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Also: Robbed at gunpoint on a bus in Brazil -


the woman from Swindon who'd gone there seeking treatment for MS.


The guns came out of the car and they started shooting into the air.


The dog due sold for meat in Asia - now being trained to sniff out


And later on: Coming home to recover ...The toddler


who went to America to have treatment for his brain tumour.


A post mortem examination into the death of a five-year-old


boy in Faringdon has revealed he was stabbed in the chest.


His body was found in a cottage in the town centre on Tuesday.


A woman arrested at the scene on suspicion of murder has


This death has shocked people in Faringdon.


As word spread about what happened to the young boy on Tuesday,


more and more flowers, cards and toys arrived outside


We now know that the boy was stabbed to death.


A post mortem shows he was stabbed more than once in the chest.


Today, police said they're continuing to investigate


They are treating it as a murder investigation.


Thames Valley Police said the victim has not yet been formally identified


A statement read: "You will appreciate that this is a difficult


time for his family and we continue to work with them and offer support


Officers have contacted local residents asking to speak


A 40-year-old woman who was arrested on suspicion of murder on Tuesday


has been released on bail until April 12th.


A custody officer has been left with serious head injuries


after being attacked at Oakhill secure training centre


have been arrested on suspicion of assault.


The officer, who's 21, was airlifted to hospital in Oxford


Earlier this month, an Ofsted report said Oakhill was inadequate when it


The NSPCC is condemning the release of a Dutch man who was jailed last


year for raping a 12-year-old girl in Milton Keynes.


International beach volleyball player Steven Van de Velde


was jailed for four years last


to the Netherlands to serve his sentence.


A woman from Swindon has been robbed at gunpoint during a night-time


Sofia Janicka was heading to Sao Paulo


when the bus was stopped by four armed men.


The attackers put a gun to her head and threatened to shoot passengers


and leave their bodies in a field - before escaping with


Andrew Plant has been speaking to Sofia.


Sofia Yaneetska, is a 27-year-old yoga teacher from Wiltshire.


She travelled to Brazil a month ago exploring medical treatments


to alleviate the symptoms of her Multiple Sclerosis.


But in the early hours of Wednesday morning


on a night bus outside Sao Paulo, she and her fellow


passengers were the victims of a hijacking, with the entire bus


The bus was swaying from left to right and I woke up and saw a car


coming along the left side of the bus and they started shooting


They came onto the bus and they were saying in Portuguese that


they were going to kill us and leave us naked in the field if we did not


The UK government describes crime in Brazil as high


And warns against wearing expensive jewellery and clothes.


It also says that "There have been incidents of hijacking and robbery


It seemed to be that it was for phones and money,


I don't know, there was some confusion and


that is when he pulled the gun to my head...


The top of my head and I just had my head down.


So, yeah, I don't think I'll be travelling on buses now.


Sofia says she was glad she had cash on her to give to the attackers


and believes it stopped the situation from escalating.


She says she's determined to carry on with her trip


and her treatment too But will be taking internal flights rather


A dog rescued from death in Asia is now being trained to help


Called Faith - she was caged and waiting to be be sold


She was saved by the Humane Society International -


who offered her to Medical Detection Dogs, where she's learning how


Sinead Carroll went to see her in training at Great Horwood.


Training in the Buckinghamshire countryside.


It's a far cry from where Faith, the collie cross jindo,


Animal charities say around two million dogs are slaughtered


When one farm closed recently, some dogs were rescued


Saved herself Faith is now training at Medical Detection Dogs


She was incredibly disruptive to start


She didn't know what home was, what a table was.


She thought worktops were for walking on, so


frenetic about wanting some food and water.


To start with she was a complete whirlwind but with time,


careful training and teaching her the boundaries, she is becoming a


The dogs can identify cancers by smell.


The charity's just begun trials to detect bowel cancer.


They also detect potentially life threatening changes in blood sugar


We have been teaching her to use her nose.


Then we pair food with a training order.


After what she has been through and her ordeal,


she still has the most amazing faith in humans.


Faith seemed like the obvious name for her and I think it suits her.


The charity hope to take on another rescue dog from South Korea


The Deer Park Medical Centre in Witney will close next week


after the Health Secretary said it was unsafe to stay open.


The decision to close the practice has been passed


It won't report back before April 11th.


Existing patients have been told to re-register with a new GP


An appeal to raise nearly ?3 million to buy equipment


for a hospital cancer unit has reached the halfway stage.


The milestone was celebrated at Great Western Hospital


The Brighter Futures charity, which was set up to support


the hospital, has been behind the campaign.


At the moment cancer patients have to travel


to the nearest radiotherapy centre in Oxford for treatment.


Swindon and the Wiltshire community have got


right behind us within the


last 18 months and we have managed to smash that halfway point so


The momentum has built up in the last couple of months.


As a fundraising team we are just over


the moon to be able to say we are at the halfway point and it is


Children across our region have been making their own news today as part


We've spent the day with pupils at Oxford Spires Academy -


who've been learning about a new healthcare plan


Asthma - it affects nearly 5.5 million people


It's a condition that causes people to have a shortness of breath


and normally they will use inhalers to prevent asthma attacks.


Now a doctor in Oxford has made this action plan leaflet to help people


I haven't spent much time in central Oxford,


but when I came here I found many of the people


that I was looking after did not have


English as their first language and


I knew that these personalised


astham action plans saved lives and can


The leaflets have also been translated into ten


Latest figures show on average, three children in every


So do they think an action plan like this will work?


I think it will help other people around the world


because before if they were given the leaflet, they would not be able


to read it if it was not in their language.


Now it has been changed into their language so I think that


I have been given my own asthma action plan and that was in English.


I was really interested in trying to help people to have one in


their own language because I thought that was a really,


I know that the asthma action plan had really helped me and I wanted


to help other people and help as many people


So expect to see more of these leaflets


in a doctor's surgery near you in Oxfordshire.


I'm reporting for Oxford Spires Academy for BBC South Today.


A group of Swindon Town fans are hoping to become the first


in the country to own their teams' stadium - without buying


The Swindon supporters group have held


meetings with the council, which owns the County Ground,


about a one point one million pound bid.


Town are stuck in the League One relegation zone -


and many supporters are angry about the way the club is being run.


It's the big race of the Cheltenham Festival


Lizzie Kelly will become only the second women ever to take part.


Lizzie is 23 - and is one of only a handful of female jockeys


She'll be on board Tea for Two, trained by her


Damian Derrick has been to family yard to meet her.


I wanted to dress like a male jockey with all the right gear, the proper


riding out boots, proper britches and everything.


I had to do more to fit in and look right and look the


Lizzie hasn't just fitted in, she has stood out,


making her own piece of history along the way.


COMMENTATOR: A first ever grade one win in Britain


That win at the highest level in jump racing


15 months ago announced Lizzie on the big stage.


The confidence side of that was massive.


It set in stone where I was going and what I was


capable of and being able to say, look, I have won a grade one to


Despite her success, opportunities are limited for Lizzie.


Many owners and trainers are still reluctant to expose women


Although, long since used to being outnumbered in


the weighing room, she does understand the significance of being


the first female jockey in 33 years to ride in Gold Cup.


I think more than any other girl reference, I really get this one.


Riding in the Gold Cup is massive because it is such an elite race,


reserved for the best horses, the best trainers


In such illustrious company, Lizzie has more than proved she belongs.


More from Cheltenham later in the programme.


Now more of today's stories with Sally Taylor.


There aren't that many Tizzards around.


A chat with Dorset racehorse trainer Colin Tizzard,


who could be celebrating succuess in tomorrow's Gold Cup


A Hampshire toddler who is being treated in America for a


brain tumour is to fly home to continue his recovery.


Two-year-old Freddie Hunt had surgery at a hospital in Arizona


a month ago after a big fund raising campaign in his


Doctors have delayed a decision about whether he can go on to have


proton beam therapy - the procedure he was originally due


A short time ago, his father Dave told me how Freddie was doing.


Freddie's out of hospital as of two and a half weeks ago.


He's vomiting every day and has slight paralysis down


So we're giving him physical training to try and get


Because he's forgotten how to walk and stand up.


Most of the brain tumour has been removed, as I understand it.


But he's not had the proton beam therapy?


To put his body through anything else at this


current stage, I wouldn't like to say what the outcome would be.


He needs to get well, he needs to be doing things again.


So we don't want to push his body any more.


They took out a large section of the tumour on


the first operation, and the first operation was a success.


But he needs to get better before we move forward.


Many people might be overwhelmed by what you now face as a family.


But you seem remarkably positive about it?


Yeah, we will be bringing him home, which is a positive.


And he should have a full life, which again is a positive.


With the paralysis and not walking, we can teach him how


to walk we've got time on our hands now.


And is there still a chance that you might return to America to


have the proton beam therapy if he recovers well and he needs it?


We will be coming back here in a year's time almost to sign


But also to find out what's happening to the


You've kept in touch with supporters back home.


As you've said, you must be delighted that you


We've got two daughters still back in Yateley and we miss them dearly.


All the support that has been generated for Freddie


and continually is still going on, it's just overwhelming and we can't


Especially Team Freddie back in Yateley.


We hope to continue to keep you up-to-date with Freddie's progress.


Now, if you are going to work in the waste water business,


you've got to accept it's a dirty job.


But some of the new recruits to Thames Water are being spared


some of the sights and smells of the sewer network by training


But can it really beat hands-on experience?


You can even go skiing in virtual reality these days.


But how do you fancy popping down a sewer?


These engineers are not deep underground, they're training


for an emergence gas leak in the safety and comfort


For the millennial generation, this is all about gameification.


Immersing them in the right environment, and, you know,


let's be honest, you can be in a sewer, in an environment


without actually getting your feet wet.


The igloo trains the company's 1,300 operatives who work


on Thames Water's sewer network, without so much as a whiff


Trainees can be down here for up to half an hour walking


around the virtual sewer, encountering all sorts


The alternative would really just be sitting in a classroom and turning


The igloo shows a multitude of mainline movies, sure-fire hits


such as Sewer Lining, CCTV Surveying, and the


ultimate blockbuster, Blockage Investigations.


Usually you're sat in a classroom trying to learn it from them.


This, you actually get a real-life perspective of what it actually is.


Yes, I'm in this film somewhere, if you look.


It's as close as you would get to being in the real-life mainline.


Get to a safe atmosphere, and then remove your breathing apparatus.


And, yes, if they want, they can make its mall and there!


-- they can make it smell in there. That's the way to learn. Want to


sport and we will look ahead to tomorrow's Cheltenham Gold cup, and


meet the man who could be tasting Hull toasting success. But we don't


want to pre-empt it? We're meeting the man who's racing


fairytale is the talk of the sport. Dairy farmer Colin Tizzard


from Dorset will have two well fancied horses in tomorrow's


Cheltenham Gold Cup. It would have been three had


Thistlecrack not suffered an injury. So what's the secret


behind the success of one Alistair Durden has been


to Milborne Port to see Colin Tizzard leads a thriving yard


that earned ?1.5 million in prize There aren't that


many Tizzards around. There is still an air of modesty


about the former dairy farmer, who's become one


of Britain's's leading trainers. A short drive from his stables


are the picturesque gallops, He's come a long way since getting


his licence back in 1998. It's not an easy profession,


I'll tell you that. It is every morning,


seven days a week, every day So it's not easy, but I've got


to try and make sure Colin admits he's still getting used


to the spotlight his But his story is one racing has


fallen in love with. It's been a tremendous rise


from relative obscurity, and the fact that this story


is here in the grassroots of the British countryside,


it's fantastic for the sport. COMMENTATOR: There we go, three up.


Cue Card is down! 12 months ago, this fall denied


Cue Card and Tizzard Gold Cup glory. But the hugely popular 11-year-old


has picked himself up to have And then there's Native River,


who taken everyone by surprise. We thought if we had a horse good


enough to run in the Gold Cup, Then we suddenly


find this favourite. As for Colin Tizzard,


he's refusing to pick his favourite. Whatever the result,


he'll back in the yard first light A 23-year-old sailor from Guildford


will make history in the next edition of the Clipper Race,


the round the world challenge which is preparing


for its 11th edition. Nikki Henderson will be the youngest


sailor ever to lead a team. She's one of two female


skippers among the 12 teams Rob Graham from Angmering West


Sussex is among the other skippers for the event


which starts this summer. Four Southampton players have been


named in Gareth Southgate's England There are first call


ups to the senior squad for James Ward-Prowse


and Nathan Redmond, both have been They join established


internationals Fraser Forster and Ryan Bertrand for the matches


against Germany and Lithuania. More than two James. He's a told me


that his mum is a big view of South Today, so hello to her.


It's BBC School report day and there's been


plenty going on at schools across the South, including


at Oak Lodge in Hythe on the edge of the New Forest.


It caters for children with learning disabilities, and five


of the pupils wanted to explain what it was like to


The boys wanted to describe the challenges they face -


for example, Josh wanted to take part, but didn't feel


They also wanted to explain how they are treated by people


So School Report is giving them a voice -


I was really hypersensitive to stuff like that.


I didn't really get any of the support I needed.


I find it hard to actually do mainstream.


Mainly because of the size of the classes.


I got really nervous in there, because it was


The teacher said to the supply, Jamie's autistic.


And they said back, what does that mean?


I used to really find shopping for clothes hard.


One day the shop assistant came up to me and asked me to move.


And I just looked down and wouldn't say anything,


because I couldn't really do that at the time.


And then she went off to the security guard across the shop,


and I heard her say, if he didn't move in five


Before I got him, I was a really nervous wreck.


I don't like being outside the house.


Whenever I'm outside my house, I'm really, really anxious.


With him with me, it's a bit like having a stuffed animal, really.


So, in other words, you need to basically be kinder to them,


So if you're calling friends autistic all the time,


or memes on the Internet about autism, it detracts from


the fact that it is a disability and it does affect people.


And although autistic people can come across pompous


and arrogant and stuff, if you don't like them,


You don't have to be physically disabled to be taken


A lovely film, well then, boys. If you would like to go to our website,


you can find out a lot more about it there.


Onto the weather and Alexis is with us this evening as usual. Very foggy


this evening, and last night. And before Kaz lingered in many


places, especially the south coast. -- and the fog has lingered. We have


had a fair amount of cloud as well. Let's take a look at some of your


weather pictures. Maureen Coles photographed


the colourful flowers Ian Holloway took this picture


of a holly tree in the bright And Paul Godier took this picture


of the lingering fog in Boscombe. It certainly did. Foggy conditions


for many, and in parts of Sussex we saw blue skies overhead for much of


the day. Many of us having a lot of cloud. There may be light rain


through the course of the night. The band of cloud moves through with


patchy rain a possibility. Skies clear during the early hours of the


morning and temperatures will fall away to actually 2-3 Celsius.


Lovely, sunny conditions to start the day tomorrow. Through the


morning, cloud will thicken from the West and the winds will start to


increase. Through daylight hours it should stay mainly dry into tomorrow


evening. Then a band of rain will move in. Highs of 10-11 Celsius.


Tomorrow evening, the rain band ball moving. Mainly right -- like an


patchy for most. The breeze will be some foul strong. Milder tomorrow


night. A good deal of cloud through the course of the day on Saturday,


but we're hopeful Force and drier periods as well. There may be rain


at times. The rain is more likely towards the south-west. In the


south, we are likely to be sheltered but may see the odd burst here and


there. A fair amount of cloud with one or two brighter spells during


the course of Saturday daytime. The weekend as a whole will be quite


windy at times. There may be raining, but not everyone will have


it. Drier spells and a good deal of cloud over the weekend as a whole.


Here's your outlook through tomorrow, the weekend and into next


week. A good deal of cloud tomorrow, but brighter spells. The afternoon


will be mainly dry but cloudy. Rain tomorrow evening and tomorrow night.


Through Saturday and Sunday there may be some rain at times.


Strengthened through the weekend from the West. On Monday we will


have a fair amount of cloud with the chance of rain later.


Thank you very much for that. If you're a racing fan, all eyes on


Cheltenham and we will be their life. Make sure you join in at 6:30


tomorrow night. Thanks for watching, goodbye.


It was the most beautiful view I've ever been through.


For one second, I was swimming on my back, and I was looking to the sky.


I was swimming across the Aegean Sea.


I was a refugee, going from Syria to Germany.


MasterChef is back, to find the country's best home chef.


The MasterChef kitchen is alive once more. Come on, let's go!


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