerous driving after he was distracted


by using his mobile phone. Lewis Stratford veered


across the central reservation near East Ilsley last


summer killing 28-year-old Gavin Today, Reading Crown Court heard


how he'd made several It was in the late in the evening


of Saturday 11th of June when Lewis Stratford seen


here entering court today was going southbound


on the A34 near East Ilsley. Over a 35-minute period, he was said


to be speeding and to have made It was on the third of these


that he lost control of his car and crashed through the central


reservation That car was being driven by


28-year-old Australian Gavin Roberts He was on his way to


work for Network Rail. Mr Roberts was taken


to the John Radcliffe Hospital but died of his injuries


four days later. Following his death,


Gavin's girlfriend Meg I was due to wake him up at home on


Sunday morning and I just wanted to turn back the clock. I wanted to


stop him from going to work on Saturday night. It genuinely didn't


feel real, sitting at his bedside. As much as the machines were keeping


him alive, he was still warm and he still looked like Gavin because,


head to terror, all you looked like was just a bruise and on his right


eye and the rest of him is perfect. -- all it looked like.


The defence argued that Stratford had not been holding his phone


They it was in a cradle attached to his dashboard but admitted it


Representatives from Thames Valley Police


were also in court today, with the force keen to stress


When we do a live at these scenes, people expect you have mobile phones


seized if we believe they have been utilised at the time immediately


preceding a collision. We seize the fans and download the information


kept on that phone to try and interpret whether it was in use and


Rusev been a factor in time of the collision. -- and acute higher bean.


-- could have been. Stratford has been


disqualified from driving He will be sentenced next month


and has been told a custodial A group of mothers campaigning


to save a family drop in centre in Oxford have held a protest


outside Oxfordshire Donnington Doorstep says it's


had to cut its sessions from six days a week to just one


after the council ended its contract and ?60,000 a year


funding last year. The county council says it's putting


in place a brand new children's service based around a network


of Children and Family Centres in Blackbird Leys,


Barton and Rosehill. Meanwhile the meeting


inside approved plans to stop funding all but eight of Oxfordshire


county council's day care centres. The council currently runs 22


centres for older people and those with learning disabilities -


the change will help save more There's been opposition to the plans


but the council says it will still support those


who need it. Bethan Phillips was


at today's meeting. Bethan, once again,


this is all about trying with rising demand and shrinking


pots of money from The plan voted through today


will mean funding's withdrawn from 14 centres for older people


and those with learning disabilities - leaving eight,


based in our bigger towns. There was a lot of concern expressed


about that at the meeting today - a Lib Dem councillor described


it as "chipping away" There were also worries


about rural areas missing out. So, is this just about


the council-run day centres? No, this will also affect things


like lunch clubs and other volunteer-run services that get some


county council funding. Overall, those grants are being


reduced by more than half by 2020 - raising fears some services


will face an uncertain future. The county council says three


quarters of those voluntary services And it has invested an extra


?875,000 to help charities But while services are being cut,


we also had a tax rise That's right - the budget


was voted through cabinet. That includes a rise of almost


5% in council tax - A big chunk of that increase


will specifically be set aside One of the councillors said


at the meeting today that was the cost of half a cup


of Costa Coffee per week for the average household -


he said it was worth it, when the council's got the job


of looking after vulnerable people. Drivers at Oxford Bus Company


are being balloted over The Unite union says


there is a complete breakdown in industrial relations -


they are in dispute with the company about pay, disciplinary procedures


and a proposed new holiday policy. Oxford Bus Company says it's seeking


to reach a resolution and is willing Staff and students at


Oxford Brookes University are hoping to benefit from a government


pledge to invest an extra ?2 billion a year into


research and development. They showed off their work


in the robotics laboratory to the chair of the MP's Science


and Technology Committee. Robot Tai Chi - just one display


on show for MP Stephen Metcalfe on his tour of Oxford Brookes


University. This was a chance for


the chair of the Science and Technology Committee to see some


of tomorrow's technology today... It's really important that


universities and particularly scientists in universities have good


connection with Government, which will open the way for future


development and funding sources. to racing in the University's


purpose-built engineering facility. Students here hope they'll benefit


from an extra ?2 billion a year of Government funding


for research and development. Oxford Brookes is in the perfect


location, write any heart of the Valley, teaching hands on experience


with the theory to back it up. It's a good development stage. It takes


you through all the steps. students are taught about artificial


intelligence, a robots ability Hello. Hello. You'll like what


experience will you be taking away with you today? Apart from having


the opportunity to sit in a Formula 1 car, I will take some information


back to Parliament about where this technology is heading.


The Robotics team has now applied for funding


for its next project, and now have all eyes


on the Government to help fund many more.


This week, we're looking at the life saving work carried out


at the Oxford Children's Hospital as it marks its ten-year anniversary.


Tonight, we meet four-year-old Alan, from Banbury.


Last year, Alan was diagnosed with blood cancer.


But after two months in hospital, including several rounds


of chemotherapy, he is now back at nursery.


A chance to play with his friends and enjoying himself.


Up until last September, he was a healthy,


But when Alan's stomach swelled up and he had trouble


breathing, his parents took him to the doctor in Banbury.


Within days, Alan was in intensive care at the children's hospital.


He made no fuss about anything that was done to him, which is amazing


considering some of the things he went through. Some of the side


effect of the first two rounds of chemotherapy for him were


horrendous. I think a grown adult would probably drive and blue


stations at some of them but no, he didn't. -- would probably cry and


lose patience. As Alan fought for his life,


family life was turned upside down for his parents and older brother,


David. The worst thing is that we didn't


spend any time as a family for much of that time, he spent nine weeks in


hospital and one of us was with informative that time. -- with him


for most of. His mum has no doubt


the commitment of staff at the children's hospital went


a long way towards saving her son. Friends and parents at Alan's


nursery group in Banbury also Alan is one of ours. He is part of


the nursery family, said a lot of the families here now Alan and his


family. It was really important for them to feel like they were doing


something to help. It's wonderful to have him back. We are really pleased


to see him do what a four-year old should be doing. It our wills, isn't


it? Allen is still here when asked and back to normal. We did see that,


quite early in the treatment that he was coming back. -- world. -- Alan.


There are periods where he was unrecognisable what we are hoping


there is only good times to come. Alan's mother ending that


report by Jeremy Stern. 50 years old and still growing -


Milton Keynes is one of the fastest But what will it look


like in another 50 years? In the second of our reports,


Stuart Ratcliffe looks Milton Keynes disguised as


Metropolis. Its futuristic building selected to double as Clark Kent's


home city. 30 years on from Superman's flying visit and Milton


Keynes has grown into its own mini metropolis. But in the next day STS,


how will that continue? The discussion is that Milton Keynes has


a wonderful pattern of grid squares. -- next 30 years. Well that keep


growing on to redraw the stops and have some other towns a little


different now a? -- do we draw borders. I think Milton Keynes has


spread far and off. We should have thought it sounds. -- daughter


towns. These areas could follow. The main thing is transport. An idea


supported by many Milton Keynes businesses. Crucially, the growth


continues hair and is accelerated. I think there is a challenge in


accelerating the pace of building new housing. There are site


allocated but it's been a building that housing and making that


affordable for the local population. Across town and a very different


business. We are here -- where here they have the Milton Keynes' future


is far higher education. One of our games and is the shortage of


semiskilled labour. -- one of our concerns. We need access to a good


rule of trained people. There is a concern living/ they still get


access to that. Because of its success in your last 50 years,


expectations about how it grows is understandably high. The question


is, how will it deliver? I'll have the headlines at 8pm


and a full bulletin at 10.30pm. Now, more of today's


stories with Sally Taylor. Later tonight, riding the rough


ground ? it's cross country on two wheels as we discover


the sport of cyclocross. It is often said that you can't


learn everything from a textbook, yet bringing learning to live is a


challenge for every teacher in every subject in every school.


Now, it's not been a normal school day for pupils at one


They've been taking part in a virtual reality trial


with Google which could change the way some lessons are taught.


Today rather than studying pictures and diagrams youngsters took a


journey inside the human body. Sofia Seth report. It is a lesson like no


other. The pupils at Hayling College and normally allowed to use


smartphones on cars but this is different. They're using them to


tour the heart and circularity system. Teachers contacted Google


provided the phones, headsets and free learning apps for a date. This


allows them to leave the clash and go somewhere they would not get the


opportunity to at this stage of their school career. We can ask them


what didn't feel like and pussy like and get debate and analysis and a


conversation from that -- it is the same every lesson and sometimes you


start to concentrate, but when you are doing this, it is much easier.


It helped me because I could see it and actually look at different


things and the comparison between the two things and I think it is


really clever and easy to understand. Other lessons include


history and eight tour of the virtual World War I trench as well


as a spectacular view of the Northern lights. While virtual


reality doesn't mean the end of the school trip its capacity to take


lessons of the classroom could certainly be a useful tool.


I think it would have been somewhat better at biology if I had the


opportunity to do that. But better than those diagrams! On to sport.


Big football matches tonight. I always love this time, I get to all


the team news and we get pictures and things, via several social media


platforms as we look towards the football tonight.


Both the region's Championship sides go for crucial points in the race


Reading can go third if they win a game which was abandoned at half


We'll be at the Mad Stad in a moment.


Meanwhile Brighton could reclaim top spot if they beat Cardiff.


Johnny Cantor is watching at the Amex.


Johnny, Brighton had a great win against Sheffield


Wednesday on Friday night - are Albion fans really


Yes, with certainly Albion and Newcastle playing a game of Caesar


at the top of the championship but the most important gap is between


Britain and third place which could grow from eight points to 11


tonight. It won't be easy. Cardiff have won all three of their league


games in 2017 and they are without top scorer Glenn Murray who is


suspended. From automatic promotion


contenders in Brighton The Royals have lost their last two


games and face a big match tonight against a Fulham side four points


below them in the table. Former Reading captain


and BBC Radio Berkshire sports presenter Ady Williams


is at the Madejski stadium. Ady, is the promotion


charge stalling? I hope not. As you rightly say, two


defeats on the bounce, last time that happened was back in August.


Big for both teams. Full am looking to get into the top six and if they


win they close the gap and if Reading get the victory tonight, it


increases the gap. A little blip in the season but it has been great for


Reading. Yup stand in charge. Fingers crossed a home win tonight.


TI go should make his home debut but will there be other new faces and we


still don't know what is going on behind the scenes there. He played


at the weekend, but a perfect debut conceding three goals at Derby but


we expect him to start tonight. Not long left niqabs Rwanda. We have


been trying at racetrack. Gareth McLeary is the top scorer. Eight


league goals. And the other has got seven. Hopefully before the window


closes we will bring a striker in. Full live commentary this evening


and news from both grounds at 10:30pm tonight.


A new year brings new resolutions and, let's be honest,


Here's a sport for those of you who like to get out


on your bike, but maybe don't want to hit the roads.


Cyclocross is an off-road version of cycle racing,


This winter's Wessex League competition is about to


reach its conclusion, so maybe this will whet your


More pedal power than park run, these cyclo-cross events are for


those aged seven to 70. The Wessex league season concludes this month


and this was one of 12 races in the series. There is a competitive edge,


but for many it is a recreational pursuit. The easiest cyclist sport


to get into, because it is off-road and it is great fun. It is from half


an hour to an hour, the lovers around the circuit, woodland,


grassland, mud, banking is, but obstacles. It is great fun. Pretty


intense. This year the series has visited Reading, Oxford, Swindon and


this event in Southampton. Each club is really friendly so there are lots


of wives and kids and families and it is a nice day out when the sun is


out. My dad was persuading me and they said they didn't really want to


do it because I was thinking I don't have the right clothes or bike but


is now a realise that is a bit silly. My brother wanted to do it,


so then I followed with him. He did well. He came off twice,


first lap, and then quite a long way back up so it was all right. I came


off as well. A great sense of achievement to see so many people


with smiles on their faces enjoying the outdoors as families and being


active. Well done to everyone who has taken part this year. That looks


good. Corhampton Golf Club's Scott Gregory


has been named in the Great Britain and Ireland squad for


the Walker Cup, the amateur The 22-year-old, who played in


the Australian Amateur Championship, last week is the British champion


and, having played at the Open Championship in 2016,


will also compete in this year's US The Walker Cup is in


Los Angeles in September. Very well done to Scott. Another


great achievement for him. Ever felt you want to give it up and do


something different? Seven years ago, Clive


and Lisa Orchard quit the rat race to take over a modest bed


and breakfast in Dorset. Their only aim was to make sure


their guests enjoyed their stay. Well, they're certainly


doing something right - because for the second


time their B in West Lulworth has been named the best,


not just in Dorset, not just in England - but the best


in the world by guests who've posted That puts them ahead of B


in Florida and Italy. David Allard's been


to find out their secret. It is a bitterly cold day in Dorset


but this place is the warmest welcome in the world. And that is


official. There are quite a few e-mails coming in. Clive and Lisa


orchards say they are amazed to have been named the best


bed-and-breakfast on the planet for the second time. It means a lot. It


means our guests have thanked us for their state. We were very shocked


but very happy obviously. What we're both doing before you decided to


move down to Dorset and open a B? We had a surf shop and I was the


shop girl at the beginning of that. I was working in datacoms up near


Reading and we sold the shop and the datacoms business and we chose a


bed-and-breakfast as being a nice lifestyle. This room is the Thomas


Hardy Rim... From the reviews on the TripAdvisor it is clear this B


offers more than just clean sheets and a full English. We think Dorset


is beautiful so it is not difficult to show that was people. When I was


six or seven my eldest sister Cynthia taught me to swim in this


area, so we went for that reason and I think that makes it really


personal. So you won the award in 2014 and now 2017, two years in


between, what went wrong? We relaxed! We genuinely just think of


the bed and breakfast as an extension of ourselves anyway. That


was our commitment when we started, just to be ourselves and welcome


people to share the area. Whatever their secret it has sent them to the


top of the world's favourite B destinations.


Congratulations to them. They will be inundated. Onto the weather. Fog,


fog, Chris Proudfoot photographed


the morning frost in the New Forest. Maureen Coles took this picture of


the fog in Portsmouth from Gosport. And Martin Dolan captured a fog bow


near Corfe Castle in Dorset. Fog formed in a very similar way to


rainbows with tiny water droplets. Overnight tonight we expect further


mistimed freezing fog patches again and the risk of ice which is why the


Met Office has issued a fog and ice warning during the early hours and


up until lunchtime tomorrow. Possible disruption to travel. Dense


fog patches will form in the usual spots and temperatures tonight will


follow way to around minus four Celsius in the countryside is. These


are in our towns and cities dropping down to minus one in some areas.


Misty and foggy start to the day tomorrow. Widespread frost. Freezing


fog patches may linger throughout the morning which is why the Met


Office warning is in place. Ice is a risk and untreated services.


Tomorrow a good deal of cloud, the best of the sun shine through parts


of Dorset and West Wiltshire with temperatures tomorrow reaching a


high of 5-7 C. Further clubs tomorrow night but where there are


clear skies and the chance of a widespread frost first thing on


Thursday morning and maybe one or two freezing fog patches but they


won't be as widespread as last night and tonight. Temperatures tomorrow


night around minus one Celsius. A frosty start on Thursday. That


starts fairly cloudy but we are expecting some drier and clear air


to move in from the near continent bringing some sunshine through the


afternoon after a frosty start. Temperatures on Thursday will reach


a height of four or five Celsius but with the strength of the very cold


south-easterly wind it will feel more like freezing with the wind


chill. A cold day on Thursday and a cold day also on Friday although


earning less cold through Friday and into the weekend. A lot of cloud


over the next few days. Cloud breaking up on Thursday. Cloudy on


Friday with patchy rain and of the weekend mainly cloudy but one or two


bright spells. That is it from us. Kris Temple is at Anfield for the


Saints match tomorrow night. Good luck Oxford against Bradford as well


in the lower League Cup competition. More at 8pm and 10:30pm, good night.


You might get the impression that history is just a record


Very often, the line between fact and fiction


In this series, I'm exploring how three turning points in our history


have been manipulated to become our greatest historical legends.


I want to be entertained. Entertain me.


It's the last chance to impress the judges.


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