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In tonight's programme: A wholly avoidable death.


The driver on his mobile phone, who killed another motorist


I think I'm going to work on forgiving him. I'm hoping I can


forget what he did. I'm hoping over time I will not hate him as much as


I probably did in the past. Running late - and the overbudget


electrification of the Great Western rail line could fail to meet


an already extended deadline. I think passengers between Oxford


and Didcot have been very short changed. We have asked the


Department for clarity about what the plans are but it is tough at the


people in Oxford. -- for the people in Oxford.


And later on, going underground - a makeover as a music studio brings


A man from Oxford, who was on his mobile phone when he caused


the death of a driver on the A34, has been sentenced to three years


Lewis Stratford, who's 24, crashed through the central


reservation of the road in June, killing 28-year-old


The judge at reading crown court dubbed it


a "wholly avoidable accident, which led to a wholly


When Lewis Strafford walked into court this morning, he knew he


This final warning a stark reminder that this crime can cost you much


more than six points and a ?200 fine.


Stratford was speeding to Portsmouth to visit his girlfriend.


He believed she was cheating on him and made a number of emotional phone


his car crashed through the central reservation,


hitting a blue BMW being driven by 28-year-old Gavin Roberts.


Both drivers were rushed to hospital.


When you are using a mobile phone you find the attention of the driver


is greatly narrowed. They tend to focus on the area just in front of


the car. That phenomenon is exacerbated when people are having


an emotionally involving conversation.


In court today, Judge Stephen John told Stratford:


avoidable accident, which caused a wholly avoidable death.


Gavin's mother Rose was not in court today but


She said, "Lewis, I want you to know you


I know you did not mean to cause Gavin's death.


Do not let it destroy and consume you.


Honour Gavin's memory instead and become a


Gavin's girlfriend Meg also hopes to forgive Lewis.


She met with him before sentencing to raise awareness


of the dangers of using your phone behind the wheel.


Every time I say sorry, I'm thinking it's a bit cheap.


I think I'm going to work on forgiving him.


I'm never going to forget what he did and so over time I


have that I can concentrate on forgiveness and not hate him


Meg works as a teacher at Royal Wooton Bassett in Swindon.


She hopes to stop the next generation from making the


Being a teacher a lot of my students have


seen the documentary and the


students understand what I have been going through.


We teach a lot about drink-driving and alcoholism and the


impact that can happen behind the wheel, even the use of drugs.


But we forget that actually the physical


act of using your mobile phone behind the wheel can have just as


Lewis Stratford was sentenced to three years and 10 months


in prison and a driving ban of almost five years.


Police in the Thames Valley say they've issued fines


to more than 130 motorists, using their phones behind the wheel,


The force has been undertaking a series of high profile


checks this week, including this one in Abingdon -


following a change in the law on March the 1st.


Drivers caught on their phone not hands-free now face a ?200


People under 21 will lose their license altogether


Thames Valley police says it stopped 112 overweight


vehicles at Marlow Bridge - in the first two days


The crossing was closed for two months after a 37 tonne lorry got


The historic bridge, which has a three tonne weight limit,


is a major route into the town, and its closure caused weeks


of delays for motorists and damaged businesses.


A thorough search of a former house lived in by Swindon murderer


Christopher Halliwell has come to an end with no


Specialist police officers started work in the garden and garage


and an adjacent garage on Broad Street in


Police say it was after intelligence they'd received, but say no items


of significant interest have been found.


Christopher Halliwell is serving two life sentences for killing


The scheme to electrify the Great Western Railway has been


The Public Accounts Committee say it's a "stark example of how not


The work is already up to three years behind schedule and more


There's also concern that several sections,


including the line to Oxford, will never be finished.


It promised faster, more reliable services, better stations and


But the Great Western Mainline upgrade has


been beset by serious failings, according to


It said significant flaws raised concerns about the ability of


the Department for Transport and Network Rail


The estimated cost rose by ?1.2 billion in one year.


Now it is unclear if the revised targets of 2.8


billion and a completion date of December 2018 are realistic.


In November, the Government announced


between Oxford and Didcot Parkway will be deferred indefinitely.


I think passengers between Oxford and Didcot


The plan now is it has been deferred for a decision at least until 2019,


but realistically not likely to be delivered even that early.


And then it will potentially be competing for


other emerging rail projects at the same time.


We have asked the department for clarity about what


The Great Western Railway denied passengers here are


What we've had to do was look at ways of delivering the


customer benefits, the improved services, longer carriages, faster


services, without relying in some places on that electrification.


Ultimately that means the customer still gets what it was going to get,


despite the challenges of electrification.


The Public Accounts Committee has made a series


It says the Department for Transport and Network


Rail should reassess the case for electrification section


by section and fund schemes only where worthwhile


could not be achieved otherwise at lower cost.


The committee added Network Rail needed to produce


realistic cost estimates and have robust and detailed plans.


In a statement, Network Rail said they


and the Department of Transport had learned lessons from the poor early


planning of this project and that today they do not take forward major


projects until they are properly scoped, properly planned and they


have a robust estimate of what the cost will be.


Beneficial or not, rail users in Oxfordshire now have


an indefinite wait to see if their stretch of track


An RAF pilot has been dismissed for negligence after causing


a military passenger jet to go into a nosedive on a flight


Flight Lieutenant Andrew Townshend said he was taking pictures


because he was bored when his digital camera


The Voyager plummeted over 4,000 feet in seconds,


causing some personnel to crash into the ceiling.


He was sentenced to four months in prison, suspended for 12 months.


A bid to scrap all six of Oxfordshire's councils


and replace them with one has been officially been set out.


The re-organisation is expected to cost ?16 million,


but those behind the bid say it would then save ?100


Three councils, Oxford, Cherwell and West Oxfordshire,


have vowed to fight the plans, saying the change will affect local


services, cause job losses and mean "a reduction in local democracy".


We know there's been a lot of sort of criticism and vocal concerns


However, talking to people, explaining what


it means, that it's one council, better services, more infrastructure


delivered, people seem to understand.


So I asked people to look at this proposal and then really see


whether they think it's going to be a better future for Oxfordshire.


Not enough people are coming forward to get help with hearing loss,


It's thought at least two thirds of people with poor hearing


One Oxfordshire woman received an implant two years ago and now says


it has transformed her life. These people are experiencing sound


either for the first time ever... It's a big, big


life-changing day today. It's the same device that has


completely transformed For years she had been struggling


with the hearing, but after having one fitted at Oxford's


John Radcliffe Hospital, she I can't stress enough


what a big thing in Before the operation


Carol was almost totally She didn't speak to her friends


or grandchildren and said she had Now new research has shown


people with hearing issues are more likely to have


mental health problems, and people with severe


hearing loss are five times more If you take action,


get your hearing assessed and then like using hearing


aids and implants, if you've got a profound deafness,


that abolishes the additional risk. The advice then, if you do


notice your hearing Because being a good listener


won't just help those around you. It could help your


mental health, as well. If at first you don't


succeed, try again. At midnight he starts a new attempt


to break surely cycling's Steve, who is from Milton Keynes,


will try and cycle more miles It follows a failed


attempt last year. I'll will start at midnight tonight,


that's the first time, get 300 miles -- I'll start at midnight tonight,


that's the first aim, get 300 miles done earlier than normal,


so I can get a really good Steve Abraham has unfinished


business, so he'll spend the next year in the saddle trying to break


cycling's long-distance record. Steve's first attempt ended


when he was hit by a moped. A second was launched


but abandoned, too far off He will need to break


the 80,000 mile mark. Now there's a woman


called Miranda Coker, she's going to put it up


to about 230 day, at


least 84,000, think. Just like going to work every day,


get up every morning, have breakfast, go to work,


come home and go to bed. Steve has broken the one month


mileage world record. At midnight tonight he'll be on the


road for the next 12 months. Jonathan Park with that report.


Sally Taylor is in the saddle next. For me, goodbye for now.


going underground - a makeover as a music studio brings


It's one of the south's worst road bottlenecks.


As a consultation over the latest plans for the A303


at Stonehenge draws to a close, a group of archaeologists have


raised their concerns that the road scheme could ruin the famous


The current plans involve seven miles of new dual carriageway


with a tunnel of almost two miles in the middle.


The archaeologists say the positioning of the tunnel


would mean car headlights would ruin the perfectly aligned view


of the winter solstice setting sun through the stones.


Earlier I spoke to one of those in the group,


Dr Joshua Pollard from the University of Southampton.


The problem we have is that the proposed


detrimental impact on the world Heritage site.


The option will mean that new areas will have to be


constructed within the boundaries of the World Heritage site.


You are worried about head lights from cars.


In terms of the proposed western tunnel entrance has been cited, that


actually lies close to the midwinter solstice line on Stonehenge.


We are worried about the possiblity of light


pollution for those people who might contribute to witness the solstice.


It is the scheme that will improve the


journeys of tens of thousands of people weighed up against that.


It is but the argument is there could be


That is going to cost a lot more money.


It will be a lot more money but Stonehenge is an


iconic monument famous across the globe.


We have to do the best for what is recognised as being


something of international cultural importance.


High England will say it has worked with organisations and it is


committed to protecting Stonehenge and this is part of a wider


consultation. It is and this is why we are making the argument now. We


want to make sure at this scheme is replaced by a better option. Whoever


and whatever is chosen is going to inconvenience somebody. It probably


will. This is a judgment that highway" and have got to wait up. --


Highway England. The experts that have been involved in the landscape


have not been consulted in the way that we feel may have been desirable


at the outset. This is your opportunity? It is.


Her Majesty the Queen was in Wiltshire today


presenting leeks to soldiers to mark St David's Day,


She was there to see members of the Royal Welsh


at Lucknow Barracks in Tidworth, as part of her role


She also met this goat, which is the regiment's mascot.


Bournemouth's tethered balloon won't be seen in the skies


It was damaged last June - and its operators say it's no


The tourist attraction has operated for fifteen years,


giving visitors and locals a birds eye view of the town.


They've been helping school children cross roads safely


But the number of lollipop men and women is declining rapidly,


as local councils struggle to balance their budgets.


The latest school crossing patrollers who face losing


their jobs are in Berkshire, as Nikki Mitchell reports.


Eight primary schools in the borough of Wokingham,


including Highwood Primary here in Woodley, could lose


their lollipop patrollers at the end of the school year in July.


It would be very difficult for the parents to cross the road with the


children, in the morning time. The roads are very busy. I do not think


it will be safe for the children during school time. The traffic


lights do speak for themselves but the controllers can keep an eye if


traffic by jumping the lights. Children will still run across.


The borough council


One would be the crossing patrol and a zebra crossing or a pedestrian


crossing. It means we have two levels of spending at each crossing.


That is not the best way of spending resources. We would be able to use


that money elsewhere in the system for safety.


People worried about the proposals have until 19th April to tell


the council what they think, before a final decision


on whether or not to lose another eight of the South's lollipop


And we move on to sport. Tony is here on read red sofa. Looking ahead


to football. We will hear from two managers tonight. Winning but


winning with style. They want to do it the right way.


Bournemouth head to Old Trafford without a win in 2017 and having


lost four Premier League games in a row.


It's a slide which has seen Eddie Howe's men drawn


into the relegation fight in their second season


Tomorrow they face a United side no doubt buoyant


after winning their first silverware under Jose Mourinho, the EFL Cup


There has been no problem with the mood around the camp.


I think we can only be positive and only look


Certainly, there is no other way to approach this game or any


We are as confident as we can be with a run of fixtures.


We know a win needed to fully feel good


about ourselves and hopefully that is not too far away.


Reading face the first of two massive games in the next four days


when they host Wolves tomorrow at the Madejski Stadium.


The Royals are calling on fans to turn out in numbers


to roar on Jaap Stam's side who have made


Reading sit fifth in the table ahead of tomorrow's game


against their struggling opponents, the on Tuesday they host top


Six big points in their season but Stam wants to win with style.


We are not only thinking about winning that game, we are also


thinking about how we can play, how we can give


the crowd a nice game as


well, not only by having a good result but playing in a good way.


In other action tomorrow, Southampton hope to bounce back


from their cup final defeat when they return to league


Brighton midfielder Anthony Knockaert has


extended his contract to June 2021 ahead of second placed Albion's trip


Oxford and Swindon are at home in league one,


A Portsmouth win against Crewe could send them into the automatic


BBC Local radio has full commentary and follow the games live


There's live athletics across the BBC this weekend at


Surrey athlete Morgan Lake is in action in Belgrade in the high jump


The 19-year-old former Wellington College pupil and former


World junior champion cleared one metre 86 at the second time


A short time ago she was third in qualifying


although no jumper had yet reached the automatic qualifying height


of one metre 93 to ensure a place in tomorrow's final.


Two of our ice hockey clubs will clash in the Premier League


although it will be one of the last meetings between Basingstoke Bison


and Guildford flames as the Flames are to enter


Bison come into the game fourth in the table


The play offs is also the target for Surrey Scorchers basketball.


They go to the Glasgow rocks this weekend in the British basketball


league, sitting ninth- the top eight go


On Monday I told you about video technology. I am going to finish it


by telling you about that because FA and the board have announced that


the FA Cup will trial video technology next season. It is


coming. It was a grand design project


with a bit of a difference. Early last year, an enthusiastic


group of musicians came up with the idea


of transforming a disused cold war bunker on the outskirts of Salisbury


into a music based youth club. It was an exciting


and ambitious plan. But was it a plan


that came together? From cold war relic


to swinging hotspot. When we visited last year,


this was a derelict 1960s Now it is a state-of-the-art


music venue. We are in the main


space and this is the main area to hang out but we have


three bespoke practice rooms. We have a fully fitted


recording studio as well. Transforming this


to this needed money. ?100,000 came from a


council pot, with half that again in time and labour


donated by local firms. The new sound of the


underground does owe a The Cavern Club from Liverpool,


which we built under Great history and that


will fill with the new Residents were worried


about noise and safety A lot of us simply couldn't see how


this could be transformed into the sort of thing


that he was describing. All power to Ross and his team


because they had a vision I think it is an outstanding


success story. # It is the sound


of the Underground... A new home underground


really is music to the It is nice to be


somewhere different and It is going to make such


a difference to how I fell pregnant and they stuck


by me through that. They helped me with my education


and they still managed to Building the bunker has been a


labour of love. Builders have worked overtime and over budget. All the


equipment has come from local shops. It is the community working in


harmony. They are having a very busy first night. We end up in the


rehearsal room and the recording studio. This is Price of evil. They


will be going on to a very soon. The good thing about being this far


underground is lads like this can be as loud as they want. They are good,


aren't they? He is enjoying every moment they are. Good luck to them.


It is the forecast. Moved it on a step now. I am going to move it on


further. Let's take a look now at your pictures.


It was a gloomy and dramatic start to the day at Corfe Castle -


But lovely weather for ducks in Chichester -


a double bill here from Dulcie Levett.


And the wet stuff went down well with this pig in Marchwood,


What a difference a Day makes. Yesterday was spring like and today


was a soggy if they are. The theme is changeable for the next couple of


days. Cloudy skies and heavy rain for a time. This evening starts


drive but making its way into the region. Becoming more persistent as


the night moves on. A wet night but not a chilly one. Not looking at


those dropping below six Celsius. Saturday morning, the of that


overnight rain is cloud. That cloud sticking around for much of the day.


We could see brighter skies and sunshine here. In the best of that,


temperatures into double figures. 10 Celsius. Always the risk of the odd


shower through the afternoon. Through Saturday evening, much the


same story. It starts drive but a scattering of showers. A brisk


westerly went. Temperature is not dropping much below six Celsius.


Fairly mild and for the most of the night it is dry. If you start try on


Sunday morning, well done, you. It is not going to last. That westerly


wind pushing in the cold front. That is going to bring heavy rain for a


time. It will clear to sunnier spells.


Another front brings its way through with clouds. Sunday is the much


better day. Let's look at the Outlook. 10 Celsius the top


temperature on Saturday. Sunday, a wetter picture. A lot of heavy rain


for a time. As we head into the new week, we keep the cloud and cool


Atlantic a means nine Celsius is our top temperature. For a Tuesday, it


is the same story. That is it wrong us. We will be back at eight and


then 10:25pm. -- that it is it for us. Good night.


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