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empty and unused - a charity offers a solution


to so called bed blocking btt why is the NHS not using the facilities?


We are disappointed and it's been frustrating. How do we talk to the


right people and make things happen quickly?


Forbidden funghi - you can look but don't pick says


the Forestry Commission, but it's upset families


I feel like if I bring her out, I am some sort of criminal, and that is


not right. We are then Milan as Southampton prepare for the Europa


League game. the children helping a camp`ign


to keep a treasure trove A charity that is offering rooms for


so-called bed blockers says it is disappointed it has had no NHS


patients at all since opening three months ago. They say they could help


the NHS saved thousands of pounds for providing a halfway house for


medically fit patients stuck in local hospitals.


Delayed discharge costs the NHS more than ?800 million a year.


The Trust which runs Basingstoke, Winchester and Andover hosphtals has


one of the highest rates of bed blocking in England.


Southampton General is not far behind.


Latest figures show on the last Thursday in August, more th`n 5 0


patients were stuck in the South's hospitals ready to be


Our Health Correspondent, David Fenton is outside


one of the apartments - why aren't they being used?


I will tell you in one minute but first let me show you what these


apartments are all about. Wd will take a look inside in just ` second


but these are really for people leaving hospital but not quhte well


enough to go home. It costs ?40 a day to keep someone in a hospital


bed and the prices here start at ?65 a day. You would think they would be


fool but you would be wrong. Ten rooms already for patients and


all empty. They have been lhke this for weeks and weeks and weeks. We


are disappointed and it has been frustrating, the length of time it


is taking us to put together, there are processes and systems, `nd we as


a charity and the new service, we haven't branched into this larket


before. These apartments have a role in sync and kitchen area and there


as a bed and overhear, a bathroom, toilet and shower, all very nice,


and in fact better than most hotels I have stayed in! But in three


months only three people have used these apartments and none from the


NHS. This complex looks aftdr many people and there are fizzy ors and


occupational therapists avahlable for hour care. To comment to


somewhere like an apartment and be able to live and practice the


independent occupations thex need to do, like making a cup of te` are


having a bath with the help of the therapy team, makes a difference to


how quickly the progress. So why how quickly the progress. So why


aren't these facilities being used by the NHS? Is its bureaucr`cy or


because it is run by a charhty? We are small charity but we ard buoyant


and I think the NHS can bendfit and line now the recognise that, by


working with different charhties to assist them in the complexity they


deal with what the range of people with different needs. These rooms


cost ?100,000 to set out and they will be hoping they don't stay empty


Basingstoke and Winchester say they Basingstoke and Winchester say


have been talking to the ch`rity have been talking to the ch`rity


about these rooms and I saw a couple of people from Winchester Hospital


in this very room looking around this afternoon. Southampton General


has also been in stocks. Thd issue may be coupes, is at the hospital's


job to pay, the local doctors group who buy services, or the local


council? These use that covdr many different services and making the


choice over who pays for wh`t can be difficult and what seems like a


simple saving turns out to be very complicated indeed.


A petition has been handed in to the Archbishop of Canterbury's


office calling for allegations that a former Sussex bishop


A year ago the Church of England agreed to pay damages to a woman


who they accepted was abused as a child by the late Bishop George


But campaigners say his repttation has been unjustly tarnished.


It is only since it was announced a settlement had been reached with a


woman who made allegations `gainst the late George Bell who in wartime


helped dues escape the Nazis. The woman said she was abused bx George


Bell from age seven to nine. I want people to know he might havd been a


hero but he was stored alwaxs do good things. The church said last


year it had made a thorough investigation and didn't dotbt the


woman's claim, but some criticised the way the investigation w`s


carried out. Today they handed any petition to the Archbishop of


Canterbury calling for an examination of the evidence. All we


are basking in the spirit of reconciliation is that all parties


reinvestigate the case and we examine the evidence, and then I


think things will become cldarer and it will also put the stance of the


dioceses of Chichester quitd clearly at odds with natural justicd. Today


it emerged that a new cathedral guidebook at Chester Stark lentions


the allegations saying it now seems entirely possible that the lan who


showed moral courage was also responsible for the devastating


abuse of a child. Campaigners are abuse of a child. Campaigners are


angered by that and also want to know more about compensation and


costs paid. Campaigners say they have discovered ?22,000 was paid by


a donation from a private individual but it is not known who. Thdre has


been no comment from the di`l sees today but the Lambeth Palacd in a


statement said The Royal Military Police


has admitted failings Corporal Ann Marie Ellement


from Bournemouth killed herself in 2011 after claiming she'd been


attacked by two colleagues, In its statement, the milit`ry


police say Anne-Marie had deserved better


and lessons have been learndd. A man has died in an accident


at Ikea in Reading. The store, which only opened


in July, will stay closed while the police investigatd how


the contractor died. No-one has been arrested


over the death. There are two key votes tonhght


on proposals for three of the biggest councils along


the Solent to join forces. Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle


of Wight are considering forming a combined authority


which would have its Following a public consultation


Portsmouth Council has backed the move -


the other two councils Let's join Roger Finn outside


Southampton Civic Centre. Well, right now the full


council is meeting in there to take a significant step


towards the creation of, and wait for this,


it's quite a mouthful - the Solent Mayoral


Combined Authority. It's part of the government's drive


to bring devoloution to England The three councils would relain


but there would also be a Directly Elected Mayor -


that's a Government The new authority would get an extra


?900 million over 30 years , and get to keep all the bushness


rates. It would have new powers


over housing targets, local transport and joining up


with other services such as health. Portsmouth Council have


already agreed the idea. And it's almost certain Southampton


will go for it tonight. The council leader here belheves it


will bring clear benefits. we have for many years been under


invested in this area and wd don't have good transport links and we


need an improved link. We nded facilities to drive the economy and


this is a once-in-a-lifetimd opportunity to take control of our


destiny and we we must take it. Southampton, Portsmouth and the Isle


of Wight have just had an ehght week Over 70% of respondents supported


the idea of devolution and the three councils working closer togdther -


but there was a fair degree And tonight opponents have tabled


a motion calling for any final deal I think the people should h`ve they


say just like with the referendum. It is something that can put council


tax up, business rates up, `nd people need to have earlier said. It


is such a big change and as undemocratic and it is dodgx and has


been done behind closed doors. The vote on the Isle


of Wight is likely to be Andrew Turner, the island's MP,


has said he's concerned the island's interests could be over-ridden


by the two big cities. A final cabinet decision


on the island is due to be A woman has a broken leg after a


It happened when a branch c`me down It happened when a branch c`me down


this morning, three other pdople described by police as walkhng


wounded were taken to Dorset County Hospital.


Southern rail commuters facd a second day of disruption


as members of the RMT Union take part in strike action


The union rejected an offer at the start of the week


from Southern of a ?2,000 bonus to staff if they ended the dispute.


And with Southern services stopping in Chichester,


commuters trying to get to Hampshire are using the replacement btses


We just missed two because they have been fool and we have been stood for


an hour and we missed both of them. A half-hour longer travel whse but I


have to get in even early to get the bus on time. Quite stressful having


to get buses because it is different to trains and stuff so I am not


finding it very good. It may seem like an innocent


pastime, but people in the New Forest are being asked


to not pick mushrooms this `utumn. It's a new rule brought


in by the Forestry Commission designed to protect


the delicate eco-system there. But foragers say it does


no harm and point out This is one of the many bracket


fungus. It is in full bloom and its edge is golden yellow.


Garry is a licensed forager - taking people into the New Forest


It's a unique place, home to over 2,500 varieties -


But now the rules have changed, and across much


of the Forest there's an appeal to not pick mushrooms.


I have been picking these for over 40 years. And they keep comhng back.


If you don't pick them, thex will rot.


Commercial picking's been banned for years,


but individuals have been able to take a kilogram and a half


That was until this autumn when the policy changed


The Forestry Commission says there has been a rise in reports of people


picking mushrooms but there is still no law against foraging. So can a


policy with no punishment rdally work? If you appeal to somebody s


nature for the right reasons it shows they are intelligent `nd


conscientious who will come on board with that. If not, those ard people


who probably don't respect the forest. How will you stop them? You


want! But we will talk to them and try to educate them. Peter's family


is from Paul and where it is far more common to forage for food. He


believes that the problem is not as bad as some people think. I was told


by an English couple that there was a gang in the woods. It was two


Polish families, children of about seven and ten. They were mistaken


for a gang just because thex were looking at the ground and p`cking.


Forest managers say they have widespread support


for their new approach, and a legal duty to protect


This Autumn will be first tdst to see if people can enjoy lushrooms


on the ground rather than on their plate.


A cull of badgers across parts of Dorset has come to an end.


The operation to try to stop the spread of tuberculosis hn cattle


- was called a huge waste of public money by wildlife campaigners.


The Government says similar methods of badger culls


The cull figures won't be published until next year.


Later we heard in Milan with Saints finds classless. The childrdn


supporting a campaign to kedp a treasure trove of Roman coins in


Hampshire. It may be home to some rathdr


old and unusual contraptions - but Reading's Museum


of English Rural Life has rdopened. After investing more than ?3 million


over the last two years - the museum has undergone a state


of the art refurbishment, whth no They might be from other rural past


but the machines and contraptions that revolutionised our world will


be brought back to life in ` modern setting. Increasingly peopld


dislocated in the countryside and dislocated in the countryside and


also from some of the machinery and the hand tools that were usdd in the


old days, so we have created an interpretation scheme where we allow


people to learn about the objects for the first time, particularly


thinking about younger people who will not remember any of thhs. The


museum was established in 1851 and in 2005 moved to its current


premises. It's been closed for two years but that didn't cause the


backstop it causing a storm on social media. A 2000 year-old most


trapped in storage actually a mouse! The grand reopening is this weekend.


We want to make it relevant because it is relevant, in terms of where


food comes from, our leisurd experiences, so the countryside is


still relevant and we want to reflect that. Town and country have


always been closely related and they wanted to get that idea across that


they are not opposing each other. Town and country coming togdther in


an urban setting. On to sport and Joe Kent is with us, and I want to


get that feeling of Italy! Xou have got the Facebook out! If only we


were over there. -- phrase book Yes, it's the big sports story


Southampton's most prestigious This time tomorrow they'll be


in action at the San Siro - one of Europe's biggest stadiums,


80,000 seats, and home Thousands of Saints fans have made


the journey to watch And our Sports Editor Tony Husband


jetted off this morning ahead of the game -


we can join him now from Milan and Tony, you've been having


a look at what's in store. Yes, what an atmosphere we have


already got building here in Milan today, the first of the 7000


Southampton fans have been `rriving, lots of different routes, from


airports and some driving down through France and Switzerl`nd, but


they are all here to the inside the stadium and 40 Stadium, one of the


most famous venues in the footballing world, the San Siro


They were champions went Sotthampton were playing the likes of Swindon


and Oldham. Southampton arrhve in confident mood with the Italian side


struggling somewhat having lost their last few games. South`mpton on


a roll, seven unbeaten, and in the press conference, Dusan Tadhc and


Claude well have been given as their thoughts. We expect an open game


football and to win matches and do football and to win matches and do


dominate possession and the game. I think it will be an interesting game


to see for fans, but I hope we will be the stronger team and take three


points. Of course, to play `way and to play Inter Milan, it is dxciting,


but for us just a game. It hs important to try to take thd points.


I must say, I have been fortunate in this job to go to some great venues


down the years, but this ond really is special. It is absolutelx huge,


and 7000 Saints fans will bd any crowd tomorrow night, the locals not


as enthusiastic as the visiting fans. We have been talking to some


of them visiting the stadiul today. A dream come true. You don't come to


places like this very often and most of us have supported Saints for a


long time, 40 odd years for some of us, and this is great. You come here


to the San Siro and it is a dream come true for everyone. Everyone


around the world is coming `nd we sold 7000 tickets and there will be


fans all over the place. I don't think Milan has been this btzzing


for a long time, for any gale, so it is a dream. I travelled homd and


away all over the country soul to go from each used in eight in old onto


a night in San Siro is unbelievable. Going through the divisions and back


up, something you never expdct, a one off, and you hope it can happen


again. This is our year and we have to grasp it. A quick word whth Dave


who will be in the commentary box tonight, and some great


anticipation? The family sahd that the club, now an established Premier


League club with that finance and there they are playing in the San


Siro. Do Southampton try to win less, Inter Milan at a low dbb?


There is a possibility but H will be happy to try and take a point. You


get the feeling from the Sotthampton supporters, I met them on the plane


and in the airport coming over to the stadium and around it. They are


in fine form. They are delighted to be here and they are loving it. They


are really looking forward to this game, 7000 fans. We have had an


extended chat on our Facebook page struggle under that when we preview


that match but for now, arrhvederci! Well, from the San Siro now


and a bit closer to home and the Amex Stadium,


where a win for Brighton last night saw the Seagulls


go third in the table. On-form Sam Baldock scored


the only goal of the game, heading home to put Brighton ahead


against Wolves 16 minutes in. But not such a welcome


outcome for Reading - who went down to Aston Vill`


shortly before the break. Yann Kermogant then salvaged


an equaliser off a penalty rebound, but the Royals then conceeddd a 90th


minute penalty to seal their defeat - ending their unbeaten homd record


in the Championship. Surrey cricketers Gareth Batty


and Zafar Ansari could be in line for roles in the first test


against Bangladesh Spin-friendly conditions


in Chittagong are likely to suit the two players -


who are at opposite ends It could be a test debut


for 24-year-old Ansari, while Surrey Captain Gareth Batty


will be making a return to Test cricket after 11


years, at the age of 39. He will be the second oldest test


player. And only 39! It is every metal detectorist's


dream - unearthing Roman trdasure. Two years ago, a hoard


of ancient coins was found Some are so rare there


has been interest in But a campaign to keep them close


to where they were found is gaining some high profile support


as Briony Leyland reports. Preparing to get hands


on with precious pieces of history. These coins are just a fraction


of the Boldre Hoard. More than 1,600 roman coins


were found by a metal detectorist They date back to


the 3rd century AD. I know Thracians and is real but I


didn't know I would never hold some. The coins, made of silver


and bronze, bear the images Significant finds like this often


end up in national museums. Locally based historian Dan Snow


is backing the campaign to keep them I want the coins to stay here, not


going off to London where they will be in a store room! They have too


much stuff up there already, they can stay down here where thdy were


found. Somebody in our area, one of our ancestors, head these coins


maybe he was under attack, `nd they were found right here where we are


standing and they deserve to be kept here to inspire young peopld and


give them a love of history and teach them about the extraordinary


past this area. Local people are being recrtited


to raise ?30,000 to bring the coins We hope to be able to get someone


at the museum to be able to come in at the museum to be able to come in


and research the coins and tell us a more about it, but also that we


might be able to do some excavation around the find spot to see what


else was going on. The more excavation we can do the more we are


able to find out and it can hopefully give us a better hdea


Often we can never say for sure why it was buried.


The campaign's foot soldiers were busy making their own


The hope is before long the real thing will be on display close


Those children clearly love that bit of history! I will be gentld with


her because she has been very poor labour comes back bravely btt I will


sit over here! I have some pictures for yot yearly


forecasts, many of you have been out, the blue skies overhead in


Berks. A tranquil scene. Sunny spells for those walking along the


beach in West Sussex. Overnhght we expect increasing cloud and the risk


of the odd isolated shower but you will be unlucky if you do c`tch one.


We have clearing skies for western parts and the chance of a touch of


frost. With increasing cloud and lows in towns and cities of 8-9dC


and the countryside possiblx down to three. HLA start for some of the lot


of cloud to the day which whll thin and break to allow for some sunny


spells but the odd isolated shower and if you draw a line north from


the Isle of Wight North words, the further least you are the lhkely are


you are to see showers. The temperature similar to todax with


the northerly breeze which will take on the edge of the temperattre.


Tomorrow evening is the match, cloudy skies and four kick-off we


are looking at a high of around 14, but during the match the telperature


slides to around 12, and more can be found on BBC radio tomorrow evening.


Tomorrow we're expecting cldar skies and the South and the risk of the


odd shower but most places staying dry with the temperature dipping


down to low single figures hn the countryside. We continue to have


northerly breeze which takes the edge of the temperature but there


may be the odd pocket of frost and mist first thing on Friday. Friday


is a marquee start with high pressure are still dominating, low


pressure over the neo-con dhthered and that means they will be like


authority on Friday and through Friday there's the chance of mist


and fog Friday late into Saturday morning. Tomorrow, some sunny spells


that very cloudy start and ` breeze coming in from the North whhch will


take the edge of the temper`ture, feeling fresh during the dax, more


close around on Friday and the chance of mist and fog first thing


on Saturday. Well done, mord at on Saturday. Well done, mord at 8pm


and 1030 tonight and tomorrow we are back in Milan so make sure xou're


with us, goodbye. Everyone's living these


amazing lives,


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