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In tonight's programme: The mystery of the body in the woods.


Why a coroner can't conclude how a woman found on fire


Also: ten years since the world saw how they paid respects,


people in Royal Wootton Basset reflect on those repatriation days.


The Power Taylor here the story have a full-size caravan made from Lego


bricks. The family of a woman whose badly


burnt body was found in woodland may Gillian Knock died from smoke


inhalation near the Stately Home of Hughenden manor in


Buckinghamshire last November. But the case is far


from straightforward. At the inquest, a coroner


said he was unable to establish if she planned


to set herself alight. This photo was taken last


November, a few days While she appears to be


happy, today's inquest in Beaconsfield heard


she was going through A statement from her partner


Andy Martin revealed she'd left a note at home saying she couldn't


cope and needed some space. Later on that day, a dog-walker


spotted a fire in land Fire crews were called, they


discovered the 64-year-old's body. A postmortem showed there was soot


in Gillian Knock's airways, which means she was breathing


when the fire started. They also found white


spirit on her clothing, Ms Knock's family and friends said


the hearing gave some answers The inquest couldn't


explain how one of her legs Also potential witnesses


who were seen in the woods that evening have yet to come


forward to police. Police said there were no broken


branches or signs of a person being dragged to suggest Ms Knock


had been taken In his narrative conclusion,


the coroner said the evidence didn't suggest a third party was involved


in Gillian Knock's death. But Crispin Butler said


he couldn't be sure if it was the result of a suicidal act


or an accidental one. A group of squatters in Oxford


are facing eviction from a third The Open House movement has now


set up home in a vacant They've previously occupied


a former car showroom in Iffley and a disused power


station in Osney. Today they've been served


with another court order, forcing It's been a winter of moving


from place to place, but this group of homeless people


in Oxford say at least they haven't Iffley Open House started


up when 23 squatters They then moved to a disused


power station in Osney. Both times they faced court action


to get them to leave. Now they're facing eviction


for a third time, from this building in South Parade in Oxford,


which used to be a restaurant. But campaigners say empty properties


should be put to use. It seems a shame to leave


the building empty when there is an Until we can build on the green


belt, we can extend, until we wait for some of the laws to be


changed or get everybody together to realise that more houses need to be


built, then this is going The group claims that


Iffley Open House has been a success story -


seven homeless people in the group now have jobs,


two have been rehoused. A lot of these people,


when they end up on the street, What you need to do is build them up


and give them a sense of purpose, But should people be


squatting in empty homes? It's unfair to the owner,


if they wreck the place. Why shouldn't somebody stay


in the building when But on the other


hand, if you owned a building and you were unable to use


that building because people were squatting in it, then


I think that's wrong. If the building is not


being used, then yes. Because it technically can


save somebody's life. The group has now two days to leave


this building or risk being arrested We tried to contact the owner here,


but haven't yet received a response. A driver remains in hospital


after a serious crash Two lorries collided just after four


o'clock this morning. A second driver was released


from hospital this afternoon. The road was shut for


most of the day whilst Five days of strike action has been


announced at the BMW plants The industrial action is over


plans to close the final The union UNITE says manufacturing


will be "significantly disrupted" BMW says it has a number of options


on the table to help employees with any changes,


and is open to further talks. An Oxford firm which is developing


technology for driverless cars has given the public the chance to test


the new pods for the first time. Oxbotica has taken a prototype


shuttle to a route near to Five cameras and three


lasers help guide the pod 100 people will be able to try it


out over the next three weeks, and the system could be up


and running within two years. He got to understand how they're


going to be integrated into a smart city environment. But they be able


to help reduce congestion? But they held improve our air quality? Will


allow us to make better use of space? Whether we can see this


technology in areas of Greenwich identified as like this, where maybe


we don't want petrol or diesel cars to run.


A decade after the bodies of servicemen and women killed


overseas were first taken through their town, the people


of Royal Wooton Bassett have been reflecting on that period


and the way they chose to pay their respects.


They lined the streets as the bodies were taken from RAF Lyneham


to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.


Since 2011, repatriations have been moved to Brize Norton.


A moment of silence, remembrance, respect.


Captured by many cameras and broadcast around the world.


That silence and the first hearses coming up, that never leaves


you and you finish shooting with a sense of numbness


The town carried out 167 services, but they started spontaneously.


The coffins began passing through regularly in 2007,


after nearby RAF Lyneham became the airbase the fallen


from Afghanistan and Iraq were flown into.


During those repatriations, hundreds if not thousands of people would be


Today it's very much business as usual.


The Town Council's decided not to put on any specific events


What makes me proud is that our little town here managed


to put respect back into our Armed Forces and respect


Lee Mackie from Oxfordshire lost her son Jason when he was


killed in an explosion in Afghanistan in 2009.


Although she was too upset to go to his repatriation,


I became very aware that the community there


was like a comfort blanket to these traumatised families.


They gave them the opportunity to recognise the fact


that our nation appreciated the sacrifice they had made.


Repatriations stopped in Royal Wootton Basset in 2011.


They now take place at RAF Brize Norton.


In those four years, 345 fallen servicemen and women


were returned to their families through this town,


It's the fourth most common cancer in the UK,


with more than 40,000 people being diagnosed every year.


Now there are calls to lower the age for


Currently over 60s are tested, but campaigners say testing people


from 50 could save thousands of lives and save the NHS


David Lumb has been to meet a woman in Banbury who's taken the test.


Joy Dansette says each day of living is an absolute treasure to her.


Three years ago she was sent a cancer screening test


When she did, she couldn't believe the results.


I was told they had found a tumour in my bowel so big that if I didn't


have an operation within a week or so I'd be dead.


I had no symptoms apart from extreme tiredness.


Now a charity's launched a campaign to reduce the age that people get


Currently it's 60 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland,


I think the cost of treating advanced bowel cancer,


of which we have seen far too many at the moment, is three or four


times the cost of catching a bowel cancer early,


and therefore the cost benefit of implementing a screening


package at an earlier age has got to be beneficial in the long-term.


Public Health England says it's in the process of rolling out


a different screening programme where people are invited


to a hospital for what's called a bowel scope test.


Whether the campaign is successful or not,


Joy hopes her story will make people think twice before ignoring the home


A Berkshire woman is calling for cinema chains to do more


Linda Dean from Reading says that many cinemas only show a few


She also has to wait weeks for new releases to be screened


and sometimes finds that films that were advertised as having


11 million people in the UK have some form of hearing loss, that's


I'd like to be relaxed about my social life, and go spontaneously


where I want to go, when I feel comfortable without having to think


that I have to watch it on that day and that time. There are lots of


barriers, there's no point in me having a choice. I do feel like I am


discriminated against. An awarding-winning Oxford author


has been inspiring students Kiran Millwood Hargrave won


the Waterstone's Children's Book Prize last month for her debut


novel, The Girl of Ink and Stars. The governor kicked his spurs


into his horse's side and I heard the unmistakable crack of his whip


on the flank of his stallion. Those pale objects


will not seeds at all. Extracts from The Girl


of Ink and Stars. But award-winning novelist


Kiran Millwood Hargrave's didn't Living in Oxford has just made me


so much more ambitious. You walk around


and you see all these places that are so important


to culture and literature, and it is really the perfect place to have


ended up, because we did end up It's just a beautiful place to walk


around and get inspiration from. 11 and 12-year-olds


at Wheatly Park School took part Studies even showed


that people who read regularly just do better


in life across the board. Not only are they more


emotionally healthy, they also tend to have higher paying jobs,


have better outcomes across life. If reading really is


the magic bullet it seems to be, then of course


we are going to do everything we can, and school is I think


a really important part of that. A good story is like


an adventure where they have Scary but funny


stories, like comedy. I can't go to sleep


after reading one of them. I just have to keep on reading it


until I fall asleep. Kiran's got a busier year planned,


her second novel is out now, And she's getting married


in Oxford later this month. The shops may be full


of Easter eggs, but we can It floats, and it's moored


on the Grand Union Canal. Its a work of art


called the Exbury Egg, It's on display there as part


of the celebrations to mark the 50th I'll have the headlines at eight


and a full bulletin at 10.30pm. Now more of today's


stories with Sally Taylor. I'm at the National motor Museum for


the wonderful world record breaker. Join me for that later and your fall


forecast to. -- fool forecast. Members of the RMT union have said


that their strike will go ahead on Saturday after "no specific


proposals" were put forward It'll be the 32nd day of action


over the introduction of driver-only operated trains


and changes to the role Earlier this week members of Aslef,


the drivers' union, rejected for a second time a proposed deal


to end their dispute With just six games to go


in the season, Brighton once again sit top of the Championship table,


until Newcastle play Perhaps more crucially, with the top


two going up automatically, the Seagulls are ten points clear


of third, a position now occupied by Reading, who cemented their own


play-off credentials. If the question was can


they cope with the pressure, Glenn Murray had the answer just


two minutes in. With pre-match nerves dismissed,


a routine win was on the cards. Tomer Hemed doubled the lead


soon after the break, Uwe Hunemeier's deflected shot made


sure, a record breaking 25th Che Adam's scored a consolation


late on for Birmingham, but Brighton's charge shows no


sign of stopping. The fight we got the illegal,


normally one that motivates others, and we took our moments


Yann Kermogant was central to Bournemouth's promotion


Two headed goals here over Blackburn Rovers helped make


it three wins in a row for Jaap Stam's side.


true Who are hitting form just at the right time.


Goal of the game was Elliott Bennett's sweet volley


But Garath McCleary's shot soon dampened that.


MK Dons also beat Charlton 2-0 in League One.


Onto tonight's action, and in the Premier League


Southampton host Crystal Palace, but will once again be without


injured striker Manolo Gabbiadini, and Sofiane Boufal is also a doubt


While Bournemouth face a tough trip to Anfield,


from where Kris Temple sent us this match preview.


that gathers still only seven points so they are no means safe, and they


come to a Liverpool side still with second at least. Of course, that


humdinger of a game down at the vitality stadium earlier in the


stadium -- season. The cherries are fresh from me when, and the draw


with Manchester United. They have proved in recent weeks they have


what it takes to compete away at the big sides as well. Something at


Anfield tonight would be a huge boost from them ahead of their visit


to Chelsea on Saturday. Thanks, Kris, BBC Radio Solent


the place to go for full match commentary of both Southampton


and Bournemouth games this evening. In League One, Oxford will look


to stay in the play-off race Striker Conor McAleny is back


in the squad after missing Sunday's The County Championship cricket


season gets underway on Friday. As part of our season previews,


it's time to head to Sussex, where they have their eyes


on improving on last seasons 4th With new chief executive


Rob Andrew at the helm, there's a steely


determination about Sussex. We can compete on all fronts. We


want promotion this year. We want to get the quarterfinal.


Experience was the ingredient required of summer signings.


They arrived in the form of South African's Vernon Philander,


Stiaan Van Zyl and David Wiese While Laurie Evans from Warwickshire


It was important to us to add some senior players but also some


batters, and someone who can ball. The pre-season has gone well and I


think we just want to get going, really.


Club Stalwart Michael Yardy has taken over as batting coach.


While someone just starting to make a name for himself is young


Having toured well with England U19s this winter,


I just want to play as much cricket I can for Sussex. I want to get on


the park and hopefully we can get some silverware.


Throw in pace bowlers Tymal Mills and Chris Jordan who return


Sussex have built an exciting squad capable


Now, here's a sneaky way of getting children


to improve their maths and English skills.


A tournament's being held in West Sussex this evening


where youngsters compete in a version of the sport


that's geared-up to help with their academic results.


For this afternoon only, this is the version of the Crucible. This is the


first snooker tournament they have had year. 50 children and for local


schools taking part. The trophies are here, ready to go. A quarter and


the semifinals are going on. Here's a flavour of today's action.


I just love playing people and the game and just the concentration,


because some people think it's boring but actually think it's great


fun because it gives you something to do every now and again.


Habitually fun. It's something different. It is something we're not


used to seeing in skills. We see Ed on television and four children the


stage, they think, I would like to go go at.


My first night is on table one. They are raiding the rating to go. Yes.


Are you feeling confident? Yes. I am feeling good about it. I feel like I


can get to the semifinals. It all looks great fun, doesn't it? But


there is a next -- and educational side to it as well. Stephen runs the


after school snooker club. Tell others about functional snooker.


That is based on helping the children with their education and it


helps them with their mathematics and the literature, dear social


skills. For example, we have numbered balls here, we have some


traction, addition and we have teams and all the Red Bulls are numbered


one to ten. And it just helps them. You have had some great results with


children who aren't so great with their numeracy, haven't you? We have


had amazing results, especially with people who don't learn very well


traditionally or people with disabilities moral learning


disabilities and they really take to it, especially, as I say, the


different way of learning commented that structured classroom


environment. Just briefly, it is very popular in Asia, but not so


much year after its 1980s heyday. Are you trying to spot future


talents as well? We certainly are. I'm sure we've seen some future


world champion to you. We're working very hard to draw the game. We have


this programme and the functional snooker programme and we are working


on snooker skills. I have to stop you there. Although this is the


first tournament, there are already plans to make it an annual event.


Now, not all road users are fans of the humble caravan but a very


special one has just gone on show at the National Motor


Yes, what makes this full size caravan unusual is that it's


made out of Lego bricks, lots of them.


It also has working lights, and running water.


The world-record breaking construction took 12 model-makers


from Hampshire over 1,000 hours to build, and they've incorporated


Sarah Farmer's been to take a look and she's there for us now.


Hello. Have a look at this for a world record breaker. 215,000, 158


books have gone into this build of a life-sized replica caravan. It has


all the comforts as well. A cup of tea, toast, freshly cut flowers,


Leeds, running water and the works. Dan Connolly is from the team behind


this project. Tellers a little bit about why you decided to do this.


Apart from everybody loves Lego, the idea was to support freedom of


leisure vehicles and the old days you can go on. The concept of


caravanning has evolved over the years. The idea behind it was to


challenge ourselves. We had 12 difficult -- dedicated experts, over


a thousand man-hours to build this replica. The detail is absolutely


fascinating. Thank you for joining us. Well, it is here at the National


motor Museum through the holidays and the summer holidays and it is


like the summer stay here in the South.


Ken Rayner captured this beautiful image at Chisbury


near Hungerford And it was a lovely sunny day at Sturminster Newton,


-- And it was a lovely sunny day at Sturminster Newton,


thanks to Colin Lennox-Gordon for this picture.


Let's re-join Sarah farmer at Beaulieu for the midweek forecast.


And, Sarah, it's been a perfect Spring Day today.


We had beautiful blue skies and we'll get going with a look at the


satellite picture. Not too much cloud but generally, all of us


seeing some pretty sunny spells. I must say we have a few more of those


to come in the next few days. Through the course of this evening,


we will start to see the cloud building and thickening in the


overnight PDA, so gradually the -- covered in our region. Temperatures


to seven Celsius. The temperatures can drop the a touch but steering


clear of the menace when we saw last night. Until tomorrow morning, we


get off to a bright start to the day. We will see temperatures of


around eight Celsius as people are getting up, but it looks like we'll


have some sunny spells. More cloud in the picture than have had through


the course of today. Tomorrow afternoon, temperatures up to 12


Celsius but we could see those temperatures nudging up to the


Celsius. Can make you want again tonight, but


there will be cloud. Temperatures reflect that, with the cloud, seven


or eight Celsius, and they will fall lower if we had the brakes on the


cloud. Looking ahead to the remainder of this week, dizzy


promising few days ahead, so for Friday, yes, it will be cloudy at


pains but who will start to see some blue skies and a sunny spells


through much of the day. We start to get a change in that wind direction.


It looks as if we will have some warm conditions to take is into the


weekend, possibly topping 20 Celsius. That in mind, I will see a


black and blue Rover sport. We'll hear the final legal ruling


on the case of the Isle of Wight dad who was prosecuted


for taking his daughter out We'll have the man himself,


here on the red sofa CHILD: This is


a major scientific breakthrough. Hello. It's All Round to


Mrs Brown's, where my guests will be Steve Backshall, and music


from the beautiful Pixie Lott.


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