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strengthen the country's air defence systems. That is all from us.


In tonight's programme: Described as shockingly inadequate.


The report that says children being sexual abused


were failed in Buckinghsamshire over two decades.


Also: is there a compensation culture?


Find out how much has been paid out to pupils injured in schools.


And later on: three hundred years between them -


Joan celebrates reaching a century, with her big and little sisters


A Serious Case Review into nearly 20 years of child sexual


exploitation in Buckinghamshire has described some services in the past


as 'shockingly inadequate', and ill-equipped to deal


Problems around the issuing of licenses to taxi drivers who've


committed sex offences was also identified as an ongoing challenge.


Our Home Affairs Correspondent Peter Cooke has been


This report will make sobering reading for those tasked


with protecting the most vulnerable in our society.


Since 1998, there've been ten police investigations into child sexual


exploitation in Buckinghamshire involving up to 100 children.


Past problems included a lack of multi-agency co-ordination


and children being blamed for putting themselves at risk.


We felt that there was a point then where we could start looking


honestly at some of the things that had happened over the previous


record or more, and then to draw lessons from that so that we didn't


continue to repeat some of those mistakes that we had collectively


The reviews suggests introducing a national database of licensed taxi


drivers to identify those with a criminal past.


It found "taxi drivers picked young people up from schools


"and children's homes and some were directly involved


But the woman who commissioned the report says things are improving.


Issues around the engagement previously of the


district councils and their role as licensing authorities of


taxis and hotels and so forth, I'm delighted to say that we have


excellent engagement from the district


councils in the work of the board,


they have a really strong focus on safeguarding.


The county's most high profile case of recent years resulted in six men


being jailed for between three and 19 years for abusing two girls


When she was 12 or 13, one of the girls - known as A -


was passed between 60 Asian men for sex and was conditioned to think


Terrible that girls feel that this is what


they have to do to be part of, you know, the older people.


No girls should ever have to feel that they


need to use their body or what they've got


So try to tell young people that, you know,


you don't need to sexualise yourself to go out


It's going to be hard but I reckon that's the biggest thing that


The author of the report also spoke to other survivors.


As recently as 2014, an Ofsted report found


"widespread and serious" failings by the county's


However there has been a marked improvement since then,


and there are now specialist units from different agencies working


But this form of abuse in Buckinghamshire,


like elsewhere in the UK, is happening daily.


The public now more important than ever in helping


Moving forward, it's about building connections with


communities across Buckinghamshire to encourage more people to come


Without that trust many potential victims could fall


under the radar and find themselves at risk of exploitation.


in compensation to pupils injured in schools in Oxfordshire


in just three years according to a BBC investigation.


Payouts across the country include an award of ?20,000,


after a child was hit by a cricket ball, and


?2,500 for a pupil who bumped into a goal post while blindfolded.


Well, Geraldine, having looked at the information


returned to the BBC by Oxfordshire County Council I can


tell you that there were a total of 14 payouts made to pupils


between 2014 and 2016 - totalling ?131,270 pounds -


in England as a whole, there were payouts of 7 million pounds.


Of the 14 payouts in Oxfordshire two for compensation


for damage to property, the other twelve were


for personal injury - two payouts were for ?25,000.


We didn't get a detailed account of what those injuries were,


but in other areas of the country ?35,000 was paid out after a number


of children injured when a heating duct fell from the ceiling


?20,000 paid after a child was struck on the head by a cricket


ball and ?11,500 after a pupil in Norfolk fell off a table.


(Has there been any reaction to this from local schools?)


Has there been any reaction to this from local schools?


I visited Windmill Primary School this morning.


Their headteacher Lynn Knapp told me that she was surprised


the figure was so high, but not surprised by


She believes we live in a culture now where we are inundated


with phone calls asking if you have been in an accident,


even if you haven't if there is an accident it always has


to be someone's fault, when perhaps that's


She also told me about one instance, two years ago where a claim, which


was unsuccessful, was made against her school.


We held a picnic for the children, who'd gone up to the local park,


the child fell off one of the bits of apparatus in the park itself,


onto a safety surface, and the child hurt themselves,


and six years later they filed a claim against the school for lack


of looking after the child properly in that park in that event.


There are some teachers who are scared of it


because actually the minute you put itself on the line and say I'm


going to have a go at doing something you put yourself


BBC Radio Oxford were discussing this topic this morning.


Well, I've been looking through comments that have come


to the BBC on social media, and I was unable to find anyone


speaking out in support of the claims.


Michael says "This blame culture is stopping children


Shaun posted "All this does is take money out of school funds and then


it's the same people moaning the schools want to raise


money or want funds for trips and equipment."


Cristina said "When will people stop taking advantage!


I broke my arm at school, my mother didn't sue!


And Roshan, in reference to yesterday's


"So they now charge parents for taking children on holidays,


"probably income used to pay these compensations.


In a statement the Department for Education said that the situation


was mastered by Ofsted responsible for education peaceful setting.


Squatters in Oxford - who've been evicted from a third


property in the city - have moved into another


The group got into former offices near the Cowley Road in the early


hours of this morning and spent today transferring their belongings


They say they got in through an open window.


The Iffley Open House project has been taking over empty


They've occupied a disused car showroom, an old power station


We've proven that when we give people shelter they can then find


work, they can get their lives back in order and as I said some of those


people, it takes months, and what we needed was to be able


to provide shelter to enable people from Iffley Road to finish


Almost ?240,000 has been awarded for a scheme to help blue


badge holders find empty parking spaces in Oxfordshire.


The county council's been clamping down on people misusing the badges.


Twenty-eight were seized in one sting operation last year.


The new scheme will help genuine badge holders in Oxford and Witney -


More than ?4.5million has been granted to try


and save some of the UK's rarest species of insects and animals -


Conservationists are trying to boost numbers


In the Cotswolds, the focus will be on butterflies,


Welcome to the Cotswolds, a jewel in England's green crown.


Hidden within these rolling hills is a gem critical


This is one of the very special plants we're trying


to encourage on this site, which is Cowslip, which is the host


plant, the caterpillar food plant for a really special butterfly


20 years ago, this butterfly was often seen in this area.


But changes in farming and landscapes have


The Duke of Burgundy isn't here at the moment


It's not too far away so by enhancing the grassland


here by increasing the amount of cowslips and food plants


here eventually we hope that the butterfly will naturally


It's one of three species Butterfly Conservation is looking


The project also aims to encourage more volunteers like this to oversee


Once you start to notice butterflies you realise how beautiful they are,


and you know, big and small, lots of ones you'd


never notice in the countryside, so once you start getting out


and getting involved it just gets more and more interesting and really


There are very few places like this compares to what it used to be


So many places that were like this have gone and the ones that


They said if you come back in May you might find the Duke


of Burgundy which we thought sounded quite exciting!


The project's essential for creating a thriving countryside.


They hope to see the results within four years.


A six year study into puffins by experts at Oxford University has


You might not think a medieval thimble and a pair of stockings


from the 1920s have anything in common - but they're among


a collection of artefacts from Oxfordshire's past which have


helped to inspire a unique exhibition.


Pupils from Didcot Girls School used photography and dance to bring


These pupils have taken ancient artefacts and given them a new lease


of life by telling the stories of Didcot's past through


I liked learning how to take photos cos I liked learning the different


angles and shots that you can take and experiment with.


I enjoyed dancing because it was like fun to experience and to


The idea is to connect people with their local heritage so I work


in a building where there are loads, hundreds and thousands of artefacts


from across Oxfordshire and we're getting these back out


All the object that I chose are basically ancient


Materials in clothes are still as relevant today


as they were a thousand years ago, and a thimble is just


Although they look like smelly old stockings from not very long ago


these are quite racy at the time, and in the '20s, '30s and '40s


there was quite a lot of liberation of women's rights,


so the stockings are pretty much like the shortest miniskirt today,


They maybe more familiar with selfie sticks and smart phones,


but these girls were quick to pick up photography techniques with only


a day's training: People are just so used to having everything


instantly, to just quickly take a picture, quickly take a selfie,


but this allowed the young people to slow down and really consider


Funded by the Arts Council, Unearthing Didcot's Creativity


is showcased at the town's Cornerstone Arts Centre


It's one of the biggest days in the horse racing


calendar tomorrow - the Grand National.


It's 40 years since Red Rum won it for the third time.


Former jockey Philip Blacker, from Faringdon, remembers that


He was in it - hoping his horse Happy Ranger would be


He later became a professional sculptor - and made the statue


This year, to commemorate the anniversary he's made 400


Well, as I recall, Red Rum was not expected to win because he'd been


second twice and the previous, the holder of the previous season he'd


I think he was considered over the hill, really.


I think a lot of people thought he should be retired.


Ginger McCain, he disagreed, and he was proved right.


I remember him from my riding days and unfortunately I viewed


him from the rear for most of the time, because he was


So I didn't get to know him terribly well in those


days but I got to know him when I retired and he'd retired, when I'd


retired from the saddle but become a professional


sculptor, and I got to


I was lucky enough to have him stay at my place for a few days and it


Because it's the 40th anniversary, and I felt


that there are so many fans still of Red Rum because he was the


peoples' horse, I wanted to make a piece that was more


accessible to more people, and that's what I've done and I've


Favourite for tomorrow is another horse with Red


The horse with my favourite name is Cocktails at Dawn.


A horse - and also a sign of a very good weekend.


aboard a boat crossing the Solent broke out in a cigarette bin.


I will have the weather forecast shortly.


Lloyds banking group is to set aside ?100 million


to compensate customers who were victims of a large fraud


Six people, including two former HBOS employees,


were jailed earlier this year for their part in the scheme,


The Financial Conduct Authority is resuming its investigation


into the fraud, which was put on hold because of


She's been called the missing link between the Mary


Britain captured the warship Invincible from the


But she ran aground in the Solent 11 years later


and has been on the bottom ever since.


Now a four-year excavation project is being launched


The cost is being met with money paid in fines by the big banks.


Hundreds of thousands of people come to Portsmouth


year, but few will know that the warship upon


which Admiral Nelson modelled his fleet actually lies


The fantastic thing about Invincible is that it fills a perfect


chronological gap between the Mary Rose,


which was built in 1511, the


flagship of Henry VIII, and HMS Victory, which was built in 1765.


Her class then became the backbone of the Royal Navy.


For example in the Battle of Trafalgar, 1805, three


quarters of that class of ship were built from Invincible lines.


From the depths of the Solent, Invincible's salvation has come in


the unlikely form of fines paid by banks for manipulating the Libor


In one of his last acts as Chancellor, George Osborne


authorised a ?2 million grant from that fund.


This exclusive footage shows what the wreck looks like now.


The ship itself is exposing and there's lots of artefacts as


well as structures which are at risk.


Really need to do it now because those artefacts, they are


deteriorating through biological decay, physical decay.


Here we have a lid of a gunpowder barrel.


This just emerged and you can even see


the engravings on the top of the lid.


We have one side of the ship preserved from the gun deck all the


And the bow section is the section that we would


Portsmouth's Museum of the Royal Navy will be given


There is some of it but it's the objects that we are


really interested in because they provide


an important transept to the


sort of everyday objects that would be on a ship.


As we haven't got that from anywhere else.


If the project's successful in four years' time


Invincible will take her rightful place back at Portsmouth dockyard.


Amazing things they have brought up and who knows what else is down


there? A packed weekend of sport. Grand National of course. Not a


great year for our South contenders. Big weekend of football.


Brighton boss Chris Hughton says the promotion race is likely to drag


on despite his side having a healthy advantage in the race


on Wednesday means Albion revert to second spot ahead of tonight's


Huddersfield's game in hand means Hughton's side currently need 12


points to be sure of a place in the top flight.


Reading, remember, are firmly in the play off chase.


Tonight Albion look for a 10th away win of the campaign.


A lot rests on Glenn Murray up front as Sam Baldock is still struggling


Hughton admits away games bring different challenges.


We have got two very tough away games now. That balance between home


games and away games has changed no, on the back of two home games and


two home victories. That mentality of going away from home, and needing


to get a result, will be important. Goals from that run at 10.20 five.


They're currently six points clear of Stevenage in fourth,


and after Yeovil tomorrow they face Plymouth in second on Good Friday.


Paul Cook's side have won five of their last six games.


They're without Noel Hunt and Owen Doyle for the rest of the season.


Another big crowd will back them at Fratton Park tomorrow.


We cannot give you any sensational news now. For the players it is


repetition. We have to remind them what we want to achieve. It is not a


foregone conclusion. In the Premier League Bournemouth


hope to continue their run of results against the giants


of English football. After this point at Anfield


on Wednesday they host a Chelsea side likely to be


champions this season. Southampton go to West Brom,


they could close the gap on the Baggies in eighth, to four


points with two games in hand with a second win in four days


after Wednesday's victory over Reading go to Norwich tomorrow


in the other Championship fixture. While Swindon hope to make it


three wins from three There's coverage across the BBC


including live radio It's day two of the US Masters


at Augusta and the Hampshire pair of Justin Rose and amateur


Scott Gregory had contrasting Gregory shot a ten over par 82


and a short time ago Meanwhile Rose is among the early


contenders after a one under par There's highlights tonight at 7


on BBC Two and live coverage Sussex have backed plans for the new


T20 lead. And Hampshire had a good first day


to day. The home side were bowled out for 273.


And there was eight wickets on his return for Kyle Abbott.


At the close Hampshire had lost five wickets. Their reply, 58-5.


At the Oval Stoneman scored 165 as Surrey reached 327- the.


We have not mentioned the Grand National because we are short on


runners. Cocktails at dawn, 100-1, outsider, our only hope.


Now - the story of a remarkable family gathering in Hampshire today.


The occasion was the 100th birthday of Joan Massey.


Mercia who's aged 98, and Ailsa, who's 102.


Born in India, the trio have travelled the world,


outlived their four brothers, and they all still have a relish


for life and adventure as David Allard's been finding out.


We do get on. We do have our arguments. Why not? You cannot say


yes all the time. Three sisters -


300 years of history. There's a lot to reminisce about at


Joan's 100th birthday party. the day after America entered


the First World War - and she had a vital


role in the Second. 'S boot stationed at --.


Do you still feel like the baby sister? Certainly not. We help each


other out. now living in Scotland,


she finally gave up I went back to heaven. -- back to


their line. They are role models. They are so inspirational. Who is


the bossy one? We know who the bossy one here is.


Here is the weather. It will be glorious. To date many


places saw sunshine. Lovely pictures.


Temperatures soared to a high of 17, 18 Celsius. Tomorrow will be warmer,


and warmer still on Sunday. Tonight it will turn chilly and clearing


skies. We may see missed and fog patches by dawn. Pockets of frost as


well. Last night that Bournemouth Airport temperatures dropped to 0.4


Celsius. We could see similar temperatures tomorrow morning. It


will be a murky start to the day tomorrow. The fog will be swiftly.


Blue skies overhead. It is going to be a glorious day. Cooler along the


coast. Inland we could see highs of 20-21 C. Their warmest of the


temperature is more likely the further north and East you are.


During the afternoon temperatures will rise, tomorrow night, feeling


skies. It will turn chilly but not as cool as tonight. First thing


Sunday morning, mist and fog patches. A lovely start to the day


on Sunday. Temperatures will rise swiftly. Through the course of the


afternoon we could see highs of 22 Celsius. Later on Sunday we will


start to see cloud feuding in from the West ahead of this coal plant.


That spills a change in the weather. They are behind this fund will be


cooler. Mandy Beagle back to our seasonal average temperatures of 13,


14 temperatures. -- on Monday we go back to our seasonal average. Cooler


and cloudier conditions. If you are out and about over the weekend to


send us your pictures. That's it for now -


thanks for your company. We're back with the headlines


at eight and a bulletin just


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