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A vision for the future? that power.


Could trams be the solution to traffic congestion and pollution


More than 20% of tram users previously made


Trams are attractive to car drivers, unlike buses.


Empty fields but full barns - farmers count the cost of bird flu


restrictions as free range status on this farm is threatened.


Glasses for classes - a new look for teaching as the text


The best way to do that is to give them something interactive


and something tangible they can touch, they can feel


It certainly beats them sitting there and looking at a PowerPoint


slide at the beginning of every single lesson.


And I am at the Dorset B and B that has just been named the best in the


world. It is a top job sometimes. -- tough job.


It's been more than half a century since the last


tram ran in Southampton, but business leaders


and politicians are now thinking about bringing them back.


There are currently eight tram and light railway networks


And with traffic congestion here set to increase by 50%


over the next decade, an urgent solution is being sought.


Currently fewer than one in ten people in the Solent region uses


So could a new tram network linking Southampton,


Eastleigh and Fareham really persuade us to ditch our cars?


Sabrina Buck drives six miles from Chandlers Ford


To get there for nine it can take between 40 minutes and an hour.


I have been travelling for about ten years,


and it was a lot quieter than it is today.


I have had to change my hours to go in earlier when I can.


Fewer than one in ten people in the Solent region go to work


The Local Enterprise Partnership thinks trams may be the answer.


These are very early days, but the plans would see trams run


on or alongside existing railway tracks from Fareham


through the new town of Welborne all the way over to Eastleigh


Then on to a new station at St Mary's and a ferry


It would then run along the street to the cruise terminal


and onto Central Station, where it would rejoin the railway


and head up to Romsey past a new Park and Ride by the M27.


From there the line but head east through Chandler's Ford to Eastleigh


and a new Park and Ride site right on the M3.


Another line with head eastwards out of the city.


This time from the new St Mary's station, going through Netley


and ending at a Park and Ride site here in Segensworth.


And finally across Southampton water the old Waterside railway line


would be reopened as far as Marchwood, with a Park


Now, this all could be in place in 2040.


But it's going to cost hundreds of billions of pounds.


Isn't this all pie in the sky, though?


I think the investment is more than millions,


it's probably hundreds of millions of pounds, but this region has been


significantly under invested in by the Government in the recent


past, and we need to change that dynamic, which is why the Solent LEP


took the initiative by developing the strategic transport


Trams have been running for 25 years here in Manchester.


60 miles of track in the city centre with nearby towns.


It is Britain's biggest and busiest light rail network.


The trams here run on the street and existing railway tracks.


When a new line's opened house prices nearby go up and there's


The opening of Metrolink in 1992, the first two lines,


was the start of the big revival of Manchester city centre.


Southampton lost its tram network in 1949.


Plans to reintroduce trams over the years never got


Air pollution and increasing congestion on the roads


are focussing minds, but a change in the political


I think devolution will help, but it's not...


It won't stop it necessarily coming forward.


I think it will help, I think it will speed it up,


because the local impetus is very keen and we won't have to work


necessarily through government ministers all the time.


If a light rail network were to be built, would people use it?


More than 20% of the tram users previously made


Trams are attractive to car drivers, unlike buses.


If the tram was competitively priced, and turned up


on time and definitely ran, then it would be a much better


We are a long way off seeing a tram network like this in Southampton,


but the LEP and the City Council are keen to have six


trams running every hour between Eastleigh and the city


But finding the money and forging the political will to make that


They are both agreed that doing nothing is no longer an option.


And we can cross over to Tom in Southampton now.


Tom, we heard in your report that a tram network would cost hundreds


Indeed, if it gets the go-ahead it would relieve pressure on a very


busy road indeed but the money will not come from one big pot, although


central government is expected to provide the bulk of that funding


through potentially the transport development fund, the local growth


fund or the National productivity investment fund, but there are other


streams of finding the money as well. Should a deal regional


devolution get the go-ahead that would free up millions of pounds for


local infrastructure projects as well. Developers who build housing


along the route will be expected that their hands in their pockets


and pay as well. Was a timescale? The LEP says it wants to see phase


one at the Eastleigh to Southampton city centre route operational by


2020 and I think that is a little ambitious but one thing this study


will do will give us a much greater idea of the costs and give them the


ammunition to build a business case for the funding. Thank you very


much. And the idea has sparked


a lively conversation on the South Today Facebook page


if you'd like to log The Civil Aviation Authority has


accepted all 21 safety recommendations made


following the Shoreham air crash. 11 men were killed when a Hawker


Hunter jet crashed during a display Our transport correspondent


Paul Clifton is near the scene of the crash this evening -


tell us about these Air accident investigators


have made a series of Most relate to the way


in which former military aircraft are assessed,


inspected and prepared. Today the Civil Aviation Authority -


the industry's regulator - accepted the last eight


of those recommendations. However, we know these changes


would not have altered the events that took place behind me


in August 2015. Air accident investigators said


a long time ago that the crash was not due to a mechanical failure


of the aircraft. It happened as the pilot was making


an aerobatic manoeuvre. He came out of a loop at a lower


level than would be normal, and over the road instead


of within the display area. He had not agreed this in advance


with the air show director. The local MP has welcomed


this latest report. All 21 of those recommendations,


they are now going to accept. There is just an issue of timing


as to when they can be brought in, but in principle they are now


being accepted and I think that is good news and shows


that there has been some good work done by both the AAIB


and the Civil Aviation Authority to make sure there are going to be


changes to their displays in This isn't the end of


the investigation by a long way? We are still waiting for the final


report into the crash by air This will lay out exactly


what happened and why. We expected it last year,


but it has been delayed. The pilot of the Hunter,


Andrew Hill, survived. The police are still


considering whether to charge Only when that process has been


completed can the inquest be held. It is quite likely that will not


happen until next year. So the families involved


will won't get a final verdict until perhaps three years


after the crash. Poultry farmers across the South


are waiting anxiously to find out if restrictions imposed


because of bird flu will mean their eggs no longer


have free range status. At the moment flocks are being kept


undercover to stop them having contact with wild birds who may be


carrying the virus. If the restrictions continue


for much longer there's a real possibility farmers won't be able


to charge as much for their eggs. Like the rest of the nation's


chickens, this flock in Romsey has now been indoors since the start


of December as part of the bid Normally they would be free range,


out and about in this field. They didn't like it at first,


so basically we decided to give them lettuce and cabbage just to help


them, something to peck at initially, but over time


they have really become At the moment there are 5000


chickens on this farm, And it is the status of the eggs


that is now in question. What is worrying producers is that


under EU regulations they will no longer be able to call their eggs


free range if the birds are housed Today is the hens'


50th day undercover. And it is important,


as the producers get up to 40p We have done nothing wrong,


the birds have done nothing wrong, so really, yeah, why shouldn't we be


allowed to carry on selling our product as free range,


because it's the Government that has It is not like I am


keeping my birds in myself. It has been enforced on us, so,


you know, why should The National Farmers Union


is campaigning for the rules to be relaxed because of


the exceptional circumstances. The NFU at the moment has been


talking to ministers, they are talking in Brussels,


to lobby the commissions Poultry farmers are now waiting


anxiously to see if the bird flu The bird flu virus has been found


around the UK including in Dorset. While understanding, Philip does not


want his eggs to lose free range status. I think we should carry on


until they let them out. When is the sick time, that is up for them to


decide. Tonight the Department for environment food and there is says


it is keeping the situation under review based on the scientific


evidence and it is working with the pottery industry over what happens


next. A national survey of passenger


satisfaction on the railways shows Southern is by far the worst


in the country - down Most passengers felt the company


was not good at dealing with delays. A majority thought


punctuality was unacceptable. A three-day strike by a small number


of drivers in the RMT Despite that, Southern Rail had


hoped to run a full timetable for the first time in nearly two


months - but roster errors and staff sickness meant some


trains were cancelled. Separately, the company has


defended the help it offers It says the new on-board supervisor


role, which has replaced the role of conductor,


means there's more customer Ben Moore reports on the challenges


facing disabled train users. Commuting when you're disabled means


relying on other people. James needs ramps to get on and off


trains, and that requires staff You worry through that


whole journey, one, has anyone on that platform,


you know, got contacted And two, is there


an on-board supervisor Crawley where James


gets on is staffed, but his destination,


Horley, is not. So he relies on the new


on-board supervisors. But because drivers now close


the doors, they don't have No one appears to be at the station,


so now we will have to pray that the on-board supervisor


is on the next train. Southern estimates that only one


in nearly 2000 trains that're meant to have an on-board supervisor


will end up without one. Still, disability campaigner Ann


Bates had a problem only last night. There was no manning on the train


and no manning on the station, apart from one poor man who had been


told not to use the So, in the end, my fellow


passengers, lest their cotton socks, broke into the guard's cupboard,


got the ramp out and under my instruction they put


the ramp down for me. Southern says this was the result


of the RMT strike coupled with a rare breakdown


in communication between stations. In that respect Southern says it


believes it does more in terms of disability access


than any other operator. It advises all wheelchair users


to let them know if they're travelling 24 hours before,


and if they can't alight at an unmanned station


Southern will provide a taxi It is like all these things


that have been cobbled They might have all the OBSs


in the world, but if they weren't on Worthing station last night,


it makes no difference. The whole thing is, they haven't


planned it carefully enough. James completed his journey


without any hold-ups, but without a guarantee of a driver


and supervisor on board, he says Later tonight, riding the rough


ground ? it's cross country on two wheels as we discover


the sport of cyclocross. It is often said that you can't


learn everything from a textbook, yet bringing learning to live is a


challenge for every teacher in every subject in every school.


Now, it's not been a normal school day for pupils at one


They've been taking part in a virtual reality trial


with Google which could change the way some lessons are taught.


Today rather than studying pictures and diagrams youngsters took a


journey inside the human body. Sofia Seth report. It is a lesson like no


other. The pupils at Hayling College and normally allowed to use


smartphones on cars but this is different. They're using them to


tour the heart and circularity system. Teachers contacted Google


provided the phones, headsets and free learning apps for a date. This


allows them to leave the clash and go somewhere they would not get the


opportunity to at this stage of their school career. We can ask them


what didn't feel like and pussy like and get debate and analysis and a


conversation from that -- it is the same every lesson and sometimes you


start to concentrate, but when you are doing this, it is much easier.


It helped me because I could see it and actually look at different


things and the comparison between the two things and I think it is


really clever and easy to understand. Other lessons include


history and eight tour of the virtual World War I trench as well


as a spectacular view of the Northern lights. While virtual


reality doesn't mean the end of the school trip its capacity to take


lessons of the classroom could certainly be a useful tool.


I think it would have been somewhat better at biology if I had the


opportunity to do that. But better than those diagrams! On to sport.


Big football matches tonight. I always love this time, I get to all


the team news and we get pictures and things, via several social media


platforms as we look towards the football tonight.


Both the region's Championship sides go for crucial points in the race


Reading can go third if they win a game which was abandoned at half


We'll be at the Mad Stad in a moment.


Meanwhile Brighton could reclaim top spot if they beat Cardiff.


Johnny Cantor is watching at the Amex.


Johnny, Brighton had a great win against Sheffield


Wednesday on Friday night - are Albion fans really


Yes, with certainly Albion and Newcastle playing a game of Caesar


at the top of the championship but the most important gap is between


Britain and third place which could grow from eight points to 11


tonight. It won't be easy. Cardiff have won all three of their league


games in 2017 and they are without top scorer Glenn Murray who is


suspended. From automatic promotion


contenders in Brighton The Royals have lost their last two


games and face a big match tonight against a Fulham side four points


below them in the table. Former Reading captain


and BBC Radio Berkshire sports presenter Ady Williams


is at the Madejski stadium. Ady, is the promotion


charge stalling? I hope not. As you rightly say, two


defeats on the bounce, last time that happened was back in August.


Big for both teams. Full am looking to get into the top six and if they


win they close the gap and if Reading get the victory tonight, it


increases the gap. A little blip in the season but it has been great for


Reading. Yup stand in charge. Fingers crossed a home win tonight.


TI go should make his home debut but will there be other new faces and we


still don't know what is going on behind the scenes there. He played


at the weekend, but a perfect debut conceding three goals at Derby but


we expect him to start tonight. Not long left niqabs Rwanda. We have


been trying at racetrack. Gareth McLeary is the top scorer. Eight


league goals. And the other has got seven. Hopefully before the window


closes we will bring a striker in. Full live commentary this evening


and news from both grounds at 10:30pm tonight.


A new year brings new resolutions and, let's be honest,


Here's a sport for those of you who like to get out


on your bike, but maybe don't want to hit the roads.


Cyclocross is an off-road version of cycle racing,


This winter's Wessex League competition is about to


reach its conclusion, so maybe this will whet your


More pedal power than park run, these cyclo-cross events are for


those aged seven to 70. The Wessex league season concludes this month


and this was one of 12 races in the series. There is a competitive edge,


but for many it is a recreational pursuit. The easiest cyclist sport


to get into, because it is off-road and it is great fun. It is from half


an hour to an hour, the lovers around the circuit, woodland,


grassland, mud, banking is, but obstacles. It is great fun. Pretty


intense. This year the series has visited Reading, Oxford, Swindon and


this event in Southampton. Each club is really friendly so there are lots


of wives and kids and families and it is a nice day out when the sun is


out. My dad was persuading me and they said they didn't really want to


do it because I was thinking I don't have the right clothes or bike but


is now a realise that is a bit silly. My brother wanted to do it,


so then I followed with him. He did well. He came off twice,


first lap, and then quite a long way back up so it was all right. I came


off as well. A great sense of achievement to see so many people


with smiles on their faces enjoying the outdoors as families and being


active. Well done to everyone who has taken part this year. That looks


good. Corhampton Golf Club's Scott Gregory


has been named in the Great Britain and Ireland squad for


the Walker Cup, the amateur The 22-year-old, who played in


the Australian Amateur Championship, last week is the British champion


and, having played at the Open Championship in 2016,


will also compete in this year's US The Walker Cup is in


Los Angeles in September. Very well done to Scott. Another


great achievement for him. Ever felt you want to give it up and do


something different? Seven years ago, Clive


and Lisa Orchard quit the rat race to take over a modest bed


and breakfast in Dorset. Their only aim was to make sure


their guests enjoyed their stay. Well, they're certainly


doing something right - because for the second


time their B in West Lulworth has been named the best,


not just in Dorset, not just in England - but the best


in the world by guests who've posted That puts them ahead of B


in Florida and Italy. David Allard's been


to find out their secret. It is a bitterly cold day in Dorset


but this place is the warmest welcome in the world. And that is


official. There are quite a few e-mails coming in. Clive and Lisa


orchards say they are amazed to have been named the best


bed-and-breakfast on the planet for the second time. It means a lot. It


means our guests have thanked us for their state. We were very shocked


but very happy obviously. What we're both doing before you decided to


move down to Dorset and open a B? We had a surf shop and I was the


shop girl at the beginning of that. I was working in datacoms up near


Reading and we sold the shop and the datacoms business and we chose a


bed-and-breakfast as being a nice lifestyle. This room is the Thomas


Hardy Rim... From the reviews on the TripAdvisor it is clear this B


offers more than just clean sheets and a full English. We think Dorset


is beautiful so it is not difficult to show that was people. When I was


six or seven my eldest sister Cynthia taught me to swim in this


area, so we went for that reason and I think that makes it really


personal. So you won the award in 2014 and now 2017, two years in


between, what went wrong? We relaxed! We genuinely just think of


the bed and breakfast as an extension of ourselves anyway. That


was our commitment when we started, just to be ourselves and welcome


people to share the area. Whatever their secret it has sent them to the


top of the world's favourite B destinations.


Congratulations to them. They will be inundated. Onto the weather. Fog,


fog, Chris Proudfoot photographed


the morning frost in the New Forest. Maureen Coles took this picture of


the fog in Portsmouth from Gosport. And Martin Dolan captured a fog bow


near Corfe Castle in Dorset. Fog formed in a very similar way to


rainbows with tiny water droplets. Overnight tonight we expect further


mistimed freezing fog patches again and the risk of ice which is why the


Met Office has issued a fog and ice warning during the early hours and


up until lunchtime tomorrow. Possible disruption to travel. Dense


fog patches will form in the usual spots and temperatures tonight will


follow way to around minus four Celsius in the countryside is. These


are in our towns and cities dropping down to minus one in some areas.


Misty and foggy start to the day tomorrow. Widespread frost. Freezing


fog patches may linger throughout the morning which is why the Met


Office warning is in place. Ice is a risk and untreated services.


Tomorrow a good deal of cloud, the best of the sun shine through parts


of Dorset and West Wiltshire with temperatures tomorrow reaching a


high of 5-7 C. Further clubs tomorrow night but where there are


clear skies and the chance of a widespread frost first thing on


Thursday morning and maybe one or two freezing fog patches but they


won't be as widespread as last night and tonight. Temperatures tomorrow


night around minus one Celsius. A frosty start on Thursday. That


starts fairly cloudy but we are expecting some drier and clear air


to move in from the near continent bringing some sunshine through the


afternoon after a frosty start. Temperatures on Thursday will reach


a height of four or five Celsius but with the strength of the very cold


south-easterly wind it will feel more like freezing with the wind


chill. A cold day on Thursday and a cold day also on Friday although


earning less cold through Friday and into the weekend. A lot of cloud


over the next few days. Cloud breaking up on Thursday. Cloudy on


Friday with patchy rain and of the weekend mainly cloudy but one or two


bright spells. That is it from us. Kris Temple is at Anfield for the


Saints match tomorrow night. Good luck Oxford against Bradford as well


in the lower League Cup competition. More at 8pm and 10:30pm, good night.


You might get the impression that history is just a record


Very often, the line between fact and fiction


In this series, I'm exploring how three turning points in our history


have been manipulated to become our greatest historical legends.


I want to be entertained. Entertain me.


It's the last chance to impress the judges.


What have you been up to? Something grubby?


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