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Coming up: The cuts it's claimed will lead to more people


with dementia being put into full time care.


There could be less funding for services


like day centres - meaning increased


I would have gone under by now and my mother wouldn't have been able to


live with us. Also: the crime described


as stealing from your friends, family and the community -


why a council is determined to catch Tomorrow, we will have some snow may


be. Details later. A charity working with people


with dementia says proposed funding cuts to day services in Oxfordshire


would result in more people being admitted into full-time


care or into hospital. Around 10,000 people


in Oxfordshire have the condition. The council says most charities that


support people in the community manage to operate with no


funding at all. 82-year-old Jenny has been


using Daybreak Oxford's dementia services twice a week


for the past nine months. But a possible cut in funding


from the County Council I know that if it wasn't


for places like this, There was no way I could still


have my mother living with us. It takes too much out of you,


it puts too much of a strain on your marriage, too much


of a strain on the whole family. I find on the days when she comes


here, it's a different story. Oxfordshire County Council currently


funds 46 services like this, catering for people with a range


of needs at a cost Under new proposals,


all charities would have to bid Daybreak Oxford says its services


save the NHS and local authorities money by keeping people like Jenny


out of care homes and hospitals. People with dementia should have the


opportunity to have a good quality of life and have a club where they


can enjoy themselves. In terms of mental health beds,


since 2002 I think we've lost six out of the eight wards that used


to exist in Oxfordshire, there used to be seven day hospitals


in Oxfordshire in 2002, there are now none and it doesn't


seem as though there are any People with dementia should


have the opportunity to have a good quality of life and have a club


that they can go to where they can The county council says it proposes


to carry on funding its own dementia services which are run


by the voluntary sector The Cabinet will decide later this


month on the future of daytime The council says there is scope


for a change following this Police are investigating a rape


in Oxford last night. A woman was threatened at knifepoint


on Harcourt Hill and then raped Police are looking for information


about a man seen running They're also linking it to a car


accident involving a Black VW Golf A 38-year-old man from


Oxford has been arrested. Next: The extraordinary decision


by a motorist to move an ambulance out of a parking space


so he could put his car there. Staff were in the back


treating a patient. It's thought the man


released the ambulance's handbrake to move it


and then drove his car It happened on Pelican Lane


in Newbury two weeks ago. Police want to question the man


who's described as white, in his 50s, and driving


a red Mini Cooper. It was a very reckless


act to undertake. Obviously the ambulance


could have moved forward, the individual would have had no


proper control of that vehicle at the time and anything


could have happened. It could have hit a pedestrian,


could have hit another vehicle and it could have put


the lives of the patient and the crew in the rear


of the ambulance at danger. Councils are turning


to Investigation Units to tackle West Oxfordshire district council


is the latest to give its backing to a team dedicated to curbing abuse


of the system - and just around Fraud is estimated to cost


the authority more than Last year, by tackling fraud


in Oxford, the city council Investigation units like the one


in Oxford cover many areas including tenancy fraud,


council tax, business rates and the abuse of social housing


and the Right To Buy scheme whereby someone buys a council house


when not entitled to. With such high demand for affordable


housing in the city, In the last financial year,


they recovered nearly ?4 million. 21 social housing properties


were recovered and 33 Right To Buy On top of that, last year


the council secured 15 prosecutions, the most serious offenders can face


ten years in prison A couple of years ago,


they were investigating Many councils disbanded the fraud


investigation services. In Oxford we retained ours


and the fact that we are likely to recover ?4 million suggests


it was the right decision. It is important that fraud


is tackled and people Local authorities are working harder


than ever to make sure every pound West Oxfordshire and Cotswold


district councils are following in Oxford's footsteps by backing plans


for their own investigation unit. The more fraud that is identified,


that is money that isn't being taken out of the system,


as it were. It will help protect front


line services and reduce It is estimated by 2020,


councils will not receive Experts say a failure to detect


fraud will result in the loss A new centre using state simulators


to train nurses and midwives The NHS is struggling to recruit


enough staff to care Part of the problem is finding


enough hospital placements for trainees, so could technology be


part of the answer? I will have a quick feel of your


tummy. The bump may feel real enough, the patient is most


definitely isn't that this is no dummy. She gives birth just like a


real mum, so realistic it is not tea-time viewing. Vital for the


students who are training. We are able to come in and practice for our


exams are a couple of months ago. It has been valuable to have this for


us and the rest of the students within the University. My name is


Claire and I am one of the nurses here. They come in all shapes and


sizes and just like a flight similar -- simulator, forced trainees to


make life and dentists decisions. Students can rehearse their skills,


learning a safe environment and it is safe but equally Bury safer


patients. Midwife numbers here average than 10% but live births are


our path as much again. The biggest problem is finding hospitals with


the budget to write clinical areas for the trainees. We can do a lot of


our training in a simulation area and relieved that pressure on the


practice. Practising on real-life patience isn't going away any time


soon. Two poems written by an 11-year-old


George Michael have been unearthed by an old school friend in West


Oxfordshire. Penny Ling, who now


lives in Longcot, discovered them in her old primary


school year book. They were written by the singer


and songwriter when he attended Roe Green Junior School in North


London. As well as writing poems, George


was just one of the friendship We all would sing pop


songs and we were both He didn't stand out,


if he wasn't a show off. Alexis has the forecast -


and the likelihood of snow. Good evening. It would be a cold


night to come because of the strong north-westerly wind which will take


the edge off temperatures. In sheltered spots, it may be a frost


tomorrow morning. These are temperatures in towns and cities but


feeling colder in the countryside. A dry and bright start tomorrow. The


Met office have issued a snow warning. Stay tuned for the latest


on the situation. Temperatures will rise slightly during the morning


with the milder air but then the cold air will set in from the north


turning the rain to snow in some places. A little uncertainty of


whether rain will fall. Temperatures will struggle to rise to above four


Celsius. We could have three centimetres of snow in some places.


That yellow snow warning stays in force through the day tomorrow and


evening. The snow clears away and we could have some snow showers. The


main feature is the key northerly wind. The risk of ice on Friday


morning which could cause tricky driving conditions. The risk of


snowfall tomorrow. Temperatures will struggle to rise. We could have a


dusting and places. potentially leading us into a chilly


start to the weekend. Time for the national weather prospects if you


are on the move. Good evening, a lot going on with


the weather in the next few days, numerous weather warnings in for so


buried in mind if you have travel plans. Lots of isobars on the chart


overnight which means it will be windy for all. The strongest winds


in Scotland, lots of wintry showers with snow getting down to


increasingly low levels and some wintry showers in Northern Ireland


and northern England. A cold night for Northern England, particularly


in more rural spots, frosty and I see for some and some of the snow


really blowing around over higher ground in Scotland. Strong wind and


further snow to take us into tomorrow. It may well make for some


tricky travelling conditions. The forecast for tomorrow in the


southern half of the UK's quite tricky. We have got mild air