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Coming up: Claims a young offender's institution has


A report says there aren't enough prison officers to keep


The homeless people who've moved into a disused car showroom -


The boulder that fell onto a railway line -


I will have the weather for the week ahead shortly.


Staffing cuts have put inmates and workers in danger -


according to a report on Aylesbury Young


The Independent Monitoring Board says pay and conditions for staff


The report also warned of rival gangs of teenagers


Aylesbury Young Offenders Institution houses some of the most


violent and disruptive young men in the country.


Keeping around 400 inmates in order is inevitably a challenge,


and the Independent Monitoring Board says there simply are not


The report says cuts to the number of staff have made this place


more dangerous for prisoners and workers.


Also, there is a gang culture which is making it difficult to run


some training programmes and get prisoners around the prison.


The Ministry of Justice says 2500 extra prison officers


But the Prison Reform Trust says wages are too low


to attract skilled workers to Aylesbury.


The young men in Aylesbury are not being kept occupied,


their energy is not being used and they're not spending


And some of that is simply because the money hasn't been found


to recruit the people to keep workshops open,


so good facilities are standing idle.


The report highlighted the hard work staff put in to identify potential


In a statement, the Ministry of Justice said:


The prison is also working more closely with police


so inmates who break the rules are properly punished.


Campaigners angry about the lack of provision for homeless people


in Oxford have taken over a former car show room.


They've created sleeping areas, put a new lock on the entrance


A petition asking the site owners for permission to stay until March


has been signed by hundreds of people.


Welcome to Oxford's unofficial homeless shelter.


For the past two years, this former car dealership has been empty.


But some residents decided to move in after finding


Personally, I'm here because I don't want to see anyone freezing to death


That is something that has happened in other cities around


the country and I think that's completely unacceptable.


You know, buildings lay empty while people freeze,


And yes, it's not the most beautiful building, but it's safer and warmer


14 homeless people are now living here, benefiting from a roof


It's a bit of a godsend, really, because


I feel like I can get somewhere, you know?


Like, I can start applying for university and get things done.


We don't want to be a thorn in anybody's side,


We've seen an opportunity, a building that's not being used,


that can be utilised and can take a lot of people, and we have people


here to make it safe, so there is no hazards,


no danger, in fact, if anything, it's a life-saver.


It is not the first time a disused building has been taken over


This site is owned by Wadham College.


It said it had not decided whether to take legal action


Rail services have been disrupted after a large boulder fell onto the


track in Gloucestershire. A boulder, six feet by four,


which came tumbling down a steep It was fortunate a train


on the other line spotted it first Engineers have been on the track


near Kemble all day, It had clearly broken


through metal netting and cables, to minimise the impact of


landslides. We have had some minor


falls from time to time, to help the cutting wall stay


in place. Well, it was not designed, built,


to cope with anything of the size that we saw falling


onto the track today. Trains from Gloucester to Swindon


have been able to pass through here at five miles per hour,


but commuters wanting to get from Swindon to Gloucester have had


to use a bus service. That may continue while


Network Rail's investigations We need to check that


all the signalling equipment and the actual track itself is safe


to run trains over. It is pretty robust,


but it had a serious knock today. We are also taking some


investigations into what is still up there on the cutting wall,


to see if there is anything else which is likely to come down


and what we need to do about that. The tight, rocky ravines


here are a known problem It is close to the Sapperton Tunnel,


which has undergone major repairs in recent years


because of instability It could be that CCTV or remote


movement sensors could be installed here in future,


which would raise the alarm A man's been seriously injured


in a crash where a lorry shed part of its load of Cotswold stone


onto a car. It happened on the A429


near Northleach this morning. Two of the people involved were left


with minor injuries. Next: What cyclists see


on rubbish collection days - Drivers have been on bikes -


as part of a safety awareness Swapping the comfort of their heated


HGVs for handlebars and These bin men and women are seeing


what it is like being a more vulnerable road user


and have been taking part in a safety course


with Cyclists come in your blind spot,


it makes you more aware, doing this I had a scary experience


with an articulated lorry overtaking me so I am


highly aware of cyclists. It is quite scary being out


there on the road and It is the first time


Aylesbury Vale District Council has brought in this type of course,


which works out to be about ?90 per To put them in the position


of somebody cycling or on a horse or whatever, gives them the benefit


of seeing what it is like from where their position is in


the road, and I think they will benefit from


that Three months ago,


this lorry driver was sentenced to ten years


in prison for driving his lorry into the back


of queueing traffic on the a 34,


killing a woman and three children. He had been using his mobile phone


will stop most lorry drivers do take care when out on the roads


and the idea of this course is to develop


their skills even further. These lorry drivers


are testing their coordination and awareness skills


by looking out for different hazards and trying to stay


as safe as possible. The course also involves


some class relearning. But for now, the drivers


can forget about their bin loads and focus on brushing up


on their bike skills. Adina Campbell, BBC


South Today, Hillsborough. The government has committed to ?50


million worth of improvements to the a 54. One will see improvements to


the pear interchanges in Oxford and the other involves installing CCTV


traffic sectors and driver information displays on the road.


The weather is next. After a mild start to the week, some


sunny spells and from midweek, it will feel colder so through


Thursday, that is when the really cold air will set in. Overnight we


are looking at clear skies. The winds will start to increase and


temperatures will fall to three or four Celsius so it will be a cold


but many dry start the day tomorrow. A bright start of the cloud will


increase quickly during the latter part of the morning and through the


afternoon we may see some outbreaks of rain. A lot of dry weather as


well and temperatures will reach a high of seven or eight Celsius.


Through the cause of tomorrow night, patchy rain is still a possibility.


Burying an answer cloud, some clear spells and are continuing brisk


wind. Temperatures tomorrow night down to a mild seven Celsius. It


will be a mild start on Wednesday. We're expecting a jump-start with


drizzly conditions first thing about writing through the afternoon sun.


Still a fair amount of cloud and also the as C in the afternoon with


temperatures reaching nine or 10 Celsius. It is through the latter


part of Wednesday and into Thursday that really cold air will start to


dig in. Straight from the north, coming in from the Arctic and on


Thursday there is the chance almost anywhere that we could have a wintry


showers. A mixture of rain, sleet and even snow, but we are not


expecting any regulations. Through Friday, a similar scenario, quite a


brisk northerly wind with one or two isolated wintry showers.


Temperatures on Friday is struggling to a high of just two or three


Celsius so it will feel bitterly cold. This is the weekend, still


remaining chilly with a northerly wind setting in and will be some


wintry showers at times so it is certainly going to feel cold over


the next precipitation we get will be of a


wintry nation and Thursday is one we have to watch out for. The weekend


outlook, it stays chilly with a northerly wind and possibly frosty


nights. The national weather