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Passengers are being bussed off to other airports because the fog is so


bad. Flights grounded, ferries


delayed and a string of crashes on the motorways -


as freezing fog and A campaign for life: parents call


on the government to test all pregnant women for an infection


that can be life I was due to be induced on the


thirsty only to find she didn't have heartbeat. It is really important


for mothers to have the test, it can mean the life of their baby.


Another crackdown on drivers who use their mobiles at the wheel.


It's the first time for me so it is a lesson learned.


The Prince visits Help for Heroes on Salisbury Plain.


Freezing fog and ice meant major travel disruption


There were 61 collisions on Hampshire's roads this morning,


There were delays to ferry services and flights were cancelled


Lewis Coombes is at Southampton Airport -


Lewis, not many flights from there today.


Usually at this time of the evening, Sally,


bustling with commuters returning home, or heading on an


Is passengers left for a warm and frustrated wondering whether they


will get on any flight at all. More than 60 flights cancelled in total


and a similar picture at Gatwick. A number of passengers have been left


grounded. When your Disneyland dream


turns into a nightmare. Having left Dorchester


at 3am this morning, this family should now be in Paris,


but instead they them on a different We should have flown


to Paris at 7:15 a.m.. The flight is meant


to be 6:45 tonight. There is no guarantee


that the flight will go tonight. To keep them entertained


here is very difficult. Other passengers were taken


to Bournemouth or Bristol to board I walked through the door


and the flight was cancelled and I had


to join a very long queue. I am trying to get to Edinburgh


after work tomorrow and it doesn't look like I am


going to get there. At Gatwick, planes were left


on the runway for over two hours. Gatwick seems to have found


they don't have the staff to escort passengers back to the terminal


which means further delays. A combination of ice


and freezing fog 14 accidents reported


in Dorset before 9am alone. An eight car pile-up


on the M3 added long heading South and it wasn't


any better for those trying to get


to or from the Isle of Wight. The Portsmouth car


ferry was running a two With Fastcat services


to and from the island not running quite as fast, everyone was left


dancing to the fog's tune. unfortunately it looks like the fog


is here to stay and the Met office has issued a severe weather warning.


The Yarmouth ferry has already been suspended tomorrow morning. The


advice is to check with your travel operator before travelling anywhere


tomorrow. There has also been advice about the impact air pollution could


have on your health, those with heart and lung problems have been


advised not to do any physical exertion outside for the next 48


hours. It's carried unknowingly by one


in four pregnant women. For their babies it can lead


to meningitis, sepsis, pneumonia, Group B streptococcus, or Strep B,


can be detected by a simple test - but currently it's not routinely


offered on the NHS. Today, families from across


the South were in Whitehall to hand in a 250,000 signature petition


asking for all pregnant women Anjana Gadgil has been to meet a mum


who had to deal with the devastating Jo was two weeks overdue when she


found that her baby was in full At that point it was too


late to save her life. I had to be induced on the first


day only to find that Later that evening,


I gave birth to Faye. I was also poorly


because I contracted the infection as well


and was in hospital for five days with septicaemia.


Group B strep is the most common cause of life-threatening


It carried by one in every four women


and can pass to the baby around birth.


In the UK, one baby a day develops group B strep infection.


Every week one of those babies will die.


One baby a fortnight survives the infection but is left


have universal screening but not the UK.


Today, a group of bereaved parents handed in a petition at the


because it has over a quarter of a million people signing


seeking change, setting the introduction of


a simple, safe test during pregnancy and then for women where group B


strep is found, for those women to be offered simple penicillin in


The evidence for bringing in this test is overwhelming.


It's frankly inexcusable that another


child should die of this wicked infection which is eminently


Public Health England said in a statement...


Jo went on to have another daughter, Georgia.


She wants to prevent the tragedy of parents not getting to know their


And there is more information and advice on the website featured in


that report, on the screen for you. Almost 8,000 motorists were caught


using hand-held mobiles at the wheel in just a week during a major police


operation in November. The figures have been released


as a new crackdown starts today. It's all part of an attempt


to make driving whilst using a hand-held mobile as socially


unacceptable as drink-driving. 8am this morning and the rush-hour


rash of drivers on their phones is We are out with John


and Adam from Hampshire Police and they soon come


across this man using his device. He accepts what he has done and gets


a fixed penalty notice. On another road,


this man is texting. Even in slow traffic it's


an offence to use your phone. He also is pulled over


and given a ticket. We carry on and even with the added


dangers of today's fog, drivers That driver is now


about to get on his way, the fourth driver we have


stopped this morning and we have No wonder today's


figures show such a huge increase in the number


of drivers using their phones In a one-week nationwide


police operation last people were stopped


using a mobile phone. That's nearly four times


the number just two years ago. I think it's a combination


of education, enforcement on our part and changes


to legislation which the government have obviously planned,


and it has taken years for drink-driving to become socially


unacceptable and we need the use of mobile


phones while driving In 2015, Lee Martin was killed


by a driver using his phone. His brother said the


public must wake up People forget they should be


looking at the road and that is an easy thing to do


and people need to learn to not pick In March, the fines


and penalty points will double for drivers


using mobile phones. The law is trying to get ahead


of people using this behaviour More than 40% of junior doctors


admit to having fallen asleep So what happens when you put


a junior doctor behind the wheel of a car straight


after a busy night shift? The BBC's Inside Out programme did


just that at Berkshire's Transport Research Laboratory as part


of its investigation into the impact that working night


shifts has on staff. As Jon Cuthill reports,


the result was an eye opener. It's 8am and this junior doctor has


just finished another 13 hour night I cover intensive care and we had


a full unit of patients. If you'd like to come through to


the simulator and take a seat. To see how working


nights affects her driving we've brought


her to the transport research laboratory


in Our own perception of fatigue


level tends to lag beyond reality and by the time we realise


it we could already have made a Sam is put through a series


of tests on a virtual Just 19 minutes in she starts


having micro sleeps. It is a slightly


longer blink, up to 15 seconds duration, but neurologically


it's an indication that someone has For Sam and all drivers her results


come as a wake-up call And you can see much more


on that story on Inside Out The latest strike by


conductors has been causing disruption for passengers


on Southern Railway today. The company says it's managed to run


seven in ten services. Our transport correspondent


Paul Clifton is here - that's not far off a normal


service for Southern? The service even on a good day is


the worst in the country so today was perhaps 15% down on a normal


day. The bottom line is that during an RMT strike, most trains can now


run with the drivers controlling the doors. They have reached Portsmouth


and Southampton for the first time on a stripey and many Sussex


passengers have had direct trains to London instead of having to change.


Tomorrow a new law will be proposed to limit strikes on the railway. We


have recently seen strike action by a handful of people stopping 300,000


commuters getting to work or home to see loved ones and it is not


acceptable. That is why I believe a High Court judge should decide when


strikes on critical infrastructure are proportionate and reasonable to


stop the small number of people holding hundreds of thousands to


ransom. The RMT union who said today's strike was rock-solid takes


a dim view of that. It is a human right to withdraw labour and unjust


laws need to be broken. We are social movements and we fight for


social justice and it would be absolutely impossible to impose the


most terrible exploitation of this was allowed to become law so we have


to oppose it. What of it talks between the company and the drivers?


They held their fourth day of talks today was no word of progress and


the other union was excluded from the Cox. Its drivers will strike


tomorrow but compared with the 1000 Aslef drivers, the RMT has just 12


through the company will run a full timetable tomorrow.


A Hampshire man has condemned a court in Iran for rejecting


an appeal against his wife's five year prison sentence.


Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has dual British-Iranian citizenship.


The charity worker was detained when she took their young


daughter to Iran last year - on what's been described


Her husband Richard says his high profile campaign for her


At the family home today, the presents remain,


and wrapped for the celebration that never happened.


Weeks on from Christmas and still waiting for the return of her


granddaughter and her mother, jailed for five years in Iran.


I think most of us go to bed thinking about her, wake up


thinking about her, and it is always in your thoughts.


The rejection of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe's appeal


against her jailing for unspecified security


related charges followed a


The success of events like this at keeping her


in the public eye were cited by her accusers as evidence of her guilt.


None the less, today her husband was tried once


more to keep her story in


500 pages of the prosecution file was the media


campaign, showing she must be an important person because look


how much her husband has been campaigning.


Clearly nonsense and in terms of that meaning,


will we back down, we


Another thing another family said to me, whenever


they get cross or they are annoyed to keep doing it, so it


shows we do need to keep campaigning.


And the Foreign Office had meetings this week.


Iran's actions have been described as a


mockery of justice, by Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe's employers.


They say that they are outraged by this


latest turn of events and have called on Tehran to reunite her


with her daughter and husband as soon as possible.


People have been wonderfully supportive to us and I


There must be someone somewhere who has got the


key to this, we just haven't found them yet.


Stay with us - Tony has all the weekend sport.


Alexis has the weather - more fog on the way.


It's back with a vengeance, dense fog patches already causing problems


this evening, the details shortly. The bill for protecting Portsmouth


from flooding is set to top ?150 million,


a government minister Most of the money will have to be


spent re-building Victorian defences in Southsea after storms breached


the wall in 2014. Environment Minister Therese Coffey


denied the city was soaking up money Our Political Editor


Peter Henley reports. Much of the city of Portsmouth lies


below sea level. When storms breached defences at Southsea, plans


were drawn up in a major reinforcement of the sea walls. Any


visit today the floods minister said the project looked ready to uproot.


The City Council said it would be a real amenity for the setting. To use


that seawall as almost a seating to watch some of the spectacular


sailing that goes on and to have some more cycle pathways and to make


it really safe, as much as we possibly can. This is just a


temporary solution to make a permanent new seawall will cost ?140


million. That money is probably on the way but the worry is that big


schemes like this soak up all the available funds. It leaves less for


rural areas. Areas like Hambledon have now seen major schemes but not


everywhere can be protected. In the rural areas, it is difficult to get


enough interested parties and money together to justify schemes that are


easily justifiable in a place like Portsmouth when you're protecting so


much in terms of number properties. It is a no-brainer. Some work has


already been completed. This line of granite imported from


Norway at a total cost of ?44 million. This is future proofed


against proposed estimated climate change impacts. Never the less we


will continue to encourage people to make their homes resilient as the


one thing I cannot promise is that no one will be flooded ever again.


When it comes flooding causes huge destruction and although the total


bill has now topped over ?150 million, compare to the loss


flooding would cause, the authorities believe it is a sensible


use of taxpayer money. Prince Harry has been in Wiltshire


today to see how former members of the Armed Forces are being helped


with mental health issues. The prince spent the afternoon at the


recovery Centre in Ted is worth what supports ex-service personnel and


their families living with anxiety, depression and stress. No stranger


to Help For Heroes, Prince Harry came today to learn more about the


field of mental health. They call at the head and wins service where men


and women find themselves dealing with depression, stress, anxiety and


something turning to alcohol. There is a risk at the moment that people


get used to experiencing low mood and anxiety and stress and think


they don't need support, so the more we can raise awareness and see their


stuff we can do and we can help you, if you can recognise those symptoms


and yourself. The Prince was shown the things they do and introduced to


people they help. They have found lots of ways to help people here.


This gives them space to think but also they are in the outdoors, using


tools and their hands and working as part of a team. I have got both


physical and mental issues that I need to address, I am no longer the


person I was when I joined the force. We would all agree it is a


therapeutic environment and we enjoy being out and enjoy the company of


Comrade is. Learning new skills and defining ourselves by what we can


do. Lots of friends are still battling through but they have been


pointed in this general direction by myself and other friends and


colleagues. It is invaluable. With Prince Harry highlighting the issue,


Help For Heroes hopes to remove the stigma of mental health problems.


Straight on to sport and let's stop football and look ahead to


Wednesday. I went to see their manager today and he was talking


about they deem it would be to get Southampton to a major cup final,


more on that coming up. Southampton ended a four game losing


streak in the Premier league and will head to Anfield


in a confident frame of mind after a convincing win over


Leicester yesterday. The champions were no match


for Saints in the midday sun. James Ward-Prowse swept


in a fine first goal. Jay Rodriguez thumped in a second


by reacting first to the lose ball They had a goal disallowed for


offside early in the second half. Then Shane Long was bundled over


in the box and Dusan Tadic completed Did you strike it as cleanly as you


would have liked? I can't even remember, sometimes a bagel in and


if you hit it too sweetly it goes on to the stand but I am just pleased


to get the goal and it is a massive result going into Wednesday, gives


us confidence and belief. In the Championship, Brighton's


dramatic win over Sheffield Wednesday on Friday night briefly


put them back on top of the table. Newcastle promptly won on Saturday,


but tomorrow Chris Hughton's men can go back to the summit if they beat


Cardiff in their game in hand. Reading have dropped to fifth


after their loss at Derby. They really drop points if they


score first saw the omens were good when they led at Derby through John


Swift. The home side followed that with three balls on the bounce.


They fought to the end, this header the last, but tomorrow they have a


key game against Fulham. Eddie Howe raised much of his side's defending


in the 2-2 draw against Watford but undone by two corners from the


physically powerful visitors. Italy in the second half it was level as


Joshua King completed a fine move to slot in the equaliser. Bournemouth


are still to win in 2017 and any chance of that changing probably


vanished when Troy Deeney punished them again from a set piece. Home


games are certainly entertaining. Benik Afobe took his goal well to


earn a point. Real quality goals and they worked really hard for them so


disappointing to give that away. Bournemouth are 12th in the table


and have cup weekend off before hosting struggling Crystal Palace a


week tomorrow. Portsmouth didn't play as the pitch


at Crawley was frozen, So Pompey player Christian Burgess


went on social media to ask if anyone had


a game on he could watch, Burgess then got a reply


from Bransbury Park under 12's. Sure enough, he turned up to help


out at training and give the players an experience


they would never forget. That is great! Footballers are not


all bad at all. There was disappointment


for Team Solent Kestrels men and women's clubs this weekend


on the basketball court, they lost their national


final to Northumbria Worthing Thunder maintained


their unbeaten start to 2017 at home with this victory over


London Lituanica in what was a warm up in the league before


their National Trophy semi Lyonell Gaines scored 37 points


including nine rebounds. And the freezing weather no doubt


made ice hockey players feel Basingstoke Bison and Bracknell Bees


squared off in a local derby. The Bison came out resounding


winners scoring five unanswered Bracknell remain a place off


the bottom of the table while Guildford flames are sixth


after one win and one Worried about that fog actually. The


big issue overnight tonight and tomorrow is fog, again. That is


right and we have had freezing fog lingering in many places today so


the temperature tomorrow could be even lower.


John Lewis photographed the dense freezing fog at Barton on Sea.


This eerie picture of the fog in Blandford was taken by Greg Stretch.


And Rebecca Beusmans captured a frozen bubble


The start on a foggy note. The weather for the week ahead, it will


start to feel less called by the end of the week with the lot of dry


weather this week but bitterly cold temperatures, particularly on


Thursday, and overnight tonight, some really dense fog patches. The


Met office have a fog warning in force. This is up until midday


tomorrow, solemn pomp polices the fog may not even left. Some bright


and sunny spells with lows overnight of potentially minus five. A


bitterly cold start to the day with lingering fog patches that may stay


with us through much of the day. Some of the fork me left into low


cloud and quite cold temperatures with the lack of sunshine but where


we see sunny spells, a high of five Celsius. He called into the day and


once again freezing fog will develop through the early hours of Wednesday


morning. We are expecting it to be more densely further east you are.


The further west you are, the milder the temperature, dropping to


freezing or just below. We are hoping the freezing fog will start


to thin and left. This allows for some bright and sunny spells of on


Thursday, a filament of cloud. A bitterly cold day, and Europe at the


moment around freezing so the temperature will be very cold on


Thursday but with plenty of sunshine. A dry and sunny day. This


weather front is expected to arrive through Friday, some patchily and at


times and a lot of dry weather and on Friday after the potentially


frosty start we see bright spells with the temperature reaching a high


of 5-7. A contrast to today, with some places heading just 2-3. The


weekend less called and mainly dry with some sunshine.


That's it from us this evening, tick here if you have to be out and


about. Tomorrow you will want us to a new sport, cyclo-cross. That's all


from us, good night.


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