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The body of a solider killed in Iraq is flown


Dozens of people turned out in West Oxfordshire


to pay their respects to Lance Corporal


Also, coming out of retirement - the 72-year-old former rally driver


And tonight there is an ice warning, following the rain,


Dozens of people turned out in west Oxfordshire to pay their respects


Lance Corporal Scott Hetherington was killed in a shooting


His body was brought back to the UK through RAF Brize Norton.


Members of the 2nd Battalion the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment


carry one of their own back onto British soil.


Lance Corporal Scott Hetherington died ten days ago, just one month


The 22-year-old was one of 500 British soldiers helping train Iraqi


and Kurdish security forces to fight so-called Islamic State.


He died in what's believed to have been an accidental shooting.


His family, including his girlfriend and baby daughter, had travelled


We've taken this situation, it's a horrible situation


repatriation, but we're here to support this family.


They are a very strong family and Scott was very


dearly loved, that's come across quite clearly today.


Lance Corporal Scott Hetherington is the 98th person to be repatriated


through RAF Brize Norton since they switched hear from


Dozens of strangers from across the country have come


hear today to recognise the sacrifice the man known


as Snowball to his regiment made in serving his country.


We have people that would have come from further north but the weather


is bad and people who would have come from London but again


We have people who have come from the Greater Manchester, Person area.


I have only comes 50 miles, so it is a small trip.


But we will always endeavour to be here.


Lance Corporal Hetherington's coffin has been taken


to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.


An inquest and his funeral will take place in the coming weeks.


Police are trying to trace a driver who knocked down and killed a man -


It happened on the A361, just outside


Police say the driver who failed to stop was in a Ford Transit van.


A man from Banbury found with knives near Buckingham Palace has


been given an indefinite mental health order


48-year-old John Bolton was caught with three lock


knives at Hyde Park Corner in June last year.


It happened two days before the official celebration


Police say the Home Secretary's speech at a Conservative Party


conference has been logged as a hate incident.


It's after an Oxford University professor reported Amber Rudd,


claiming she used hate speech at the conference last Autumn.


She suggested tightening rules that allow UK firms to recruit


The Home Office says it was not a hate crime and that Amber Rudd has


made countering hate one of her key priorities.


Plans for Reading's Hexagon theatre to be replaced


by a new 2,000 seat venue have had a setback.


The council has found that while there is demand


for a new facility it would need subsidising


and the money needed isn't available.


This was the Hexagon's best ever pantomime season.


But it is an old building and not as versatile as it could be.


As you can see, it has seats behind but it does not have any wing space


so an actor waiting to come in, you have to draw back these curtains


or wait behind the doors or squeeze in there.


That works really well for things like stand-up comedy and music


but it doesn't work so well for straight theatre plays.


People won't come here, unfortunately, and as such people


-- as such Reading do not see theatre companies like the RSC,


the Donmar and all these great companies.


That's why Reading Borough Council wants a new 2000 seater theatre,


But it hopes appear to remain just that.


Its own consultation has found that such a facility cannot be built


or run without a large council subsidy - and that, right


Reading - like a lot of councils - has suffered a lot of cuts.


We have lost about ?60 million of funding which we got


So, these big scale capital projects, you do have to prioritise


but in the future I would be hopeful that we can deliver


The market does suggest it would be a good option.


So - disappointing news for many but with such varied productions


being staged in other venues, some question whether focusing


on a large theatre was the right choice in the first place.


Does Reading need a 2000 seat theatre right now


I do not know that it necessarily would, so I wouldn't be


There is exciting things to come, we have new project by South Street,


Reading Rep have new writing projects coming up.


I am sure all the other arts organisations around


Reading have a lot of work which is equally exciting.


So the Hexagon will remain Reading's largest venue but arts communities


here are determined to continue developing the town's


Back in 1970, Bronwyn Burrell was the youngest driver


in the World Cup Rally from London to Mexico.


Now, half a century later, she's been reunited with her car


and is competing again at the age of 72.


She's planning to re-stage the first leg of the rally this April.


John Maguire caught up with her in training in Oxfordshire.


Wembley, 1970, and a car rally marks the handover


of the World Cup hosting duties from England to Mexico.


Sir Alf Ramsey waves them off - and in car 20, three woman


We were going to be away for six weeks.


It seemed like a lifetime but it wasn't a lifetime, it was a flash.


Gosh, there is and our lovely green C dresses and red puffer jackets.


I had very long hair, so unmanageable, really,


it was a stupid thing not to have short hair for that.


The team was well prepared - mechanically and personally.


We decided the best bet here was to have paper


knickers, so we had colour-coded paper knickers.


I think Tish was pink and Tina was blue.


So we could discard them, we didn't have to worry


Such ingenuity may now return, as almost 50 years on,


Bronwyn has recently bought the original car, nicknamed


Puff the Magic Wagon, and they're ready to race again.


Back to the car again but what a shame Tish is longer with us.


She loved to be doing it all again like we are going to be doing.


We're going to miss her when we need her to change a tyre, you know.


The joy was she'd be jacking up the tyre,


you'd be loosening the nuts, I'd be getting the wheel off.


Give you the wheel, you give me the wheel,


I tell you what, shall we take her out round the track?


Bronwyn hasn't driven competitively since the early '70s


Well, as you can see, Bronwyn definitely comes


She's certainly not lacking in confidence out there in the car,


but you also see she is making quite a load of little mistakes and that's


why she's coming back to us a little bit in the future


In April, they'll drive to Portugal once again,


It's a bit more controlled because of health and safety.


You know, you can't do what you used to do.


We used to do rallies and have one night 's sleep in five days.


Well, the sport may have changed, but the car and especially


the driver look as fast and furious as ever.


It's been snowing in some parts of our region.


This sleet was filmed in Nuneham Courtenay in south


The Met Office says the cold weather will continue into tomorrow


with the possibility of ice in the morning.


You can find out how the snow and ice is affecting travel tomorrow


morning by tuning in to your BBC local radio station.


It will be a cold night to come because of the strong


Is a risk of both. There is a ice warning in force. Do stay tuned to


BBC Oxford for the latest on the travel. Cleveland ice tonight and


the order snow shower is a possibility that might create more


possibilities. In the countryside, we could see a low of minus four


Celsius. A very chilly night to come with light south-westerly winds.


Lovely sunny spells tomorrow and the chance of snow showers in the


morning. There will be a keen north-westerly breeze that will take


the edge off temperatures. It will feel more like two or three Celsius


because of the strength of the wind. A cold nights tonight and the risk


of servers tomorrow night. Saturday will start on a frosty belt. The


breeze will continue to ease into Sunday morning. A possibility of


rain it Saturday night. It will be a chilly nights tonight and tomorrow


night a wide spread frost. The risk of ice. There is a Met Office ice


warning in force tonight and through the rush-hour drive to work


tomorrow. Temperatures are struggling to rise. The wind eases


slightly on Saturday but it will still be very cold and rain is


possible. note. If that's not your sort of


thing, Sunday will


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