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Coming up: funding cuts for nearly half of schools in Oxfordshire


Also - as Oxford Children's Hospital celebrates its 10th anniversary,


there's a new appeal to help future patients.


Dense fog patches will reduce visibility tonight and tomorrow, I


will have the details later. It's been revealed nearly half


of Oxfordshire's schools are going to lose money under


new government plans. The way education is funded is being


looked at across the country - to deal with unfairness


in the system. But campaigners in Oxfordshire say


some schools could be worse off It's the ultimate


political football. Oxfordshire schools have


traditionally been in the lower half of the league when it


comes to school funding. Last year, the government


promised to tackle Hopes were raised that


schools here would be in for a big win, but actually nearly


half of schools are going to lose 133 schools will get


more funding, by 0.8% for Oxfordshire schools.


That's below inflation. And when the new


formula was revealed, Overall I think


it's horrendous, I think we are facing an unsustainable


cut to our budgets. And for struggling smaller schools,


the consequences are very serious. but I don't just see how that


can work in practice. And I think there will


be a huge political backlash Badgemore Primary School


in Henley will lose Headteacher Jackie Steele says that


could mean losing a member of staff. It's going to be even harder


to achieve, you know, the results and the standards


that we are being expected to achieve,


the bar is being raised ever higher, and we are being stretched ever


further, and I think that's a really big


ask of school leaders. At the other end of the funding


league table, which is getting a 2.8%


boost under the new formula, but headteacher Lynn Knapp says that


money will really only When we were looking


at going to deficit, we were actually, we can't employee any


extra staff, we may even have to So, by having either


a standstill figure or at least an increase we are just


protecting the staff we've got. The Department for Education insists


the new formula will mean an end to the postcode lottery in


school funding, but in Oxfordshire fears remained that for some schools


losing out, it could be game over. More than 40% of junior doctors


have admitted to falling asleep at the wheel,


on their way home. The BBC's Inside Out


programme has investigated the impact of night shifts,


by putting a junior doctor from Oxford through a driving


simulator, at the end After just 19 minutes,


on the virtual motorway in Berkshire, she started having


so called micro-sleeps. Fatigue is a huge road safety


problem. Our own perception of our fatigue level tends to be behind


reality and by the time we have realised it, we could already have


made a serious mistake that could have led to a collision.


After a nine-month delay, a new unit to provide urgent medical


support at the Townlands Hospital in Henley has now opened.


Building work is finally complete on the Rapid Access Care Unit.


It's part of the ?10 million hospital project.


The Oxford Children's Hospital is celebrating its 10th anniversary


and is marking the milestone with a new fundraising effort.


It provides some of the most specialist care in the UK.


A leading brain surgeon has helped hundreds of young people.


My name is Jay Jayamohan, and I'm a paediatric neurosurgeon


at the Oxford Children's Hospital here in the John Radcliffe Hospital.


We start at about 7.45 and we do a handover


..a patient who was diagnosed with spina bifida.


When he was born he was taken straight into intensive care, he had


his spine closed at two days old, he had his first shunt put in at


one-week-old, and then when he was two weeks old we went home.


So he's had quite a few operations


What we're going to need to do is get him seen by


physiotherapists, community paediatricians.


Sometimes, you have to give bad news to families.


It is possible and probable that he'll


But as long as he continues to make progress then we just keep going.


Being able to make them understand that actually this is the best way


forward and this is something that has to be done requires a lot of


Come on, big lad! He's heavy.


Having children has certainly has impacted


It's no good if you get so overwhelmed that


you can't do the operation, so you have to be


able to say yes, this is a really big deal


but that actually we've got to get on with it


and do it in a calm and controlled manner.


Leighton is a young boy who had problems


with fluid build-up on his brain


for which he had a telescopic operation.


Amy got a phone call from the hospital to say


I put his life in the hands of Mr Jayamohan


and I've never been more happy at the decision I've


Since then everything has just gone uphill.


Mr Jayamohan rings Amy just out of the blue,


We struck gold with our consultant, he's amazing.


I get to come in every day and do operations on sick babies and


make them better, and for those that I can't make better I make what time


they have as enjoyable for them and their families as possible.


Tomorrow, we'll meet four-year-old Alan Moulder from Banbury


who received life-saving treatment for cancer at the Oxford


There's also coverage on the BBC Radio Oxford breakfast show.


The international trade secretary Dr Liam Fox has been shown around


Banbury's engineering firm, Pro Drive.


He visited the motorsport company as the government launched


It's promising to invest in science and support new businesses


as part of plans to improve the post-Brexit UK economy.


A choir in Oxford has completed a music marathon to raise money


St Mary Magdalen dates back to the Saxon times.


The choir there has now sung the complete Latin


We need a fairly large sum of money, because the roof


The problem mainly is that part of the building is


medieval and part is Victorian and where things have been joined


together, then the lead is splitting or the guttering is giving way,


slates are loose, and of course, being a listed building, then


everything has to be specially chosen and specially


arranged, and we need to keep this old lady,


She needs a new hat, I suppose you might say.


It's quite a challenge to sing so much music continuously, which is


why we have a team of people so we're doing it in shifts.


I've got three other members of my family singing


We're doing it partly to raise awareness


but also to have a chance to sing this music and have a sense of how


it fits together and how it fits into the history of the church and


It has been a pretty foggy start to the week and we hold


onto the foggy conditions both tonight and tomorrow


but through the week, the fog will start to clear


and we'll see some clearer conditions with drier air


Cold at times but mainly dry this week.


A lot of fog overnight tonight which may


be dense in places and temperatures will fall away into minus figures.


In the countryside we could see lows of minus six Celsius.


So, a bitterly cold start to the day tomorrow,


that freezing fog may linger through much of the day.


But we're hopeful that it will start to break


in places to allow for some sunny spells but the cloud may linger here


and there with the fog lifting into low cloud and temperatures


reaching a high of four to six Celsius, so it


Tomorrow night, further foggy conditions are


There will be a good deal of cloud in the early hours of


A frost is also likely where we have the clearing


skies and temperatures not as low as tonight, dropping to around


So a cold, potentially frosty and foggy start to the day on


Wednesday, we're more likely to see any brightness the


further west you are with more cloud for eastern areas and temperatures


Another cold day with all that cloud.


Thursday will see some lovely sunny conditions although the big


difference is, we'll draw in the air from


the continent and Europe at the


moment is very cold indeed and so that


south easterly breeze will


bring some colder air towards us through Thursday.


Friday, outbreaks of rain are a possibility here and there


As we look ahead to the weekend, it will


stay mainly dry and it will be a little less


cold than this week with


temperatures up into high single figures and there will be some


For the weekend we will have dry weather with sunny spells and it


will be a little bit milder. Good evening. We are continuing to


see huge righty in the weather. Getting the detail right is proving


to be a challenge. This was in Pembrokeshire and other parts of the


UK were gloomy throughout the day. The fog is thickening up right now.


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