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Hello and welcome to South Today. so it's goodbye from me,


In tonight's programme, two years since a major crash


on the M40 in Oxfordshire, there are calls to install


Also on the way, investigations are continuing into the death


of a ten-year-old boy at the Oracle shopping centre in Reading.


The Berkshire man hoping to be awarded Ice Cream Man Of The Year.


There are growing calls to install a fog sensor


on the M40 in Oxfordshire, two years on since a major crash.


One man died and more than 60 people were injured in the mass pile up.


The crash, involving more than 30 vehicles,


happened between junctions nine and ten near Bicester.


It closed the northbound carriageway for more than eight hours.


Road safety groups say a fog sensor is long overdue.


Highways England insists it will install one,


Thick fog had descended on the M40 near Western on the Green.


With just seconds to react, drivers piled into each other,


A 65-year-old man died, 61 people were hurt,


At the inquest, the coroner made recommendations that a fog


detector should be installed along the stretch.


Two years on, there's still no warning system in place.


The evidence suggests that when you put fog sensors in place and you


notify drivers of the risk of fog, they do reduce their speed and


that's the issue with driving in fog. Many drivers are not aware


their speed is too high because their visual cues are taken away


from them. That is when we get the pile-ups.


It's not the first time the lack of warning of foggy conditions has


This crash on the M5 in Somerset in 2011 claimed


the lives of seven people, dozens were injured.


Again the coroner called for fog sensors close


to where the accident happened, but five years later


There are a handful of fog detectors on motorways around England.


They alert Regional Control Centres so that overhead signs can be


Highways England turned down our request for an interview


but, in a statement, it said it's committed to installing


a fog sensor on the M40 at Junction nine but as yet


It has said it's hopeful of making an announcement in the coming weeks.


A short time ago I spoke to Edmund King from the AA


and asked him if he was worried about the length of time it's taking


Well, I think the good news is that Highways England have now committed


But the bad news is it's taken almost two years.


And we know that this is a notorious hotspot on the M40 where there have


Fog of course is difficult to manage.


Do you think the sensors would make that much of a difference?


Well, the difference with these sensors is that they actually warn


drivers of the fog ahead before there is an incident,


whereas the current technology, with the overhead gantries


and the detection systems, normally only just warn after an incident.


And on this particular stretch of motorway, there is a dip,


and many drivers told us that last time they were involved


in the crash, they didn't see the fog until the last minute.


So I think a warning system, as long as it's heeded by drivers,


Do most motorways at the moment have these fog sensors in place already?


The majority of motorways don't have fog sensors but they do have


And they do have overhead gantries that can of fog.


But I think on this stretch of the M40, and there


are a couple of other stretches, the M4 near Hungerford


is particularly prone to fog, I think that, actually,


having the fog detection systems could prevent accidents and, indeed,


So it is good news that Highways Agency have committed.


It's just a bit of a shame it's taken so long.


And most of us know we should be slowing down in foggy conditions


Is there any other advice you can give us?


Yeah, I think ultimately the onus should be on the driver.


You can't always rely on warning signs.


When it is foggy and when you're driving close to rivers,


if there's a dip in the road, it's always best to slow down.


And if there is fog around, to have your fog lights on.


But, equally, to remember to turn off your fog lights


after the incident because they can dazzle other drivers.


There's been an explosion in the Osney Mead area of Oxford.


Police say it happened just before five o'clock this evening,


A number of people have been injured and are currently being treated


A number of nearby roads have been closed off.


People are being advised to avoid the area.


Police have started a murder investigation


Officers were called to reports of a stabbing on Windmill Road


A man in his 30s was taken to hospital, where he later died.


A 27-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder.


Police believe this was an isolated incident.


Police have released CCTV footage of an armed robbery in Oxfordshire.


A man demanded money from staff at the Fraser's Budgens store


It happened at about 11 o'clock last night.


The man left the scene on foot carrying the cash.


Police are trying to work out if the firearm was


Investigators have spent the day at the Reading branch of Top Shop,


following the death of a ten-year-old boy.


He suffered serious head injuries in what police


have called "an incident involving store furniture."


The death is being treated as unexplained but not suspicious.


He's been named locally as Kaden Reddick.


The boy was on the first day of his holidays. One relative said he made


me laugh and smile. Inside staff and police officers


have been on-site working It was yesterday afternoon


the police and ambulances were called to the centre


after reports of a ten-year-old The police now say the incident


involved what they call It's not entirely clear


what the police mean But the boy was taken to hospital


with serious head injuries. Officers say they are supporting


the family at what they call this Other shoppers at the centre today


spoke of their sadness. I just feel for his


family, I really do. Very, very sad for the


mother and the parents. I feel quite bad for


the parents because... Because my daughter's eight,


so I think it would be In a statement tonight,


Top Shop said: Taking place in a shop,


inside a mall, One that's touched people here,


as the boy's family come Legal action may be taken to try


and stop a rise in illegal fly-tipping near a travellers'


site in Oxford. A huge pile of rubbish,


made up of wood and household items, Oxfordshire County Council says it's


aware of the problem and is working with police to see what legal action


can be taken. But people living nearby


say the council isn't It's just not nice walking around. I


wish I could walk somewhere else but I can't. I have to walk past that


area. And I can see why I should have to look at that every day. I've


been in the area for 15 months now. And its ever since I've been here


there's always been rubbish lying around there. And people just


chucking it, tipping it over. The biggest council tax rise


in Oxfordshire for 13 years has been Households in Oxfordshire


will pay nearly 5% more, It's all part of the county


council's budget. Our political reporter


Bethan Phillips has been at the meeting today and sent this


report. Another year, another round of cuts


at the county council. Like others across the country,


it's struggling with rising demand and less money


from central government. But while last year the council


was looking at taking ?69 million out of its budget,


this year it's ?16 million. Conservatives say that's


because they foresaw the problem and made


"difficult decisions" early. However, the cuts to some front


line services continue, today's budget confirms that funding


will be stopped for 14 day care centres, a cut described by one


campaigner today as "catastrophic" and there's been a reduction


in support for carers. We're also being asked to pay more,


the government's allowed councils to put up council tax to pay


for adult social care, and Oxfordshire's taking up that


offer, with a rise of nearly 5%. I've been out talking


to people about some of the policies in the budget,


and as it's Valentine's Day, I've been finding out which you love


and which are leaving people Roses are red, violets are blue.


Here's a rundown of the Council budget for you. This is my bouquet


of some of the things in it. Let's see which of them people love. It is


a raise of 4.9%? I'm not sure. It is more of an outgoing. No one can


afford it. The inflation on wages isn't going up as much. It is quite


a lot for people on low incomes. It's got to be done because with


government cutbacks, money is got to be find somewhere. Grass cuttings,


?170,000. So they are putting an extra ?170,000 into cutting grass by


the edges of the roads. What do you think of that? Does it really need


that much? It's cutting grass! It is a positive they are taking more care


of it. But it is a question of priorities, I think. Filmore


potholes. The opposition says we ought to be spending more money on


selling more potholes. What do you think of that? Very true. Men come


along, fill it in, and two or three weeks later, they've got to do it


again. Total savings of 300 million? It has saved ?300 million since


2010. I wonder what you thought of that figure? I didn't realise it was


that sort of figure! That's a lot of money. There have been increases in


allowances. But they are closing centres down for kiddies and things


like that. They don't get a lot of sympathy from me. The Conservatives


don't have overall control of this council so it is always tense


getting this budget through and today was no exception. They won by


just two votes. And with elections in May,


it's going to be interesting to see if that balance of power changes


ahead of next year's budget. A collection of classic Minis has


gone on display in Oxford to celebrate the car's links


with the city. Hundreds of thousands were produced


in Cowley between 1959 and 1968. And some of those original cars


are still going strong. It's a relationship that began


more than 50 years ago. There've been ups and downs,


and even a separation. But Oxford and the Mini


are still together. And, on Valentine's Day,


that's something to be celebrated. We go out probably every


other week during the The interior looks nice


inside the old ones. It's just lovely to see


these cars, kept in There something there that


touches the heart strings. You look at it and it does remind


you of different things that have happened in your life that's been


connected to the Mini. It's a brilliant display,


it shows a lot of variation in the types of Mini that


are available, especially They one to my right


with the wood panelling, You don't see many cars looking


that's nice with wood. Ten vehicles were on display


at Templar's Square Shopping centre. From the modern to the classic, all


of these cars were built to last. This Riley Elf Mini


is of 1969 vintage. I bought it 18 years ago and I've


been working on it ever since. We do quite a lot of


little local staff. As well as abroad, Ireland,


circuit of Ireland, done Monte Carlo a couple of times,


and we've just come Since 2001, more than three million


new style Minis have The event organiser says


the city's been integral It is quite a lot of effort to put


it together but it's so worthwhile And, actually, I've had current


employees from Cowley coming down, so pleased to see all the Minis,


including the new one, The exhibition continues


until Saturday. I'm back with headlines at 8pm


and another bulletin at 10:30pm. Sally Taylor is next


with the rest of today's stories. Southern Railways and the union have


ended without progress. Strikes have been held over in the dispute over


the role of conductors. Later, an extraordinary 18th


century tryst the wife, husband and her lover living


in the same house. The scandal of Admiral Lord Nelson


and Lady Hamilton. A mother from Portsmouth has been


sentenced to life imprisonment Nicola Brown's baby Jake died


in December 2014 after receiving The judge said Nicola Brown had been


prepared to blame others for Jake's death and must serve at least


fourteen-and-a-half years in jail. A serious case review is underway -


as the family was known to social services and the NHS before


the baby's death. The acting leader of


West Berkshire Council has said everyone's thoughts


are with their leader after he was seriously


injured and his wife killed Roger and Zelda Croft from Thatcham


were travelling in France Mr Croft is in a stable


condition in hospital. Roger had a lot of friends


in the council, both council officers and council members,


and first of all our thoughts Hopefully over the next days


and weeks we will give whatever Time for the sport now. You were at


the game last night. It was a valiant effort. A good game but not


the result Bournemouth fans wanted. Ultimately another loss but a good


performance. They are looking over their shoulders.


Bournemouth are now seven games without a win in the Premier League


after their 2-0 loss to Manchester City last night.


With the TV cameras in town, it was the visitors


The lights were on, the cameras were rolling


Bournemouth's goal living a charmed life early


But Raheem Sterling made no mistake on the half hour.


His 7th in 5 games against the Cherries.


They try to get straight back into the picture and they have done it.


Joshua King looked to have scored an immediate reply.


Although it was disallowed for this tug on John Stones.


In the second half Sterling turned provider.


Tyrone Mings putting through his own net under


They made it difficult for us because they keep the ball so well.


I thought our lives gave everything but ultimately came up short. -- our


lads. There's a full fixture list


in the Football League tonight, Brighton will look to regain top


spot in the Championship While Reading host Brentford


at the Madejski Stadium. Which is where Tim Dellor is this


evening for BBC Radio Berkshire. What is more romantic than Valentine


's night at Reading's stadium? The playing surface resembles a poorly


kept allotment. Those sacrificing an amorous evening are into an


altogether less relaxing experience here.


What a prospect. Elsewhere, in League One,


MK Dons are at Bury, Swindon need points at Northampton


to get out of the relegation zone, while Oxford are looking for a 6th


straight win against Southend. In League Two, Portsmouth


who are four points from third-placed Carlisle,


with a game in hand host Blackpool. Former Sussex Cricket captain


Michael Yardy has been named Yardy retired in 2015 after two


decades with Sussex as a player, He'll coach batsmen at each level


from the junior squads up Now, at the end of this month


Southampton Football Club will take part in their first League Cup Final


in 38 years and we want Look at this fantastic


footage from the archive, of Lawrie McMenemy's side training


ahead of the 1979 final Did you make it to Wembley and have


a story to tell about the day? Maybe you missed the game


for a particular reason? Or perhaps you know of someone


going to extraordinary lengths It's awards season - you may have


seen the Bafta's the other night - we've also had the Emmies,


and there's the Oscars looming. Paul Field has been in the


ice cream business for more than 35 years -


he's one of two people from our region in the running to be


crowned mobile Ice Cream Paul Field's been an ice cream man


since he left school. There were around 20,000 ice


cream men when he first 20, 25 years ago, I could pull


in a street and park anywhere. But now, the street


is full up with cars. Sundays has changed,


cos when the shops were closed on Sunday, everybody was at home


and they came and bought Sunday actually is the quietest


day of the week now. Paul has had some famous customers -


Tony Blackburn, Debbie McGee and even Princes William and Harry -


but the biggest honour would be winning the coveted title of


ice cream man of the year. If I won it, it would be


for the Reading people because 35 years of supporting me,


Southcote, Coley, I've done the streets


round there and I've seen the people grow up from children and now


they've got their own children and I'm really proud to be


from Reading and I'm really proud that they've supported


me over the years. Paul doesn't like his customers


getting saucy, though. The sauce is every ice


cream man's nightmare. It gets on the floor,


it becomes sticky and gets all over our hands and in the coins


and in the money. If people could stay away


from sauce, that'd be brilliant. There are perks of


the job, of course. And that's


a real nice classic tune. You're not tempted to go


for anything a little left-field? I suppose if Donald Trump comes


to England this year, I'll put Yankee Doodle Dandy


on for him. On reflection, Paul says winning ice


cream man of the year will be the highlight of his career -


but he's got to fight off competition from Bognor Regis


and Stafford in the final. Hundreds of romantics have been


declaring their love at a special Messages of devotion have been


chalked across Guildhall Square - There was plenty of love to go


around for those without a date too, with many notes


to friends and family. It's a Valentine's Day,


you've got to spread the love. I saw this and I thought


it was so sweet so I thought I'm just going to do it,


go for it. He's helped me through so much and I


just want to show him I love him. And have you ever


celebrated like this? This is a real


highlight of our life. Lord Nelson is one the country's


greatest military leaders. While his actions at sea made him


famous, he also achieved notoriety for his love affair with


Emma Hamilton. She was the wife of


Sir William Hamilton, the British envoy to Naples,


when she met Nelson - Emma's rags to riches story


the subject of the latest exhibition at Greenwich's Royal Maritime


Museum. As Jim Wheble reports,


theirs was a passionate affair. How do I idolise you,


my dearest husband of my heart? You are all in this


world to your Emma. I can neither eat nor sleep thinking


of you, my dearest love. Last night I did nothing but dream


of you, although I waked It was like a Hollywood romance


but it also fuelled another familiar Sir William watches


as lovers carry on! Nelson and Lady Hamilton


in love tryst! Not only was Nelson


married but the lovers conducted their affair


openly in front of Sir William. There were rumours that three


of them lived together here at Merton Place


in south-west London, which Nelson and Emma had


bought for their future. A place in the country


away from all the chatter. In 1800, Emma Nelson and Sir William


comeback to live in England and Nelson instructs Emma


to find him and hire a country pad with they can


live out their future days together. So in 1801 she finds


Merton Place and it is the love nest that they hope


for, which they called On the deck of HMS Victory,


Nelson's luck ran out. Shot dead, kiss me, Hardy,


and the rest of course is history. Crippled by debt.


Dying in poverty. But her legacy will always be one


half of one of the world's That was quite saucy for its time.


Onto the weather. It is getting milder but wet as well?


We will see a bit of rain and some sunshine. The possibility of a bit


of rain over the weekend. Happy Valentine's Day


from Jacqueline Rackham and Louis Dawn Hazell captured the blue skies


this morning in Oxford. And Amber Davis took this close up


of a snow drop at Blashford All through the day today we saw


increasing cloud and there is the possibility of patchy light rain.


Low cloud overnight with mist and fog patches as well which will make


things are key. The rain will clear we eventually and the mist and fog


will develop. E-mail start to the day tomorrow. -- a mild start. This


rain band could be heavy at times and we might even have the odd


rumble of thunder. Clearing the south coast and temperatures


reaching highs of nine or 10 Celsius. Slowly but surely the winds


are changing from the south easterly yesterday to a south-westerly


tomorrow night. Clear spells at times tomorrow night. Mist and fog


in early parts of Thursday morning. Another murky start. That misty fog


will slowly left and once it does the cloud will break up with a


south-westerly breeze. We will see some sunny spells on Thursday


afternoon with light winds. That high pressure will stay with us


through Friday. Similar to Thursday. Cloudy high-pressure start but some


sunny spells in the afternoon. Thursday and Friday will be mainly


dry. Not everyone will see that rain and will be sunny spells. Mail today


with a high of 10 Celsius, similar conditions on Thursday. More


brightness on Thursday. Brightness on Friday and rain at times on


Saturday. Be with us tomorrow because Alex


Thomson from Gosport is here to talk about this ceiling. -- ceiling.


# I knew you were trouble when you walked in


# Now I'm lying on the cold, hard ground


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