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Gove and Labour's Brexit Secretary Kier Starmer as well. Join me now on


BBC Two. Welcome to South Today.


Coming up... The downgrade of maternity services


at Banbury's Horton Hospital is extended as the NHS


in Oxfordshire discusses Also name dropping -


can a new approach to recruitment engender gender equality


in the science industry? And there is the risk


of a frost this week. By the end of the week,


it turns cloudier. I'll have the weather


for the week ahead shortly. It's been announced the downgrade


of maternity services at the Horton Hospital in Banbury could be made


permanent under new plans The temporary move -


made on safety grounds - sparked anger from campaigners


last summer. It will now continue


until at least March. Expectant mothers, needing doctors


at present, have to travel The extended travel time has led


to the MP for Banbury, Victoria Prentis, urging patients


to log their journey And it's not just maternity


services that are affected. Chrissy Ansell from Banbury makes


the 60 mile round trip to the John Radcliffe each week


in order to visit her family at the oncology department.


Matt Graveling's travelled with her. Talk me through the way that we're


going to go to the hospital today. I think it's best if we go


on the A4260, because the motorway is 12 miles longer, but also it gets


chock-a-block with the A34 coming on it.


Right. You were saying that the Horton


was somewhere you had to use yourself not too long ago?


That's right. It was just before Christmas


and I had the unfortunate accident where I fell out of the loft,


and the loft ladder went in my leg, which cut it open pretty badly


and was bleeding profusely. I wouldn't have got to the JR.


I wouldn't be alive today. So we're just coming


through Adderbury now, Chrissy. Let's talk about your local


MP, Victoria Prentis - she's had quite a lot to say


on this matter. And she wants people


to record their journey times. I hope to be able to feed this


information into the consultation as real evidence of what time it


really takes people to get to the Radcliffe and to get


to their appointment, rather than just taking


things off Google Maps. The journey times are


an important factor. Although the population


in Banbury's grown, medical sciences has advanced,


people are getting older, but the distance hasn't changed.


It's still the same distance. So wee're just leaving


Dennington now. We've had been driving


for just over 20 minutes. We probably could have got


to the Horton and back again, if we were going there,


but we're going to the John Radford. How long do you expect the rest


of this journey to take I would say another


25 minutes minimum. If I was sat here as one


of the decision-makers, I would say, "Think very carefully


about what you are doing. I'm sure there are other


places you could cut cost, So we're just coming


into the John Radcliffe now. It's 12.24, almost exactly 50


minutes since we left If it took us the same time back,


then we could've gone And of course we've still got


to find a parking space. Yes, that's right and it can


take as much as an hour, Well, the downgrade at the Horton


comes as the first part of a major consultation into Oxfordshire's


wider health services is launched. ?200 million of savings has to be


found by 2021 by the county's Katharine DaCosta has been


looking at the details. Well, it seems that the idea's


to centralise more services to the John Radcliffe Hospital


in Oxford. Now, that's not going to be good


news for people campaigning to keep Health bosses stress


they are investing in the Horton. It'll become a centre


for diagnostics and outpatient appointments, so that patients can


be seen and treated closer to home. Under the plans, though,


most seriously ill patients would be transferred to Oxford and maternity


services may be permanently downgraded, because


of staff shortages. Acute stroke services could also


transfer to Oxford to make it a large specialist unit


for the whole region. Meanwhile, the overall strategy


is to keep people out of hospital, As such, 146 beds


have already closed. Another 48 are


earmarked for closure. We've only seen these proposals,


we've only had them for a matter of hours, but what reaction


has there been? Well, some of the concerns


are that this consultation's in two parts and that,


actually, many of the changes are interlinked.


Also, it's 48 pages long. Some feel the sheer size of it


will put many people off engaging Healthwatch Oxfordshire has said


that many of the changes have already started to be put in place


before the public's They've already closed down beds


in the JR and they've closed down They've done that before


the consultation starts, I mean, if there's a big swell


of public opinion against it, is it actually going


to make any difference? Well, the second phase


is expected to start in May - looking at A, children's services


and community hospitals - with the fear that,


to make more savings, more community hospitals


may have to close. We'll have more detail and more


reaction on tomorrow's South Today. Katharine DaCosta,


thank you very much. 14 council-run day care centres


for elderly and disabled people have been recommended


for closure in Oxfordshire. The county council is proposing


the closures in order Under the plans, funding


for privately-run services would also be cut by hundreds


of thousands of pounds, but more If anyone were to say


that it is most definitely a long-term solution would not


perhaps be being realistic, but what we are doing is,


as of today, making sure that the service we have


in Oxfordshire is giving the Oxfordshire people


what they need. The UK Atomic Energy Authority is


hoping to increase gender equality Those hiring people wouldn't see


names at the shortlist stage, to try and stop "unconscious


bias" against women. It's part of measures


being trialled at its Culham base to increase the number of women


going into the industry. At Culham's nuclear fusion


experiment jet, they can heat plasma to 100 million degrees -


hotter than the sun. But when it comes to getting


women into science, Currently, 10% of engineers and 15%


of scientists here are women. The UK Atomic Energy Authority says


it's an imbalance they're What needs to change is the culture


and for it to become normal, for it to become a nonevent


that you are a woman in You're just a scientist,


you're an engineer, you're not a female scientist


or a female engineer. Alex Davis is a process


engineer at Culham. She thinks women are being put


off jobs in science You give boys Lego and Meccano


and you give girls suddenly, you've raised an entire


generation of people who are conditioned to think,


these are my hobbies, these are my interests,


these are what I want The UK Atomic Energy Authority has


now signed up to a gender equality accreditation scheme


to try to attract more women into It wants to make its labs


more female-friendly. Some of the tangible things that


you can do are gender-blind recruitment practices


at the shortlisting stage. This is something that's been


in the news recently. Family-friendly working


policies, flexible working. A lack of female scientists


and engineers is not just a problem at Culham Science Centre -


it's happening across the country. But it's hoped measures being tried


out here could encourage more women to embark on careers


in this industry. Finally, how about this


for a lucky escape? An 80-year-old motorist


was unhurt after this car crashed into a pontoon


on the River Thames in Henley. Emergency services helped free


the pensioner within 10 It took two hours


to recover the car. The driver was described


as "a bit shocked". Weather next, starting with


the regional forecast with Alexis. But that's it from us.


Good night. After a nearly damp start


to the week, some brighter and sunnier spells with a chance


of frost at times. Towards the latter part of the week,


cloud will make a return, So a mainly dry week,


mainly settled, with Overnight tonight,


a good deal of cloud, Temperatures in the countryside


may well drop to freezing, so, where we have clearing skies


for eastern parts of the region, the chance there we could


have a frost first thing tomorrow. In most places, temperatures


will be above freezing. But the sun will start


to make an appearance. More cloud the further


north and west you are The best of the sunshine down


towards the south and east. In the sunny spells,


temperatures will struggle to a high of just four or five Celsius,


so quite a cold feeling day, especially where


we have all that cloud. But the winds will be light,


so pleasant in the sunshine. Through the course of tomorrow


night, the cloud will disperse and we'll see clearing skies


and that means one thing - a widespread sharp frost,


a hard frost, in fact, first thing on Wednesday morning.


A very chilly start to the day. Temperatures could start in towns


and cities at minus two Celsius. In the countryside,


a low of minus three Light winds first


thing on Wednesday. It's a decent day, lots of sunshine,


more cloud further north. That cloud may start


to spill southwards The best sunshine for southern


parts of the county, with temperatures on Wednesday


reaching a high of three Through Thursday, high pressure


still dominates our weather. It stays with us


through much of the week. A weather front moving southwards


will bring us more cloud. Where it's thick, the cloud,


we could have the odd isolated shower, but generally,


it will be dry on Thursday. Dry also through Friday,


with temperatures reaching a high Looking ahead to the weekend, mainly


dry but quite cloudy at times. Some brighter spells are possible.


Now your national forecast. perhaps a little milder. If you like


the mild weather, you'll have to head elsewhere in the country. Find


out more in the national weather forecast. Our weather is going


against normal expectations this week. In Highland Scotland some snow


to be seen on the hills. Temperatures as high as 12 Celsius


today. Over the next few days the coldest air is in the far south-east


of England where there is sunshine to be had. Four or five Celsius in


Kent. Differences remain over the next few days and here is why. I


pressure in control of the weather. Some clear a continental air, but


coming into Scotland from the Atlantic plenty of clouds around.


Outbreaks of rain


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