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Missing after a block of flats collapsed -


the search for a resident who hasn't been since the explosion


I was just watching the telly, and all of a sudden


it went boom, and then bang, bang, bang.


I looked out of the window and I could see the flats had


Also, he lost ?1 million through gambling.


Now Tony wants a type of betting machine to be banned


And later on, an evolving landscape -


the extraordinary photos which chart the changes


One person is still unaccounted for following yesterday's explosion


The blast destroyed the three storey building and nearby


Emergency services have been at the scene in Osney all day


and say they expect to be there for several days to come.


More than 24 hours since the explosion


Dozens of firefighters, police and paramedics were called


This afternoon we learnt officers had been unable


Oxfordshire County Council Fire Rescue Service conducted a search


of the site of the collapsed building, which was still


It was determined that the incident around the collapsed site would


no longer sustain life, and we moved into a different


At this time, one person is unaccounted for,


and we are providing ongoing support to that person's family.


The blast caused neighbouring homes to shake and windows to smash.


One man said the boom sounded like scaffolding falling down.


My girlfriend, who was with me at the time, said, what's that?


I looked out the window and obviously saw the flats had


disappeared at the end, the whole block had gone, and there


We heard, like, an explosion, and the whole street was instantly


crowded and everybody rushed out to see what it was.


I was just watching the telly and all of a sudden something went


At least two people have been treated for injuries by paramedics.


14 residents had to leave their homes and were given


refuge overnight at this nearby business school.


As you can see, police are still on the scene this evening.


They say that emergency services are going to be here over the next


few days while they search the rubble and try and


As always, they are asking anyone with any


A man from Oxford has been charged with murder


35-year-old Domingos Romalho was found with stab wounds


on Windmill Road in Headington on Monday afternoon.


A 27-year-old man has appeared before Banbury Magistrates,


The family of a ten-year-old boy, who died after being injured


at the Topshop store in Reading, say he was loving, cheeky


and energetic, and his death will leave a huge empty hole


in the lives of everybody who knew him.


He'd been hurt in an incident involving a display unit on Monday.


He was a loving, cheeky, energetic boy.


In a tribute today, Kaden Reddick's family said his death will leave


a huge empty hole in the lives of everyone who knew him.


Kaden died from head injuries in an incident involving


store furniture at Topshop in Reading.


Today, as a safety precaution, the company has removed the display


units from every one of its 300-plus stores across the country.


Inside the closed Reading branch, investigations are still underway


by the company, Thames Valley Police and Reading Borough Council.


Kaden's family say he loved coming to school, and his headteacher


here has issued a statement saying how shocked everyone


is buying the death of such an energetic young man,


His family say that the hardest part of his death is knowing


that he will never be able to fulfil his potential.


He looked forward to riding his older brother's moped,


to travelling, and to becoming a teacher.


They said it is impossible to comprehend that he will never be


able to do any of this. It is half term this week so no pupils are at


school, and when they return on Monday they will be offered


specialist support. Footballer Rohan Ince,


who's on loan to Swindon Town, has been found not guilty


of attacking a nightclub The footballer was outside a club


in Windsor in the early hours of Christmas Day 2015


when the attack happened. He told a jury at Reading Crown


Court that it was a case There's another twist


in the tale of parking at the John Radcliffe


hospital in Oxford. The trust which runs it says that


even if it wanted to build a multi-storey car park,


the City council wouldn't allow it to provide any more spaces -


because of the authority's current The Council is concerned that more


spaces would mean more Earlier I spoke to our reporter


Peter Cooke and asked him if the council is likely


to relax its rules. Well, Geraldine,


it doesn't look likely. This has been


a long-running problem. Anyone who has to regularly go


to the hospital knows all too well about the challenges of finding


a suitable space. Now the number of patients


at the site increased by 37% over 10 years,


while the number of spaces Those in charge actually advise


visitors to leave an hour to park. We've previously asked for solutions


to this particular problem, and a multi-storey car park


was the most popular solution. But in a statement the Trust said


under the current restrictions this proposal alone would not create


the extra spaces needed. Why does the council appear to be


sticking so rigidly to its rules? Well, we asked if it


would review its policy and what they said was,


it wants to limit the amount of parking at hospital


sites around Headington, because it thinks more parking means


more traffic on already busy roads. The priority, it says,


should be patients, their visitors, It added that other Oxford employers


have found different ways of getting their staff to work


using public transport, and the Trust should


be no different. Now, the Oxford University Hospitals


NHS Foundation Trust said This would involve a combination


of things, using different methods to transport patients and also staff


to the hospital site itself. A Buckinghamshire man,


who lost his house, his family and over ?1 million


through gambling, is campaigning Tony Franklin from Aylesbury wants


the Government to restrict betting So far more than 100,000 people have


signed his petition. In the last two decades,


Tony here has lost more than ?1 million gambling,


but the money is just the start. At times I've gambled an entire


month's wages in literally So, obviously, you know,


that makes it difficult, you know, to feed, to pay the rent,


to pay the mortgage. I've been homeless


because of gambling. I'm estranged from my wife,


which is a result of There isn't a lot of good that


comes from gambling. Tony says these machines -


fixed-odds betting terminals - are largely to blame,


but also believes we need a cultural shift in the way


we think about gambling. Gambling in the UK today has


become so normalised, and, you know, to the extent


that we are allowing our children These have ?5 jackpots and you see


them at the seaside and amusement arcades.


The Association of British Bookmakers say there is no evidence


that cutting the maximum stake on fixed-odds betting terminals


If the state is reduced, I am asking for ?2 because that is the level we


see which would reduce the amount of harm that these machines can do.


Tony's petition to MPs has gained more than 100,000 signatures.


The Government is already undertaking a review into gambling


and we should find out those results later this year.


One of Oxford's greatest literary creations is coming back.


Author Philip Pullman has announced there will be another three books


set in the world of the "His Dark Materials" trilogy.


It will be bringing back Hezbollah that character Lyra.


The first one, The Book Of Dust, takes readers back


-- it will be bringing back Hezbollah that character Lyra -- the


beloveds character Lyra. Two women from Swindon


who had strokes just days after giving birth,


are warning others about their Jo Wallace and Stevi Marshall have


set up a support group after finding Jo Wallace and Stevi Marshall each


had their first child last year, but just days after the birth,


Stevi started getting bad headaches, It was like I just wanted to scratch


that part of my face So I would look at words


and I just couldn't even It go to a point where


I actually couldn't cope. It was in the back of my head


and it was throbbing, so, you know, even to move my head


was just hurting. Basically, I lost my eyesight


and my word-finding and memory... It's all coming back but those sort


of things have all been The Stroke Association says more


women than men have strokes, This may be because more women


are living longer and having strokes when they're older,


but it's still highly unusual for young women


to have a stroke after giving birth. So, stroke during pregnancy


and following childbirth is actually quite rare,


but it does happen. Having a stroke can have all sorts


of different effects. Every single stroke is different


and people do recover. The future for people can be very


bright after a stroke. Jo and Stevi feel very


fortunate to have survived They're now part of a support


group for mums in Swindon None of us really want


to dwell on it, and we just want to accept that,


yes, we have had what happened You know, we've all got issues but,


you know, it's not life-threatening. We've all got our babies


and they are all gorgeous and lovely, and we will hopefully


get to see them grow. Both women are recovering well,


and warning other mums to watch Will Glennon,


BBC South Today, Swindon. If you would like to get in touch


with us and tell us about the stories you think we should be


covering, e-mail us. Or join in the conversation on Facebook and


Twitter. I'll have the headlines at 8.00


and a full bulletin at 10.30. Now more of today's


stories with Sally Taylor. One option is merging


with Cranbourne business Here's a message


from our guest tonight. You don't normally see me in a suit.


The I'm here tonight. "A very steep downward spiral,"


the words of one military veteran who found himself with mental health


and drug issues after There are, in fact, between 3,500


and 5,000 veterans incarcerated Now a Hampshire charity has called


on the government to do more to help A middle-aged military veteran


who, a fortnight ago, He spent nearly a decade behind bars


for a serious and violent Because he's trying


to turn his life around, Everything just exploded one day


and the support that I had, The substance abuse became worse


and it then became a very steep He's being helped by Hampshire


charity Care after Combat, who've put him up in this home


while he finds his feet. But why do service personnel


need extra support? Coming from the service life


myself it's just they've The impact can be just


straight-forward things - It's always been done


for them within the service I think the public say, "OK, mate,


you're a veteran, you've screwed up, you're going to get another chance,


care after combat, we're not going to give you a handout,


we're not going to spoon-feed you - If you're not going


to work, off you go." The charity has had great success


using ex-military mentors to help people back to civilian life,


but it's also warning there are too many veteran groups all trying


to do the same thing. We sent them away, we should deal


with the consequences I believe that with so many


charities pushing their services onto the veterans,


A, it is confusing, and B, they might think,


hang on a minute, if I'm playing my cards right here,


I don't have to go to work. We don't really want to kill


a veteran with kindness. Steve says he's lucky he has


found the help he needs, and is looking forward


to turning his life around. I feel that I've served my sentence


and now it's time to rebuild. Everything they're giving me now,


I'm going to pay them back Chris Temple is here. We will start


with football. Thousands of people watch football last night.


There was a full programme of Football League fixtures last


night, and wins for Reading and Portsmouth kept their promotion


And it's with the Royals, that we start our Valentines night round-up.


After two draws Reading got themselves back on the winners


against Brentford. This could put them ahead. Just after the hour


Brentford scored two goals in three minutes. But a triple substitution


paid dividends. Williams got the equaliser. Before a generous charity


hand-out for the winner. A moment to forget for the Brentford goalkeeper.


Reading are now five points behind Brighton in second after the


seagulls were held by Ipswich. Chambers gave the Suffolk side an


early lead. But a file and Bruno led to this chance to even the score. --


a file. Evans set Portsmouth on their Blackpool. This goal from


Doyle ensured a second win in four days. It was a largely pushy tonight


in League 1. Oxford saw their run of five straight wins ended by


Southend. MK dons drew nil nil at Bury. The own goal at Southampton by


Jones was cancelled out by Morris. More matches on Saturday. And some


sides involved in the FA Cup. It's 100 days till the America cup.


Today marks 100 days until the America's Cup


But it's been nearly a month now since Gosport-based sailor


Alex Thomson finished a magnificent second place, in the gruelling


solo round the world race, the Vendee Globe.


We followed his story closely of course over


A little earlier, Alex came in to join us here on the red sofa,


and share his experiences of the race, and life since.


I'm certainly not back in normal life yet.


There have been lots of parties lots of media stuff and I've been to


Last night we were at the world sports


My feet have hardly touched the ground.


That takes its toll mentally and physically.


It must be difficult when you get back to dry land to


It is quite daunting when you you're on your own for


so long and the thought of thousands of people arriving, it was very


And I'm sleeping really well already.


In fact have got to go back to the gym because I've lost a lot


We know about your starboard foil breaking.


Let's look at this clip from mid-race, towards the end of


It's at that point you are thinking am I going to catch him?


It really is about trying to get as close to our man as possible and


But one thing you can count on is that I will fight to the end!


He certainly did fight to the end, Alex.


Was there a point when you realised you were not going to catch?


You always have to fight in this race and I said from the beginning


you have to expect an expected and even when we went towards the Scilly


Islands, to tack on the port tack to make a finish it was pretty done


and dusted then but anything could have


In 2020 you've announced that you're going to do it.


You asked your wife and she has said yes.


I was third last time, second this time servers


What we're trying to do know is see if you can put the sponsors together


and put the team together because most


important thing in this is the


I have been very fortunate to work with some very talented


people the right team we have a chance.


Will you use the same boat will you build a new boat?


There's a potential rule change coming in April and we will


have to look at what the rules are and decide whether we can do it.


The technological advances we mentioned


earlier on the 20 million people on Facebook saw the shots from the


Do things like being able to Facetime your wife and son


when you're deciding to be away from your


You can actually stay in touch much better


My son, Oscar, was quite upset at the first two weeks of the


And his school gave me a little cuddle turtle called Speedy.


I thought I'd do a little videos so every a little video, kind of


Trying to make him and his friends laugh.


Thanks for mentioning the Facebook page of


That day in the Southern Ocean was mad because I was


there eating my porridge and a French helicopter came along.


I was a bit grumpy and I wasn't going to go


outside and I can't believe it was seen by over 20 million people.


Believe it or not, my wife booked a sailing holiday.


She's getting her own back on you for going in


She's booked a Dream Yacht charter and we're off to the


She says it's not fair that you're having


Congratulations again and thanks for coming in.


20 million people have already seen the pictures from the Southern Ocean


and we're putting them back up on our Facebook page.


Now, we've reported on many rows about the impact of roadbuilding


But what might surprise you is the amount of concrete


Tonight we can reveal previously unseen pictures


of a World War I aerodrome, a huge military base just a few


It was damage caused by that aerodrome which first prompted calls


to clean up the area and restore the World Heritage Site.


Our transport correspondent Paul Clifton reports.


Stonehenge today, with open grassland all around.


Look in the background at the First World War airbase.


There were giant hangars for bomber aircraft and 800 men lived here.


The road through the middle is today's A303,


and curving away to the right is a railway line.


During the 1920s the area became a pig farm and then it was pulled


down. Where we are standing pretty much


is where the main hangars work, but they were, sort of,


facing in the direction Today only a few


fragments remain visible. Where we are standing, by mid-1918,


was the busy part of the Aerodrome - it was the technical buildings,


the main accommodation block, So there is still


concrete under here? There will still be some


concrete under here, yes. The line of the longest military


away in the country is still visible in the landscape.


There were more hangers on the north side of the airfield, many of them.


They were beside the road that runs between the stones


There is almost no evidence of them today.


Are there any Americans in, ladies and gentlemen?


To mark a century since the Royal Flying Corps arrived,


English Heritage brought a First World War plane


The presence of that era drum in this ancient setting actually


sparked the debate as to what was an appropriate setting for Stonehenge


for the Stones themselves and the ancient landscape that surrounds


Stonehenge. Almost within state of Stonehenge was a second huge


airfield called Lake down. Today we coloured Druids Lodge. A water tower


and a handful of buildings remain. There is now a big debate


about the benefits or otherwise of a new road tunnel


through the World Heritage Site. It is worth remembering just


what the landscape looked Paul Clifton,


BBC South Today, Salisbury Plain. Great photos. I never knew anything


about that. Wonderful to see. Did you get caught in the rain


today? More rain to come? Will we get a dry spell? The next few days


into the weekend. Sunday has the possibility of some patchy rain but


dry until then and fairly meld as well. Many of you have been out and


about today despite the rain taking pictures. Let's take a look at the


first portal which was quite a soggy scene. Down the Forest. But things


brightened up after the rain started pushing through. A rainbow came out


in Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight. We also saw sunshine in Hampshire.


Sunny spells broke through during the latter part of the day and the


rain slowly moved northwards. Rain is currently all the of Oxfordshire


eventually quitting north eastwards through this evenings. Mist and fog


patches are a possibility through tonight and will become quite dense


and places. We may have the odd isolated shower tonight should be


mainly dry with a few clear spells. A little cooler than last night but


temperatures falling from five Celsius to eight Celsius. Fairly


light winds. Tomorrow morning mist and fog may be stubborn to clear but


what does an improving picture. The odd isolated shower. Sunny spells


breaking through the afternoon. A lot more sun than recent days.


Temperatures reaching highs of 10 degrees to 11 Celsius. A pleasant


enter the day tomorrow. Tomorrow night summer two tonight. Patchy


cloud with mist and fog patches developing in the early hours of the


morning. A fair amount of cloud with temperatures falling to 6 degrees


seven Celsius. The winner will be like.


This is why the fog foisting on Friday morning may be slow to clear.


What it does and improving picture. A cloudy start. Sunshine


breakthrough in many places. Hard to say with the sun will be but there


will be increasing cloud with this fragmented weather front arriving


Friday night producing a little rain in the early hours of Saturday


morning. I pressure is not far away. It will stay with us during the


weekend. Tomorrow after a cloudy start mist and fog will eventually


left. We will see some lovely conditions. A cloudy start to


Friday. Saturday. Very similar days with sunny spells breaking through


on both days. Fairly light winds coming up in the south. At the


moment Sunday looks like a fair amount of cloud. One to brighter


spells but the chance of patchy rain at times. The bestie of the weekend


is probably Saturday will it should stay mainly dry to daylight hours.


If you would like to become one of our weather Watchers is a website to


do that. Or if you want a full 11 day forecast you can go onto a


website. Almost springlike, dare I say it?


There'll be a news summary at 8pm and we'll be back at 10.30.


when farmers leave their daily routines behind...


Right, here we come, Dorset! ..for a show day.


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