20/01/2017 South Today - Oxford


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Two couples from South Oxfordshire who've been separated


from their partners because of visa problems say they've been forced


Steve Bearns has decided to leave his British born son


And Julie Bolitho has decided to move to Sweden


Steve Bearns from Wallingford has no idea when he'll


They're flying out to China where they'll be reunited


He can't stay away from his mum any longer, it's not fair on her.


So, I've got no choice now but to take


What do you think will happen to Ryan when he's in China?


He can't speak Chinese, so he can't go to preschool or anything, so he's


going to miss his preschool that he's been getting here.


So, I think it will affect his education, his development.


Steve's wife, Mary Zu, has been living near Hong Kong


for 12 months after her spouse visa was rejected by the Home Office.


But last year, she won her case to overturn that


The Government, though, still hasn't authorised the visa.


We did exactly what they wanted. We sent everything they wanted.


Her husband, Steve, now has an appeal hearing scheduled in March -


which they tried to expedite before Christmas, but were refused.


In a statement, the HM Courts and Tribunal Service told us:


20 miles away in Southmoor - Julie Bolitho is going through a similar


She married her husband, Vikram, three months ago.


But he was refused a visa to come back to the UK from India.


We've been together for a few years now anyway.


We've lived in this home, Vikram lived in the UK for 8 years.


Julie has now decided to leave the UK and move to Sweden


Current reports seem to indicate that EU


citizens who are resident, so if you are a British citizen


and resident in another EU country, before Article 50 is triggered, it's


highly likely that you'll be able to stay.


But when we contacted the Home Office, it sent us this:


Even though Julie is going through the appeal process, she says


she isn't prepared to wait months for a decision.


And over in Wallingford - it may be months before


Steve sees his son again. Adina Campbell, BBC South Today.


Part of Oxford was brought to a stand-still this morning -


following what police have described as a fear for welfare incident.


Magdalen Road was closed - just off the Iffley Road.


Emergency workers wearing chemical suits were sent to the scene.


A woman was found dead inside the property.


Her death isn't being treated as suspicious.


There have been protests in Oxfordshire - as Donald Trump


was sworn in as President of the United States.


His election campaign was dogged by controversy.


So what are the expectations for the coming four


Jeremy Stern has been gauging opinions across our region.


Donald Trump's rise has reignited interest in politics, both


Oxfordshire has a strong connection to the White House.


In 2011, the former First Lady, Michelle Obama, visited.


You have everything that you need to succeed


in a place like this, you just have to work hard.


Pupils from Didcot Sixth Form College were in


Current students have differing views about


I think he's very straightforward, although he is


quite different to the people of America.


I think the way he doesn't worry about political correctness


and he speaks his mind. It comes across as quite genuine.


I think the world needs to keep an eye on Trump


to make sure the values of democracy are upheld.


But we can't judge too much on what he has said on Twitter.


Decisions made by Trump could directly affect UK business.


Buckinghamshire entrepreneur Alex Pratt founded a company


The US is one of the biggest markets.


Politics has got unaware of what businesses are like.


And business, in the end, pays for everything.


So, having a businessman in charge, it's certainly a new dimension.


And let's hope his rhetoric was just rhetoric


and he's got some good solid business sense behind his decisions.


Bill Clinton, who studied at Oxford University,


opened the Rothermere American Institute in the city.


This morning, academics gathered to discuss


how Donald Trump's appointment could change Anglo-American


For better or worse, what goes on in America affects


People in the UK feel that especially strongly because of the


long-standing special bond we have with the UK.


Will they get the chance to see Donald Trump at


He has not shown a great interest in forging close ties


If he were to plan a state visit to the UK


and wish to come to Oxford, we would certainly love to have him here.


But he would not be welcome everywhere.


This group protested in Oxford earlier today.


Members of the No to Racism group have made their


feelings clear in Oxford. Refugees welcome here, they say.


No to Trump, they say, but whether they like it


Property prices in Oxford have risen faster than almost anywhere


They're up by 8%, according to the Hometrack UK Cities Price Index,


with an average house costing more than ?420,000.


Only Bristol and Manchester have seen bigger increases.


The weekend weather forecast is coming up, goodnight.


We've clear skies and we are expecting a frost right


across our region and temperatures in towns and cities down to minus


So, a chilly one with widespread frost and we may


just see patches of mist and freezing fog to take us into first


All in all, a bright and crisp start to the day


with some good sunny spells on offer.


Just beginning to see some cloud drifting in towards the end of play


and highs of just two or three degrees.


Sunday looks to see a foggy start to the day but we will have


some rightness and there will be a bit more cloud in the picture.


Time for the national weather forecast which is


feel cooler. Can we keep it going until the start of the new week? I


suspect we can. Unconfirmed about -- concerned about the fog around. Here


is Helen with the national picture. Good evening. The weather is upon


us. The cloud has made all the difference this week in particular.


We have had some wonderful weather watcher pictures, this is Marlowe in


Buckinghamshire, this was Conwy earlier in the day. Some areas still


have the cloud. What a difference that makes. Edinburgh, the central


lowlands, plagued by this band of narrow cloud, overnight more areas


share in the frost. Pretty widespread, the frost overnight,


cold across northern England, Southern Scotland and Northern


Ireland than it has been this week. These are town and city temperatures


but in the countryside a harsh frost and sharp in some areas and


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