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Six men will serve between six and eight years after a series


of raids on jewellers including in Oxford, Bicester


How highly organised, the military precision, and I think the sentences


reflect the severity of the crimes themselves.


Also, a way round the problem, thousands back a plan


And scientists say they've invented an artificial intelligence system


that can lip-read better than humans and it's thanks in part to BBC News.


And later on, a test of endurance on the Thames for the famous


newlyweds raising money to save part of the rainforest in Borneo.


A gang of men who stole more than ?3 million worth of jewellery


from shops right across Britain, including Oxford and Milton Keynes,


have today been jailed for a total of 47 years.


The men cycled to raids to avoid their cars being picked up


on number plate recognition systems and left traps so that the police


Armed with sledgehammers, they smash their way


into Goldsmith's jewellery shop in Oxford's Clarendon centre.


Caught on CCTV on New Year's Eve 2015 stuffing expensive


Suspects carried umbrellas to protect their identities,


and this man in the high visibility jacket used a wheelie bin to carry


This Romanian crime gang targeted 11 jewellery stores across the country.


Today they've been sentenced at Stoke on Trent Crown Court


to a total of 47 years for conspiring to commit burglaries.


The gang used delay tactics to prevent the police from getting


Here they set up metal cables between the lamposts


and at the other end of Queens Street.


The barricade prevented police from reaching the Clarendon Centre


It's a tactic they used across the country in raids netting


The gang launched their spree in Milton Keynes in November 2015


targeting the Fraser Hart jewellers in Centre MK.


They started a fire and padlocked a chain across the road to delay


They also carried out a burglary on the Mont Blanc store


That level of criminality, how highly organised,


military precision of how they actually executed,


sophistication and planning around it, clearly not acceptable


within the United Kingdom and I think the sentencing


reflects the severity of the crimes themselves.


The burglars cycled to some of the jobs to avoid being


Today they're beginning prison sentences ranging from six and half


One further man is due to be sentenced later this month.


A five-year-old boy who died in a stabbing in Faringdon


Tyler Warmington suffered knife wounds to the chest in the incident


A 40-year-old woman who was arrested at the scene has been released


A former Formula one motor racing driver from Oxford has failed


to get a driving ban for speeding overturned.


Susie Wolff, who drove for Williams between 2012 and 2015,


was caught doing 35 miles per hour in a 30 zone.


Oxford Crown Court heard she already had nine points on her licence.


She was banned for six months last November.


More than 3000 people have signed a petition calling for a trunk road


At the moment commuters travelling to London Bicester and other


destinations are having to drive through the middle of the town.


Residents say the problem is getting worse as more homes are built.


Traffic, often a daily nightmare for drivers across Aylesbury.


You never know how long it's going to take you to get to work.


Some days it's 20 minutes, a journey which should take 20


minutes can take you up to two hours.


Kevin says commuters are having to travel through rather


Any hiccups, like a burst watermain on the A41 last week,


More than 30,000 homes are planned for Aylesbury


over the next 16 years, and that means more cars.


A relief road has already been built in the west, paid


Another one in the east would depend on new houses there too.


Kevin started an online petition a week ago.


So just tell me exactly where you want the trunk road to be.


The A41 dual carriageway just the south of town,


needs be extended all the way around to the north of the town


over Bierton, around the north of the town,


skirting the new developments and then joining back up with the A41.


Reality is, it's only through the link road


because a trunk road would cost far, far more money and we


So we're doing what's deliverable, what's affordable, and actually


One councillor says an answer can't come quick enough.


She says the area's been gridlocked four times in the past three weeks.


I don't know if it's realistic or optimistic, but it's


definitely something that needs to be looked at.


There's got to be some highway improvements.


With no solution on the horizon, drivers and other residents


The Cotswolds MP has warned the Prime Minister that she's facing


defeat over a new funding formula for schools.


Conservative Geoffrey Clifton-Brown has spoken out against


It comes as a new report by the Educational Policy Institute


warns that changes over the next few years will leave almost


One thing you can't fail to notice if you travel


to the Cheltenham Festival are the number of ticket touts,


both in town and at the entrance to the racecourse.


It's been a huge source of complaints, and this year


It does seem if you haven't got a ticket for the races,


getting one on the streets isn't a problem.


Tickets, anyone want tickets, tickets?


We saw plenty of people offering tickets and selling.


Something which isn't illegal but you do need a licence.


If you want to sell anything on the street, whether that be


tickets or if you've got anything, you need a street trading licence.


And from the work we've done this week, we know that the majority


of the touts out there don't have a street trading licence


or a pedlar's certificate from the police authority to sell.


So they are, the majority of them are selling illegally.


For the first time people suspected of ticket touting in Cheltenham


are being targetted by police and licencing teams.


He didn't have a pedlar's certificate which is an offence,


as a result we seized one ticket from him.


We seized that as the police and we've passed his details


onto the borough council who will make a decision


This man near the race course admitted selling tickets


If you fail to have a peddler certificate,


Officials at the racecourse say complaints about ticket touts


are high up the list, and with the problem of often


overpriced and some fake tickets, the time has come to do


We want our racegoers to come here and have an enjoyable time,


not be pestered by the nuisance and sometimes pretty aggressive


Not surprisingly, nobody suspected of touting that we spoke to wanted


to be interviewed on camera, although one man did tell me


he was upset his honest trade was being targetted,


but others were legitimate, like this man who had


But as the crackdown has gone on this week,


many of those suspected of being ticket touts


They've adapted, they've seen us out on the street,


we've spoken to them, given them the warnings


They've had information in paperwork.


But they are still out and no doubt they are still selling.


This year was a soft approach, a warning to the touts.


But the racecourse says they eventually want to try


Scientists have developed a machine that can lip-read with more


And Oxford United fan who had been suffering from cancer but who


travelled from America to see the club play last year has died. The


club and fans are planning tributes to him.


Scientists have developed a machine that can lip-read with more


Researchers at Oxford University used lip movements from thousands


of hours of BBC news programmes including Breakfast,


Here's our technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones.


At the Action for Hearing Loss charity, Edward is trying


to have a conversation with a colleague.


With lots of noise coming into the office from the street,


his lip-reading skills come in useful.


It can be very hard as well because sometimes some words can


sound the same or could be lip-read the same, and so it's


all about getting into context and seeing what people actually talk


But in Oxford, research is under way to teach computers


It's involved training an artificial intelligence system using thousands


So the box around the lips is the region that the AI system is seeing.


Joon Son Chung, whose project this is, shares Edward's view


So lip-reading is a very difficult problem because there are visual


For example pat, bat and mat are visually identical.


By endlessly watching clips of Breakfast, Newsnight and other


BBC News programmes, the computer teaches


What the system does is learn things that occur together.


So in this case they're the mouth shapes and the characters,


and what the likely upcoming characters are, given


Let's try it with some words it already understands.


The Prime Minister is at a European Union summit.


Now, the system has heard those words in that context before


But to get better, it will have to chew through a lot more data.


There's a long way to go but the hearing loss charity


This would help people with when they're watching


subtitles on television, this will help people when they're


out and about in very noisy environments and it's by no means


technology that will replace a professional lip-reader.


It's something that would very much support professional lip-readers


to improve the accuracy of the work that they do.


Right now the technology only works on full sentences in recorded clips.


The next stage is to make it work live.


But first the computer is going to be watching


I'm very self-conscious suddenly about the way my lips are moving!


Stay with us for weather details with Sam Fraser.


The windy weekend to come and the kickers in the Grand Slam match in


Dublin tomorrow will be advised that the wind is coming from the West.


She's one of the world's most infamous serial killers.


It's believed Amelia Dyer murdered as many as 400


A family in Reading has made an extraordinary discovery


Our Home Affairs Correspondent Peter Cooke has been investigating.


I was born in the bedroom just here. This is where we uncovered something


we didn't expect to. A clearout of a family loft


led Richard Anderson Inside materials used by Victorian


serial killer Amelia Dyer. Materials which helped Richard's


relative arrest her. When I found out that my


great-great-grandfather was the detective who arrested her, we put


two and two together and realised what a grisly thing we had up in the


loft. He's now donated it


to Thames Valley Police's Museum. This was the address of Amelia,


which was from a previous marriage. This is very macabre. This is the


tape that was used to strangle her victim.


Helena Fry just one of hundreds of victims.


A lack of social support for single mothers led to the creation


People acting as fostering agents to take care of children.


There was a trade going on. How much would it cost to kill a child?


Anywhere between ?5 and ?80. Amelia Dyer used to advertise her


services in local papers but killed many of the infants given


to her within days. If the mother paid a weekly fee, the


child would more likely survive. But if she paid a one-off premium it was


effectively a death sentence. Dyer never fully


admitted what she did. As recounted by crime writer


Angela BuckleyHer crimes resonated Her accounts left no doubt that she


was guilty of the murders. And her crimes resonated throughout


the country. The idea of women killing anyone was


shocking but killing babies was beyond the pale. Victorian residence


of Caversham were particularly horrified by the events on their


doorstep. Amelia Dyer was a mother


who became known as a monster. She was hanged for her "baby


farming" murders in 1896. Extraordinary story. On to support


no hand, my goodness, it was a great Gold Cup race. I don't know if you


were watching it. And the same outcome as last year.


There was to be no fairy tale for


In fact they saw a remarkable moment as history repeated


Kris Temple is live at the course, Kris, high hopes for the Tizzard


runners, but the champagne corks popping elsewhere tonight.


Yes, 12 months ago we were stood here and it was about as cold as it


is now and we were hoping it would be Cue Card for Colin Tizzard. But


it was not Cue Card's here again. His warrior like attitude mean the


public are fallen in love with him but unfortunately for Cue Card,


falling was again the story of the day.


Both of Colin Tizzard's horses had questions to answer ahead of the


race. In one of the most wide-open Gold cups for years, racegoers were


split. I think Cue Card this year.


He seems to be the People's horse. I think so. He missed his chance


last year so we will what happens. Native River. Colin Tizard -- Colin


Tizzard has a strong hand. Cue Card. I bet on him last year and


am looking to get my money back this year.


He took them along in the early stages. Last year, Cue Card fell


three from the finish as the race hotted up. 12 months on at the same


fence, with the temperature increasing, Cue Card again came a


cropper again. He has fallen again! Cue Card falls


for the second year running. The trainer's course just pipped by


the winner, native John. I'm sad that Cue Card fell but he is


absolutely fine. Paddy is fine so there's no reason why we can't have


another day. That might be the end of Cue Card's


career but for the second year in a row, the people's darling found that


fence just a step too far. You heard, to there from John Hunt,


who joins us now. Was Cue Card is going to be the favourite before he


fell? I would love to say yes but I think


you are starting to feel the pinch. Unlike last year when he was the


favourites, he was only six at best this year. Sad to see but I don't


think it would have happened anyway. Do you think we will see him back


for another go at this? I think that is hard to see. The


finishers were all seven-year-olds and he is 12. It is a young man's


game. I would love to see him but I somehow doubt it.


And a word for Native River. He has done well, the Welsh


National, a real terrier. I called him the prize fighter and he was


there all the way but couldn't quite sustain it. What a super horse. Only


seven, he could go on to greater things.


I'm sure we will see Native River here again. Will we see Cue Card? We


asked Colin Tizzard how he would relax and he said he was for a few


pints of Guinness for St Patrick's Day. The gauges is out I did not get


your message, Sally, to put your bet on so you have saved a few pounds.


The Football League weekend kicks off tonight with Reading's trip


to Sheffield Wednesday in the Championship.


the table but coming off defeat at Preston last week.


Sheffield Wednesday are just a place below them.


Defenders Liam Moore and Paul McShane could both


Reading have struggled in recent weeks but the manager


We are in the position we are now because we played well


Of course you want to win every game but we are realistic as well.


We are not in a position to say we can beat everybody.


The thing is, in how we played in the last couple of games,


the games we lost as well, is the mistakes we made,


not because the other teams were better than us.


As well as that big clash at Hillsborough tonight,


Brighton have a tricky test at a Leeds side who are


The Premier League action sees Bournemouth host Swansea at 5:30.


Another win for the Cherries and they'd see


Among the league one fixtures Oxford hope to close the gap


on the top six when they host Scunthorpe and Portsmouth go


for a fourth consecutive away win as they keep up the pressure


Follow al the games, across BBC platforms tomorrow


including live commentary on local radio.


Dorset golfer Georgia Hall made a stunning start to the world ladies


The 20-year-old player, who has recently changed her clubs,


shot a first round of 67, that's six under par to lead


the event which has a total prize pot of half a million pounds.


Well done and keep it going over the remaining two rounds.


Can you imagine how I would have felt if I had picked the winner and


he had not put my ticket on. Now, staying with sport,


Olympic golden girl, Helen Glover, has already proved she's got what it


takes in the world of rowing. Luckily help is at hand


from her TV presenter Together the couple are taking


on one of the toughest contests on the water -


paddling nonstop along the Thames It's all to raise money to a cause


very close to their hearts - Early morning on the Thames


and this husband and wife Wildlife presenter Steve Backshall


has been kayaking since he was 13. When the day is like today


and it is blue skies and sunshine all you want to do is get


on the water but so far we have had In the dark, at night,


early in the morning. It's horrible,


it's absolutely horrible. Olympic rower Helen Glover has


certainly proved her skills on the water but canoeing


through the night from Devizes to Westminster will be like nothing


she has done before. I'm used to racing a seven minute


race and this is going to be, So it is entirely different and that


has been part of the fun of it because I've been trying to perfect


a sport for ten years. I've been trying to be the best


in the world at it and this This is trying to learn a sport


within about six weeks. The race starts 125 miles upstream


from here and en route competitors must carry their canoes around


77 locks in a feat that has been compared to the equivalent


of running a marathon with a boat When you hear that around a quarter


of those who started last time didn't make it to the finish line,


you understand why many describe This mossy forest is one of the most


mystical environments on the planet. Steve Backshall has toughed it out


before around the world and closer This time he is competing with


Helen to raise funds to buy an area of rainforest in Borneo to stop it


being turned into It's this gallery forest that runs


alongside a river and stretches At present it functions


as a perfect wildlife corridor, a way that pygmy elephants


and orangutans and proboscis monkeys can move around and disburse


between two environments. But it is under threat


and it will be cut down We saw this opportunity


and we thought we have to do a big challenge if we are going to raise


enough money to make a difference. But also for me, coming off


the back of an Olympic year, a challenge like this gives me


a goal, keeps me focused. The couple have just four weeks


left before the embark You can't see much more about that


challenge on our Facebook page. Time for the weather. I've saved a bit of


money, he has made a lot of money and it is your birthday. I wonder


where that could go. At ?10 will buy where that could go. At ?10 will buy


me a glass of Pacifico. A stunning start to the day


in Bournemouth, captured here by Viktoria Korosi


but it wasn't long before This is the weir at Durweston,


thanks to Tony Gaffney. St Patrick's Day donned bright with


some sunshine but it wasn't long before the cloudy and windy weather


came in. You will really notice that westerly breeze as the wind picks


up. But it shouldn't be too cold under the cloudy skies. And we stay


largely dry. Tomorrow dawns cloudy and breezy. Temperatures are mild


and other cloudy skies. As we go through Saturday evening, we keep


the cloud and the winds. You are going to notice those strong


westerlies tomorrow evening but we are at least try again and with mild


temperatures. As we head into Sunday, the cloudy and mail team


continues. We will start to see strong winds, especially through the


coast, so you will notice those and may just see some rain loan and on


those westerly winds. Mostly dry before the evening before a band of


rain makes its way into our patch. For the weekend, a big sporting


weekend, Saturday is mainly dry but it will be very windy so anybody


kicking a football or a rugby ball will need to bear that in mind.


Sunday we stay cloudy. Mainly dry but the chance of rain later. Breezy


as well. Monday is a cooler of fear. It will be cloudy but it will also


be showery. On Tuesday, skies brightened, when disease and we see


some sunshine and that should stay until the middle of the week.


It is getting colder. That is all from us. I don't know what sport you


are watching but I know what I am doing. Only one place to be. The


rugby. Enjoy your weekend. Goodbye. It was the most beautiful view


I've ever been through. For one second, I was swimming on my


back, and I was looking to the sky. I was swimming across


the Aegean Sea. I was a refugee,


going from Syria to Germany. This is my life, my career!


I did not frame him. This is my life, my career!


I did not frame him.


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