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In tonight's programme, the police officer accused of racism


for using a black toy monkey to order a colleague to make tea.


Also, the moment a driverless lorry crashed into a house,


She jumped out the car and shouted, there's a lorry come down the hill


without a driver in it. She froze a bit so I grabbed her and pulled her


out of the way. And later on, training


in the tunnels - the First World War soldiers underground in Wiltshire


ahead of the horror A black woman working


for Thames Valley Police says she felt bullied,


harassed and ridiculed after a black toy monkey was allegedly put


on her desk by a colleague. Detective Sergeant Andrew Mottau


is accused of making racist comments and inappropriate


behaviour last year. Adina Campbell sent this report


from the force's headquarters in Kidlington where the hearing's


been taking place. Detective Sergeant Andrew Mottau had


been supervising a south east counter terrorism unit when these


racist allegations were made against him by a black female


colleague last year. At this stage we can't name


the woman for legal reasons but she was working as a special


investigator within his team. At the time, she was only black


person in the department and we heard both she and Andrew Mottau had


known each other for over 20 years. This afternoon we've been hearing


details about how tea-making duties were divided up between team


members last Summer. It's claimed Detective Sergeant


Andrew Mottau had introduced a black toy monkey about


the size of a key ring as a prop to signal whose turn


it was to make tea and coffee. After returning to work


following leave, the black investigator said on her first day


back to work last August, without any explanation,


the toy had been placed on her desk. Speaking in front of the hearing


panel this afternoon she said. I'm a black person,


serving the public. I was shocked and offended to see


a black money on my desk. He was jeering me and harassing me


about the black monkey. I felt violated and grabbed my


fags and walked out. I felt offended by it


and some members of my team The toy remained on my desk


for three weeks and it's unthinkable I raised an objection


more than once. He bullied, harassed me


and violated my dignity. It's claimed Detective Sergeant


Andrew Mottau used the toy and said, This gross misconduct


hearing will continue here at Thames Valley Police


headquarters in Kidlington A teacher from Oxford has been given


a suspended jail sentence for a sexual offence


against a young boy. 55-year-old Ian Rowley


from Cherwell Street in Oxford was sentenced to 16 weeks'


imprisonment suspended for two years after pleading guilty to engaging


in sexual activity with a boy. He was also ordered to participate


in a sex offenders' programme. Next, the terrifying moment


a driverless lorry smashed People living on the street say it's


a miracle nobody was killed. The man who lives in the property


was outside at the time and saw He's been telling David Lumb


he was so badly shaken by the accident that he's


struggling to sleep at night. The lorry came to rest hanging over


this wall, taking the telephone pole out. You can see what damage it's


done. Paul Nash is still shaking


after a massive lorry The 67-year-old and his wife Kath


were getting in their car to go out when when they saw the vehicle


careering towards them. She jumped out the car and shouted


there's a lorry coming down a hill The collision damaged Mr Nash's


walls and roof and demolished a brick wall and gate belonging


to his neighbour. What if we had been sat in the car


and couldn't get out? I don't know what could have


happened. It was a 20-tonne digger. A phone mast was also


brought down in the crash, leaving residents without phone


and internet connections. It's understood the lorry


was collecting a digger that had The police attended the scene. No


arrests were made. The company that owns the lorry declined to comment.


Recruitment's starting for 3,000 new jobs at the new Westgate


It's six months until it's due to open but there are concerns


there aren't enough people to fill the posts.


Around 1,800 people in Oxfordshire claim Jobseekers' Allowance


so even if they all took jobs there, there'd still be


Age UK is worried care workers will be tempted


to leave their jobs to work in the stores or restaurants.


The builders at the new Westgate centre,' head for heights is


certainly a job requirement. Below the centre's new roof, these stores,


bars and restaurants, will soon be full of new workers that can keep


their feet firmly on the ground. Construction work very much ongoing


here at the Westgate. But things are certainly starting to take shape.


With just six months to go, retailers are starting to think


about recruitment. 3,000 jobs coming to Oxford. What is that going to


mean for the city below? With very low levels of unemployment in the


city, it's feared the care sector could be affected when recruitment


for the Westgate gets going. There are areas of Oxfordshire where there


are not enough care workers at the moment and where services struggle


to deliver enough care to people. The balance is very fine, if you


like, it won't take many people making decisions to leave social


care work to tip that balance. And there are worries that other


businesses in Oxford could lose workers to the Westgate as well.


We've got some very good companies that will be out for tender at the


Westgate centre. John Lewis Partnership, a great business,


they've got the resources in order to involve local people. But what


about the smaller businesses? Those behind the development say it will


be a good thing for the city. It's going to be a place that's very


well-known, a place Oxford can be proud of, a place to eat, drink


relax and enjoy, watch the world go by. I think the important thing is


that we are standing in a new part of Oxford, so this is history being


made. I'm sure Oxford's going to be proud of it. There's set to be a


jobs fair held in the city in June for the Westgate centre. It will


open on October 24th. A group of companies led by a firm


in Oxford have unveiled a plan to test driverless cars on UK roads


and motorways in 2019. The driven consortium


led by Oxbotica also intends to test a fleet of cars


between London and Oxford. The cars will communicate with each


other about hazards and should London Oxford Airport


is extending its hangar space after new figures showed it's one


of the busiest business A new 15,000 square foot bay will be


added to its Kidlington base, along with with extra office space


and car parking. The data from WINGX and Eurocontrol


says it started 2017 as the 16th busiest in Europe,


ahead of Stansted Airport. Ahead of the general election,


Children's charities are calling on all the political parties to make


a manifesto pledge to tackle what they describe as a mental


health crisis in our classrooms. It's estimated three children


in every class have a mental health condition and one in four


experience emotional distress. A growing number of schools


in our region are turning to a relaxation technique developed


in Oxfordshire which combines meditation and mindfulness to help


children manage their emotions. Katharine Da Costa's


been finding out more. Finding inner happiness is at the


heart of the Relax Kids approach. In a fast paced world where children


feel ever more pressurised to perform these four and five year


olds at Dunmore primary school The system uses 7 steps from high


energy movement and play through to stretching,


massage and breathing to calm the body down and then progresses


onto affirmations to boost confidence and self esteem


and finally onto relaxation. It made me feel happy. What was the


best thing from today? Relaxing. And how does it make you feel? Happy.


Even at a young age, children feel the pressures of life. It's teaching


them how to cope with that and how to self-regulate and just to be


happy with a positive attitude. her technique is now practiced


in over 40 countries worldwide. She's hoping to be part of a pilot


project which could see meditation The benefits of doing the relaxation


techniques are huge. They make you able to concentrate more, they able


you to be more confident, as well as improve learning. When children are


calm and in a relaxed state, they are able to concentrate, they are


able to listen and they're able to learn and remember what they've been


taught. According to the charity young


minds, 1 in 10 children have a mental health disorder,


that's roughly 3 children in every classroom but less than 1%


of the NHS budget's spent We are asking for the next


Government to rebalance the education system. That means


creating an equal playing field where yes we have a great focus on


exam outcomes, but also have an equal focus on student well-being.


That means a new duty on schools so that they have that at the heart of


everything they do. Teachers and parents hope


by supporting children from a young age, they'll develop life long


skills needed to excel not just The chairman of Swindon Town


football club has told the BBC he wont be leaving


despite calls from They say Lee Power should resign


after Swindon lost 2-1 at home to Scunthorpe


confirming their relegation Inside the stadium...


And outside... The chant was the same. Fans not


only devastated but angry. And ready to point the finger of blame. Lee


Power's wrecked this club. Absolutely wrecked it. I'm gutted,


honest. We need a shake-up. Power's got a choice. Back room staff go or


he goes. Have a nice day, Mr Power. We have a rubbish manager and a


rubbish owner. Scunthorpe took the lead in the first five minutes, with


this from Murray Wallace. Swindon's fate was effectively sealed as Sam


Mantam swept home a second for the visitors.


Rowan Ince netted from range but the Robins couldn't save themselves and


Bury's victory condemned them to the drop.


Chairman Lee Power says it's not time to retreat but to rebuild. It's


my job now to pick up the pieces and carry on with the club. If I was to


give up, there wouldn't be a football club. That's what I intend


to do. It's not nice hearing that but I understand people are angry.


Fans will be looking for more than assurances as next season's strategy


is put into place. I'll have the headlines at 8


and a full bulletin at 10.30. Now more of today's


stories with Sally Taylor. If you want to know what the weather


will be like this week stay with us. I will look ahead to the weather for


the rest of this week, we have got an arctic blast were a couple of


days but becoming less cold towards the end of the week.


Sussex Police still need to do more to recognise


the crime of stalking, according to the county's Police


It's emerged that more than 200 people reported


An investigation is already underway into the force's


treatment of Shana Grice, a young woman who was killed


by a stalker last summer. John Young reports.


Shana Grice is the name that haunts Sussex Police.


More than five times she told them that Michael Lane was stalking her,


but on one occasion they told her she was wasting their time.


Today, the county's Police and Crime Commissioner admitted


to the BBC that the forces' respond to stalking in general,


as she put it, wasn't what it should be.


I think it's very difficult for police officers to understand


in the first instance the severity of the crime of stalking,


because often incidents are reported in isolation and what we want to see


is police officers actually joining up the dots


and understanding that this is about a pattern of abuse.


So in a training centre in Worthing today, officers


Anything that sounds concerning to you.


The training, organised by a victim of stalking herself,


who now runs courses to raise awareness.


It's extremely encouraging and they are engaging well with us,


and that's the whole point of what we're doing.


We need to increase the communication between all


the services and to get people to thoroughly


There's plenty of evidence it is a real problem.


This man is pretending to be a hospital doctor to get


A stash of weapons was later found in his van.


The singer, Lily Allen, helped campaigners by talking


publicly about the moment a man who'd harrassed her for seven years


broke into her bedroom when she slept.


It's far too frequent that we hear victims of stalking say to us that


they've reported to the police but they have been dismissed.


The police have said they'll come back when he does something


or he may just go away or that doesn't sound very serious.


The research we've released this week really does underline how


The research has also led to a list of tell tale


signs from the obvious, perhaps, hanging around outside a house,


to the more bizarre - rearranging furniture


in a victim's garden, or falsely reporting


a victim to social services for poor parenting.


Victims that come forward will often talk about,


"I've asked them to stop and told them no," therefore


And I think that's a message I would like to get across today


is that actually be really clear about what is wanted and unwanted.


And if you do, Sussex Police are now promising we will


Time for sport now. You might remember if you are watching on


Friday, we were all excited as far as Brighton and Hove Albion were


concerned. They didn't do it. They haven't done it yet. It is the


waiting game. It will be like that until the hopefully eventually live


that title. The need to beat Norwich to win the title but they had bad


luck. Two own goals of the goalkeeper and know they are relying


on Newcastle not to do them a favour tonight.


Onto football, and after failing to beat Norwich on Friday,


Brighton now await to see if Newcastle slip up


If they lose, Chris Hughton's side will be crowned Champions.


We will have an update on our late news this evening.


While in the Premier League, it was a successful weekend


for Bournemouth which is where we begin our goals round-up.


96 seconds is all it took Joshua King to set the tone here.


And in truth, the game was all but over after 20 minutes.


Benick Afobe doubled the lead, before ex-Saint Gaston


Ramirez turned sinner, Boro soon down to ten.


Marc Pugh's curling effort made it 3-0,


before Charlie Daniels danced his way through the Boro


We got where we got last year, we want to finish high,


we want to try and get in the top half if we can.


But it's such a difficult league to get results in.


We're not taking anything for granted.


Two goals from Assombalonga helped Forest race into a 3-0 lead.


And all but end Reading's automatic promotion hopes.


Yann Kermorgant scored a brace of his own late-on,


but it was too little too late for the Royals who look


Conor McAleney scored twice as Oxford stunned promotion chasing


The U's, who are just out of play-off contention, made it 3-0


Not the way MK Dons wanted to sign off their home campaign.


Champions Sheffield United celebrated in style with a 3-0 win.


Portsmouth celebrated their promotion from League Two


A first-half strike from Karl Baker and a superb free-kick


from Kai Naismith eased Pompey to victory.


They just keep rolling on, don't Luke List?


On to cricket and Sussex have signed West Indian pace bowler


While in the County Championship, Hampshire's


bowlers were frustrated by Yorkshire's Garry Ballance


who batted for nearly eight hours on his way to a double century


While, at Edgbaston, Surrey also had to settle for a draw,


Tom Curran took 8 wickets, but Ian Bell's knock of 99 ensured


A fundraising appeal for Surrey teenage driver Billy Monger has


reached nearly three quarters of a million pounds.


The money raised is to help Billy's rehabilitation,


following his double leg amputation last week.


Fellow drivers, who carried stickers of support during racing,


will now join friends and family at a fundraising event


called Walk For Billy around the circuit of Thruxton race


track during the British Touring Car Championships next month.


Billy himself has vowed to drive again.


Surrey Scorchers are through to the play-offs


18 points off the bench for Gabriel McCray helped Scorchers


to a 93-70 win over Plymouth Raiders.


They'll now play Leicester Riders over two legs.


The first will be streamed live on the BBC Sport website on Friday.


Isle of Wight athlete Kelly Sotherton is set to be


upgraded to her third Olympic bronze medal.


Sotherton who originally finished fifth in the heptathlon


at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, now climbs to third after a second


athlete was disqualified for testing positive for steroids.


Congratulations to the thousands of runners who took part in the


Southampton and London marathons yesterday. The first full marathon


in the city for 30 years was won by David Coke. It is his first ever


marathon, not a bad start. He got round in just under two hours and 14


minutes. Fabulous. Andy, for errors. Fantastic effort. Also raising money


for charity and as all those runners at Southampton did as well. We saw


one athlete helping and other in the London Marathon, which was lovely.


It was the novel "Birdsong", by Sebastian Faulks,


which most notably gave an insight into the horrors of tunnel


Well, now, a network of First World War tunnels


has been discovered - NOT in France but on Ministry


The tunnels were part of an army training ground,


used to get men ready to fight in and under the trenches


They were found on land set aside for hundreds of new homes


Larkhill, a building site today, but home to an army secret


This is the extraordinary system of tunnels and trenches


Built in 1917 to recreate an entire battlefield,


this was the Somme on Salisbury Plain.


Archaeologists say this was as close as it came to warfare before troops


They were using live ammunition, they were training 24 hours a day


on occasions in some pretty hideous conditions,


particularly in '16 and '17, when the brutal winter kicked in.


And this was the brutality of the First World War the training


tunnels and trenches were designed to recreate.


Thousands of troops passed through Larkhill to get


Dozens were killed through accidents and exposure.


Special computer mapping shows the extent of


The largest system of its kind anywhere in Britain.


In fact, they found around 8km of tunnels and trenches here,


and the emphasis across this whole landscape was realism,


right down to digging out the chalk - the same kind of rock


they encountered at the Battle of the Somme.


Some soldiers left their mark on the walls here before


Two sides facing off across No Man's Land...


Historians say military commanders learned from earlier mistakes


They're taking guys who are no more soldiers


than you or I and they put them into a completely


They have to learn how to live in it, fight in it,


survive in it, repair it, build it, eat, drink, live, sleep.


450 homes will soon be built here for troops


The many tunnels and trenches, with their wooden struts


World One War from Wiltshire to the Western Front.


When you see something like that, it brings it home to you. It is


extraordinary. It is incredible what those men went through. You have the


weather for the whole week. So down comfortably, we are about to begin.


Some cool weather but warming up a touch towards the end of the week.


A beautiful start to the day at Avon Beach.


Some rays of sunshine too, at Blandford in Dorset.


And there may have been grey skies in Farmoor,


but the blossom certainly cheered up this scene from Anthony Morris.


We did have quite cloudy conditions through much of the day, starting to


see some outbreaks of rain through the afternoon and we are continuing


to see those through this evening. We are turning cold for a little


spell and we could see one or two wintry showers, but Thursday and


Friday we start to see those temperatures going back up again.


Overnight tonight, the cloud and the fragmented rain gradually things


southwards. By 10pm, clear of any wet weather and clear spells


overhead. We are into the Arctic air mass, temperatures close to freezing


in many parts, we will spot could be a touch below. A wide spread frosty


start the day first thing on Tuesday morning. A bright start with some


good sunny spells to get the day going. The cloud will start to


bubble up through the afternoon. Given some good sunshine, highs of


around 11 or 12 degrees. Sheriff starter arrived through tomorrow


afternoon and it looks as we go into the latter part of the afternoon,


they will become heavier and more wintry, seeing some sleet, hail,


possibly a rumble of thunder. They do tend to easily through the course


of tomorrow night, we are seeing once again dry conditions and clear


spells, a return to those frosty conditions as temperatures near


freezing. As we start the day on Wednesday, a similar picture, some


good brightness, feeling rather fresh, showers earlier in the day


but the -- they could be on the wintry side. Hail, sleet and thunder


possible. Top temperatures of 1112. Thursday, milder conditions. We have


a weather front thinking favoured bringing extra cloud to the chorus


every day. Patchy light rain towards the end of the day, meant to Friday


it looks as though we will see a cloudy day in the most part, limited


brightness but one or two showers are possible. Look ahead to next


weekend, quite cloudy, we will see some good dry weather but the odd


shower here and there. That's it from us this evening. Do


you remember Tracy Edwards and her crew? We've got some news tomorrow


about that. Thanks for watching, goodbye. Good night.


There are times in the life of a nation


when the choices we make define the character of our country,


times when people stand up and demand real, significant change.


we have the chance to shape a brighter future for Britain


and I believe we have the vision and the plan to do it.


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