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Hello I'm Sally Taylor. so it's goodbye from me,


Tonight in South Today - two tragic stories which at their


heart have mental health trtsts failing


Southern Health is accused of failing a mother


who killed herself after thd death of her son who had


Upset and angry. Because it makes you got over it 100 times again and


again, thinking what could H have done differently?


And in Sussex, Susan Goswell's death was predictable, says a report.


Her husband killed her after making threats for ye`rs.


If they predicted it, they could have prevented it. I think ly


mother's life, there was no question that was the case. We go back on a


journey through 150 million years in a new museum dedicated to one man's


passion for marine fossils. I'm sharing it with everyone in the nice


thing is they don't live so I'm hopefully safeguarding it for the


future as well. "She couldn't continue


with her life after The words of a coroner todax


in the inquest of Karin Cheshire, a Southampton mother who colmitted


suicide nearly a year to the day after her only son


also took his own life. Jay Cheshire was 17


when he was investigated An allegation that


never made it to court. For Karin Cheshire, the pain


of losing a child was something A mother of two, who'd grown


to become the closest She was the best mum,


so loving, the three of us In July this year, at the Cheshire's


family home in Bitterne, The inquest heard today how Karin


had suffered a "mental breakdown" following the death of her son


and had been in and out of psychiatric units run


by the Southern Health Trust on five occasions over


a period of six months. The Trust was criticised


by the coroner for failing to pick up suicidal tendencies just three


days before hanging herself. It was the second tragic ch`pter


in the saddest of stories. Almost a year before


Karin took her own life, her son Jay had committed sticide


here in Riverside Park. At the age of just 17, Jay,


who had a history of depression had been the subject of a police


investigation into an allegdd rape. An investigation that was dropped


due to a lack of evidence, and after police say the alleged


victim decided against Jay's own inquest heard it had


a "profound effect on his My mum and my brother used the same


probe. My mum after receiving that back from the police, actually used


the same rope. That is something that is good to stick with le for


the rest of my life. I have very little family, and I'm just so


angry. It is the law that alleged victims


of sexual assault should maintain anonymity -


whether the investigation ends up in court or not, unless thex choose


to waive their right. My brother is gone and my mtm is


gone, that is to lives lost, because of a certain situation.


Jay, who was described in court as a "sensitive young man" had left


personal notes and had also written his own


Today the coroner said that Karin was a "special person"


It wasn't that she loves me any more or less, I know that, it was that


she couldn't live with what had happened to my brother, she couldn't


live without one of her children. The Southern Health Trust apologised


to her remaining family for their failure to recognhse


the significance of Camellia clings on to the mdmories


of the good times her "If they predicted it,


they could have prevented it." The words of man whose fathdr


murdered his mother. Roger Goswell, who had


mental health problems, stabbed his wife Susan at their home


in West Chiltington in 2007 A review into TEN killings hnvolving


patients in the care of the Sussex Partnership NHS


Foundation Trust revealed that Joe Goswell says he's stunndd


by the report's findings which also found that


risks posed by patients werd not Information from family and carers


was not used effectively. And some of the Trust's staff


did not understand the extent of their powers under


the Mental Health Act. We'll be exploring the issuds it


raises in just a moment. Nine years ago, Roger Goswell used


a kitchen knife and a mallet to kill his wife Susan at their home


in West Chiltington - He'd been receiving mental health


treatment for a number of ydars - but hadn't been sectioned,


despite his wife telling If they predicted it, then they


could have prevented it. I think my mother 's love, no question that was


the case, could have saved ht they have a duty of care, and as a duty


of care, they should have m`de sure they prevented my mother 's death.


Today's report examined the Goswell case -


and nine others involving p`tients under the care of Sussex Partnership


The trust launched the revidw after Matthew Daley killed


Donald Lock on the A24 in Findon last year.


The 79-year-old great-grandfather, was stabbed 39 times by Daldy


I think he felt the floor and then it was just like autopilot.


Daley was convicted of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished


During the trial, the jury heard his mother h`d


The trust admitted it should've "listened to his


Another of the cases involvdd a patient who became the victim


Janet Muller was burned to death in the boot of a car


The report found there were similarities between the killings -


and the trust had severely underestimated the threats posed


My message to the families hs one, Kim, of apology and condolence but


an assurance that we will ldarn the lessons information to thesd tragic


events. -- in relation. The trust has promised families -


like the Goswells - that in the future


they will be listened to and more involved in the care


of their relatives. Marjorie Wallace is from


the Mental Health charity [email protected] First of all, the Sussex mental


health trust, they have apologised, put their hands up to it, they have


said lessons will be learned but is that enough? No it isn't. This is an


indictment of the failure to protect the lives of both patients, the


families and the public. We have heard some of the failings,


including not enough adequate risk assessments, poor staff trahning,


they seem to be fundamental. How soon should we be and how concerned


are you? Very concerned. We have listened to these enquiries and gone


to over 100 of them, and thd same failings are reported. It doesn t


take huge resources to listdn to the families can stop if they lhsten to


the father of Matthew Daly, for ten years he had been telling them that


his son suffered from schizophrenia, hearing voices, and that he can be


violent. And they refused to take it warning seriously. It's the same


time and again. When we did an enquiry at SANE, we did a whole


analysis, etc one in two of the patient homicide cases had been


identified as a failure to listen to families and people close to that


patient. Patients need confhdence in mental health trusts, the ptblic


need confidence as well. Is there just too much reliance on c`re in


the community, in other words potential dangerous patients are


allowed out? I think the problem is that with the community card policy,


people, however disturbed, `re living in the community, but instead


of being under strict supervision, they are under community te`ms and


there been a lot of criticism of these teams, they have been cuts


made, they are overstretched, they often don't turn up. There hs not


one consistent person, which everybody wants and needs, who knows


the history, and again and `gain they failed to include the families.


Great to talk to you, thank you for speaking to us.


Drivers on Southern Railways will be balloted for strike action


after the ASLEF Union said talks with the operator had failed.


ASLEF is opposing plans for for drivers,


rather than conductors, to operate carriage


It comes as commuters faced more disruption today, on the first


of three days of industrial action by members of the RMT Union.


The RMT union is considering to strike over the role of conductors


when new trains are introduced. Yesterday it rejected Southdrn's


latest offer to end the dispute Later in South Today


Sarah Farmer is here The Rams from Los Angeles


bringing a touch of American Football glamour


to Guilford Campaigners calling for improved


funding for schools in West Sussex have handed in a petition to Downing


Street. The head of every state school in the county has signed a


letter to the Prime Minister Theresa May, asking for an extra ?20 million


in emergency funding. They claim the authority has the worst funded in


the country and without the extra money they will have to makd cuts.


Schools in a part of Berkshhre are so desperate for teachers that


they're appealing to parents to help plug gaps in the classroom.


The Downland Teacher Alliance is looking for graduates who might


It covers a series of primary and secondary schools near Newbury.


But a rural location in an `rea of high housing costs


means extra difficulties for the school when it comes


When you put repeated adverts out for maths


teachers and then look in the Times educational and you see the amount


of maths jobs that are going, it makes you realise that actually,


this isn't the route we need to go, we need to look differently and bit


With the school's outstanding status from Ofsted,


getting teachers to stay here once they've seen


The difficulty's getting thdm through the gate in the


One group who know the school already are its pupils' pardnts


So a letter has gone home to see who might be interested


in going back to school to retrain on the job as teachers.


In today's year ten physics class, former NHS radiologist Nicola.


They wanted to use the skills and the degree I already had worked


so hard for many years ago, and I always fancied teaching, I think


it's a fascinating profession, and from what I've seen so far,


Our trainees do three days in school and a day


training with us specifically, and then some days over the year


with Oxford Brookes Univershty, who do the PGCE


and the accreditation side of things while we do the actual practical


Of course long-term success will rely on continuing


From a department that even by Whitehall standards has


It's the opposite of Nimby-ism; those who oppose


In Surrey, a group of residdnts fed-up with a site that's bden


derelict for more than a decade are backing a regeneration scheme.


The Brightwells site in Farnham is home to the old Redgrave Theatre


but redevelopment has consistently been met with opposition.


Now those who are keen to sde the town move forward


Sounds like you're very biased. There are two sides. Those who want


to see this rather rundown corner of Bono and redeveloped feel that up


till now their voices haven't been heard. -- fine. Somewhere for the


kids to come in this area of town is just run and depressing. Whdn the


bigger we will be to come hdre rather than drive to all thd shot,


they can be here, down the road bit safer and closer. Plans for new


shops, restaurants, cinema `re well advanced promised judicial review of


the local council 's actions as to 1600 people people signing one


residents petition of support. We don't want any further delaxs. We


have a derelict building in Farnham, we want to regenerate its and we


want people to come here and enjoy it, and Brightwells is the way


forward. Opponents say they are the stamping block. The only thhng that


is standing in the way is that our council, Waverley, cannot obtain


commercial funding and 14 ydars it has failed to do so. One of the


reasons it has failed to do so is that shopping is changing, `nd there


is a lot of shopping in this development, a lot of retail. Clicks


are replacing bricks and people aren't doing so much shopping. The


flexible solar to online brhckbats for the scheme's opponents. With any


debate you have debate on both sides, particularly online where


things become more vocal, pdrm may be offensive on both sides. One side


thing both sides agree on is that Farnham is losing out.


He might once have been forgiven for equating the myth of the grdy pound


rather than a digital econoly but with 400 digital agencies in the


town, the seaside report thd direct result is gaining a petition is a


digital hub. Such is the spded of its growth that one in five of its


posts is unveiled. We are looking at how the sector is planning to deploy


its own future. The point is to do something, so whether it's building


a website, or getting involved in charity work... Turning the tables


on the employer. Leila is 16 and interviewing Arabella, the founder


of a branding and web design agency. The chat will become a pod cast


available to online. It might be better just to engage with ts as


people because we are honest enough, we're bold enough, can give you the


answers you need, and by engaging with the right people, you're more


likely to be able to attract them to employment in the future.


Bournemouth and Poole's Dightal economy has been run over stccess


but sustaining that growth `nd filling empty positions has been a


challenge. There is a big shortage of talent out there, the cldarly in


digital roles, there is an `mazing amount of momentum and noisd


happening about this area, we are all very excited about that, and one


of the key challenges is to maintain that. The that 1000 14 to 18 year


today work invited to see what the landscape offered them. The need for


digital skills is increasing. I would be surprised there was in an


organisation or agency that doesn't have vacancies. There are always


jobs on offer. Industry leaders want to engage this generation now, the


next wave of talent who instinctively understand technology


better than anyone else. Wh`t they're looking for is much more to


do with fitting in with the company culture then it is to do a


particular convocations, although incredibly important to start off,


to engage your passion with something. While salaries on the


coast don't match London, nowhere has grown as rapidly as Dorset. The


focus now is what can be done to keep this digital economy in the


fast lane. Under the sport. Looking ahdad to


the Thursday night match for Saints against Milan. Are you packdd? I'm


worried about hammy blue shhrts to take! -- how many. The themd is just


that they were the travel shtuation could be.


Thousands of Southampton football fans are getting ready to fly off


to Italy for Thursday night's Europa League match


It should be fine getting to Milan - but getting home is probablx not


Let's go to St Mary's staditm where Roger Finn has the story.


Yes, nearly 7,000 Saints fans are heading


They reckon that's the biggdst exodus abroad in the club's history.


But on Friday there's going to be a general transport strike by unions


It's going to involve aviathon staff - and also members of railw`y


And it's going to last all day exactly when many fans


People are still going to go. I would say, go and enjoy yourself,


there's not a lot you can do, you could only make plans on thd day


comes. And really, there ard options you hope your airline can gdt you


home, or in this day and agd, Switzerland, France, Austri`, where


you can get flights from, aren't that far away.


Today the Milan Tourist Board told us they didn't believe


British Airways told us that they're liaising with the Italian


authorities to monitor the situation but as of today they aim to operate


Even so, some fans may well find they get stuck with an extr`


Hopefully, an extra day to carry on the celebrations.


Hopefully so! Hopefully we will be at the San Siro live tomorrow. A big


night of the EFL action, a cracking game, Reading hosting Aston Villa.


Every game live on BBC local radio. Over to American football, hce puts


part in Guildford today hosted a special visit for players from the


LA Rams. The training session for schools children was part of the


attempt to bring through a new generation of fans to the Alerican


game. And even if public appearance is a chance for a bit of a show


They certainly made a racket for the Rams


in Guildford today, and the


players hadn't even arrived at this point.


North American sports culture is about far more


Los Angeles Rams are in the UK this week and they brought


We are here to get the players excited, keep the


energy up in the stadium and just really bring the excitement of the


I'm a big Harry Potter fan so I feel like I'm in a movhe


But yeag, it's a great city and the people here are amazing


The Los Angeles Rams have cdrtainly put on a show for the


This Sunday will be the 16th time that the NFL has staged a g`me


The long-term plan could be to place a franchise of the


The endgame for us is to increase the number of matches we pl`y


here every year and go into more stadiums, gives us the chance


Whether that ends up meaning a team permanently based


here or just eight Games a xear is a full NFL season, with rotating


teams, that's still to be determined.


As for the players, this exdrcise with schoolchildren


is all about growing the fan base of the sport.


We hope that we build something and these kids, that would be


We have been doing really ftn stuff, we have been doing


hurdles, jumping, and we've had fun so far.


Are you an American football fan now?


This weekend is the first thme an international series match has


been staged at the home of English rugby.


Loud, brash, entertaining, American football is


putting down roots that could be long-lasting.


Two thousand fossils discovdred by an amateur collector in Dorset


are going on display in a new museum purpose built


From crocodiles to previously unknown species, plumber


Steve Etches has amassed wh`t is now an internationally renowned


collection of finds dating back 150 million years.


Steve Etches was still in short trousers when he


In fact he was just five years old when


he uncovered this tiny sea trchin in his back garden in Dorset.


It's now on display among m`ny grander finds in the brand-new


Etches Collection museum, which brings to light


Jurassic Kimmeridge, which would been deep underwater 150


What you're seeing is actually animals that lived


during that time, so it's a tropical sea, we got all the typical fish


and reptiles interacting with each other, some of them predating each


Steve is a plumber by trade but has always found time for his


With special permission from landowners


along the Jurassic Coast, hd has discovered a host of new spdcies


It's rather like modern dolphin it's got a long rostrum


Interestingly, this one is a juvenile but if you


look under its rib cage, it is stuffed with food.


Up until now this was where Steve's collection was


Over the last few months every artefact


has been carried down the road to its new purpose-built hole.


It might do when everything is done and dusted,


we're still in the throes of bringing material in.


I'm sharing it with everyond and the nice thing as you


know is you didn't live for ever so hopefully I'm safeguarding it


Some 2000 fossils are already here and there is space


for new finds, which means Steve has no excuse for taking his work home


What are you going to do with your garage now?


My wife has got some ideas for that, she has already


Hopefully we'll get some frhends round and they can have


Steve's workshop, where he cleans up his


finds, is also being moved to the museum so visitors can watch


His knowledge has earned him the respect from


Lots to see there, open on Friday. Time for the weather. Performing at


the moment! -- full moon. Wd had lovely weather pictures as `lways.


Paul McTaggart sent us this picture of a perfectly placed plane,


beneath that beautiful rainbow at Popham Airfield


Some beautiful blue skies above Langstone Mill today ,


Some fine and settled conditions, high pressure keeping things nice


and settled. Overnight, cle`r spells overhead, it will stay dry `s well.


We are expecting to see temperatures dipping down in our towns and cities


but we do have enough of a north-westerly below, that breeze


will keep frost at bay. At chilly start of the day for Wednesday,


first thing tomorrow, a bit nippy and fresh. We will have good right


and sunny skies through much of the day, some showers to be had, on the


right side, most of us will enjoy dry conditions. Temperatures in the


day up to about 14 degrees, maybe 15 in some spots. Through the course of


tomorrow evening any showers fading away, once again clear skies


overhead through much of thd night. Temperatures again down into those


mid single figures for rural spots, so feeling very fresh. They will be


some trout from time to timd but this area of high pressure hs fully


established as we go to the end of this week, bringing some settled


conditions once more so thex will avoid some of the showers from the


North Sea. The summary for the next few days: much of the day whll be


dry, but feeling fresh, and in the latter end of the working wdek, but


MacLeod but still some bright and sunny intervals at times. The


weekend looking to be settldd picture, we could see the odd shower


but much of the weekend try, turning blustery come Sunday.


Tomorrow night, we are talkhng Italian! Life from Milan. That said


Thomas. Imagine everything was turned upside


down and jazz ruled the planet RECORD SCRATCHES


# One, two, one-two


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