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?1 million to help patients receive care closer to home.


But there are claims the changes could lead to a reduction in beds


Also: fewer officers - but more call outs following a merger.


We assess the impact on roads policing in the Thames Valley.


And later on: another daring feet at more than 300 and 50 feet -


an escapologist takes on the Spinnaker tower.


Patients in Buckinghamshire say changes to some community health


care services have been rushed through and could lead


The Trust says it's investing ?1 million to help more people


Adina Campbell has spent the day in Marlow.


This is going to be our new community resource room, where we


hope to have a great facility for patients and carers to access


And we have a reading station over here, as well.


This is a new initiative that we have between the libraries


and the mental health trust to support


The Trust says it's introducing a number of new services,


including thousands more short-term care packages,


so patients can leave hospital and get care back home -


double the number of outpatient appointments and a new frailty


assessment service to help cut down on visits to A and E.


Campaigners have been protesting over what could be


There are currently eight hospital beds in Thame and 12 in Marlow.


Some people are worried these changes could lead a reduction


of beds in the future, putting patients at risk.


It concerns me hugely that this pilot is being run


in spring and summer, it's not going


to be run during autumn and winter which is when the massive


I don't believe they're telling the truth.


I believe this is a fait accompli without any


These changes are part of a six month pilot.


They'll be monitored and, if they work well, they could be


rolled out to other parts of the county.


Earlier, Adina spoke to Dr Tina Kenny,


who's the Medical Director from


Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.


They started off by talking about how the beds in Marlow


If you go and have a look in Marlow, you'll see they are actually there.


It's about using the space and the beds flexibly


You've announced a number of measures,


one of them being new community hubs.


The community hub concept is using the space that we have


and the beds that we have in a different way.


We will be able to provide rehabilitation physiotherapy


services on a day basis, perhaps giving fluids or


intravenous antibiotics into a vein from those very beds.


There are concerns from campaigners who have told us they


think this pilot scheme could lead to beds being cut in the future


because you are using the beds in a different way.


We are using the beds now, and I think we are going to have to


continue to use the beds with the new model of care.


So I don't think the beds are going to be cut,


because we will need to use those beds.


This new ?1 million investment, is this new money?


It is money that we are using in a different way.


So there are two aspects to the funding.


The first aspect is that the commissioners have worked


But the other part of it is looking at how we have


looked after patients in the past, and remodelling that care so that we


can release the funding into the community.


Many people, I am sure, will be pleased to hear that you're making


provisions to make sure people can be looked


after in the home, but there are also worries


about people who need the specialist care in a hospital.


Special care in a hospital will absolutely be provided for them.


The joint Thames Valley and Hampshire roads policing unit


has seen an increase of more than 10% in the number of incidents


according to figures obtained by BBC South.


Between 2013 and 2014 the unit attended more


Two years later, that figure had risen to nearly 49,000,


an increase of more than 4,500 incidents.


That's despite having around 20% fewer officers than when the


Here's our Home Affairs Correspondent Peter Cooke.


Five years after Hampshire and Thames Valley's road


policing units merged, their officers are busier than ever.


More than 50 posts were lost when they joined forces in 2012


Those still working are attending around


940 incidents a week - often having to travel


The motorway through to junction turn, the A329, through to the


Hampshire border, it is a huge area with not many of us.


with regular emergency calls - as well as responding to accidents


We prosecute you for driving without wearing a seat belt. You do not have


to say anything now but it may harm your defence if you fail to say


something which would later rely on import.


The Roads Policing Unit is one of a number


But officers say they're worried about how efficient


We are not able to give the service that we want to to the public. We


are being spread thinly, by police across the UK. This is a direct


consequence of the cuts that we faced. Despite this, officers are


still making a difference. A man who died in a motorbike accident's


family say that the police have been a great support. I think the really


lift a lot of stress of a person's shoulders.


Both forces say they're focused on making sure


they have the resources and specialist capabilities


in the right locations at peak times to meet demand.


But with further cuts feared and more motorists on our roads


the units are likely to remain stretched.


Plans to add more restaurants and a hotel at Milton Interchange


near Didcot will be discussed by councillors tonight.


The proposals, for a site behind the existing facilities,


off the A34 include two new restaurants, two drive


The developers say the plans will create jobs and employment


in the area and the impact on traffic will be minimal.


Those living nearby say there is no demand for the facilities.


Unless they turn it into a motorway, the A34 is already tremendously busy


at 3:30pm is is extremely busy.


At 5pm, you wouldn't want to be here.


Huge burial site dating back to Saxon times


is to be excavated in Stoke Mandeville on the


It's thought that 5,000 bodies are buried by the old St Mary's Church.


Archaeologists say it could be one of the most important sites in the


UK. It is even mentioned in the Domesday book.


Names that tell the story of a village.


The burial site in Stoke Mandeville dates back to Saxon times.


The remains of thousands of people will soon be exhumed


This site is an absolutely amazing Archaeological


And it is pretty much one of the most important sites that has


been dug will be dug in the last 50 years, archaeologically.


The excavation is to make way for the hugely controversial


HS2 line, which will pass through parts of Buckinghamshire and


Oxfordshire, on its way from London to Birmingham.


HS2 limited says the route has been carefully planned but local people


When we first heard what was happening, we were


We have protested, petitioned and done


But we realise we have to accept that HS2 is going to happen


and that means taking this site only.


It's possible some existing families in the village could find out more


Unfortunately, HS2 is going to make it absolutely essential


And therefore it is going to provide unique information for the


archaeological community about English village life over a very


Last night, residents met HS2 representatives


The dig is due to start later this year and finished in 2019.


More than 100 refugees and immigrants who call Oxford home


are gearing up for a charity football tournament


Eight a side teams will play in the United Oxford Cup.


It will raise money for an East Oxford based children's club.


Teams include refugees from Syria, East Timor, Algeria and Sudan.


Organisers hope to unite people from different communities.


A type of shrimp discovered by scientists in Oxford has been


it snaps its enlarged claw at rapid speed to create one of the loudest


The noise is so intense it can kill small fish.


One of the scientists in Oxford is a huge Pink Floyd fan


and vowed to honour the progressive rock band if he ever discovered


I'll have the headlines at eight and a full bulletin at 10.30.


With the rest of South Today, here's Joe Kent.


to holiday-makers jetting off on early-morning flights


should be restricted because of an increase in rowdy


Still to come in South Today: A daring feat


at more than 300 feet - the escapologist taking


Fresh talks are to be held in the latest attempt to resolve


the year-long dispute between Southern Railway


The union has so far held more than 30 days of strikes


in its campaign against changes to the role of conductors.


The two sides will meet on April the 24th.


All previous attempts to find a solution have ended in failure.


Negotiations continue in a separate dispute


with the train drivers' union, Aslef.


A new NHS mental health service has been launched specifically catering


?9 million will be spent over the next three years,


offering specialised treatment and support for conditions


like post-traumatic stress disorder, and the problems, such as alcoholism


And former military personnel themselves have helped


to shape the new service, as Allen Sinclair


Matt Stoodley now runs his own business, repairing horse boxes.


But for decades he struggled in silence with the psychological


after-effects of serving as an engineer in the Royal Navy


Since leaving the service in the mid 1980s he'd been quick to anger,


Both he, and the people he was closest to, were suffering.


It's been known under various different names as shell shock,


What went on at the Falklands, it just built up.


Matt lost a number of friends and comrades during the Falklands


conflict, and his own ship, HMS Glasgow, was


Just three years ago, he finally sought help


from the South Central veterans Service and with counselling


from experts trained to deal with military personnel he's finally


been able to face up to and accept the trauma he'd suffered.


Mentally, it is incredibly tiring and evokes every emotion you could


possibly have. It peels it back like the ale -- layers of onion and it


works. The support Matt and many others


received has now been refined and rebranded as the NHS Transition,


Intervention and Liaison service. This expanded service


is open to people before Hopefully it allows a more effective


partnership with the Ministry of Defence and allows a seamless


transition of care from the Ministry of Defence into the National Health


Service. The big step is to go forward and say to somebody, "I need


help." Nobody can push you into doing it. It is life changing,


absolutely life changing. Ex-Forces personnel can be


referred by their GP, by charities like Help For Heroes,


or can simply contact With the women's rugby World Cup


just around the corner,the England team have been in our part


of the world today for a training session and it's also been a chance


for them to inspire some players Well Kris Temple is there


tonight as well - so, It's a big year for Women's Rugby,


with the World Cup taking place this summer just


across the water in Ireland. The preparations that England are


ongoing. They are among the favourites to win the World Cup.


They are taking their training sessions into the community.


Train hard, play hard. The England's women's team are subscribers. They


were playing in front of supporters and may have added a few extra


percent. This is a red session and we work really hard. That is


probably the hardest sessions that you will ever see. Great to have the


support here and gives us the extra kick in training. It is good to see


all the girls that want to be where we are and even the little boys. For


the onlookers, it was a chance for the England stars. Me and my twin


sister, briny, we were the only girls in the team. They progressed


into the older teams. They are part of the England Grand Slam when.


England are defending champions. It will be tough with the Irish crowd.


It is good practice. Everyone is watching every nation, no matter


what game they play. We have to keep an eye on everyone. Many more red


session like these will ensure another success.


Along with the training session, some of the England girls are


helping out with the Basingstoke and 18 session. Tell us how Basingstoke


got involved with hosting England. One of the England coach has got in


touch with us and they wanted a southern base for the England ladies


and stop they asked us if we would do it and we said yes. What does it


do for the young players? It is incredible. It means they can look


out there and see their ambition turned into reality. It is real for


them and they can see it and touch where they want to be. How fast has


the game grown in Basingstoke here? It is like an accelerated evolution.


We have gone from nothing and we have five of our girls playing for


Premiership clubs. We have some girls in the England under 20s and


we can't wait for the next step. Thank you for having us here today.


We wish England the best over the course of the summer.


The prospective new owner of Portsmouth Football Club Michael


Eisner says that there would be no fan representation on the board, if


Speaking publicly for the first time in the Portsmouth News,


the former Disney Chief Executive says he aims to invest


But it's the issue of fan involvement that


The Pompey Supporters Trust currently own 48 % of the club,


Ultimately it's those two and half thousand shareholders who will vote


Petersfield Cyclist Joe Truman has missed out on a medal


in the Team Sprint at the World Track Championship


The 20-year-old was part of the Great Britain trio


which qualified third fastest, but they were beaten


in round one by the Netherlands and finished fifth overall.


Puppy, she was on south today when she was nine as an up-and-coming


player saying that she wanted to play for England. Dreams do come


true. Here she is. We saw her here first.


Now, they're famous for their death defying stunts, feats


of balance and acrobatics - and all of this


You may well have seen the White Helmets in action -


but sadly the end of the road is in sight for the army display


team, which is based at Blandford Forum in Dorset.


It's being disbanded later this year, after nine decades


Abby Newbery went to see them in training.


They have been jumping, holding on tight and surviving than 90 years.


But that the White Helmets, It Is The End Of The Road. It is their


last season before the team is disbanded. They are such a good


group of guys and the team work and effort they put in is brilliant. To


lose them is such a shame. Sun-macro I don't want to fall off a lot. You


end up with a lot of bangs and scrapes and it does hurt every time.


While this will be the last season for the display team, they still


need two more members to complete the squad for the summer. Today is


their final test performing in front of family and friends. Now the


family say they want to show the more modern ways they communicate.


These represent the former communication days when we used


dispatch riders. Communication now is electronic and the army must move


with those times. The Royal Court is a sophisticated organisation now.


After the summer, they will go back to their regular posts with the Army


bringing 90 years of history to a close.


I'm sure they will be missed. I've seen them in action. Alexis is here


for the weather. You have had another lovely day. We have had some


great pictures. Some amazing pictures from last


night. The full moon rose yesterday morning. These pictures were taken


around the region. The moon doesn't always appear to be pink but the


title is derived from the Native American tradition of naming full


moons. Through the course of tonight, we


are expecting increasing cloud. The cloud may produce rain but today we


have some glorious sunshine. The weather front stayed in the Midlands


and we have the lovely sunny spells. This was in Berkshire. We have some


lovely conditions on Bournemouth beach. This was looking West.


Overnight tonight, we will see increasing cloud during the early


hours of tomorrow morning and sunlight and patchy rain. A lot of


dry weather and one or two clear spells. Temperatures overnight


tonight could drop as low as five Celsius. Urban areas, seven Celsius.


More cloud in the sky than today. There will be one or two brighter


spells. Temperatures could reach 14 Celsius. We are expecting highs of


12 Celsius. A lot cooler than today. Further cloud tomorrow night and


some outbreaks of rain will start arriving Good Friday morning.


Tomorrow night, temperatures will drop layer -- lower. Quite a damp


day on Good Friday. It is probably one of the most unsettled days of


the bank holiday weekend. Outbreaks of light and patchy rain and some


dry interludes. One or two brighter spells. Cooler air behind it


following by an occluded front. Things will start to brighten up at


the weekend because of this area of high pressure and we are hopeful


that some bright and sunny spells. More cloud than sunshine over the


Easter weekend. Tomorrow, a fair amount of cloud, light drizzle in


the morning. Staying dry daylight areas and the wind will be light.


The Good Friday, some outbreaks of light and patchy rain. Brighter


spells for Saturday and Easter Sunday and Easter Monday looking


pretty good. We could have the odd isolated shower but dry weather over


the bank holiday weekend. It is a daring stunt


that was made famous by the great escapologist Harry Houdini -


getting out of a strait-jacket whilst upside down and


suspended high in the air. Today Portsmouth based magician


Dan Churchley took on the same challenge for charity,


more than 300 feet up Magician Dan Churchley is one


of the few people who can say he's in his comfort zone


in a straitjacket but today he was testing his abilities


in a way and a place he's never done before - preparing to escape


the jacket more than 300 feet The biggest challenge for me today


is being upside down for that amount of time. I'm going to be pivoted so


I should spend five minutes upside down. I'm a bit worried about a head


rush. We normally as what they have the breakfast when we're checking


sound levels. What did you have? Today, I kept alive because there is


some poor people at the bottom. Dan took on the challenge in memory


of his friend, Daniel Bryant, Money raised will go to the charity


Clic Sargent which supported Daniel and his family clip The stunt


was made famous by Harry Houdini Thereon that many people that would


dangle upside down for many people. -- there aren't that many.


The stunt was made famous by Harry Houdini


who first performed it in Kansas City in 1915.


More than 100 years on, the stunt still has


It took Dan just one minute and 51 seconds to break free -


the man who was gently lowered back down to earth has no plans


I could people -- hear people cheering me on and I didn't expect


that. I'm really glad I did it. I don't think I'll do anything that


crazy again. It turns my stomach just looking at


it. That is it from us this evening. There is a new summary at eight


o'clock and we will be back at 10:30pm. Have a lovely evening,




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