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Hello and welcome to South Today. had then we would not them.


In tonight's programme - murdered in her own home.


The family of a woman attacked by a gang in Milton Keynes are calling


A lot of the time, when incidents happen, we are only left with


number. Also on the way, the


dangers of trespassing. The Paralympian who lost


his leg on a railway bringing a Cold War


relic back to life, but the cost of restoring


this control tower in The Chinese community


in Milton Keynes is demanding police do more to protect


them, after a woman Hang Yin-Leung died in hospital,


following a gang attack in January. But Thames Valley Police says there


is no evidence that the Chinese Kate Bradbrook has been to met


Hang Yin-Leung's son Keith. It is now two months


since Keith Leung's mother Hang-Yin died following a burglary


here at her home in Milton Keynes. Dad has lost one of his


closest friends, actually. The home is now empty


and there is no-one for Dad The six men forced their way in,


knocking Mrs Leung, a retired Hong Kong plice officer,


to the ground. No-one has yet been


charged with her murder. The fact that these people


are still at large, I really hope no-one has to go


through the trauma that we have had to go through or have their homes


or houses ransacked. and there is concern


within the Chinese community that criminals are targeting them,


hoping to find cash. Now, three Chinese churches


in the area have written to the Chief Constable


of Thames Valley Police, A lot of them, if they are


in the catering trade, the perception is that they


are a cash community. They have a lot of cash


at home or in the business. Do you feel that the police


and the council are doing No, we don't feel that,


because we feel let down by the authorities and, a lot


of the time, when incidents happen, it seems we are only left


with a crime number. This is the letter outlining


the community's concerns. I have also got here the reply


from Thames Valley Police. They say only 4% of burglaries


committed in Milton Keynes affect Both the council leader


here and also police officers have The force says it is doing


everything it can to find A woman arrested after a boy


was found dead at a house in Faringdon has been detained under


the Mental Health Act. Five-year-old Tyler Warmington


was found at Bromsgrove He had suffered stab


wounds in his chest. Police say their murder


investigation is ongoing. A police detective who allegedly


placed a toy monkey on a black colleague's desk has been


accused of gross misconduct. Detective Sergeant Andrew Mottau


is accused of making racist remarks and telling the woman to make him


cups of tea "when the black A four-day misconduct hearing will


start in Oxford, later this month. A Paralympian who lost his leg


while trespassing on a railway line near Milton Keynes is warning


young people to not put themselves at risk.


The problem is at a five-year high. Figures from British Transport


Police show 127 young people were caught last year in the Reading


area and 119 around Milton Keynes. John Maguire has been


to meet Simon Munn, It would just have been a field,


leading up to a fence. Like I say, even walklng towards it,


I knew it was going to be here. I knew what my decision was going


to be and that was to come here, jump the fence and take


a shortcut home. The passing train serves


as a timely reminder to the dangers of Simon Munn's fateful


decision that night 27 years ago. I couldn't get my foot out and was,


literally, waiting for a train to come along and take my leg off,


as it were. It seemed like it was a fortnight,


but it was only a few minutes. Having lost his leg, Simon,


always a keen sportsman, It has been a major part


of his life ever since. He has represented Britain


in seven Paralympic Games, travelled the world and won a whole


host of medals. But still, he wishes he had gone


nowhere near the railway line. My life since then has been,


you know, pretty good, But right now, yeah,


I'd have my leg back, 100%. Simon realises that he was both


lucky and unlucky that night. Unfortunate to get hit


by the train in the first place, but incredibly fortunate


to escape with his life. There's been a rise in the number


of incidents involving horses The British Horse Society says


there were 31 accidents last year and two horsesare known


to have died. Drivers are now being warned


to reduce their speed. Serena Martin has been to meet one


rider in Oxfordshire. If a car and a horse


collide, it can be serious. We had a tractor in the middle


of a motorway bridge, trying to get past us,


as we were in the middle. We also had a ride of ten children


down and asked a motorbike to slow down and stop and he slammed


on his horn as he came And the worst one, I had a minibus


go into the back of my pony, cos it was spooked in the middle


of the road and they would not wait. There was a lay-by there


and they just wanted past, so they ended up going right


into the back of her. But it could have


broken her back legs. The British Horse Society says


the problem is increasing. Last year, more than 400


incidents were reported, including one horse


fatality in Oxfordshire. We are running a campaign called


Dead Slow at the moment, which is raising awareness


and encouraging people to report when they have had a near miss


or an incident on the road with a car


or another road user. We are getting a lot


more reports coming in, but I think roads are busy places


and you have far more people trying to get to work,


get to school, and the pressure on people's time is a lot more,


so people always tend to be The Highway Code says


that, like this driver, you should pass slowly,


give horse riders plenty of room and heed any signal to slow


down or stop. I can't take my horse out


on the road any more. I think that is the stage


it is going to get to. People do not think horses


should be out on the road and my one has had so many bad


experiences that I cannot It is horrid, because here,


we do not have any bridalways, And it only takes a couple of


seconds to stop, to let us go past. With the bank holiday just around


the corner and more people expected to be out and about riding,


Stephanie hopes drivers Hundreds of mental health


patients in Oxfordshire are being left to cope alone


after leaving hospital, according to the mental


health charity, Mind. It is now calling


for new guidelines. A short time ago, I spoke


to Vicki Nash from the charity. When you leave hospital following a


mental author traces, you could've been in hospital for a few days or


for a few months that is very important that you the rate support


around you to help your recovery. The first few days are critical. At


your most vulnerable litters the when people are most likely to take


the time when people are most likely to take their own lives. Statistics


show the toys is likely to commit suicide at that point. Conditions


they were hospital can be just as overwhelming. Why is the support not


place? In some places it is, in another it is not. One in ten people


in England were not been followed up with him these seven days. That is


an absolute must do. It is a patient safety matter for the hospital


trusts. What do you want done? We want people to be seen 48 hours


after being discharged following a mentally author traces. Savimbi 's


simply too want to weep if your recovery is at risk.


More than 20 million cars are expected to be on the roads


this weekend, as part of the Easter getaway.


There are also 200 rail engineering works taking


place over the next few days, as well.


The A34 through Oxfordshire and the M4 in Berkshire could be


among the busiest routes in the country.


Traffic here on the A34 has been building steadily this afternoon,


with cars and campervans fully loaded, ready for the long weekend.


The stretch between Abingdon up to the M40's predicted to be one


It is a major route, connecting the South Coast up to the north.


And the M4 westbound from London to Newbury could see queues


of around 90 minutes, as plenty of Londoners head out


The RAC says it expects traffic to peak on Easter Sunday,


but should not be as heavy as in previous years.


Some schools have already taken the fortnight off some are halfway


through. So, the overall volume should be slightly law. But let's


not be on the renewal usuals, it only takes one single breakdown in


extent, to bring a road to a standstill, but hopefully, things


should not be as bad as in previous years.


As for the trains, the good news is that Network Rail says 95%


of services will be running as normal,


but there are a few engineering projects to tell


On GWR, formerly First Great Western, there will be a reduced


service in and out of Bath Spa, while the station is being upgraded.


On Chiltern Railways, there will be a reduced service


between Aylesbury Vale Parkway and London Marylebone on Good Friday


And on South West Trains, from Reading Station, there will be


fewer services to and from Waterloo from Friday to Sunday,


because of new signalling and track replacement work.


If you are heading to the airports, it is worth noting that there


is a reduced service to Heathrow from Paddington on Saturday,


while there is no Gatwick Express servic from Victoria


As always, the general advice is to check before you travel


and allow plenty of extra time for your journey.


I will be back with headlines at eight o'clock and another


For the rest of today's stories, here is Jo Kent.


831, -- a 31. The traffic jams can last for hours, but hold's a is


lovely this evening. Thank you very much poll


Still to come in South Today - we're in search of the sound of spring...


An Byeong-hun for a remarkable bird that has travelled across 4000 miles


ready for the new season. Significantly more money needs to be


spent before the historic former air traffic control tower


at Greenham Common can be The grade-two listed building


was supposed to be refurbished But unexpected and urgent


repairs have eaten away at the initial budget,


and the restoration work has stuttered through changes


of leadership and rows over how It stands alone - looking


out on a landscape now The former Greenham Common airbase


control tower was mothballed when the US military pulled out


in the early 1990s - but unused, it slowly


fell into disrepair. Five years ago, South Today reported


Greenham parish council was keen to take over and refurbish


the building, bringing it back It's an idea those enjoying


the common today seem to support. I think it would be a great shame to


let it crumble. I am all in favour of saving a building like this. Get


a drink in the cafe and a historical stuff of the kids as well why not? I


think they should carry on. The refurbished tower with it's


Cold War exhibition, cafe and this viewing gallery should


have been finished and open to the publc last summer,


but stabilising the building and repairing the roof cost


far more than expected. Although the bulk of the work is now


complete, finishing will require significantly more money -


and that's led some to conclude the entire project


has been mismanaged. ?650,000 in initial


grants has been used up - some of that wasted


on an unnecessary And several concerned locals spoke


out about the spiralling costs at a public meeting last night,


where parish councillors confirmed they'll be


applying for an additional They've already allocated


up to ?60,000. We are optimistic that it will pay


its own way eventually. Yes, we have two waves some more money we are


going to have to raise the tax precept to pay for that alone. It is


taking the cancel three years to make this happen and we will


succeed. Those in charge are confident that the tower will be


opened by the end of this year. It will be good when it's done. Wanted.


Two people arrested for investigating child abuse at the


accusations against Edward Heath had been released and will face no


further accusation. Operation conifer has been asking people to


come forward. These were the only two people arrested.


West Sussex County Council has been accused of being too slow to recover


up to ?1 million from suppliers whose bills it may have


Much of the money has now been recovered but only after opposition


The council says a dispute with a contractor led to a delay


in the process and it now has tighter rules in place


Sean Killick is outside County Hall in Chichester.


Sean, what's the background to this?


Andrew Rowson was hired by the council here to check for bills


In June 2013, he drew up a list of nearly 200 payments


He asked for more information so he could check them -


but says the council wasn't helpful and in the two years of his contract


He says he was to be paid by results, and he never sent them


full details of the duplicate payments.


upfront, and says they failed to agree how they would go


But I gather some of the money has now been recovered?


Last autumn Mr Rowson gave details of 8 of those payments to a Ukip


The council says it's managed to recover around ?76,000 of those,


The council has now hired a new company to review the old payments -


But there's a legal time limit of 6 years.


What have the politicians had to say about it?


Labour says double payment money could have been used to help


Labour says double payment money could have been used to help


And the ruling Conservatives say in 2014 they introduced tighter


rules to avoid duplicate payments, and are currently having


the rules externally reviewed to make them tighter still.


Onto sport and promotion dreams could be realised for two


Tony's in Portsmouth tonight ahead of a big game tomorrow Tony.


It certainly is Joe. There is a buzz in Pompey when it comes to football.


They could be celebrating promotion by Monday, and not scanty. First up,


it Plymouth at Fratton Park tomorrow. Addictive and age to this


game now. The back page, says never forget, don't forget to clinics that


beat Portsmouth in the play-offs last season. One of the Pompey


players says that he can stand Plymouth. If Portsmouth and get


themselves a couple of wins this week, it will certainly help to


erase the memories of last season when they came so close. And of


course, the three points against Plymouth would erase the memories of


a damaging defeat last year. Plymouth have scored in the last


minute of time added on! That's the truth of the matter,


we don't need to speak There should be mutual


respect each from both sides in relation to what both


teams can do, but I think both teams, going into the game,


will believe that they can win the And Portsmouth's game


against Plymouth is a sell out You can listen to live commentary


on BBC Radio Solent. 20 years after nearly dropping out


of the football league Brighton could be on the brink


of leaving it- to join This is the first weekend


in which Brighton could in theory secure promotion to the top flight,


ending a 34 year absence. Chris Hughton's men


are at Wolves tomorrow night, If they lose and Albion win,


they're as good as up. If not, promotion could come


on Monday at home to Wigan. everybody is capable of winning and


losing games and that's as included. Our aim has to be to win as many


games of these five as we can and to make sure that we put it in our own


hands as opposed to relying on other fixtures and other results. That is


the best way to approach it. You can follow the weekend football BBC


local radio football. Poole town have had a blow. They have been told


they cannot compete in the National League play-offs. They're currently


in the play-off positions and will appeal. A stone's from here, here in


Portsmouth, is the headquarters of Land Rover BA are in the latest


round they have only one run of their races, that Sir Benes Lee's


team. -- Sir Ben Ainslie's. If you were watching last night he would


have seen Chris Temple was with the English women's rugby players


Well Poppy has come along way since that appearance


stick with us we can make you a sporting store. Bat sporting store.


are famous for heralding a change in the seasons, they're also


infamous as con artists who trick other birds into hatching


But a project in the New Forest involving satellite tracking


is revealing what champions they are at migrating.


The first cuckoos are just arriving after a 4,000 mile mile


No sign of Selbourne yet and I been told he's on his way. Nella Makro


Selborne was named after the help -- at Hampshire village where Gilbert


White lived. Last year he was one of 70 27 GPS tracker fitted. By fitting


small satellite transmitters to them, we can then follow their


journey to Africa, work-out what route they take and what threats


they take on the way perhaps. So where has he been? Selbourne set off


from the new Forest last June. By July he was in Somalia before


heading to Gabon for winter. The return leg started in January go a


buyer Deanie. -- by a guinea. He crossed the Sahara and is the first


of the tagged birds to return home. Do you want to hear? It's very


distinctive it sound something like this. To have the locals heard any


cuckoos. ? It is lovely to hear them, it makes you think spring is


awakening. Hopefully will start to see them and hear them. Cookies are


mostly in Africa because the weather is -- cuckoo are mostly in Africa.


They make and eight that looks like the egg of another bird, they lay


the aid in that nest and let the other bird foster parent their


child. -- chick. We could not find Selbourne, but Keith says that the


word has weather hasn't helped. Over the next few weeks I will be looking


for Selbourne because I want to find out where he has been. I'm sure he


is hiding there. Selbourne may be already back in Blighty but you can


check the six other cuckoo 's on-air website. The lecture is here, so


let's take a look at that weather. Easter weekend of course so loads


going on. It's not a wash-out by any means.


This picture was at Wilton, in Wiltshire yesterday. It's day mainly


dry overnight. As it will be tonight. Maybe the odd spot of


drizzle here and there. With the clear skies, temperatures will drop


to around five Celsius. Where we have the clout we are looking at


loads from 7-8 C. The best of the brightness for the south coast


tomorrow. Sunshine may develop in other places, but there is the


chance of some patchy rain. That is more likely to tomorrow afternoon


and evening. Heavy for a time tomorrow evening and overnight.


Temperatures in the sun tomorrow will reach a high of 14 Celsius, it


will be quite breezy the breeze coming in from the south and west.


Showers could be heavy for a time in the early hours of Saturday morning


but, but for most it will be drier on Saturday and cabbages will be a


bit milder, loads of 7-8 C. So Saturday is one of the better days


of the bank holiday. The cold front moves away and clear size will start


to develop through the afternoon it will be cool with the breeze. The


breeze coming from a so fresh air through the of Saturday. The risk of


the odd shower the further east you are. The weekend as a whole looks


rather cool. Some cool air on Saturday, sunny spells at times,


more likely to Saturday and Sunday and a little bit of rain as well. So


the outlook, for the rest of the weekend, Good Friday, quite cloudy


in general, sunny intervals here and there, rain expected later on.


Saturday a lot of sunshine but a little bit of uncertainty on Sunday


as to a weather front over the midline. It makes that its way


South, but we will hope it stays in the Midlands and the will stay dry


with mainly sunny conditions. That all from us, there is a new summary


at eight and we will be back at 10:30pm as well. Thank you for your


company have a lovely evening, good night.


the most that have ever voted for anything in this country,


take back control and forge our own destiny in the 21st century.


Ukip members have campaigned for this for 23 years,


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