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Could legal action save a doctor's surgery in


One campaigner's taking her fight to the High Court.


a special birthday party, celebrating Oxford Children's


Days of sub-zero temperatures that have led to this


People living in Witney are hoping a High Court judge


The Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group wants to close


One resident is now taking legal action, claiming there wasn't


It comes as NHS England says it won't allow GPs to charge patients


for some extra services, an idea that doctors


Last September they heard that the Deer Park GP surgery


I think it is totally disgusting what they are doing.


I had a problem that I thought might be serious, and


I got to see the doctor the same day.


My wife was seriously ill for four years, and the doctorup there


Now one patient has taken the fight to the High Court to seek an order


We are waiting for a judge to look at


it to say whether it will go ahead or not.


If we succeed, we will set a precedent


so that anyone else in the


The CCG, who run the Deer Park practice, wouldn't talk to us today,


If we close down, the knock-on effect


is we have then got to be distributed amongst the other


surgeries, and they are already overwhelmed by the number


And it's not just in Witney where GPs are under pressure.


Today, Oxfordshire doctors suggested GPs should be able to charge NHS


There is a limit to what can be provided for that sum of


money, and if people want further services like treatment for skin


conditions etc, it is only sensible that that has to be funded somehow.


This afternoon NHS England say it wouldn't agree to that.


But supporters say something has to change, as general


Contracts are being handed back at a rate that I have never seen


It used to be unheard of, but now I am seeing that


certainly once every few months, and I have phone calls


from distressed GPs who are overstressed, feeling


their practice is unviable on virtually a weekly basis.


Patients are raising ?1,500 for legal fees and must wait to hear


whether the practice will close in March.


A short time ago, I spoke to the MP for Witney, Robert Courts.


He says action needs to be taken to resolve the problem at Deer Park.


I would like to see the Clinical Commissioning Group engage with


Virgin Care, and with the patients' group with a view to finding


I have met with the CCG on a number of


occasions and have made clear to them in the strongest terms how


upset I am and how upset the people of Witney are about this decision.


I have also met with Virgin Care, and


then met with the patients' group, and there is a willingness


for everyone to discuss and come to a solution,


and I would urge all parties, but particularly Oxfordshire health


bosses, to get around the table and discuss a happy solution.


There's a warning about contaminated Class A drugs circulating in west


Oxfordshire,after at least three people are now known to have died.


GP surgeries, hospitals and other agencies are on red alert


following the deaths of two men within four days in the Witney


A third death has also now been reported to police.


They're all believed to be linked to a bad batch of crack


A mother from south Oxfordshire who's serving a three-year jail


sentence for the manslaughter of her daughter has had it


Jasmine Gregory, who's 24 and from Wantage,


was convicted over the death of her 14-month-old daughter,


Her sentence has now been put up to four-and-a-half years.


A political activist has been accused of hypocrisy


after accepting a scholarship to Oxford University


from the very organisation he was criticising.


South African Joshua Nott was heavily involved


It condemned a statue of the nineteenth-century


British imperialist Cecil Rhodes as a symbol


Joshua Nott has now accepted a ?40,000 grant


He says he'll use it to fight against Rhodes' ideals.


Next tonight, another one of our special reports marking


Oxford Children's Hospital's tenth anniversary.


All this week, we've been bringing you inspirational stories.


Today, past and present patients are being treated


First though, Serena Martin has been looking back at how


It started with the idea to put all children's care under one roof,


rather than split across two sites, the Radcliffe Infirmary and the JR.


It means that all of the children's things


can be brought together, so that we have children's radiology, play


therapists, an enormous amount of things that are dedicated


You walk into this space and immediately you know that you


Families have been at the heart of its design since the beginning,


choosing paint colours, naming and labelling the wards,


with boys wanting a sport theme, girls wanting cuddly animals,


so it's ended up somewhere in between.


And to make the idea a reality, ?15 million


In the past decade, the hospital has looked after half a million children


from newborns to teenagers, served more than 4,000 meals


And today some of the very first patients are back to celebrate


The best thing about it is the staff and the nurses.


We came here when Fred was a week old.


We stayed here for seven weeks and they were amazing.


They are caring, they were there for when we


I was in another hospital, but then I got moved here,


And Serena joins us now from the party.


Serena, the hospital's had some high profile support this week.


Is royal support in fact. I had in my hand a letter from Kensington


Palace, capping the Duchess of Cambridge. She is written saying she


would like to congratulate the hospital on its milestone as you


read lent her support to the fundraising appeal. That appeal to


raise ?2 million. Let me introduce you to Zoe Pooley who is a major in


here. A huge milestone today. What does the future hold? We are seeing


more families all the time, the children we treat have an increasing


range of problems and we need to meet those needs in the NHS and with


the extra things that make it comfortable for them. The extra


things really strike home. Everyone talks about their love they have for


this place. What makes it so special? Supported that opened this


hospital years ago and it has grown and evolved since then. On the


fabulous teams that work here, the specialists and experts. It is a


great place to work with a lovely atmosphere. Your work in children's


care for 24 years. You must love it. Yes, I am available to have this


job. The children are great find. None had the same, they are all


different. No day is probably the same either. Never boring. We will


be continuing our look next week to mark the anniversary of the


Children's Hospital. Tomorrow we'll be looking at the pioneering work of


the craniofacial unit. One of the only unit of the tide in the world.


The overuse of antibiotics was mainly to blame for a serious


stomach bug outbreak in hospitals around ten years ago,


according to new research by Oxford University.


The outbreak of C-difficile in 2006 led to deep cleaning and other


infection control measures by the NHS.


Scientists found that cases of C-Diff only fell when use


of certain antibiotics were reduced and used in a targeted way.


When that happened, there was an 80% fall in infections.


This information definitely helps us to take a proportionate approach to


managing infections which clearly consist of doing good hygiene


practices and, in some instances, we get a huge benefit


from restricting antibiotics, and we need to learn


more about this, but this is a lovely example


This week, people in and around Milton Keynes are celebrating


It's easy to brand a new town as all concrete and no culture.


But from its very inception, art was a big focus,


with large numbers of public art being purchased or commissioned


Around in the many corners of Milton Keynes, you will find


They are often placed with a sense of humour, like


this horse standing outside the bank with the same logo.


This shopping centre installation celebrates


accessible art that has always been at the heart of the town.


Depicted as a stage set here, the idea is for


you to go out and find the originals yourself.


I think art is always about thinking about what might come next.


Milton Keynes is also a town that was following a similar thought


process, how can you construct a space that will also work 50 years


I think it makes sense that integrated


art is in the fabric of its open architecture.


These concrete cows from 1978 have to be the most famous


or infamous piece of public art here in Milton Keynes.


But over the years, there has been far


more going on in the art scene here than these brutalist beasts.


In 1988, roads were closed when Michael Jackson performed here.


MK Bowl bathing in the heyday of stadium tours.


From pop royalty to jazz royalty, Sir John Dankworth abd


Dame Cleo Laine founded The Stables at Wavendon,


a melting point for all types of music.


But they had no idea that Milton Keynes


was about to be developed when they bought the rural property.


At first, they were a bit sort of, Oh no, we don't want to...


But then my dad really grew to love Milton Keynes.


Stadium MK is also developing as a concert venue.


Theatre is thriving, and MK Gallery is undergoing a


So, the concrete cows may be living out their


retirement at the town's museum, but the success and vitality


of the art scene here is no laughing matter.


If you'd like to get in touch with us, you can in a mall -- e-mail as


at the following address. Or send us a message on our Facebook page.


I'm back with headlines at 8pm and another


For more of today's stories, here's Jo Kent.


Southampton potentially 90 minutes away from a trip to Wembley as they


take on Liverpool. The mother of a man from Surrey


who was accused of trying to assassinate Donald Trump,


says she's looking forward to him 20-year-old Michael Sandford


was arrested at a Trump rally His mother Lynne has been speaking


to our reporter David Allard. This footage shows the moment


Michael Sandford tried to snatch a gun from a police officer


to shoot Donald Trump. Absolutely horrified. My heart


stopped beating and I burst into tears. I couldn't believe it. I was


our police. He is quite, loving lad. He has struggled throughout his life


with a variety of physical and mental health problems.


Though Lynne says Michael was in a better state of mind


when he travelled to the USA for a gap year.


Then, when he didn't make contact for weeks,


It has always been a worry of errors, when he goes on the


Internet, has who -- who has he been mixing with. He has been diagnosed


with having had a psychotic episode at the time.


A BBC documentary followed Lynne and Michael's father Paul,


as they attended his sentencing in the States.


Michael pleaded guilty to being an illegal alien


in possession of a firearm and disrupting government business.


The judge could clearly see that make call was clearly an misguided


lad. Clearly he deserves a second chance.


From his maximum security prison Michael is allowed one 15


And just so ashamed of what I don't and I just fuel -- waffle about it.


-- offal. -- awful. What do you think will


happen when he gets released in May? I hope he comes home to his loving


family. You will get the care he needs, meditation and support and


restart his life. And you can see the full


story in the documentary, It's available now on the BBC


iPlayer and also on BBC One Now onto sport and a big


night for Southampton. They're in Liverpool


tonight for the second leg Just tonight's match between them


and a Wembley final. Kris they're one up from the first


leg but still a lot ITN -- like 10pm tonight, the fans


will be celebrating our coming home. -- or coming home. Since of course


warmed up for the squid ministry with the- Isidore Cruise past


champions Leicester at the weekend. That leaves them in good form.


Liverpool, by contrast, lost in the year-long unbeaten home record year


against Swansea at Anfield. That was rather surprising. Contrasting form


lines for the two sides. If you want another positive statistic as well


as Southampton content, they are yet to concede a goal and this years


competition. If you keep a clean sheet tonight, they will be going to


Wembley. It is exciting times. Let's hear from both managers.


It would be a mistake to think about a final


and to dream to go to Wembley, because we have nothing,


It was only 1-0 and that's for us no difference.


If we'd been on 3-0, then we have to think about a few


things but this is only 1-0 and still everything


As far as the team news is concerned, Saints have a big


concern over newly-installed captain Virgil van Dijk,


who limped off against Leicester at the weekend.


He's undoubtedly the Saints' talisman, and would be a big miss


It's sure to be a dramatic night here on Merseyside,


if the scores are level after 90 minutes, then it's extra time.


Follow the game live with BBC Radio Solent this evening.


Brighton Hove Albion returned to the top of the Championship,


as one goal was enough to see off Cardiff at the Amex.


The Seagulls took the points thanks to Tomor Hemed's goal


Brighton back above Newcastle at the summit.


Meanwhile it was a tale of two penalties at the Madejski Stadium,


The Royals missed their spot-kick when John Swift's was saved,


but Roy Beerens tucked home the rebound.


Reading keeper Ali Al-Habsi was then the late hero,


You can sense make it to Wembley? We will be back at 10:30pm with the


answer. -- Saints. Radical changes to the format


and structure of future America's Cup competitions


were announced in London today. Among the changes, the Cup,


which was first contested off the Isle of Wight in 1851,


will be staged in two year It's all designed to give


the event more mass appeal. Five teams have signed up,


but New Zealand are yet to formally Our sports editor Tony Husband


was at the press conference. New rules, new teams, more venues,


a defining moment, they are saying, The announcements were made this


afternoon here in London. Martin Whitmarch and Ben Ainslie


both in attendance. Martin, you spearheaded


the press conference, you laid out the future


of the America's Cup. Is this one of the most important


days, off the water, I can't vouch for a 166-year


history, but I think, for all the teams here,


we know it's an important day We have to capitalise on that


excitement we have around the sport, make it bigger and better,


bring more teams, have more races, make it continuous,


more stakeholders but, As part of today's announcement,


and America's Cup every two years. We are out there in Bermuda now


getting ready for this competition. The stated goal is to


bring the cup home. Regardless of where the cup is,


now that we have this agreement, Martin has been very modest


because he has been instrumental in putting this all together,


certainly for our team that's part of our vision to build a sustainable


America's Cup for the future. Jamie Spittle, who will captain


of course the defenders, the Americans, in Bermuda


this summer called it a defining moment, a pivotal day in the oldest


trophy in international sport and of course it will be contested


in Bermuda this summer. Days of sub zero weather has led


to long stretches of the Kennet Many narrowboats are trapped


in the ice, unable to move. It's also causing problems


for the Canal and River Trust, which is trying to keep its winter


maintenance and repair Encased in ice, these boats


are going nowhere anytime soon. While the frozen layer


isn't especially thick, driving forward in these conditions


risks forcing up sheets of ice, potentially damaging to both


boats and the banks. It's also hampering efforts


by the Canal and River Trust to carry out routine repairs,


like here at Benham, While we have this in place,


boats are not allowed to move If the ice reaches a certain


thickness, and it does cause us we will create a plough wave


in front of us, of solid ice, basically, it causes


problems with moving boats. The locks are mostly Grade


II listed structures, so we have to use authentic


materials, lime water and you can't Repairing and re-mounting the lock


gate should take three weeks. This crane boat arrived on site


before the waterway froze and they're hopeful the ice


will thaw long before This is pretty


run-of-the-mill work for us. The We've de-watered the top gate


so we can actually lift one of the gates off and replaced


the anchor stone, which has failed, and while we're doing that,


we will do some brickwork repairs and also we will reline the gates


so the water will hold from the canal and it doesn't


doesn't fill the lock constantly. While the ice looks fairly


solid in places, it's deceptively thin in others


and there's a warning not to risk stepping onto the surface,


especially as temperatures are expected to rise


in the coming days. Allen Sinclair, BBC South Today,


in West Berkshire. debt is bitterly cold tomorrow.


Let's talk about your weather. Many of you have been out and about, even


in the foggy conditions. This was the scene this morning in Berkshire.


Thick fog through the morning and into the afternoon. On the parts of


Dorset saw any sunshine. Foggy conditions from those in Highcliffe


Dorset. Quick and easy picture. But, it was very tropical, tropical


weight, should I say? In Weymouth. Through the course of tonight, we


are expecting clear spells but generally it will be cloudy, they


chance of frost in places, a fair amount of cloud. Less on the way of


Falkirk -- but still a fair few patches here and there. In


attendance and cities, he'll go off at freezing order in 2-2 C in parts


of Oxfordshire. A cold start to the day tomorrow and it will fuel


bitterly cold. Be cloudy start in places. I can to get one to when


they sure as first thing and then this is those make an appearance for


coastal areas and the Isle of Wight. Temperatures reach three or four


Celsius but few are more in freezing -- more like freezing because of the


winter chill. An A/C went coming over from the near content. Europe


is bitterly cold. Through the course of tomorrow night, we expect


including skies, the chance of one or two showers, the chance of the


word snow shower but otherwise it is a it with temperatures following


below freezing in the countryside. Through the course of Freddy, mail


order appealed to slightly colder -- slightly less cold and the wind


starts changing direction, the cold air will turn to a more mailed


earful from the south-west, bringing in one an isolated showers during


the course of the day. Not amounting to too much, mainly light and


patchy. As we look to the rest of the week, we will see the best of


searching through the afternoon, what that cloud lifting northwards


and will be a bitterly cold north and south easterly wind. Patchy rain


on Friday, the chance of the order of thunderstorm on Saturday, some


great spells and we will see some sunshine on Sunday.


There'll be a news summary at 8pm and we'll be back at 10.30pm.


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