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In tonight's programme - a 16 year jail sentence for


a former Oxfordshire scout leader found guilty of child sex offences.


Also on the way: defying the odds - we meet the twin boys


from Kidlington who survived a rare health condition.


And join me in Banbury as I stepped into the world of virtual reality.


A former Oxfordshire scout leader's been jailed for 16 years -


after pleading guilty to child sex offences.


Gary Lane, who's 52, admitted two counts of raping


Gary Lane came to know these boys in 2013.


The court was told he groomed them with toys


He occasionally took them away on fishing trips.


And, sometimes, they even stayed at his house overnight.


But, it was between January, and also November 2015,


that he raped both boys and committed other multiple


They were aged just eight and ten at the time.


He was also a scoutmaster but it's important to emphasise that neither


After he was arrested and bailed, he fled to Scotland


He'd missed two court dates during that time before he pleaded


here at Oxfordshire Crown Court last month.


Now, the officer in charge of this case, who can't be identified


for operational reasons, gave me his reaction


These victims were cruelly robbed of a normal childhood


and even though the sentence could never repair the damage


caused by his heedless actions, I hope that the victims


and their families can now try to move forward with their lives,


knowing that this man is finally behind bars.


In victim impact videos played in court, both


of the boys said they were sad, upset, and angry about


A mother of one of the boys said that their lives had


In sentencing him to 16 years in prison, Judge Patrick Eccles QC


said there was something with Gary Lane's sexual thinking


but he'd shown no remorse for his crimes.


A teenager from Aylesbury's appeared in court,


charged with murdering his own brother.


Brandon Lavender, who's 18, is accused of fatally stabbing


Brandon Lavender didn't enter a plea.


Police have named a man who died when his car was hit by a train


on a level crossing in the Cotswolds.


who was 60, was in his landrover with two dogs when the vehicle


was struck by a train in Frampton Mansell


The incident's prompted calls from residents about the safety


Network Rail say the number of deaths at level crossings


A thief's been caught on camera at a children's


farm in Oxfordshire - stealing ?3,000 worth of power tools.


The break-in happened at Fairytale Farm in Chipping Norton,


in the early hour of Wednesday morning - and was caught on CCTV.


Angle grinders, drills and other power tools


The farm was designed with disabled children in mind and relies


Next tonight - the Oxfordshire parents who were told


their twin boys only had a 50% chance of survival.


Charlie and Hayley Lampshire from Kidlington


say they're relieved their boys overcame


risky health complications - after sharing one amniotic sac.


Serena Martin has been to meet the family.


In the Lampshire household there's two of everything -


two toy monkeys, two sets of shoes and two identical baby boys.


But due to a risky pregnancy there was a chance both wouldn't make it.


We went from shock to utter joy, finding out we were going to have


two and then finding out we were going to the twins like this, it was


hard. "Mo Mo" or monoamniotic twins


are incredibly rare. They share the same amniotic sack


so there's a high risk of them strangling each other


with their umbilical cord. There was nothing we could do and if


anything had gone wrong, we necessarily know until we went for a


scan. Not knowing was the hardest thing. They are quite tightly packed


in the same sack. They were always touching. They looked like they were


cuddled up together. They have always been very close, right from


the beginning. Rowan and Blake


defied the odds to be born healthy. And their parents hope their story


will bring a glimmer They are much happier when they are


together. Even when lying on their play mat, they search each other out


and smile at each other. Growing up, we know they are going to be the


closest they can be. It's just fantastic.


A new type of prosthetic knee - which doesn't need


expensive electronics - has been developed in Oxfordshire.


The Very Good Knee enables amputees to easily walk up


The developers - who are based at the Culham Science Centre -


say they're frustrated that the NHS isn't using them -


Michael lost his leg in a mining accident when he was just 25.


He's had many prosthetics - but last year he had


a pin inserted into his thigh bone to attach his new prosthetic leg to.


He's one of the first people to try the Very Good Knee.


It's the best I've ever had, it's a total life changer.


The VGK is the only modern knee joint not


controlled electronically - it uses a technology


developed by engineers at the Culham Science Centre -


"fluidics" which uses the body's own motion.


The knee joint in itself is free to move that is for the swing phase


when you walk and swing the leg through but when you put your weight


down on the leg it stiffens up and give you full support.


The absence of electronics means the leg is light


and has a high centre of gravity - particularly useful for amputees


I don't have to think what the soil is.


George had his leg amputated in 2015,


He used to be afraid to leave the house.


Just the whole confidence of knowing that if I do


stumble, it automatically goes into stumble recovery mode and I can


recover myself without ending up on the floor.


On the other leg, I used to fall over at least once a week.


George is back riding his motorbike and walking his dogs.


An independent study in Germany found that the Very Good Knee


offers equal functionality to the electronic versions -


Our knee joint should be made available through the NHS


because they do deliver the function and performance that people need.


At less than half the price of electronic knees,


Orthomobility are hoping the NHS will take up its invention,


enabling more amputees to get back on their feet.


Schoolchildren in Banbury have been given the chance to get hands-on


The high tech kit is now a permanent feature at the space studio -


It was officially launched by the town's MP, Victoria Prentis.


Jeremy Stern has been finding out more.


This is a VR headset and it's connected to this computer


From a classroom to a make-believe castle.


Just about anything's possible with virtual reality.


The barbarian hoardes, or the Vikings, are coming


to get me and I have to defend the castle and shoot them with my


There's now a virtual reality room


at the Space Studio Academy, in Banbury.


The pupils don't just play the games they create them.


It's definitely like a more futuristic approach to life.


Something that I wouldn't consider backing my secondary school but now


I'm doing it, it's something I know that I really enjoy.


Which will be, like, all the supports, all the stairs, even


the floors, even the mesh on the floors.


Until you actually start doing it, you learn so much and it's


Today the local MP officially launched the suite.


Like everyone else, Victoria Prentis enjoyed visiting the virtual world,


but there's more to the experience than having fun.


I've just been talking to the head about how they


can use it for history, how they can use it for drama, how they can use


it for all sorts of scientific exploration and it's also great that


the children in the space studio who are into this sort of


development and programming can use their skills to help


Critics of virtual reality say it's a gimmick,


Staff at the academy say their new suite is here to stay.


A company in west Oxfordshire has successfully re-produced bones


from one of the biggest marine reptiles of the Jurassic era,


Half of the 1.7 metre skull of a plaieosaur was printed


The company, based in Eynsham, used a CT scanner to map


the complex skull fragments, discovered in Wiltshire.


The 3D printers have produced hundreds of replica artefacts


for places like the British Museum and the Ashmolean museum in Oxford.


Police in Bicester have released a warning to motorists -


after this driver managed to end up in a stream at Bicester village.


Using the hashtag "soggy feet" on their Twitter page,


the roads policing unit pointed out "When parking, please pay attention


Sally Taylor is next with the rest of today's stories.


I think it is mad but brilliant. There is no outside so it is a


really great thing to do. Really admirable.


16 years since it first opened to the public,


Southampton's main West Quay shopping centre is now complete.


Restaurants, a cinema and a bowling alley have been added


It cost ?85 million and is being heralded


as an example of the strength of the city's economic revival.


But is it the type of growth the city needs?


Here's our business correspondent, Alastair Fee.


For years, Southampton was on catch up, a trend to it, shop and be


entertained began long ago but now, West Quay, you can do all. We appeal


right along the south coast. We can now compete with anything, whether


it be shopping or leisure in the catchment. To complement the


shopping centre, visitors have more than 20 new places to eat, is an


complete the package. This will undoubtedly improve Southampton's


retail and leisure appeal. That is good for quality-of-life and


consumers spending but critics question whether this will bring


sustainable long-term economic growth. If you just rely on retail,


then you are not heading down a road of long-term sustained high value


growth because that's not what retailers about. It is a perfectly


respectable industry sector but not the sort of thing that we could be


doing and other cities in the south are doing. The City Council has


seven large development projects worth ?3 billion of investment


opportunities. It says Harper that has been achieved already. A report


on urban economic well-being by business advice is ranked


Southampton third in England because growth. But another report ranked


Southampton is the low-wage, low welfare city and on several other


economic measures lags behind Portsmouth. We're trying to make the


most of what we have got and trying to make Southampton a place where


people want to come and visit and do business in, so people will post the


company in a place for the employers want to live and spent time in. The


fan that it was aimed at drawing in the crowds who would've travelled


along the coast of the same experience. The city will need to


look beyond is consumer spending if it is the really light up its


long-term future. Imagine putting up with white


noise all day, every day. That's what life is like for one


in ten adults who endures tinnitus. Campaign groups who represent


sufferers say many get a raw deal from their GPs,


who often know little about it. Joe Campbell has met one teenager


who is facing up to it. You mentioned you were


having a ringing sound... Dean Fisher first began to be


troubled by a constant ringing If you see an action film, an


explosion or bomb just goes off, and then, the camera focuses on one


person and they cannot see a thing or they cannot hear anything apart


from ringing. That is what I feel like. All I can hear is just this


whining in my ears. Tinnitus is not a condition


in itself but a symptom resulting from a range of things,


from ear infections through stress If you have hearing loss, your brain


tries to fill in the gaps. The brain has to turn up again and becomes


much more sensitive. It is very common that you would hear something


that is a in the year went inner is struggling to hear. This is a


waterfall, a waterfall, a bit more like white noise.


Experts here at the Royal Berkshire can help with a range of therapies,


from relaxation to devices that help mask the noise.


But groups representing sufferers say that many feel let down


by their first point of contact with the Health Service.


They say GPs are often dismissive while unsympathetic.


Awareness amongst GPs about tinnitus can be quite low.


They may not know what to do when people reporting the test.


They might not take it seriously and people are not often, therefore,


But the need for proper medical help remains vital.


You have been on the golf course today? I have, I met very talented


juniors. We will start with football, though.


The Reading boss, Jaap Stam, has picked up the Championship Manager


Stam says it's a team effort although it is good to be recognised


Reading managed four wins in January, two


at home and two away, including their match


against Bristol City, where they came from two down


in the first half to clinch a 3-2 victory.


A run of three wins at the end of the month helped catapult


It was nice to win something on a personal note as well but I have not


done by myself. I have got great staff with me who have helped me out


and I've done a lot of work to make the team better, to get results. It


is good I get a trophy but it is not only for me but for my team members.


Well, Reading are now four games unbeaten as they head


into their match tomorrow against ninth-placed Barnsley,


who are the visitors at the Madjeski Stadium.


Things are tight at the top of the play-off places so the Royals


will be looking to consolidate that third place.


Meanwhile, Brighton, currently second and just a point


behind leaders Newcastle, are also at home and in with a good


chance of grabbing points as they host struggling


In the Premier League, a long trip north for Southampton.


It's their last game before the League Cup final


Saints have only managed one league win in 2017.


They face a bottom-placed Sunderland, fighting


Bournemouth play Man City on Monday night.


In League 1, Swindon are the visitors at Bury


while Oxford and the MK Dons go head-to-head.


And in League 2, Portsmouth host Accrington Stanley.


For many youngsters, next week is half term and junior


golfers from Romsey Golf Club will be spending it


But there'll be no relaxing because they're out to win


They're one of three teams representing England


in the Home Nations Final, which is being held


I caught up with them this afternoon.


Like a tea shop, Ramsey golf club's Junior team is flying high and


tomorrow the flying off Portugal. You cannot get much higher than


that. England is the next level. Top of the top. The England call-up came


after months of tough competition, qualifying from the local league,


winning regional finals at the top three place in the national finals.


We came up against very good teams who pushed us as us as far as they


could. We have managed to do it so it feels so much better than winning


a few easy games. Like a hole in one, it is left them feeling on top


of the world. It is pretty much a dream country. I have just wanted to


represent England my whole life. It means everything. We have worked


really hard as a team and it is my biggest achievement so I am very


proud. And they are definitely in it to win it. At the end of the day, we


have got to remember we are still trying to win, we're going there for


a reason, so just want to win, but... Like a bunker shot, they know


it will not be easy. They are up against the best from elsewhere in


England, Scotland and Wales. We will just have to see how it goes. The


young players aged 16 to 18 and with experience in the game ranging from


two to 12 years now the pressure will be on but I hope the tight-knit


team spirit will get them through. We have done very well and to go out


there and beat the other teams would be such an achievement for such a


small club like us. And beat the other teams would be such an


achievement for such a small club like us. Unlike that perfect tricky


putt, they are hoping to nail it. -- and the like.


The Vendee Globe sailing hero Alex Thomson returns


Celebrations are planned to welcome the ocean racer home


after his second place finish in the race known as the world's


Alex Thomson on board his racing yacht completed a single-handed


non-stop circumnavigation of the globe in 74 days,


Tomorrow, you'll be able to see Alex in person and this


At 10:15am, a parade of sail or flotilla will start out


at Spitbank Fort in the Solent, heading into Portsmouth Harbour.


You'll be able to view it from waterfront locations


in and around Portsmouth and Gosport - so Southsea's round


tower, Gunwharf Quays, the Gosport waterfront.


At 11am, Alex will bring his boat, Hugo Boss, alongside


You'll be able to see all of this from Falklands Gardens in Gosport,


where a civic reception will be held at 11:20am.


After the formalities are over, Alex will be meeting members


The weather forecast in a moment but you'll already know it's not


the sort of night to be out in the open unless you have to be.


So respect is due to Andrew Fisher, who is spending ten nights in a tent


in woods near Farnham to raise money for charity.


It's not just the cold he has to contend with because Andrew


is also continuing to hold down his day job as the head teacher


So it's a quick wash in a bucket before heading off


Let's join our reporter, Chrissy Sturt.


I know you envy me, really. This very cold, very dark wood in Surrey.


Why would you want to sleep in that tent at this time of year? Let's


meet the man doing just that, the head of French heights. This is all


do with raising money for a school in Malawi you are closely linked to?


I am trying to raise enough money as I can for our partner school and


inspire my own students to question the quality-of-life they take for


granted. You hope this code to achieve? We look to buy desks,


stationery, textbooks, contribute to building a house for the headteacher


and give them support and friendship as well as teacher training and


other equipment. Let's polls there in here from two of your students


about what they make of this challenge. I think it is such a good


idea because it is such an active way of helping raise money for them,


it will make such a big difference. Amazing. I think it is mad but


brilliant. It is snowing outside so it is really brave thing do. What is


your life actually life they debate the moment? I have tried to strip it


back to reflect the life of the phone teachers I consider friends in


Malawi. I am carrying my food and water in, cooking over an open fire


and live as basic life as I can as well as continuing to work


effectively is a headteacher. It has been pretty gruelling, it has been


bitterly cold. Monday night, when it rained for four hours, was very


difficult, looks like it will snow tonight, but the point of a


challenge is that it is hard and that has inspired my students to


think carefully about the things we take for granted. And what have you


learned from this? It is easy to get tired, cooking over a fire takes a


long time, and there is still peace and quiet that you can find in the


world, even on a cold winter's night. We wish you well with your


challenge. The weather forecast is up next, spare a thought for Andrew


when you listen to that forecast and those temperatures.


Give him an extra blanket, give them your cold! We have had some snow


today in some places. Red Watch at Rushmoor Fire Station


took this video of the light snow You may think it's chilly


here in the south but, because of the colder temperatures,


along the east coast of the UK and in Europe, Dorset has seen


some unusual visitors. Waxwings were spotted in a car


park off Ringwood Road in Poole by Ian Ballam,


and it's caused excitement Through the course of the night, we


are expecting a good deal of cloud, very cold indeed, and maybe some


snow showers. It may give a dusting of snow in places first thing


tomorrow morning. Where we do have clearing skies, the chance of frost


in the countryside. A cold night with temperatures falling to


freezing but down to minus one Celsius in the countryside. Quite a


lot of cloud about tomorrow, very similar to the day, we will have


that cold north-easterly wind, and the continuing snow flurries joined


the cause of the day. Dry through the afternoon but the showers may


well fall as rain rather than snow. Temperatures reach a high of 3-4 C.


To the cause of the afternoon, we will hold onto that cloud cover and


that bitterly cold wind. Tomorrow evening, the temperatures will fall


away in the risk of snow showers. Temperatures will fall away the one


or two Celsius in towns and cities and down to freezing in the


countryside. The potential for snow showers first thing on Sunday


morning but an improving picture in terms of the snow showers. But we


still hold onto that cloud cover and back road east to north-easterly


wind. With the cloud, it will feel bitterly cold. Sunday, temperatures


will reach a high of five or six Celsius but feel more like two or


three Celsius without wind chill. It stays cold in the next week. But we


will start to see milder temperatures arrive into the middle


part of next week. A good deal of cloud over this weekend, limited


brightness, and a strengthening wind on Sunday, that wind will be very


raw indeed. But the sunshine makes a return on Monday and Tuesday into


next week, now in the way of dry conditions and less in the wake of


showers, so fairly settled with high pressure not far away. Chilling,


very chilling. Whatever you are doing this weekend, have a great


one. We will be back on Monday. Enjoy yourselves.


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