13/01/2017 South Today - Oxford


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All non-urgent operations have been cancelled


at Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital today and will be on Monday.


It's as the NHS in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire comes


under what's described as "major pressure".


In a statement the hospital trust said everybody


Peter Cooke sent this report from the hospital.


The hospital trusts in Oxford, Buckinghamshire and Reading


are amongst 25 who have said they have been under


More problems today, the John Radcliffe issued


a statement from their chief nurse, Catherine Stoddard.


In it she said they'd taken this decision to improve the flow


of patients through the hospital and to ensure they can continue


to see patients in the emergency department in a timely way.


She added that all of those affected have been notified and that


all urgent admissions and day cases will go ahead as planned.


Staff at the hospital have asked people to consider all options


Now, we have been asking the public if they have


There's a disparity between what the public expect


from the National Health Service and what can be delivered.


I can't fault the staff at all because the people that


I think quite a lot of people could either be seen


by their doctors or be seen by the pharmacist.


The picture here is very much reflected of course in many


More than four in ten hospitals in England declared a major alert


in the first week of the New Year, not being able to see


To cope, they brought in extra staff and also cancel routine treatments,


But given the current pressures on the system


during this winter period, many trusts are warning


we are likely to see further cancellations.


A man's been arrested in connection with a rape investigation in Oxford.


Police have today been continuing their searches


of the area surrounding Raleigh Park and woodland close to the A34.


The man has been detained in Eastbourne in Sussex.


Officers are appealing for witnesses to the incident,


adding that evidence may have been thrown from a moving car.


A shopkeeper near the Cowley road has pleaded guilty to sixteen


offences relating to selling unsafe 'legal highs'.


Darren Manley admitted selling the products,


including King B and Charlie Sheen, as research chemicals


from his Red Eye store which has since closed down.


Trading standards launched an investigation into the substances


and found them to be illegal and dangerous.


Inspectors at the troubled Woodhill prison in Milton keynes have raised


concerns over staffing levels in a damning new report,


The Care Quality Commission findings, published today,


criticises the level of mental health care.


Nine inmates have committed suicide at the prison since 2012.


Death in custody and deaths in prison if they complicated,


Death in custody and deaths in prison is a complicated,


If it was an easy question we would be able to solve


the problem quite quickly but what we see is an ageing


population, we see an increasing number of novel psychoactive


substances within our prisons, including spice, which we see


in the street and also the complexity of the environment.


What one must bear in mind is that Woodhill is a category A prison,


therefore the complexities of the prison, the complexities


of the environment, are slightly unique in themselves.


I think we can always do more and if we have more staff we can


At the moment, the staffing compliment is slightly higher


than that which was identified by the CQC because we have obviously


moved on some several weeks and it's interesting that the report


concluded that the staff were compassionate and


Campaigners squatting in a former car show room in Oxford say they've


claimed a "small but important victory" for those needing shelter.


They've been at a court hearing in the city today where the case


Protestors say it gives people with nowhere warm to sleep another


Adina Campbell has been following developments.


Cuddle time for Lewis and his dog, Ty.


For the next seven days at least, he'll be able to stay on living


here in this former car dealership in Oxford.


You've made it into your own, haven't you?


I have, it's a bit of an upgrade from the tent.


And this feels much more like a bedroom to you now?


It felt like an office on the first night, so I thought I'd do


a little bit to make it feel like my own space.


Earlier, campaigners say they were relieved after a judge


at the County Court in Oxford adjourned a hearing which could have


seen the 16 homeless people living in this building evicted.


They decided to move in on New Year's Eve after finding


Since then, thousands of people have signed a petition to keep them here,


Lots of warm clothes, we've got bedding, beds, futons.


A couple of sofas, we've got hobs, fridges, lots of cooking equipment.


The building is owned by Wadham college.


It says it is profoundly sympathetic to the plight of homeless people,


but plans to use the site for student accommodation.


The college, however, let the ground-floor


to Midcounties Co-operative, who've told us in a statement...


With temperatures set to drop to -3 overnight,


this is welcome news for the people who've been using this


But this may not be a permanent decision, and even though


they will be able to stay here for the next few days,


that could change of course depending on the outcome


Police say a car's been clocked doing 131 miles an hour


The car was spotted in the early hours of the morning


A 31-year-old man's due to appear in court.


We may have missed the brunt of the weather, but this aerial


shot across stokenchurch and the chilterns shows a fair


The shot was captured by the police helicopter.


The weekend weather is next, starting with the regional


forecast with Alexis, but that's it from us.


It will be a cold and a frosty night tonight and there is a big issue


of ice following the snowfall we had recently and the chance of wintry


During the early hours of the morning a little more cloud


will feed in from the north and temperatures in the towns


and cities will drop to around -2 Celsius,


but perhaps down to -4 Celsius in the countryside.


So, the risk of ice first thing tomorrow morning.


Wintry showers are still a possibility.


Not amounting to too much if they fall as snow.


But tomorrow's a mainly dry day with some sunny spells.


Still, the risk of a shower through the afternoon with a high


Looking ahead to the rest of the weekend, rain and milder


conditions on Sunday, quite a damp and a dismal day.


The possibility of more cloud on Monday.


5-6 is the best we will have. It stays cold into the beginning of


next week as well stop Good evening, a cold, icy


night, but some others have other concerns. This was the scene earlier


today, huge waves crashing on to the shoreline at Whitley Bay. We still


have the peak of the high tide to come in other parts. This is the


flood line number. It's if you have any concerns. The worst of the wind


slowly comes -- subsiding. Wintry showers across the North of Scotland


and some filtering well inland across the Midlands, giving a light


dusting in some places. An icy night, temperatures widely close to


or below freezing, particularly where you have snow cover. Tomorrow


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