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Coming up: The fatal crash on the A34 caused by a lorry driver


Police are praised for the way they dealt with the aftermath.


Also: Claiming it's putting the right care in the right places -


the group planning controversial changes to care in Oxfordshire.


And, how the rebirth of Aston Martin marks the rebirth


Officers from Thames Valley Police who dealt with the aftermath


of a crash in which four people died on the A34 have been


given commendations by the Chief Constable.


The crash happened in August on the Oxfordshire/Berkshire border.


It was caused by a lorry driver who was using his mobile phone.


With permission from the victims families come of this footage was


released three months ago. Scrolling through his music playlist


which, seconds later, This was the moment Tomas Kroker,


distracted by his mobile phone, caused the multi-car pile-up


on the A34 in August 2016. Tracy Houghton died instantly,


along with her sons, 13-year-old Ethan and


11-year-old Joshua. Her partner's daughter, 11-year-old


Aimee Goldsmith, was also killed. The family were integral


to the video, because we couldn't have made it without them,


but also they were integral to the fact it was made


in the first place. It was their idea and they wanted


to make a positive change. Something so horrific had


happened and they saw it as an opportunity to make a change


and save people's lives. A police Sergeant,


Detective Sergeant, three police officers and two communications


officers have all been commended for their work


in response to the crash. This afternoon's ceremony


was led by the Chief Constable He honoured some members of his team


for what he called outstanding work, I think the fact that three children


were involved in this crash made it stand out


for all the wrong reasons. The officers were very


proud to be recognised, but ultimately they think


they were just doing their job. The lorry driver, Tomas Kroker,


is now serving a 10-year jail sentence for causing death


by dangerous driving. Police hope that this dash cam


footage will continue to be of using a mobile phone


while behind the wheel. Police in Aylesbury have


arrested an 18-year-old man It follows the death


of a 26-year-old man, Police had been called to reports


of a man being stabbed at a property Controversial plans to save ?200


million from NHS services in Oxfordshire will lead to the care


in the right places, according to the decision makers


behind the proposals. They say they'll lead to a more


sustainable health service. Among the criticisms


is that the plans are too confusing. The NHS is struggling


to cope with growing demand In Oxfordshire, managers say


they need to save ?200m The first phase of this consultation


sets out "substantial changes" to tackle staff shortages


and re-organise how and where A key idea is to keep people out


of hospital for as long as possible and treat them at home,


or in the community - nearly 150 hospital beds have


already been closed in the county. A lot of the proposals


are about trying to increase the speed of getting access


to diagnostics, to be able to do more day assessment and put more


care in place for people to be able to be managed at home,


either before or after hospital. Over in Banbury, despite protests,


some changes have already been made, such as the controversial downgrade


of maternity services with Managers also want to send


all stroke and critically ill patients to specialist units


at the John Radcliffe. Campaigners say downgrading services


at the Horton means those in the north of the county


will lose out. It appears that the north of


Oxfordshire is suffering at the cost They need to invest in the Horton


and not just invest in making They need to invest and make it


a fairly acute General Hospital But the clinical commissioning group


says it is investing in the Horton, with plans for more tests,


scans and outpatient clinics, allowing people to be diagnosed


and treated closer to home. I am really worried


about the consultation. I think there are problems with it


and I think it is difficult for people to understand


at the moment. For example, it is not


clear to us whether, if we accept and are positive


about getting, for example, dialysis and chemotherapy at the Horton,


whether in phase two of the consultation,


which has not been published yet, we will then find things like A


and paediatrics are This first phase runs for 12 weeks -


the second phase starting in May will look at GPs,


A, children's services and community hospitals -


clearly there's still a lot more Some fear it's too complex and may


put people off engaging with the consultation


in the first place. Businesses at a Government event


promoting exports have been talking about resilience and the need


for reassurance as Britain moves In uncertain times an opportunity


to support the UK Economy by exploring new ways


to expand businesses. The Export Hub is a Department


for International Trade initiative It offers advice and support


for companies about access But how much should today's Brexit


announcement about leaving the European Single Market


concern them? We still want to export our goods


worldwide and will have to cope with whatever changes


are ahead of us. Silverstone Park provides space


and other facilities for businesses. And here there's some


confidence moving forward. When people talk about things


like Brexit and uncertainty, actually I think uncertainty


is the new norm, and that has been the message at events like the auto


sports show and with the expo One local company, which exports


up to 70% of its products, They had in mind the needs


of businesses in the UK to be able to export things like administration


and keeping up with rules and regulations, tariffs,


those sorts of things will be what determines whether we can


successfully transition into the new status quo that we have


in the future. Two of the Prime Minister's


priorities include tariff-free trade But how many concessions she gets


for these during the Brexit The chances of IVF working could be


improved by playing loud techno music while the eggs


are in the laboratory. Scientists in Oxford found that


playing the music at 80 decibels It's believed the vibrations


improved the movement of fluid around the egg,


leading to better Imagine spending ?1.5


million on a car. 25 people already have,


and will be the owners of a limited The rebirth of the car made in 1959


marks the rebirth of production at the firm's factory in Newport


Pagnell. Rolling, shaping,


snipping, crimping. Skills in recent years used


to refurbish old Aston Martins. Now, once more, they're


going to make new ones here. And this is what they're


going to build. The Aston Martin DB4, one


of the first ever cars built here. They're going to build 25 of them,


each one costing ?1.5 million. It's an awesome thing -


to bring vehicle production back here, ten years after the last


Vanquish left production, I know, when we closed


production down ten years ago, nobody ever thought we would build


complete cars here again. And to start with the DB4 GT,


one of the first cars we ever manufactured


here in Newport Pagnell, Charlie has worked


his since the 80s. I've been here quite a long time


now, and to see production come back For the panel shop and all


the rest of the guys here, to have the opportunity to work


on these cars is brilliant. First to roll off the production


line in October, car manufacturing Good evening. For some of us


overnight night there will be a frost, and for others a fair amount


of cloud. It really is a Northwest south-east divide. The further south


and east you are, the colder the temperatures. Some light rain and


drizzle during the early hours of the morning, and temperatures will


hover around freezing. A frost is possible first thing tomorrow, as


well as some missed and the odd spot of drizzle. Through the day, more in


the way of bright sunny spells, and the best of sunshine down towards


the south-east with reaching for - five Celsius, so a cold feeling date


with all the cloud, but there will be one or two bright spells and the


winds will remain light. High pressure stays in charge through


Thursday. A good deal of cloud, one of two breaks, the chance of patchy


drizzle, but it should stay dry during daylight hours. Friday is a


similar dated Thursday with a lot of cloud and the chance of some light


rain. The King to the rest of the week, some brightness to my, cloud


Thursday and Friday, patchy rain on Friday.


from time to time. Staying settled still. Nick has the national


forecast this evening. Hello. If you are watching the


football earlier it turned out to be an evening for football fans in


Lincolnshire. This is how it looked at the start of the day. No idea


whether this weather watcher is a football fan, it's a fan of weather


that matters here. All sorts of weather, from 13 in Aberdeenshire to


two, despite the sunshine in Kent. I wonder if this six in the cloud


across the Midlands into northern England and parts of Wales felt


colder, particularly in these misty and foggy conditions in this weather


watcher view. Some drizzly rain around at times still from the


thicker cloud into parts of England and Wales overnight, hill fog too.


Cloud for Scotland and Northern Ireland, although a few breaks in


eastern Scotland and close to freezing, but the coldest


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