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Coming up: The mother jailed for manslaughter after her baby


A report says social workers couldn't have prevented the death.


If there is one thing that we can do in her memory is to improve the


services in a way that the independent authors have suggested


that we should. Why pupils made a video about


the dangers of sharing information. The death of a toddler -


who was left in the bath by her mother - couldn't have been


prevented by social workers, The findings come despite social


services having an official protection plan for the child


who died in Grove in 2014. Jasmine Gregory, seen


here in the hooded coat, is serving a three year sentence


for the manslaughter of her daughter, Robyn,


who drowned in the bath in Grove A serious case review investigated


whether professionals could have Today's report talks


about an immature mother While the report says that the death


of this baby could not have been prevented by any of the bodies


in the building behind me, It suggests that some


of the administrative processes, particularly in risk


assessments, were inadequate. It talks about the communication


between agencies and how that Despite the review's


findings to the contrary, one charity believes more effective


communication and intervention from professionals


could have saved Robyn - who is known as Child Q -


in the report. This is a tragic example


where clearly opportunities were missed to safeguard Baby Q,


and I think our view at the NSPCC is that there is further work that


needs to be understood in relation to the complexities of neglect,


and what needs to be done to ensure that children in the circumstances


are adequately safeguarded This family was known


to social workers. At one point the baby was taken


into emergency foster care. In another instance,


Robyn was strapped into her pram for a day while her mum


was at the pub. You must get a careful balance


between supporting the parent, where they are not appropriately


parenting their child, challenging them if they do not


improve sufficiently, and, if necessary, intervening,


if that improvement does not meet the threshold that would lead


you to be assured of The council has already made


improvements to identify and support those at risk of neglect in light


of the review's findings. Children's services


in Buckinghamshire are steadily improving -


according to Ofsted. The department was rated


"inadequate" in 2014. After the latest visit,


inspectors found social work had In a statement the council conceded


there was still more work to do. Police investigating the theft


of ?100,000 worth of computer equipment have released a picture


of a man they believe can help. Up to five men stole MacBook


computers from a firm in Bletchley. Officers believe it


happened between the 22nd A group of pupils from Oxfordshire


have been recognised by Thames Valley Police for a video


they made on online safety. The project was part


of a competition run by the police to raise awareness of the dangers


faced by children sharing We tweet, we stream,


we vlog, we blog. We Instagram, Facebook,


like, share and comment. But just how safe is


this virtual world? It's a question asked


to students here at St Helen We made this video to help you stay


safe on the Internet. The video shows a girl


inviting someone she thought she knew to her party,


but her plans spiralled out of control when her home address


was shared with hundreds It's one of the real


dangers that they may face. We have to celebrate


what they can do with And the tremendous


power that it has. But, it is a risk factor and we had


to share that with them and help them develop maturity to make good


decisions, and be decent The lessons are welcomed here


at the Oxford Internet Institute where research shows the real life


pressures of our virtual world. One of the things that most


concerns me at the moment is around the use of things like texting


and mobile phones for the exchange It is a new risk and not one


we are dealing with, and it is more of a worry


that they may see adult content online and make it,


and exchange it with your peers. Back in the classroom


lessons continue to tackle the dangers of life online...


So what if you are a parent and want to have a conversation


with your children about Be aware of technology


and make sure your child Make sure your children are open


and share their accounts Ask children how things


work which helps. Let them show it to you and


what they can do on it. Then you have more of


an understanding with it and can A Swindon MP is hoping to use


the town as an example of how to spend proceeds


from the new Sugar Tax towards getting inactive


children into sport. Justin Tomlinson thinks the approach


used by this Swindon after-school sports camp could hold


the key to success. He called a special commons


debate this afternoon, saying such clubs could help


cut childhood obesity. I would also like to see all school


facilities made available for free between the hours


of 4pm and 6pm to any organisation that is doing it


as So if some parents get


together and say, we wish to put on a netball club,


football club or basketball club, I don't mind, as long as it is


a constructive activity for young From David Bowie to Adele,


it seems a surge in record sales is giving businesses


in Oxfordshire a boost. 2016 saw the highest sales


of vinyl for 25 years. Katharine Da Costa has been to meet


some of the businesses cashing in. I really like live recordings


because they're on a good system, they're so much more realistic


and you can hear all the little For collectors and enthusiasts,


vinyl's never really gone out of fashion -


but it's not since the early 90s that record sales


have fared so well. And for this distribution company


in Didcot, demand for high spec turn tables has doubled


in the last five years. When you download an MP3,


your physical interaction with it is through your phone,


which you do a myriad Vinyl makes music a special


experience that you can really enjoy, and the more that you commit


to it, there is the associated sound benefits that come with it as well,


you can enjoy it in much higher Over the last 10 years sales


have grown by 1,500%. However a recent survey


found nearly half - We've got things like the first


printing of Led Zeppelin which is worth about ?100 -


in mint condition things The Music Box in Wallingford


first opened in 1959, when all the latest hits


were played on vinyl. But with the rise of


the digital age and streaming, many of the specialist record shops


- including Wallingford's - back in a million years,


let alone selling records, vinyl. Now in a new permanent


town centre location, I must admit in the last


year it's gone crazy, people want something physical -


they don't want to pay for something They want something they can hold,


like the artwork and the sleeve. Just listen to it, and the whole


concept of an album. I find with vinyl, it sounds so much


better than downloads or CDs. When you buy limited edition ones,


you open it up and you find out It is great just going


through the records and you find something a bit odd or a bit


strange, and you can There is definitely


a social thing to it. Vinyl sales may still be dwarfed


by streaming and digital downloads, but music fans say it's


the nostalgia of rediscovering the old classics hidden


in the bargin bins that keeps them An Oscar winning sound designer


and re-recording mixer from Wheatley near Oxford has been nominated


for a BAFTA. Niv Adiri won an Academy Award


in 2014 for his work His BAFTA nomination


is for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them -


a spin off from the He'll find out if he's


won on February 12th. Maybe there'll be another


Oscar nomination too. Good evening, we are looking at a


lot of club tonight, some clear spells here and there and the chance


of patchy and light rain and drizzle, with thickening cloud. A


lot of places stay dry during the early hours and temperatures fall


away to seven or 8 degrees, a mild night to come. It will be a cloudy


and dump start tomorrow, mist and fog clears. We expect sunny spells,


isolated showers, dry weather and an increasing north-westerly breeze


which will take the edge of temperatures. 10 degrees is the high


but feeling more like seven or 8 degrees with the cold,


north-westerly breeze. All eyes are looking ahead to Thursday where


there is the potential for slow. Especially over the Cotswolds and


Chilterns. Uncertainty surrounding the northern extent of this band or


rain moving from west to east on Thursday daytime, it might produce


no even at lower levels. But we aren't expecting too much to settle,


not a huge or significant amount of snowfall but stay tuned to the


forecast. Looking ahead, tomorrow there's a cloudy start, bright


spells and the chance of patchy and light rain. A risk of snowfall on


weekend as well. For more on that snow situation, over to Jay Wynne