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In tonight's programme: a big setback for the


owner of a children's farm in Oxfordshire


after thousands of pounds of power tools are stolen.


Also on the way: a court's been hearing how sewage


systems, owned by Thames Water, led to serious problems


And later on: a tasty job opportunity in Reading


as thousands of people apply for a job trying chocolate


He says it's caused a big setback, not just financially,


but for the families who use the site.


The owner of a children's farm in Oxfordshire has been


expressing his anger after thousands of pounds worth of power tools


The theft at Fairy Tale Farm in Chipping Norton was caught on CCTV.


Rural crime is something Thames Valley Police says it does


it cost the region three quarters of a million pounds in 2015.


It's the early hours of the morning and a thief is seen on CCTV carrying


away loot after breaking into a farm for disabled children.


He broke into this building here, he forced the door open and now,


He broke in there and he stole all of our power tools.


That was drills, jig saws, circular saws,


lots of other attachments and fixtures and fittings.


The farm reopened this weekend after it's winter break but,


because they've lost their tools, work that should have been


It's expensive, the tools are expensive and going to be


We'll have to replace them over time.


It's almost setting us back to when we first started.


We didn't have all these tools, we had to build them up.


We do most of the work at Fairytale Farm ourselves.


We don't have the funds to bring in lots of contractors.


To not have these tools has just made our life really difficult.


Rural crime in this area is a big issue.


Latest figures from NFU Mutual show that while it


went down in the south-east, it actually rose in Oxfordshire by 16%.


Until about ten years ago, farms were pretty safe from crime.


Unfortunately, they're now pretty much hot targets for thieves


because they've got expensive items, like welders and chainsaws,


that thieves can pick up and sell on for a profit.


Thames Valley Police has started a month-long campaign to crack


It's been holding property-marking sessions and online chats


Fairytale Farm says the response to the break in has been amazing,


with a number of strangers offering to donate tools.


It wishes now to move on from what's happened as quickly as possible.


A man's in a serious condition in hospital


Police were called to Windmill Road in Headington just


A man in his thirties suffered serious injuries.


A 27-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.


It's believed the suspect and the victim are known to each other.


Next tonight, Thames Water has denied acting recklessly in failing


to control sewage spills in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.


But the company has admitted breaching a number of environmental


Aylesbury Crown Court has heard billions of pounds


is now being invested in upgrading equipment.


Today we heard more details about how stretches of the Thames


in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire came to be so polluted


And we heard from the company, Thames Water, that's responsible


in what it's doing to make sure that what happened doesn't happen again.


Now, the company breached pollution laws in four sewage


treatment works in Aylesbury, Didcot, in Henley and Little


Marlow and at a pumping station in Littlemore.


Thames Water said it accepts responsibility for damage


done to the environment, but QC Richard Matthews told


the court it was negligence rather than recklessness


It's investing ?4 billion in upgrading equipment.


There have also been changes to the structure of the company


at the top and the QC argued that Thames Water kept a high standard.


Judge Sheridan said the company did not live up to that


standard or anywhere near it in 2013 and 2014.


Thames Water is bracing itself for a hefty fine


and the question was raised in court who would pay for it?


Judge Sheridan said that it shouldn't be the customers


and that the company should be punished.


Mr Matthews promised that customers wouldn't feel


Thames Water will be sentenced on March 24th.


More than 7,000 BMW workers - including those at the Mini plants


in Oxford and Swindon - are threatening industrial action


over plans to close the final salary pension scheme.


The carmaker, which made record pre-tax profits


of more than seven and half billion pounds two years ago,


BMW has previously said the pension schemes are "increasingly


It's agreed to hold talks with the union later this month.


A professional footballer, on loan to Swindon Town,


has gone on trial charged with causing a man


Rohan Ince is accused of deliberately hitting bouncer


Gregor Jurcic with a bottle near the Attic nightclub


in Windsor in the early hours of Christmas Day in 2015.


In court today, the security guards recalled the attack and spoke


Bullying, harassment and abuse by patients affects around


a quarter of staff working at Oxfordshire's main hospitals.


results of a staff survey, at Oxford University Hospitals


It also found that almost 20% of staff there,


say they've been on the receiving end of bullying by colleagues.


The NHS Trust says it aims to empower staff who experience


or witness unacceptable behaviour in the workplace, to


More than 1500 staff and students have moved out of one


of the Oxford University buildings because of asbestos.


It was discovered at the Tinbergen building


The University says it doesn't believe there is, or has been,


But the site has now been shut while removal work is carried out.


Asbestos was first discovered there during a survey last year.


The building is expected to be closed for around two years.


We've been doing some building work on the back of the building


and as we've been doing that building work, we've been


discovering some extra pieces of asbestos that are not contained.


As we've found them, we've encapsulated them or removed them,


but as the process has gone forward, we've discovered that there's


so much of that to do, we can't safely do it,


at least not conveniently, with people still in the building.


This year, it's 50 years since homosexuality became


To mark that and LGBT history month, all the museums and collections


in Oxford have created a special trail to celebrate it.


What kind of things will you see in the trail?


Well, earlier I was joined in the studio by Beth Asbury,


the main organiser of the trail and Clara Barker from the LGBTQ


I went to a lecture in LGBT history month in February last year


by Professor Richard Parkinson and he called for more explicit


rather than implicit representation of LGBT+ people


And the project itself, it's called Out In Oxford,


How did you go about finding the items?


I contacted members of staff and curators from the museums


and collections around the university and encouraged them


to suggest items for inclusion and then I held a workshop in August


with volunteers from amongst the LGBTQ+ community and allies


were invited to discuss the object and think about which ones they'd


The interpretations in the trail booklet are all written by LGBTQ+


It's really introducing accecssibility and multi-vocality


into the museum collections, which is a really important


And, Clare, you're heavily involved in this and you've written


Which ones have captured you the most?


There was a lot of different examples of non-binary


This is sequentially hermaphroditic, which means it changes from male


It means that we're thinking abou the world in a slightly different


way than maybe we're used to when we're talking about humans.


Was there anything like this at all when you were growing up?


I'm a scientist as well and I've met very, very few out LGBT scientists


So I think this is a really important step, that we just need


more visibility and to know that we're not so different.


And, Beth, what's the feedback been like from people who've been


to the launch party and people who are hoping to visit this trail?


We had about 450 people at the launch party on Saturday


and we've got a series of other events throughout LGBT


history month, February, in the Pitt Rivers Museum


And everyone had fantastic big smiles on their faces on Saturday


and had a really good time, I think, so I'm hoping this will be the start


of something really, really positive in the future


Beth, Clara, thank you so much for coming in to see us.


Thank you. Thank you.


Now more of today's stories with Sally Taylor.


The lights on, the TV cameras have a right. Can must halt their slide


down the Premier League? We will have a preview shortly. -- can


Bournemouth. And it seems that name might be more


apt today than it's ever been. Because a so called "Dad's Navy"


of former sailors is being sought to fill key posts on Portsmouth's


new aircraft carriers and other ships because of a shortage


of skilled personnel. With its ships, submarines and


aircraft, the Royal Navy needs a lot But it has been facing a skills


shortage and to plug the gap, some people over the age of 60


could be allowed to serve. Here in Portsmouth,


the home of the Royal Navy, people I spoke to today said


they don't think that's a problem. I think it is sad


that they haven't got the people that are coming


the bottom as engineers to do it but obviously the experience


All those old seaman who are drifting


around at the moment doing nothing, they could be back on warships doing


If they were trained appropriately, they knew what


They've got skills and experience, yeah.


The latest figures show the Royal Navy


and the Royal Marines have a manning deficit of 2.2%.


An advertising campaign was launched last September to try


The Navy is offering trained ex-regulars


It says there will be opportunities to


serve on the new Queen Elizabeth aircraft carriers and


One former naval officer says it's not just the Armed Forces


who are having a problem recruiting engineers.


There is a national shortage of engineers in this


country so the Navy is fishing in quite a small pond to get


It takes a long time to recruit and train people and the


Navy seems to be putting a lot of effort, quite


rightly in my opinion, into retaining people in the Navy of


-- or getting back people who left a year or two ago.


Today, the Navy said in a statement, the upper age for


service is normally 60 but if there is a service requirement or


specialised skills, age waivers may be given on a case-by-case basis.


And with the imminent arrival of the first


of the new aircraft carriers, the Navy's engineers face a very


Hepatitis C patients could be putting themselves at risk buying


drugs online from South Asia because they're being denied


Fewer than 5% of people with the condition in the south


will receive the new more effective treatment in this financial year.


The Hepatitis C Trust unsuccessfully challenged the rationing and says


patients are turning to the internet because NHS England's policy


of treating the sickest patients first means they don't know how long


It's a drug with a cure rate of around 95% and the Hepatitis C Trust


says it could eliminate the disease as a serious public health concern.


But the number of people allowed to have it through the NHS is limited.


Others, like Jaci Fleming, are buying it much more cheaply from


I have paid ?1100 to have the whole three course,


three-month course after years and years of gradual decline when even


to do it privately here, I would have to get a mortgage.


Harvoni, daklinza, viekirax and exviera are


treatments for hepatitis C that were by the NHS in November 2015.


They're considered better than other treatments because they have a


significant high cure rate without the chemotherapy-like side-effects


but they are also much more expensive.


As a result, NHS England has limited their use.


In the Wessex area, 327 of the 6848 patients will


If trusts treat more patients, they face financial penalties.


But buying drugs online could expose patients


People could put themselves in danger and certainly


could put themselves at risk of not getting cured when they could be


NHS England says it is spending an extra


?200 million a year on these new drugs and


it's reduced the number of people dying from


NHS England says the numbers being treated will increase


each year and that it hopes that as the costs of the drugs come


down, it will be able to further expand those numbers.


In the meantime, patients such as Jaci have


Under sport now. Lewis is live at the stadium tonight where


Bournemouth are taking on Manchester city. I suspect fans are expecting a


great game, a cracking game in fact. That is right. When Bournemouth came


to the Premier League, these were the night that the band had been


waiting for. The floodlights are on, the sky TV cameras. Tonight is about


whether Bournemouth can halt their slide down the Premier League, the


form has not been great, without a win this year. Six points above the


relegation zone. Chris has been following bomb this season. Has the


performance in as bad as the results suggest? It is yes and no.


Defensively yes they have been bad. Everton last time out, they have


been ravaged by injuries and suspension but has been a problem.


They have been at the length of Provence is by showing us what


Bournemouth is capable. Actually, they haven't managed to raise their


game against the big teams here and that will keep them in good stead


this evening. -- they have managed. Any indication for this evening? 15


minutes away from getting the official teams, hopefully some good


news as far as the defence of the consent. The racks of Charlie


Daniels and Adam Smith, it looks like they are going to be fit this


evening. That will be abused as well. Captain Simon Francis looks


fit as well. Reverting to some of the former season. Full commentary


on the radio. Bring a scarf, it is cold. Hopefully get the Manchester


city coach arriving shortly. Southampton had a confidence


boosting win ahead of their trip Saints who had lost six


of the previous seven in the league, now head into a two week break


on the back of a 4-0 January signing Manolo Gabbiadini


scored his second and third goals for the club to put


Saints in control. A late own goal and Shane Long's


fifth goal of the season earned Claude Puel's side their first


points on the road this year. They're the right results


for us, you know? We haven't been playing badly


but we haven't been taking opportunities when they come


and sloppy goals and, you know, it all adds up but we


know our ability in the squad. We know that we are


better than what we are showing on the table


at the moment so nice to get another thing under our belts and hopefully


kick on from here. Meanwhile, Brighton continue to go


from strength to strength at the top And that's where we start our


round up of the rest Manager Chris Hughton


says just missing out on promotion last season,


is motivating his side Goals from Tomor Hemed


certainly help. Sam Baldock tapped home from close


range to make it two. And after more good


play from Solly March, Michael Kightly's free-kick


briefly gave Burton hope before Glenn Murray's header sealed


Brighton's sixth successive home league win, another step


towards the Premier League taken. Reading had plenty of the ball,


but couldn't find a way past A combination of wayward shooting


and a goalkeeper in form the reason. Swindon were dragged


into the League One relegation zone after defeat at fellow strugglers


Bury. James Vaughan's 37th-minute


penalty the difference after Raphael Rossi-Branco


was judged to have fouled. Oxford left it late but made


it five wins in a row thanks to substitute


Kane Hemming's glanced header. The U's could've made it two


in injury time But were thwarted not once,


not twice but three times Portsmouth defender Matt Clarke


hasn't scored for over a year, but he took just two minutes


to give his side the lead Substitute Kal Naismith sealed


the victory in added time, slotting home after being sent clear


by Noel Hunt. Pompey back to winning


ways in League Two. Good wins there. The man city coach


has just arrived here at the stadium. ?300 million of talent


getting. The fans out there. Let's do a round-up.


Onto ice hockey and four goals from Vanya Antonov helped


Basingstoke Bison to victory over Hull on Saturday.


Vanya both opened and closed the scoring in a 7-1 win, a match


which saw forward Ciaran Long become the club's record


Bison lost the reverse fixture 3-2 on Sunday.


After finishing second in the Vendee Globe round the world


yacht race last month, Gosport's Alex Thomson has announced


he's going to try again in four years' time!


Thousands of people braved the weather to welcome Thomson home


Despite sailing for much of this year's race with a damaged boat,


he broke several speed records along the way and now hopes to go one


Good luck to Alex. I'm sure we are going to follow his journey.


Manchester City had just arrived. Bournemouth will put on a


performance when the big boys roll into town, hopefully this time as


well. Thank you.


Time for the weather. Alexis is here. It was bitterly cold over the


weekend. We go into double figures in temperatures.


Natasha Weyers took this picture of the sunrise at Southampton Docks.


Cathy Anning photographed a seal after catching a fish


And Richard Welch took this picture on a walk in Petersfield.


Beautiful blue skies overhead. Last week, temperatures struggled to


raise to a high of just for starters. Into double figures today,


13 filters. Some brightness this week. Some patchy light rain at


times and a good deal of cloud as well through the course of the week.


Overnight tonight, eight few clear spells that may allow temperatures


full freezing or just below. These of values in our towns and cities.


The wind will ease by dawn tomorrow. There will be some brightness


berthing tomorrow. It will be fleeting because the cloud will


start to increase from the self and we will see some outbreaks of mainly


like an patchy rain. Not amounting to too much. A lot of cloud as well.


Nine to 11 Celsius beehive. The wind will be fairly light. Tomorrow


night, clear spells are possible. During the early hours of Wednesday


morning, temperatures start to rise. It will be a mild start Wednesday


with losers six to eight Celsius. When state itself, a lot of cloud.


-- when states. The winds are gradually changing direction from


that south-easterly airflow to start date a more south-westerly airflow.


Driving in milder air. Through Wednesday, we are looking at Heise


to ten of 11 Celsius. Thursday, high pressure starts to build an even


further. A lot of cloud around on Thursday that there will be some


brighter and sunny spells and it should stay mainly dry as well.


Friday, very similar to that state. A mild day, ten to 11 Celsius. A lot


of cloud but some breaks in the cloud cover. The wind is fairly


light. As we look ahead to the weekend, mainly dry, high


dominating, the night will be chilly and it will be milder by day.


Temperatures remaining in double figures. Right, the subject.


It may not have escaped your notice that tomorrow is Valentine's Day.


So here's a subject which is close to many of our hearts.


Because, believe it or not, a company in Berkshire is looking


for someone to take on the onerous task of testing their tasty chocs.


We sent along our own "little sweetie", Ben Moore, to apply.


One of the world's biggest chocolate makers


really does want a new taster and it really could be you.


There's no real requirements that you can have for the


job, you know, you can't train for it.


It's basically what is in your mouth, it's the taste buds


Mondelez owns brands like Cadbury and Oreo so this is the big one.


But getting this sweet job won't be a piece of cake.


It was advertised on social media so there


We are not looking to see whether they like the sample, we want them


to taste it and basically say what they see or say what they taste from


the product. It entails a fair bit of training. You would not think so


that you need training to eat chocolate.


Through the tasting hatch, there's a change of mood.


I can assure you it isn't seedy, we use a red light so when


the candidate is assessing the samples, it masks all of the colour


This is where the lucky applicant will be


confined with chocolate for seven and a half hours a week.


So I'm ready to taste my first chocolate samples.


I open the hatch, there we are, three samples.


Now, this one is the control sample, I try this first and


then I have got to decide which of these two it tastes most


like and all the while, writing down what I


think about all the flavours of the chocolate.


Once I've done that, I eat a cracker,


This'll be the test they the short listed candidates over three days.


At the end, there will be left. -- there will be one left.


Yes, you have shown that you can discriminate but


sadly you've not quite made the grade to go onto one


There was no sweet talking my way round it.


But I suppose for times like these, there's


So we weren't going to let Ben have all the fun


We have to try the chocolate in each of these three pots and decide


Slow down. Which is the odd one out? This as number 646. How many


chocolates are there? I have got the answers. I think this is the odd one


out. Probably not great with the cold because I don't think I can


taste as well. I could just keep eating chocolate. Which one? 646.


You'd think that is the different one? 272. I think we should carry on


eating chocolate. Never mind working out which is the odd one out.


Goodbye for now. Good night.


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