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Hello, welcome to South Today. and now on BBC One, let's


In tonight's programme, has passion to save health services


Market researchers claim they were intimidated by people


in Banbury as they carried out interviews about changes to the NHS.


Also, the police officer who has died after being critically injured


stopping a stolen car four years ago.


The driver may now face further charges.


And later on, ready for take-off: the company that has won


multi-million pound backing to develop a workable flying car.


A market research company has refused to return


to Banbury after alleging its staff were intimidated.


consultation on planned changes at the Horton Hospital.


The plans and the consultation process, which ends on Sunday,


Adina Campbell has been finding out how divisive the issue has become.


This was one many protests last year before maternity services


were temporarily downgraded at Banbury's Horton hospital due


But more changes could be on the way - including fewer births in Banbury


Adding to more controversy about the hospital's future.


It's claimed this intimidating behaviour took place


here in Banbury last month, where this market research company


had been doing face-to-face interviews with people


here in the town about proposed changes to the Horton Hospital.


As a result, the company claims of its staff had been intimidated.


It says it informed the police as well as Oxfordshire clinical


commissioning group, where it said it would not be coming


back to angry again to do this kind of survey.


I'm concerned that they're intimidated,


The reason being that we are really passionate about our health.


It's certainly created a lot of controversy,


If people feel strongly enough about something,


Campaigners have criticised the consultation process but deny


We approached the group to find out what they were doing,


They said they were carrying out a survey, but we couldn't take part


Angry comments have also been written on the campaign


nears its end, some doctors have raised concerns about what it


describes as "potential intimidation" if they're known


Of course it's awful if people feel intimidated,


and it's very important that they are able to give


their views, particularly those with real knowledge of the system.


They can always do that via me, and via my questionnaire,


The consultation ends on Sunday and a judicial


For now, the Horton's future is still controversial and unclear.


A 50-year-old man from Swindon has been arrested on suspicion


of murder following the death of a baby.


The 3-month-old was taken to the Great Western Hospital


ten days ago, but died at Bristol Children's


A postmortem examination is due to be carried out this week.


The man had previously been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.


A woman from Milton Keynes has been jailed for seven years


after she was found guilty of having sex with underage boys.


38-year-old Amanda Tomkins admitted a number of sexual offences


activity with a male under the age of 16.


She was sentenced to a total of seven years


A former Thames Valley Police officer who was critically injured


four years ago when he tried to stop the driver of a stolen car


PC Gareth Browning had needed constant care


28-year-old Luke Haywood was jailed for nine years -


Earlier, Joe Campbell told me what happened four years ago.


Police were here on that November evening, trying to stop a stolen car


which had been taken just a few days earlier.


PC Gareth Browning was here on the road using what's called


a stop stick to try and pierce the tyres of the car


Instead, he was hit and thrown into the air, suffering


catastrophic head injuries, which resulted in brain damage.


Now, he was placed in a medically induced coma at the time


to try and save his life, and he didn't actually


But ever since then, frankly he suffered life changing injuries.


And finally after several years of actually having very serious,


care that he needed to receive, he passed away on the 1st of April,


Thames Valley Police say they'll be talking


Well, the car that night was being driven by Luke Haywood.


He was described at the time as a career criminal.


In fact, he was on day release at the actual time


And he drove just a short distance away from here,


where he dumped the car on a nearby suburban street.


He was, however, arrested and subsequently was taken


to Reading Crown Court, where he was jailed for nine years


Now, the situation is that Thames Valley Police are now waiting


to see what the outcome is of any postmortem examination.


It's no doubt, of course, that Gareth Browning's life


was changed by what happened here that night.


The question now is did his injuries result in his death?


Dependent upon any postmortem examination, the police


now want to go back to the Crown Prosecution Service


and see if they can actually bring fresh charges against Luke Haywood.


The problem is that because PC Gareth Browning survived for three


years, and also because Luke Haywood has already been dealt


with by the courts, the only way they can do that is by getting


250 troops have flown out of RAF Brize Norton to join


They'll be selling with others from France and Denmark.


in the country in the largest deployment of Nato troops


Andrew Plant has sent this report from Brize Norton.


Hundreds of pairs of British bids on the move, brought in by bus to Brize


Norton this morning from their base camp in Bulford. Their ride was


already waiting on the runway as the UK moves troops into the Baltic


state of Estonia, part of an international force, a demonstration


of strength to their Russian neighbour. There's a series of


measures that Nato are activating at the moment in order to deter that


Russian adventurism that we have seen in recent years. The deployment


of the battle groups is an element of that. The 250 troops flying out


of here today will join a similar amount already in Estonia.


Eventually, there will be 800 UK troops there. The country's largest


contribution to a major deployment since the end of the Cold War. -- a


Nato deployment. It's not just troops. Lastly, these heavy duty


Green machines headed out ahead by boat. -- last week. Vehicle


supporting the 1100 soldiers being stationed in Estonia for the next


eight months. Estonian troops, French troops, American troops.


Different nations, taking out exercises in Poland as well. It's


important that we all bound together, show solidarity if nothing


else. British troops will make up the bulk of the Nato force there,


joined by French, Estonian and Danish soldiers, too. Essentially,


they are called and enhanced forward presence. They are, though, a


warning against any form of hostile action in the area.


There are still long delays around Oxford following a lorry fire


Emergency services were called to the scene at midday.


The driver escaped and no-one was injured and the lorry


but one lane remains closed northbound between the Hinksey


Delays are stretching back for seven miles.


As the charity Oxfordshire MIND celebrates its fiftieth year it's


calling for more housing for people with mental health problems.


A shortage of supported housing and affordable homes means many


Or in hospital wards for longer than needed.


26-year-old Peter from Oxford suffers from bipolar disorder.


He was discharged from a mental health hospital six months ago,


and is now supported by Oxfordshire Mind to live


It's been good to have liberty and be free


to independent life, because it's very


The thing about recovery is you need to, each individual, move forward,


if we haven't got the space to move people forward they're


The charity's celebrating its 50th anniversary and says a lots


Here in Oxfordshire, the number of people being sent out


of county for treatment is at a record low, but its chief


executive says there's still a shortage of housing.


We have a waiting list of people wanting to come into our housing,


Also people who are ready to move on, but there is no available


housing. We need more affordable homes,


more bed spaces, council needs to make more space available,


simple fact is looking after people in that way is much


cheaper than having them There is huge pressure


for new homes across the board, and Mind has been involved


in the design of the new Barton development on the edge of Oxford,


with plenty of open spaces and communal areas to improve


people's wellbeing. While there is more on offer now


for people with mental health problems than there was 50 years


ago, there is still a lack of money and charities are sceptical


about promises from government A 12-year-old boy has


become the youngest person ever to play the organ


for an Oxford University college. Louis Moss, from Chipping Norton,


has only been playing the organ for just over a year -


but he's gained a scholarship to play the instrument


at Jesus College, where he will Lucy Bickerton has been to see him


practicing in the college's chapel. Louis has certainly struck the right


note with the college, and alongside his school work,


will be an organ scholar Although still in practice mode,


it won't be long until he's performing up on the balcony,


with an audience below. At the moment I've just been pulling


out stops and turning pages and helping out


with the undergraduate But next term I'll be


playing a few hymns and a voluntary, a Bach Voluntary,


which will be great. Louis first began learning


the difference between an octave and a melody at the age of six


when he took up playing the piano, but at his local church he made


the next step onto the organ. It's thought he's only one of 750


young people in the UK The scholarship could help boost


the number of people playing They don't have to be older chaps


looking rather smart, but they can just be young,


fun people who are enjoying an amazing instrument


and all the possibilities His enthusiasm and


commitment is great. The whole issue for us is to try


and encourage people from local state schools to see Jesus College,


to see Oxford as a place Looking ahead, where does Louis see


this opportunity taking him? I do think I would like to take


a musical career path but not necessarily on the organ perhaps


composing or conducting For now, it's practice,


practice, practice. And in the coming months,


Louis will become the youngest known person to play the organ


for an Oxford College. I'll have the headlines at 8pm


and a full bulletin at 10:30pm. The grant from the Coastal


Communities fund will go Stay with us to hear how a Hampshire


amateur golfer's off to tee with some of the best in the game


at the US Masters in Nicola came from Andover is one of


750,000 people in the UK affected by an eating disorder. His anorexia was


so severe that at one stage she ended up in intensive care. But


Nicola has found an unusual way to fight back. She has turned to


body-building, and last weekend took top prize in a national obsession.


This report includes a graphic image of Nicola when she was very


underweight. Nicola suffered from anorexia, and nearly lost her life


to this illness. It was a surprise victory. I remember them calling out


my number, and I just froze. The girl next to me was knocking me. I


was so overwhelmed, I was an emotional wreck, really. I was


squeezing my husband's hand, saying do you think she will do it? And


when she did, wow. She was shocked as well. It was just a wow moment,


it really was. From the age of 16, Nicola King, now 24, had anorexia.


More than two years she was in and out of hospital, at times close to


death. Even at that point, I was convinced I did not need help. I


would pull out the tubes when they tried to feed me. When you have


reached the stage when you are in hospital and your child, you are


told that she might not survive the night, purely because we took her to


hospital. If we had not taken to hospital, she would not be with us.


This was no overnight transformation. Although still


desperately ill, in 2013, Nicola boarded a flight to Mexico and spent


three months on her own, gradually starting to eat. It is a date she


remembered with a tattooed. When she was stronger she started to go to


the gym, and last year she took up body-building. If I can show people


that I can do it, then hopefully they can see there is light at the


end of the tunnel. Anorexia you see nothing but death. Does it scare


you, how close you came to that? It does now. At the time, I didn't feel


anything. I think the fact that three thoughts in my head, I nearly


a VAT on my life. An inspiring story.


Now, a big night for the promotion chasing teams.


Absolutely, we have got Redding in action. Brighton are trying to inch


ever closer to the holy Grail, which is automatic promotion to the


Premier League. We will be at both grounds at the moment. But I love


this sporting week of the year. It is the first golf major.


Waterlooville golfer Scott Gregory will tee it up with the greatest


golfers in the world at this week's US Masters.


The 22-year-old secured a golden ticket to three of golf's majors


by winning the British amateur title last year.


We caught up with him at his home club, Corhampton Golf Club


in the Meon Valley, before he left for Augusta.


Scott Gregory's life changed when he became


First he played in the Open Championship.


Now, he's preparing for the US Masters at the lush surroundings


I've watched a lot of stuff on YouTube, I've got all the pins


from the last four years for each day, so I know roughly


where the pins will be because actually they don't change


them too much each year, which is quite interesting.


So I've got a good idea where I need to be practising to.


22-year-old Scott, who plays at Corhampton Golf Club,


has his own Open Championship experience to fall back on.


At the Open, I have never been so nervous in my life.


But you have almost got to convince yourself that I've just hit five


of these on the range and all of them went down


the middle, so there's no reason why this one can't.


It will be the same at the Masters, I just have to focus on the spot


and blank out everything else, and just hit the shot like I would


He'll find a fellow Hampshire man on the field at Augusta.


I'm going to ask if I can play him in the par three, or something.


Just to be able to mix with people like that, like Rose,


they are out there doing what I want to do for


Just to get to speak to them and see what makes them so good,


First aim is to make the cup, and once I've made that,


To be playing in one of the most select tournaments in the world


at one of the most glamorous locations is a dream, but Scott


And Scott will play with former Masters winner Sandy Lyle


and American Sean O'Hare in his opening two rounds.


The event is live on BBC television Saturday and Sunday night. There is


also coverage on five live for the whole week.


The race for the Premier League resumes tonight with both Brighton


The Albion are getting closer to a return to the top flight


for the first time since 1983, while Reading have the


In a moment we'll hear from Tim Dellor at The Madejski


stadium, but first, Johnny Cantor previews Brighton's home


Step-by-step and little by little, the seagulls seem to be edging


closer to Premier League football for the first time in their history.


Saturday certainly felt like a pivotal day in the chase for


automatic promotion, but the site will have to back it up with a wind


against Birmingham city this evening. 20 clean sheet has been the


foundation for success this season. There are matchwinners as well. As


for the visitors this evening, Birmingham City have only won twice


under their manager, and that is since he joined back in December


last year. Elsewhere in the championship this evening, Redding


take on back Rovers. Tim della previews this for us.


Redding have been in terrific form a this season. 13 wins the sofa,


including the one on Saturday against Leeds. Tonight it is back


burner, who lost to Brighton at the weekend. And for Redding, the


opportunity to go third. It is all about reaching the play-offs and it


does not seem too far away now for Chamakh reading. Another giant step


in that direction. "Here At 8pm. It's one year to the day


until the Commonwealth Games begin on Australia's Gold Coast,


and later this week South Today will be meeting the Bournemouth-based


players hoping to be Britain's first male representatives in beach


volleyball at a games. We caught up with Jake Sheaf


and Chris Gregory at training today. As you can see, they have got a


weatherproof environment to work in. It be a lot nicer on the Coast,


though. Yes, it will be a good event to cover. Hand eye coordination,


beach volleyball is not for me. So, what's the best way to get young


people interested in art? Hold an exhibition in a school,


and then throw it open That's the thinking behind a huge


display in Godalming, made up of hundreds


of painting and sculptures. Let's join Alexis Green


who is at Prior's Field School. Yes, around 650 pieces of artwork


here in Surrey, made all over the country, from this beautiful


ammonite in Norfolk, to this large eagle, which was produced in Wales.


Here at Prior's Field School near Godalming in Surrey


is one of the largest art exhibitions outside London.


Inside the school has around 500 works of art, but outside,


It's in its 22nd year, and a couple from Hazelmere who made


that possible are Evelyn and Gwyn Phillips.


As you have said, there's a lot of sculpture,


and in fact many of the sculptors are members


We are standing alongside one of the most prestigious,


which is Sarabande by Philip Jackson.


What is going on inside the building, Evelyn?


Inside the building we have got a wonderful exhibition,


and an incredible eclectic mix of paintings, sculptures


What is nice about this exhibition is that families are welcome,


it is free of charge, and people bring their friends to mix and see


I have just been told that the artwork is selling like hot cakes at


the moment, so do get down here. It is open from 10am - 4pm until Easter


Sunday. She has always got her eye on a


bargain! Absolutely.


Just 30 seconds long, showing a robin landing on a mother's hand


But the story, and the emotions behind it, are so powerful that over


ten million people have now watched it via Facebook.


One brave little robin, and a moment that reduced


The robin appeared by the grave of Jack Robinson, who died


He is on the right here with his brother Liam.


Three years ago, Jack developed a brain tumour and died


A few days ago, we were coming up to Jack's third


anniversary of him passing, and I said, "Jack, if there's


anything you can show Mummy, today would be a really good one",


so I came up, sat down next to him, and with that I had a robin.


Marie put her camera into video mode, and this is what she got.


Marie posted the film on her Facebook page three days ago.


This afternoon, the number of views passed 10 million,


and messages have come in from all over the world,


many from people who have been through similar bereavements.


To me, when we see a robin, that's Jack.


If we have gone on holiday, we have had a robin land at our table.


If we have gone walking, we have had a robin sitting on a bench.


What an extraordinary story. And capturing that moment on your camera


phone, you have always got to be opposed. Dash-macro poised.


Susan Hutchins took this picture of Guildford Castle in the sunshine.


Hamworthy was looking beautiful in the spring sunshine -


thanks to Amanda Farrell for this one.


And there was some spring colour at Burnham Beeches for David Dixon.


Alexis is in amongst the sculptures this evening. What have we got to


look forward to? It is looking fairly good over the


next few days. This is my favourite sculpture, a lady blowing in the


wind. The wind was fairly brisk today. You can see a clearance of


cloud was the north and east, and that clearing sky is going to push


further south and east overnight flight, allowing temperatures to


fall away in the countryside with lows of two or three Celsius. In


urban areas, temperatures will drop to 5-7 C, so quite a chilly start to


the day tomorrow, but with clear skies tonight, it means lovely blue


skies tomorrow morning. A lovely start to the day. Temperatures will


ride through the afternoon to 11-13 Celsius with plenty of sunshine.


During the latter part of the morning, cloud will still south and


turned the sunshine hazy, so the best of the sunshine will be fought


southern coastal counties and the Isle of Wight in the afternoon.


Feeling pleasant in any sheltered spots in the sunshine. Tomorrow


11-13 C, slightly above today. 11-13 C, slightly above today.


Through tomorrow night, the cloud will increase and we will see the


chance of some outbreaks of mainly light and patchy rain, with


temperatures falling away to 6-8 C. Temperatures slightly lower in the


countryside. Here is the outlook for the rest of the week. A fairly


cloudy start to the day, the cloud will thin and break through the


morning, leaving sunny conditions, though further cloud will fill in


tomorrow evening. The rest of the week will start on a cloudy note,


but it will brighten up in the afternoons. Over the weekend along


the coast there will be a sea breeze. Inland, height of 16


Celsius. Thank you. It is a shame you are


missing tomorrow, because we have got kids learning to play snooker


and they are really good. That's it for this evening. We are


back with the headlines at 8pm and a full programme at 10:30pm. Good




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