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Hello, and welcome to South Today. news teams where you are.


In tonight's programme, battle lines drawn -


the leaders of the two biggest parties already


on the campaign trail in our region ahead of the general election.


Also, school pigeons - Oxford scientists pull off


a coup with research about the bird's intelligence.


And later on - the magical modelling of Mr Brown.


What does a retired county planning officer do with his time?


The South became the battleground for the opening shots of this


election today as both Prime Minister Theresa May


and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visited the region.


And one of the main issues today was not Brexit, but education.


Our Political Editor, Peter Henley, has this report


Inside a toothpaste factory in Maidenhead, staff waiting to ask the


Prime Minister questions. Outside, a man and a chicken suit, sent by


eight newspaper, and so the traditional fabric of election


campaigning in Britain begins. Compared to David Cameron, Theresa


May was less polished, crisper, more direct, but genuine questions were


asked and answered on the high cost of housing in the Thames Valley,


student fees, apprenticeships, and there was an EU national keen to


stay in Britain. How can you reassure me that my life will not


change after Brexit? ICA lots of goodwill on that issue, and a lot of


people wanting to do something about that, and I hope to have news on


that soon. I have never voted before. Yarde are you excited about


it? Yes. I think it is more engaging. To hear her with that


background noise is greats as well. Meanwhile, the Labour leader was at


Swindon Central community Centre. Not quite the same cavalcade of


cars. Serve we are 72 hours into this election campaign, 72 hours


into the opportunity of our lifetime, to challenge the


inequality and injustice that exists in Britain today. He got the


audience more fired up than in Maidenhead, but these are his own


supporters. If you could do something for hours, that would be


great. We need some teachers! A pledge from Jeremy Corbyn today to


reduce class sizes, and Theresa May was at Cox Green School, with the


head teacher let her sixth formers do the talking. Neither side should


count their chickens. And a short time ago,


Peter told me the two are quite contrasting


in their leadership style. Yes, quite a contrast,


as you'd expect. Jeremy Corbyn walking into the


Swindon Community Centre on his own, Theresa May with all of her security


around her here in Maidenhead. But then, Jeremy Corbyn


will take some flak for talking to his


own supporters, mostly. He is going to have to get


out on the doorstep, dangerous place though it has been


for Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband He seemed to be enjoying himself,


Theresa May, too, here, was enjoying herself,


and talking to real people. The sixth formers here at


Cox Green School, the staff at the toothpaste factory, those


were not planted questions. They were able to ask whatever


they liked, although it is a very difficult thing, the boss


says to go and stand in a circle, Not the easiest of


situations, but the campaign is underway,


and we are starting Jeremy Corbyn has been


talking about class sizes in schools, something a lot


of parents are concerned about. Theresa May has been talking


about the spending on So, as this campaign goes along,


we are going to see both sides nailing their


colours to the mast. An Aylesbury man has pleaded not


guilty to murdering his brother, 18-year-old Brandon Lavender


stands accused of stabbing Police were called to Meadowcroft


in the town on the 17th of January. Daniel Lavender died later


at Stoke Mandeville hospital. 300 children marched


to the council offices in Milton Keynes today to demand


improvements to the town's red ways. They say the network


of footpaths are neglected, This year the town celebrated


its 50th birthday, and the children are calling for 50 improvements


to be made. The council has said it has


listened to concerns, They are asking for a realistic set


of 50 improvements that we can make, and that is things like filling in


small potholes and changing light bulbs, and I think we can make the


red weighs much better. Formula One equipment will be


auctioned off to the public next month after the collapse


of the Banbury-based are going under the hammer,


including pit lane equipment. Manor started in 2010


as Virgin Racing. and more than 200 staff were


made redundant in January. Homing pigeons may share the human


capacity to build on knowledge across generations,


according to a new The research suggests it helps


with improving their navigational But one long-time pigeon fancier


isn't totally convinced. In a remarkably short


time, the bird returns Pigeons, for years used as military


messengers, due to their Real wings have come


to the aid of mechanical ones. But now it appears we have more


in common than we realised. During a three-year study,


scientists give pigeons a destination, then replaced


birds that new leave it destination, then replaced


birds that knew the route Over time, it appeared


that the original birds were able to pass on their knowledge


to the new ones. Well, for thousands


of years, humans have been trying to come up with inventions


to make our lives easier. It has led to the invention


of the telephone, the What this study shows is that


pigeons have that same Many researchers have


believed that humans, or maybe some primates,


are the only ones who can pass


on knowledge, and then we improve our culture,


but our studies show that pigeons can also do the same thing.


They can actually improve over time. Keith Shipperley has


been racing pigeons He says he has seen no signs


that his birds have learned I just can't see it,


because brothers and race, you know, they don't come


to the lot at the same time. That theory that they


have talked it down. The findings of the study have


been published in the Scientists now wants to expand it


to look at different animals. A mother - who suffered five


separate miscariages - will be taking part


in the London Marathon this weekend to raise money


for a charity that's helped her. Vicky Hodgins, from Bicester, has


already raised ?3,000 for Tommy's. Story time for Vicky


and her two-year-old son, The toddler was born


after just 28 weeks. It is one of five miscarriages


she has had in the past I think part of you feels that


you have let the baby Other people are going around


having their babies, announcing that they are pregnant,


and it is really tough when you are watching


all of this going on, and actually,


you have not managed that, you feel Vicky ran the Brighton


Marathon last year, She is hoping to raise as much


again from the London The money will help fund Tommys'


ongoing research into When we had the first miscarriage,


we searched and searched the internet to find out


why this happened. And there were lots of stories


and information on the Tommy's Stories of other people who had been


in our situation, and that I think that other


mothers can draw real Vicky's family are a fabulous


family, and they are really Joel and his brothers are a real


testament to their positivity, and all the things


they have overcome. Joel's lungs were severely damaged


during the birth, and now he Vicky hopes her story


will give comfort to mothers who have


suffered similar trauma. A family-run Cotswolds bakery


and tearoom have proved Huffkins, who have tearooms


in Witney and Burford, made and sold 14,000 scones


at a temporary tearoom in Tokyo. The firm - which has been named


in a Japanese guidebook to the UK - now has further plans to increase


exports to the Far East. Matt Graveling has


been to meet them. A quintessentially British


tea-time treat, it has Whether your jam or cream goes


on first, there's no denying we love this little cake


more than anyone else, Seconds after opening the doors,


this food hall is full of people running to get their hands


on a scone, and the lady responsible


for meeting their needs is Lorna, bakery manager from


Oxfordshire company Huffkins. We had people out there,


queueing for our cream teas, who had been to Huffkins,


and had been shown scrapbooks, pictures


on their cameras, they love the Cotswolds, they love


the British. This pop-up tearoom saw 14,000


scones made and sold The company have come a long way


since being founded in Burford in 1890, building a presence


locally, but recent trips to Japan have


seen their scones, and merchandise, The traditions of taking tea,


you know, are similar, We are both tea-loving nations,


and you cannot have We are expecting to send our


first exports in May. We are going to be stocked


in several of the largest department store


groups in the country. It's a hugely exciting


prospect for us. And the company's growth hasn't


gone unnoticed at home, as it recently won three accolades


at the West Oxfordshire To go over to Japan,


make 14,000 scones in a glass case being watched by all


the Japanese, it was just A very successful wholesale


business as well as a Are there any signs that


their scones were now big in Japan? We came in with my wife


because she looked through a Japanese guidebook,


and the Japanese guidebook said that this was


the We had a few imitations


in London, but this So what started off


as a very British treat now seems to be an


international delicacy. If you want to try one of the best,


then come down here, Imagine how the Japanese would go


wild if they could watch something as quintessentially English


as South Today with Sally Taylor. the Goldstone ground -


supporters hope tonight they can add the championship


trophy to their promotion There are concerns tonight over


the lack of specialist care for families with muscular dystrophy


in the south. The South East has 5,000 people


living with the condition. Most regions have three


or four care advisors I am pressing the button


to change the TV channel. Dan is a big sports fan


and loves his television. He has all the latest technology


to help them control the screen. His mother believes NHS funded care


advisors are vital to help They help out right away


with diagnosis, they can support a family through the terrible grief


and as time goes on they can signpost them to


specialist services. A leading charity uses this video


to show how it works Care advisers funded by local NHS


health commissioners. In other regions they find the money


but not in Kent and Sussex. The south east, the only place


in a country without There are no specialist


centres in those areas, everyone goes to London but many


people are still hundreds of miles away from the specialist centres


and spent most of the time at home in the community where they need


that expert support. The charity believes it


would save the NHS money to pay for the care and avoid


unplanned hospital admissions. This woman has been campaigning


about this for a decade. It seems bizarre where


we are the only area, the affluent south-east,


which does not have this facility. In response to the campaign,


the NHS tells me they are developing the role of care advisers


and brnging together all the commissioners


from across the south-east in the coming weeks to ensure


the service is provided On to spot no. -- now. They just


have to beat Norwich tonight? Yes, that is correct. Fingers crossed.


With promotion to the Premier League already guaranteed, Brighton


and Hove Albion can tonight put the icing on the cake, knowing a win


at Norwich would clinch the Championship trophy.


Johnny Cantor is at Carrow Road for BBC Radio Sussex, where Seagulls


It would certainly cap a wonderful week for the Albion supporters,


promotion was the most important thing but especially for their


players, they want to go up as champions. One win would do it and


winners medal would be a fine memento. The Albion manager would


probably also like to seal the deal tonight against his former club.


Norwich City removed him from duties in his second season in charge. He


He led them to 11th in his first season.


It's hard to believe that, 20 years ago, Brighton


were facing extinction, without a ground, and


with only a slim hope of staying in the league.


What's happened since is a triumph for the club Chairmen


who wouldn't be beaten, Dick Knight and Tony Bloom.


But it's also a great moment for the bloody-minded fans


Bob Everett has been talking to two of them.


It is 20 years almost to the day since Brighton played their last


game at the Goldstone ground, sold off without the fan's


The old place was torn apart for souvenirs.


Back then the club fanzine editor and an accountant


among fans who fought to keep the club going.


In the club museum and it is all history now.


For Paul and even still it's a vivid memory.


I have never been back to the Goldstone ground.


I have never seen the pictures of the West stand


It was a mixture, a mishmash of emotions.


The rain was pouring down, there I was with a


hammer and spade, sitting in my seat, about to demolish it and take


Two seasons in the wilderness followed,


fans were forced to travel 75 miles to Gillingham Town for home games.


We just had to go there, the first season,


young family, I did not go as much as I should have done.


It was unreal, four motorways and a funeral.


The PA announcer did not pronounce the team's names


A return to Brighton was vital, even if that was to an


It gave the club and supporters a 12 year toehold in


It was brilliant, but it was a hand to mouth existence.


This is ideal, a permanent stadium with


22,000 seats where generations can watch Brighton and Hove Albion for


The fight turned fans into TV reporters and even


Absolutely, it is critical on an employment basis


and economic bases and community basis.


The benefits of stadium can bring can be enormous.


Faced with that kind of determination, the


In 2011, club and supporters were back in


The whole Albion story is the community.


What gives me the greatest buzz is sitting in


my seat here, seeing all the families, all the people


who support Albion and they are all familiar


They are all from Sussex and beyond and are all united.


Perhaps the ultimate destination for these campaigners finally arrived on


Monday, the Premier League. What gives me a buzz is when you're out


and about and there are kids in Brighton shirts, playing football in


the park. When we left in 1997, we lost a whole generation. The thing


about being a supporter of this club, you are a life. No Home


Secretary will let you out. Once you are in, you are in. 2017, what a


year for Brighton. You must remember it? I do, they have not changed a


bit. If there ever was a club where the supporters are the heart of it,


it is Brighton. I wish them all the best tonight. Another club as well,


Bournemouth taking on Middlesbrough at home.


Reading can guarantee their place in the Championship play-offs


In League One, Oxford travel to Millwall, MK Dons


host Sheffield United, while Swindon need a home


win against Scunthorpe in their fight against relegation.


In League Two, Portsmouth welcome Cambridge to what's sure to be


a party atmosphere at Fratton Park following their promotion.


Now, thousands of runners are resting their legs and loading


up on the carbs ahead this weekend's marathons.


Southampton hosts its first full marathon in more than 30 years


It falls on the same day as the London Marathon -


among those taking part will be Bronte Randle-Bissell


from Winchester - who aged 18 years and three days -


will line up as the youngest runner competing.


Good luck to everyone taking part, including a reporter from BBC says.


He will be wearing bright yellow. Let us get on to the weather for the


weekend. Not doing badly but we have cooler conditions to come next week.


Let us take a look at your weather pictures.


Gloomy skies above Sherbourne St John in Hampshire -


Becca Collacott sent us this photo of the Great Haseley Windmill


And here's a splash of colour from Ginny Boxall at Freshwater


skies for much of today. Generally quite cloudy picture. Cloud is a key


feature. We will see cloud through much of the region tonight. One or


two holes appearing in the cloud and temperatures hold around ten or 9


degrees. Temperatures could take a tumble with the clear spells. To the


north, we could see spots of rain pushing their week in towards dawn.


Some dampness to get the day started first thing on Saturday but


generally dry picture too much for Saturday. Quite a bit of cloud. By


the middle of the morning, we can see Brighton is developing. Into the


afternoon, sunnier spells. One or two blue skies to look for. Highs of


15 degrees and light winds so feeling pleasant when you catch


sunshine. Through tomorrow evening, we will see less cloud than tonight.


Temperatures will respond accordingly, to six or 7 degrees.


Perhaps in the it could go further still, perhaps a touch of grass lost


worst thing on Sunday morning. Sandy Hook stride and we will see a lot of


cloud to start. -- Sunday looks dry. Feeling pleasantly warm in the


sunshine, light winds and sunny skies. Things are set to change.


After a few weekend with decent wants, we will see a bit of a change


on Monday. -- decent wants. We start Monday with cloud and rain band


arrives. Cold conditions overnight into Tuesday. Some breakers on


Tuesday but one or two when to apply these and cold winds as well. Thank


you very much. When a person retires


from work after a long You'd think they'd like to


have a bit of a change. But when Roger Brown left his role


as a county planning officer. He couldn't resist directing his


energies at something which had more Roger spent the next nine years


of his life building a 15-feet scale model of Winchester,


based on an Ordnance Survey But the extraordinary work has


never been exhibited Miniature Winchester, the city as it


was in Victorian times. This intricate model, the work of a man


with a passion for buildings and a great deal of patience. It was only


that of love that lasted nine years. I don't know what his wife had to


say about that. We do know that she complained for nine years they could


not park the car in the garage. It was never intended to be just a


private project. It was always meant to be for other people to enjoy. It


has only ever been on short tempered Adelaide, a permanent home could not


be found but no, 20 years after it was completed, the model forms the


centrepiece of a revamped city Museum. Roger has to be just over


two years ago, but I know she would have been thrilled to bits to see


adhere. Roger bases model on an ordnance survey map which showed


huge detail of the city layout. The model captures Winchester Ju --


during her Victorian expansion. This was not year when the survey took


place in 1870 but when it was printed three years later, it's


foundation stones had been lead. The statue of Alfred also did not appear


for another three decades. Before that, Cannon, a trophy for the


Crimean War students please. Even that has made it this model.


Although a lot has changed, much of Winchester's past is still present


in this model helps keep its history alive.


It is amusing because when you look at it, we are so high-tech with


drones, you think I am looking at this with the drawing. Fabulous.


That's it from us, have a good weekend, good luck to all the


marathon runners and Brighton and Hove Albion. Good night.


Why didn't we go to the library today?


Because we don't have a library any more. Why?


The school's had to make big cuts. Cuts like with a knife, miss?


No, it means that the school can't afford to pay for things like


the library any more or shows or books or school visits.


CHILDREN: Awww! No more school visits?


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