20/01/2017 South Today


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A record breaking Alex Thomson crosses the Vendee Globe finishing


line and he's already thinking of his next attempt.


A fall in students learning English that's costing our economy


From WordPress to miscellanea, the Duke of Wellington to the great


train robbers, this is one of the most amazing collections of


autographs and historical documents in the world and it is coming up for


auction. And five generations


of family recipes from India, the chef who is now


sharing them with others. You can't lose our book like this,


it has to be kept and cherished and loved.


There's a famous sports quote "Winning isn't everything,


But tell that to the thousands of people who turned out this


morning to welcome back Gosport's Alex Thomson


after a closely fought second place in the Vend e Globe


It's billed as the toughest solo ocean race - held every four years -


and no British sailor has ever won it.


Twice Alex Thomson had to abandon previous


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