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In tonight's programme: so it's goodbye from me.


What's the key to getting people on board?


How bus passenger numbers have risen in the Thames Valley,


Also, nothing left to cut in their schools -


the teachers warning some lessons may have to go


When Rodney Nat. E, D Shakur with the love in time for Valentine's


Day. -- the shark looking for love. The number of people


using bus services in Oxford, Reading and Milton Keynes has grown


in the last six years - despite an overall


decline nationally. That's according to a new report


by public transpor It found, in Oxford,


bus use increased by 12%. In Reading, the number


was even higher at 17%. The increase is partly down


to investment in greener buses, The hustle and bustle


of Oxford's bus network. One in five of us and now uses


the bus to get to work in I get the bus, because


it's a damn good bus And what do you like


about getting the bus? If I could drive and park


into Oxford, I would be much happier with that,


but I won't pay parking Somebody drives you there rather


than you having to walk and its dry if it's


raining and that's it. And if it's busy now,


it's set to get even busier. Oxford is one of the


fastest-growing cities You've got two very good operators


that compete against each other. We serve to raise


each other standards, because we are always watching


with the other one is doing. Making sure we are keeping


the investment going. And also, we have had the right


policy in place from local Government to make sure that bus


travel is prioritised. Oxford is not the only place


that is investing in Reading for instance has


the third highest level of bus passengers per


head outside of London. Even Milton Keynes,


a town traditionally designed for the car


is transforming it. Last year it received Government


funding to bring in more electric In Oxford, there are plans for extra


park and ride sites, bus priority on the roads, and even


a zero emission central zone. But rural areas outside


the city centre Last year, transport bosses ended


all bus subsidies in And what about people


who can't catch the bus? Well, I do accept


that at inconvenient hours, like early morning and late


evening, the bus service is less than it is during


the middle of the day, but we do try to encourage


the bus operators to actually put


on services at those times. The challenge for


the council, it seems, is balancing the pressures to be


greener with the service that is both reliable and


practical for everyone. Next tonight, headteachers


in Oxfordshire say they're running They're now warning the number


of lessons could be reduced Nearly half of the county's schools


are due to lose money under a planned shake up


of education funding. All 35 secondary schools


in Oxfordshire have now Our political reporter


Bethan Phillips has the story. With its new funding formula,


the Government promised to tackle And as a county that's been


poorly funded in the past, hopes were raised that Oxfordshire


would be a big winner. But critics have described


the reality as horrendous, with nearly half of schools


in the county actually facing a budget reduction


if the change goes ahead. Headteachers say they're simply


running out of things to cut. We are absolutely at the bottom now


and there is nowhere else to cut without seriously damaging


provisions. Reasonable sized classes, the 25 hour week curriculum


offer, those are now the sorts of things that are under threat because


Even schools set to gain under the new system say overall


Analysis from the National Audit Office says rising pupil numbers


will mean schools generally see their budgets shrink by eight%


Headteachers in Oxfordshire claim the government's new formula


will particularly hit the core funding they get for each child.


They say they're going to lose more than ?400 for every 11


A letter's been sent to MPs, warning them about the problem -


some have already promised to take the issue further.


Well, it is important to bear in mind that an MP I can bring pressure


on Government to make sure that the funding is fair and it is precisely


what I'm doing and what I should be doing Monday week when a CD


secretary of the two. The Government insists


the new system will mean an end to the historical postcode lottery


in school funding. It says overall, funding


for Oxfordshire's schools A new centre to help


women and girls affected by female genital mutilation


is going to open in Reading. It'll be the first


of its kind in Berkshire. The Reading Rose Centre


will offer support A similar service is already


available in Oxford. New figures suggest a case of FGM


is either discovered or treated This thing we can start together


is to give them education and for them to learn and know


what is FGM and the consequences coming


after and how it affects your life. A new Oxford Brookes University


campus has officially opened Students have been


using new facilities at the Delta Business Park


site since last summer, The campus offers adult nursing


courses, as well as other health The building is named


after Joel Joffe - the former human rights


lawyer from Swindon. It was a mixture of pride


and feeling privileged, but rather embarrassed, because I'm


just an ordinary person. I consider myself rather


average and so I was I think it's really


important that we play our part in training


health care workers. A lot of the adult nurses


and the ODP students that will train here will of course end


up working locally in Swindon and Wiltshire and there is a great


demand for it in nursing at the He's performed more


than 11,000 heart operations Professor Steve Westaby,


who's recently retired from the John Radcliffe Hospital


in Oxford, is one of the most Now he's written a book


about his career and the patient's whose lives


he fought to save. I spoke to him earlier


and he told me what being Not glamorous, it's gory,


and working like a mechanic. It is saws and sharp


instruments, but we do a lot You save a lot of lives,


we make a lot of patients feel very much better and it's a very


satisfactory job to do. Your book is called


Fragile Lives, how does it feel Because a lot of the people you're


trying to save are very I've had very many very high risk


patients in my career and of course, it's always a privilege to operate


on s patient and save a life. It's important not


to get involved with that patient emotionally


before you do save their lives, because some


of You were the first


surgeon to fit a patient with a new type of artificial


heart, back in the 2000. How high risk did it


feel to do that? Well, when Peter Houghton


walked into my office, I He was within weeks of dying and had


been turned down for transplantation The first time he was too well


and the second time, So, he had given up


on life and I had this small device, the size


of my thumb, called the Jarvik 2000


implanted it into him. Instead of living three


or four more weeks of And then died of something


completely different. Out of all the 11,000 operations


you've done, does one standout for you because it was


either very, very difficult or because you made an emotional


connection with that patient? I used to love


operating on babies and children and there was one case that


came so close tonight getting through that you could


hardly believe it. I was in a hotel in Sydney having


just gone to bed after literally to a baby


who was dying from heart failure


at the age of five months. And that they be had been having


heart attacks at that age, because her main coronary


artery came off the artery to I designed a new operation


for the problem, because existing operations


weren't very satisfactory. Did that operation


with the film cameras running and then couldn't


get her off the bypass machine. And after two hours


of struggling, and a very depressed team in the operating


theatre, I went out to tell the parents that I thought


the baby had gone, had died. And there was such a miserable


response from the mother - you can imagine telling a mother


she's going to lose a baby - that I turned my heels and went back


into the operating theatre and did something absolutely ridiculous,


chopped a third of the circumference of the heart out to make


it smaller and deputy stitch in the valve


to Cut a long story short,


she survived and is now 18. Blenheim Palace has been


given charity status. It means the 18th


century stately home, which was the birth place


of Sir Winston Churchill, will be able to claim back income


tax on donations The extra cash means the Oxfordshire


estate will benefit from more It's well known that dairy farmers


across our region have been struggling for years to make


a living from milk - with supermarkets continuing


to sell at lower prices. But one young couple


in Buckinghamshire are now selling raw milk straight from their cows,


as way of bucking the trend. 6 months ago dairy farmers Jim


and Harriet were watching an episode They wasted no time in starting


their own venture right here from their shack,


at North Hill Farm Customers can now buy raw milk


from this vending machine supplied Pop the milk into the tank. But the


money into the machine and then press the one litre button. Then the


Raw Milk tastes richer and creamier than the stuff you get in the shops,


but the crucial difference is it's unpasteurised -


meaning it hasn't been heated and likely homogenised to kill


harmful bacteria, such as E coli.


Current laugher England says that raw milk must be from animals that


are healthy, a character that is to bear to lose this free and sold


directly to the consumer. District from the cloud, fresh as you like. I


think a lot of people got into it and got hooked at it as such. We are


getting good reviews from it. -- it is straight from the Cal.


Jim and his father Ian begin milking the cows starts


at 5:30am and hygiene is of the utmost importance.


I did the morning shift and finish about 9am. We do the afternoon at


We are usually finished about 6:30pm in the afternoon.


And within months of business they've started to build up


a loyal base of customers who can't get enough.


The line up for this summer's Cornbury music festival has


It includes Bryan Adams, The Kaiser Chiefs, Sophie Ellis


The festival is on the Great Tew Estate near Chipping Norton in July.


It's now in its 13th year, but this will be the last.


I'll have the headlines at 8pm and a full bulletin at 10:30pm.


Now more of today's stories with Sally Taylor.


had kept the ipod which contained all her father's favourite songs.


Say with us for the weather forcast.


After yesterday's political row over leaked texts Government ministers


have been insisting that Surrey County Council has not been


given a special deal to keep council tax low.


However, under questioning by Labour, The Leader of the House


of Commons did admit Surrey has asked to join a pilot scheme


to retain business rates a year earlier than other councils.


If there is no special deal for Surrey, why did


the Prime Minister simply not confirm this?


I, and other honourable members, want a memorandum of understanding


to secure our libraries and social care.


Surrey County Council has asked if it can participate in one


of the pilot project is for the proposed 100%


As any other local council will be free to apply, there is no


I'm sure we'll be hearing more of that in future. Now, all the sport.


We are going to hear from the chairman of Bournemouth. Is he


despondent at the moment given the poor recent run. Far from it. It has


been a tricky spell. They have had injuries, suspensions, didn't manage


to make signings but they are just looking over their shoulder.


It's probably the most trying spell of the fledgling Premier League


life of AFC Bournemouth, and their manager Eddie Howe.


Slipping down the table, the Cherries are battling


A lack of new signings in January didn't exactly rouse the mood.


South Today has spoken exclusively to Bournemouth chairman Jeff Mostyn,


as the club try to get the ball rolling back in


In a debut season in, arguably, the world's toughest league,


any team would be given time to settle in.


Second time around, with tens of millions


of pounds spent, the expectations at Bournemouth


It's been a very difficult and stressful January


You know, the performances have been disappointing, to say the least.


There's always a concern when you're not winning games.


It was not for the lack of trying, right up until


11 o'clock, on transfer deadline day, occasionally you have to spend


a little bit more than you budgeted for and we were always willing to do


that with the players that we wanted to bring in.


Some of the values were just crazy, as they always are


It's the worst market to deal in and, as Eddie has said,


publicly, it's in the public domain, it was probably the worst window


There's no sense that if you haven't got


recruitment department have failed in their duty.


We are more concerned than we were before Christmas.


Our goal has always been to retain our position


Would we be having this conversation now if we


haven't reached the dizzy heights of the top half of the table,


or would people have been satisfied that we


We still haven't identified an ideal sight but we have


identified three sites that have potential.


So, it's a very slow moving project but we're in talks


practically with the Council on a daily basis.


Eddie is our manager and he will continue to be our manager


We have an incredible relationship and you


will never get a person who is more level-headed.


He's more determined than ever ensure that this football


club retains its position at the very top level of football.


More of that interview on our Facebook page and on the BBC sport


website. Now for the last of our


features from Bermuda. Tony Husband has been three and half


thousand miles across the globe to visit the island that will stage


the America's Cup this summer. Sir Ben Ainslie's Land Rover BAR


will hope to become the first British team to win the trophy,


that was first contested Tonight Tony finds out how


the island is preparing and what conditions the sailors


will face. Bermuda is Britain's oldest colony


so it is fitting that Ben Ainslie is hoping to bring the Americas cup


home from these waters. Bermuda is 21.6 square miles. The population is


60 4000. Bermuda shorts borrowed from the British military. Though


neither was settled in 1609. It is the proverbial picture postcard


island. Britain's largest naval dockyard outside the UK was once


here. The America's Cup is big news for traders. It's is an absolute


need for Bermuda, a tremendous boost to our economic benefit and it's a


lot of fun. Memorabilia fills the rails across the stores in the


island. What today they think about the America's Cup? Just the


publicity alone is ideal for the island. On the one hand, I'm rooting


for Oracle because they've been here a while and are established in the


community. If they were to win the cup, they would stay which would be


good for the island. Generally, people are for BA are and Oracle on


the island. It is there that the boats competing for the America's


Cup will race off this summer. It forms a perfect the theatre. It's a


tricky place to sail. It's perfect for the flat water where we will be


racing but it is very landlocked so the wind is shifting. Thankfully,


I've got a bit of experience having sailed here a lot over the years but


we've got Giles Scott, our tactician on the boat who decides where we


will go on the course and you couldn't ask for anyone more


talented than Giles, having come out of Rio with a gold medal. Between


them, they have five gold medals. To have tactical racecourses brilliant


for our team. For the island of Bermuda, they are hoping that


staging the America's Cup is a major moment in history of their tourism


industry. The speed and lifestyle that comes with the America's Cup


ratings is right in our comfort zone for who we think we are going to be


going forward. Transport, infrastructure, everything you can


imagine, it's been a very delicate strategic project to get the balance


right. With the team Oracle being the home team, we will be cheering


loudest for them but the second team we are cheering for his Land Rover


BA are. We are partly British and we have a special place in the heart


for the British. Six Nations will begin qualifying here in May. Only


one will be left standing by the end of June. For this island in the


summer the number one aim is for everyone to have fun along the way.


One of the figureheads of British Sailing has announced


that he's to retire from his role later this year.


John Derbyshire OBE is to stand down as the Royal Yachting


Derbyshire's departure will follow that of Olympic


manager Stephen Park, who is also leaving this spring


A couple of things to deal with. Tony didn't get his legs out. Note


Bermuda shorts. And he didn't bring as anything back. Not even a bag of


sweets. I gave him a cold to go with so I didn't anything to come back.


We're just a few days away from Valentine's day -


and there's one couple who'll be spending February the 14th together,


that's despite the fact they haven't met yet!


We're talking about a pair of sharks.


Rodney the zebra shark is being transported


from his current home at the Blue Reef Aquarium


in Southsea to a larger tank in Cheshire but luckily Rodney


won't be lonely when he gets there The plan is to


For a shark it's not easy making friends, there's always the


temptation to eat them. Four Rodney it's even harder. He has no mate but


now love is in the air, or rather the water. This lovely lady is dotty


and hopefully for Rodney by nature as well as name. We are giving him


to an aquarium and we raised her as a little baby so it was always going


to be the case that they would meet. We have our fingers crossed that it


is going to be successful. This is Rodney as a baby, strikingly


different markings giving this PC is name of the zebra shark. He is


currently getting extra rations to give him energy for the journey


north. He will travel up to Cheshire on Monday, in time for Valentine's


Day on Tuesday. He is going to stay up in Cheshire, hopefully for many


happy years ahead. Hopefully for this pair of sharks, it will be love


at first bite. A lot of expectation there. Frightening. They should be


more laid-back. Too much pressure. Onto the weather. Wrap up warm is


the answer. You will need all the layers. This wind from the east is


going to make it feel bitterly cold. Let's look at your lovely weather


pictures. Shazz Hooper captured


the cloudy skies over the River Frome in Wareham Nick


Keown photographed the cloudy skies And Sarah Dawson took this picture


of starling murmuration at Studland. You can see all of our pictures on


the Facebook page. Tonight, we expect wintry flurries or even a


dusting of snow. More likely for Eastern counties. Elsewhere, mainly


dry, Frost can't be ruled out. In towns and cities temperatures will


fall to freezing. So, a cold and frosty start tomorrow. Wintry


showers will continue. With a strengthening east to north-easterly


wind, further showers will roll in from the North Sea. Temperatures


will reach a high of four Celsius but with wind chill it will feel a


lot colder. Wind coming in from the north-east staying with us through


tomorrow night and there will be further wintry showers. More


frequent during the early hours of Saturday morning. More likely


further east. Temperatures down to freezing and possibly -2 in the


countryside. Saturday is another cold day with that wind chill. Still


the risk of wintry showers brought in on this north-easterly wind.


Showers will drift westward with the strengthening wind. Limiting the


brightness for the next few days. Possibly one or two spells tomorrow


afternoon. For the next few days, some wintry showers at times and it


will feel colder. It will be stronger than recent days,


temperatures starting to climb with the start of next week. Temperatures


made next week to rise into double figures in some places. With high


pressure not far away it should stay mainly settled. I love the optimism.


It's still very cold. Spare a thought for the headteacher sleeping


in a tent behind his school. We will find out tomorrow why he is doing


it. That's it for tomorrow. This evening bulletins later.


OK, everyone, have you got your bamboo sticks?


If you just paint what you want to paint,


I've turned around, my painting washes away.


..and take on The Big Painting Challenge.


Remember, you're not painting a pond.


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