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Good evening. Welcome to South Today.


Service families say their complaints for improved


It doesn't seem like we're important enough to care about making


Calls for tougher sentences on the organisers of dog


fighting as the RSPA records an increase in incidents.


Three-year-old Marla's delight with her prosthetic arm


Instead of that, "Oh, poor you," we get a, "Wow!


I'm looking forward to getting to dry land again.


And Gosport's Alex Thomson pushes hard to the finish,


but has he got enough time to beat the Frenchman in the lead?


The armed forces covenant says accommodation provided to military


families should be 'of good quality, affordable and suitably located.'


Yet, tonight we can reveal that families in the South are living


Six months ago the firm in charge of maintaining them was threatened


with losing its multi-million pound contract unless things improved.


The Public Accounts Committee says they have, but that's not


the experience of residents as Lewis Coombes reports.


It's the battle that's closer to home.


Military families fighting for an acceptable standard


These are just some of the pictures sent to BBC South.


Kim is married to an RAF pilot based in Hampshire.


After 13 years, he's decided to leave his job,


partly due to the state of military housing.


A small leak from their boiler resulted in their lounge ceiling


being replaced as it took nine months to fix what was initially


Kim was heavily pregnant and recently diagnosed with cancer.


I just don't know what happens between the people being called


The process doesn't seem to work, the administration or the computer


It did affect my health cos I was just so stressed about it


and I was so focused about it and I felt so helpless.


Carillion Amey maintains 47,000 homes in a five year contract


If Carillion Amey is being paid by the MoD to do a certain job,


BBC South has been inundated with families on e-mail talking


about their experiences, but unwilling to do so on camera


over fears of the consequences it could have on their jobs.


It includes a solier of 22 years who's weighing up whether to leave


the military because he's embarrassed about the standard


of accommodation he's providing his family.


A group of MPs have been tasked with holding those in charge


Those wives are sitting looking after three kids


while their husbands are flying Typhoos out of Akrotiri.


That's not an acceptable support system.


It should certainly not be leaving families in the state of young


children and no heat, for example, and if that's happening,


MoD figures show the average rent fo an unfurnished three bedroom service


It's subsidised to help keep forces mobile, but families feel more


It doesn't seem like we're important enough to care about making


We expect our homes to be up to standard and then it


Carillion Amey has apologised to Kim and insists it is "working hard


for service personnel and their families and


focusing on how they can improve things further.


In a statement the MOD said "it will absolutely not hesitate to take


Earlier, I spoke to the MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan,


I began by asking her how things had changed over the past six months.


Carillion Amey have made some real efforts to progress.


They've improved their computer systems and tracking.


That side of things is now working much better.


The challenge that continues is, and it's something I raised


in the Public Accounts Committee hearing that we had yesterday,


is that actually stuff still isn't getting completed.


A plumber might arrive, have a look, work out that he doesn't


That can be logged as solving the problem and one


of the challenges I set the department yesterday was to get


some real clarity on what actually fixing the problem does look like.


So that Carillion Amey have nowhere to go on that.


1,300 complaints to the contractor in just one month.


So on the ground, are you actually hearing the true story?


Certainly families are contacting me and one of the challenges I have


acting as their advocate here in Parliament is that many


families still don't feel confident enough to actually contact me.


I know you've set up this personal hotline.


Families don't want to use it because of reprisals.


They are concerned, they're not going to get in touch with you.


They're not confident about getting in touch with you.


I think that's the real challenge we have.


I have confirmation from the head of people for the Army that it's


absolutely fine for people to contact me on these matters,


it's got nothing to do with defence, this is all about housing


They can contact me privately anyway and we can work out how


The Carillion Amey team are getting much better


Otherwise people wouldn't be coming to us saying -


The MoD is still holding about ?4 million from the contractor


Do you anticipate they'll be hanging on to that even further and could it


be that if the contractor doesn't come up with the goods


and doesn't finish the job, they could terminate the contract?


Yesterday the MoD people that we had in Public Accounts Committee talking


to us were indicating that things had improved a lot


and that they were minded to continue for now because change


But I think we must be absolutely on top of this and I would urge


families to contact me privately, so that I've got a much clearer


Six months ago I spoke to you, we're speaking now.


What will have changed in six months' time, do you think?


I would hope that six months from now, I will be hearing


from many former families who are frustrated by not getting


the repairs done that they need so that their families


Southern Railway is to resume a full train service from next


Tuesday, for the first time since last summer.


It held talks with the drivers' union all day.


Aslef has suspended its strikes and overtime ban.


But the RMT union, which represents conductors, is still due


Southern says it will run four out of five trains that day,


including serving Portsmouth and Southampton for the first


Farmers say sheep attacks are on the rise and are calling


for tougher action against dog owners whose pets attack


In the last few days there have been fresh attacks in Sussex.


Farmers there have met the Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne


Sussex is a very rural area, we have a lot of farms,


And these incidents are particularly distressing.


The farmers are saying - are you taking it seriously?


And my message to them is yes they are.


But my plead to the public is whenever you see it,


please do report it because intelligence is vital.


More than 400 calls about organised dog fighting in the South have


been made to the RSPCA in the past ten years.


Now the animal charity and other campaigners are calling


At the moment the maximum sentence is six months in prison.


A warning that Peter Cooke's report contains some distressing images.


The hidden world of illegal dog fighting.


But animal rights groups say it's also been found on our streets.


Rival gangs using animals as weapons.


There is a strong link to dog fighting with crimes such


as domestic violence, violence towards the elderly,


And that's why it needs to be a recordable offence,


rather than something that isn't properly recorded


Because if it isn't recorded properly then the resources aren't


put into investigating and catching the criminal.


Despite 422 calls about organised dog fighting to the charity


in the south since 2006, a tenth of the national total,


only 137 people have been convicted nationwide.


Now politicians and animal welfare groups want the current maximum six


months sentence extended up to five years.


Mike Butcher works as an investigations officer


He's been trying to catch those using dogs to fight


Even for any form of cruelty, six months nowadays is just outdated.


You get five years abroad in Europe, longer than that in America,


and we are in this country, we prosecute more dog fights


than anybody else probably, we probably catch more dog


Yet we're the lowest sentencing, so it's a bit weird, really.


Hello. Hello.


Both animal welfare groups are also calling for a register


of banned owners and a review of the Dangerous Dogs Act.


But the Government says it already has the right laws in place


to tackle those using dogs for illegal purposes.


The Isle of Wight Council could elect a new leader this evening,


after surprise resignations earlier this week.


The Leader Jonathan Bacon and Deputy Leader Steve Stubbings


both stepped down on Monday, in what they said was a coordinated


effort to highlight the island's struggle with austerity.


The Council will meet at County Hall in Newport tonight.


Workers at the Atomic Weapons Establishment sites


in Aldermaston and Burghfield have been on strike today.


It's the first of two 48-hour strikes.


The action is over the long-running pensions row.


AWE has previously said it's committed to putting-in-place


arrangements, which ensure the long-term affordability


Later, we'll be joining Kris Temple in a pub for the latest on Gosport


sailor Alex Thompson, and here's Alexis.


I've been finding out why this beach in Southampton


'Give us more money or police services could suffer.'


That's the message from those in charge


today as they lobby the government for extra money.


The force needs to save ?23 million by 2021.


For which they've identified ?10 million worth of savings.


But that still leaves them needing to plug a gap of ?13 million.


The Chief Constable and the Police and Crime Commissioner claim they've


already made all the savings they can and they're


a victim of the national police funding formula.


Our home affairs correspondent, Emma Vardy, reports.


The thin blue line is being stretched ever more thinly. In


Hampshire, the force has lost hundreds of art is supposed in


recent years and it seemed a specialist teams cut back and more


than 30 police stations are said to have been closed or it is set to go.


Today, the Chief Constable appealed directly to the Government for more


money. I am concerned because I wasn't concerned I would have penned


a letter to the Minister. It is a very serious issue. The formula


isn't fair. What we do know is it's a great police force and we have


already made significant changes. We are a really efficient constabulary.


Today is about securing our financial future in the longer term.


Hampshire says it is around 25% underfunded compared with other


forces, getting less money for policing. But the Government is


changing the way it calculates how much each force should get. That's


why Hampshire is making its case now. In a number of places around


Hampshire, police have moved out of the traditional police stations and


into shared buildings with the council and Fire Service, like here


in Southampton Civic Centre. That is cheaper. Before it says it got out


all the savings that can in they need another option. The current


national funding formula which is two thirds of my money is not fit


for purpose. There is a process at the moment are updated and I'm


giving the evidence to the Minister to nature we get the funding


nationally and they are funding locally. Police are being forced to


get ever smarter to make their limited resources go further, like


here at the frantic innovations centre set up at Portsmouth


University where Hampshire now uses its students and volunteers


alongside experienced officers to help fight cyber crime. The Home


Office said today it believes there is no question the police still have


the resources to do their important work, but will be considering


Hampshire's case and that of other forces in the coming months.


Emma, if funding isn't increased for Hampshire,


It's been made very clear today that Hampshire Police do believe there


are services could be under threat. What police do, they assess risk and


then the deal with crimes as they happen. With resources being


stretched, the bark of that would have to be set that much higher. --


bar. That could mean the police would not be able to attend as many


crime scenes as they once did I would have to get even less time to


the less serious offences. To some degree, that is already happening.


For example, some crimes are now dealt with over the phone where once


upon a time he might have had a police officer, to see you in


person. That's the kind of stuff for the public will not have the


difference. Is the Government decides to allocate funding to


different police forces is being reviewed now for the first time in


over ten years. The chance to influence this doesn't come along to


police forces very often. That's why we've seen Hampshire appealed


directly to the police minister, Brandon Lewis, very publicly today.


What we know is the Government will decide to make a decision on this


next month, whether they agree with Hampshire's case, Hampshire has told


us they think the Government is listening and that it does see this


kind of unfair deal and it believes it's getting. -- that it believes it


getting. Three year old Marla Trigwell


was born without a hand. It's never been an issue for her,


but now things could That's because she's just started


using a prosthetic hand. This was one made on a 3D printer


for just a few pounds. James Ingham has been


to meet her family. This was the moment Marla opened her


very special Christmas present. Her smile says it all -


this prosthetic hand It's a boost to her confidence and


it's a psychological boost for her. So, when she meets people,


instead of that, "Oh, Marla's hand was made


at a community workshop in Newbury Members of this club who love


working on technical projects offered to help,


turning a design that's freely To do it was actually not


very difficult at all. You've got the fingers, the palm,


the lower arm, the upper arm, the connecting pieces,


put them together and you can get I'm quite proud that this has turned


out better than I'd expected and it's really changing the lives


of young Marla and her family. Materials for this


hand cost only ?30. More traditional


prosthetics are thousands. And Marla wouldn't be


able to get one of them The NHS can't provide a functional


prosthetic until they're much older, Whereas with the 3D printing,


they're available now. She's three and a half


and she's already using one. Marla is very able with just her one


hand and she and her parents may decide never to wear a more


advanced prosthetic. But by using this lightweight


plastic hand, she will be better Marla's mum Joanne writes


a blog, with another mum, about their experience bringing up


daughters with Marla's condition. You can read that at


ontheonehand.co.uk. Sport now and this evening,


Alex Thompson has admitted that Vendee Globe glory is now


probably beyond his reach. But he is still going


and so are his supporters, Let's go live to Kris


Temple who is in a pub, a very special pub.


Kris. Tony was bouncing off that sofa last


night counting down to the thrilling We are here at the sea horse. The


reason we're here is because this pub, the landlord Alec Thomson 's


brother and Abbey. Here are a group of supporters that turn up every


Wednesday night. They have gone after the finish. The final 24 hours


sailing, Alex Thompson hot on the heels of the leader. Let's speak to


some special guests. Tracy is the assistant manager of the pub. You've


been left in charge. Tell us what's been drawing these people here. Alex


did it before he went to France and every Wednesday since he left they


have met, eating, not enough, and supported him all the way through


it. The are avid fans and I'm really proud of you all. You have live


Wednesday night chats with Alex. We've just had one. He called Abbey


and he talks every week and tells us what he's doing and has a chat. He


talks if the kids aren't here. He is the bit busy trying attack at the


moment. Simek easily got to step it up now. 300 miles to go. He's about


30 miles behind. A very tight finish. You've had this damage back


-- boat since November. Simek Alex's foils were revolutionary. They were


very quick. When he broke his foils, it was bad. He is a very experienced


around the world sailor and he's taken it in his stride. He's been


fantastic and kept on his heels all the way through it. What is this


last 24 hours going to be like? I'm not sure were going to sleep that


much. Can Alex do it? CHEERING


The pretty confident here at the Sea horse. Alex was very much in


positive spirit is hoping that he did take over the leader. We will


have the latest situation at our late bulletin.


Southampton's hectic fixture schedule continues tonight,


as they bid progress in the FA Cup at the second attempt.


Claude Puel's side host Norwich in a third round replay,


after being pegged back in the last minute in the original


Saints have lost four league games in a row,


but have a league cup semi-final next week too.


The winners tonight host Arsenal in round four.


Reading have completed the signing of Liverpool defender Tiago Ilori


The 23-year-old Portugese centre-half has moved


to the Madejski Stadium for an undisclosed fee.


The owner of Dorset-trained horse Cue Card has confirmed that he'll


run in the Cheltenham Gold Cup in March, rather than


With his stablemate Thistlecrack the odds-on favourite


for the blue riband race, the Colin Tizzard yard had mooted


the possibility of Cue Card diverting to another race.


But owner Jean Bishop has said today that Cue Card


Here at the Sea horse, Alex is going to try and bring back the action. He


is going to try and call back in about an hour's time together is the


latest update but he is really tired. He's had a problem with an


anemometer and he is suffering from a lack of sleep. Fingers crossed,


Alex, you can do it. Everyone here at the pub is behind you. He has


certainly got the support, the support of so many people. We will


have all the news for you tomorrow and tonight on the late bulletin.


He's 75 years old and an ex pharmacology lecturer.


Yet, Richard Evans from Southampton, has chosen to spend his retirement


doing something completely different.


He's made it his weekly duty to regularly clean litter


from the city's Weston Shore beach - no matter what the weather.


This morning, I joined him on his cleaning round!


When I came to Southampton in 2001 and I walked down


on our Western Shore, I thought this is a lovely beach,


So I started picking it up and gradually it's taken on my life.


# I can see clearly now the rain is gone.#


Come rain or shine, retired pharmacologist Richard Evans


is found litter picking along the shingle of


A lot of it comes down if there's nice weather,


you get a lot of people down and people leave


Even though they've carried their food there,


they don't think to carry the wrappings away.


16 years of picking up litter is certainly not


His wife thinks he's barmy, but Richard's unpaid work


There's no doubt that Richard's an absolute star player


of ours and few have done more to keep Western Shore as clean


and green working partnership with the council as he has.


And it's a pleasure and a privilege to go litter picking alongside him.


The amount that he collects is phenomanal.


The famous 2014 Valentines Day storm, that brought incredible


amounts of lots of mud on this beach.


I think it's my way of trying to create heaven on Earth.


# It's going to be a bright, bright sunshine day.#


He is certainly a local hero. If we all did a little bit of that, we


would have a clean world. Lots of litter on our beaches but he is


helping clear it. Onto the weather. Very cold over the next few days. We


saw temperatures plunge last night going to around minus six Celsius.


This was the scene first thing. The glow of the sunshine over the water


in the Basingstoke with the morning frost. Temperatures dropped down to


around minus six Celsius tonight but tonight not as low. We are expecting


widespread frost with freezing fog patches. Temperatures tonight in the


countryside could drop as low as minus five. These are temperatures


in our towns and cities. Currently minus three Celsius. We will see


those temperatures tumble away. The farther north and west you are,


temperatures will be above freezing, it still the chance of frost through


parts of Oxfordshire. A lovely bright start of the day tomorrow


with frosty conditions in the morning, sunny spells in the


afternoon and cloud feeding in northern and eastern areas with


temperatures reaching a high of five or seven Celsius and the winds will


be light. In the evening, the cloud will thicken and it won't be as cold


as last night. Lows of around two or three Celsius, hovering above


freezing. Some clear spells and the chance of frost on Friday morning.


For most of us on Friday we will see a sunny spells but there is the


chance we could have the odd patch of rain. Not amounting to too much,


high-pressure remaining in charge of our weather. The best of the


sunshine will be very southern coastal counties. As we look ahead


to the rest of the week, tomorrow is a lovely sunny day, a chilly start,


more cloud the further north you are and we will see cloud started


filling from the east during the course of the day, arriving from the


north sea. Friday, some sunny spells and over the weekend there will be


varying amounts of cloud that we are hopeful that cloud will start to sin


and break with the breeze and we will see some sunny spells.


There'll be a news summary at 8pm and we'll be back at 10.30.


Hello. I hope you're well. I really do.


Because if you're not, then chances are the NHS won't be able to


look after you as well as it should. And that's wrong.


Because the Labour Party created the NHS 70 years ago on


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