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The top stories tonight: news teams where you are.


They can finish the job here. It's Shane Long, and he has done it!


Celebrations as Southampton book their place in the League Cup final.


Absolutely brilliant. I'm just gobsmacked. Amazing! We are going to


Wembley. Come on, son! It comes as a Chinese


company seeks to buy Also, a devolution deal


dead in the water - but will taxpayers be left


counting the cost? The machine which


picked up the past - the extraordinary Roman finds buried


below an ordinary playing field. And a heart-warming tale


of the kindness of strangers. Gear bike seat, have you ever


thought that you make people's plain miserable? I was feeling of having a


new bike one day. I only had it for a week. -- Dear bike thief.


How Rachel was moved to act when she spotted this note -


Almost 24 hours on from the victory which sealed the deal


and Southampton football fans are looking ahead to their team's


appearance in the League Cup final at Wembley.


Saints beat Liverpool 1-0 to go through.


As fans continued their celebrations today, they were also digesting


the news that a Chinese company may have secured


The exact details of the purchase remain unclear -


but, if it happens, it would see Southampton follow in


the the footsteps of other big European clubs who have had


significant stakes acquired by Chinese investors.


Our sports editor, Tony Husband, has been following all


Welcomer what we do know tonight, without a doubt, is that tradition


and romance is alive and well in football just set the Saint Mary 's


stadium. It's all around us. The statue of Ted Bates. As Southampton


fans celebrate one of the greatest nights in their history, the


realisation that football is such big business today and is completely


the latest in England to be added to by Chinese investors. Nevertheless,


the story from the sports company and their potential investment in


Southampton prettified by the fans today as they celebrate an EFL Cup


appearance, their first in more than 30 years.


It's 38 years since Adam played a major cup final at Wembley, so the


fans' reaction was understandable apple Shane Long's goal sealed their


place in the EFL Cup final. You'll like they were defending really deep


but we got them on the calendar. Wembley, Wembley! I've never watched


a clock so often and so much in my life. The last 20 minutes were an


absolute drag but, when Shane Long went through, I was ecstatic. He


shoots... They put Southampton in Wembley! He has fired Southampton


into a 1-0 lead. 2-0 on aggregate. For the first time since 1979,


Southampton go to Wembley. We were there at the cup final in 1979 and


going back. I can't believe it. Southampton, under French manager


Claude Puelle, have reached the cup final without conceding a goal. Now,


they've potentially set up a repeat of the car's most famous match. He's


on. 1-0! In 1976, Southampton beat Manchester United to lift the FA


Cup. Manchester United face Hull tonight. -- Hull. I was delighted to


see the emotions that Claude Puelle gave after he knew they had won. I


thought, fantastic, it means a lot to him as well. Six years ago,


Southampton on the Johnston paint Trophy, a lowly condition that


marked the club's steps back from financial collapse. The slogan seems


apt tonight, we march on. Tony, plenty for fans to look


forward to but what more do we know They wouldn't be the first team to


have Chinese investment, with a? No, look at Aston Villa, Wolves,


Birmingham. A lot of championship teams have the investment of Chinese


companies. However, look at the state and the club have put out


knocking about a potential partnership. Anything done would be


baby club's best interest. Here is the opinion of one Chinese football


expert. The Chinese tend to invest in clubs


not just for football purposes. They often tend to look


at broader industry, given that most of


the cargo travelling in and out


of ports like Southampton originates, in some form,


in China in the first place, this, too,


will be a very important part


of the thinking, I would imagine. I think the feeling inside here


tonight is that this one's still got some way to travel. More


immediately, Saints are travelling to Wembley. More from Saint Mary 's


later. Thanks very much. It was the deal that


promised more money, more control and more


joined up thinking. But, as we reported on this


programme yesterday - devolution plans for parts


of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight It follows months of


planning and discussions. Now, instead of bringing


councils closer together, it appears to have created even more


of a divide. So how does this decision actually


affect the taxpayer? Our political editor,


Peter Henley, has been following the devolution plans,


since the plans were first mooted. This was the meeting that saw the


death of the devolution dream. Portsmouth City Council leader


telling MPs and councillors that time had run out for approval and


they must look for alternatives. At the moment, the money is all going


up north, to the northern powerhouse, Sheffield, Leeds. We are


losing out because we have not got our act together and I'm deeply


disappointed we have missed the opportunity to the southern


powerhouse and the first combined authority in south-east England. For


the first time this year, we have a conservative disagreeing with


another conservative about what happened. A lot of different areas


would have joined in. Hampshire County Council MP would not back the


plans. This would have meant ?900 million in Government spending for


over 30 years. It was said it wasn't worth splitting up a historic


county. You're been claimed that the disagreement is what led to the


failure of taking power away from Westminster. How do you feel,


personally? I feel my responsibility is for this area to make sure we


have good, sufficient services, well-run economically. Hampshire is


one of the best, most respected county councils in the country and I


would have felt very responsible for Hampshire to have been carved up and


offered across two different cities. That would not have been good for


Hampshire anybody. These plans cost the taxpayer money. Surveys and


expert opinions, all of which seem to contradict each other. What the


public really want is a simple delivery of quality services,


particularly when the money is tight. And today, a third


conservative ended the prey. Chancellor Philip Hammond was


visiting Microsoft in Reading and gave his views on why no southern


cancer was getting an elected mayor and a devolution deal. It started as


a city -based. And it has evolved. -- council. It's just a pipeline


issue. We will see some deals coming through in the other parts of the


country in the future. So, perhaps a minister's dog still be proved ever.


With Brexit taking up so much energy, painful local services could


be at the back of the queue for some time yet.


Taxi drivers in Winchester say an annual rise in the amount


they pay to use the rank at the city's train


Local cabbies have seen the cost of a permit go up by 10%


They say it's too much, but the company which runs


the station says it's a reflection of growing passenger numbers.


The big complaint from taxi drivers in Winchester is that the cost of


using the taxi rank outside the city station has increased, well above


the rate of inflation, while taxi fares have been frozen for six


years. It's extortionate. I wrote an e-mail to a company years ago to


complain about it and they just told the headscarf, take it, leave it.


Yeah, it costs too much rascal to be honest. The last seven, eight years,


it has been the same. Back in 2009, this all-important red disc cost


?308 per year. Now it's ?671. What is the message? The fair. Be fair.


We all understand that prices go up. They don't need to go up at the rate


they are going up at the moment. There are variations in the course


of taxi permits at the station. Rail companies say it depends on how busy


stations are. Taxi drivers' organisations are arguing for


greater consistency across the country. Freeing up and access


should be overall aim. We have to respect the fact that taxis are


working on rail property. However, I would like to know how these fees


are right at. That's my main concern. Their one from Southwest


trains was available for interview today but, in a statement, the


company has said, effectively, the taxi drivers are sharing in the


success of the railways. As the railway generate business for taxi


operators, we think it's fair that taxi drivers pay less than ?2 per


day to collect passengers directly from the station. The taxi drivers


here don't like the increase and the cost of station permits. -- to the


cost. Railway organisations say they will have to grit their teeth and


pay. It's the stuff


archeologists dream of. A significant find


after years of searching. That's what's happened


in West Sussex where the remains of three near-complete Roman


buildings have been discovered under Sean Killick has been finding


out more and is live Well, yes, good evening. It looks


like any other city centre park. We now know, beneath the turf here,


like the ruins of two large Roman town houses. In their day, they were


digging with the equivalent of many millions of pounds in today's money,


lived in by very important people and have been discovered by a man


who does this thing as a hobby. This man is a computer programme


programmer. In his spare time, he is a hobbyist archaeologist. The survey


Priory Park and discovered the complete foundations of three large


buildings. You can see, on the screen, a vertical slice of ground.


I could see there was something going on under there. It's a bit


difficult to see, just from the little bit you're looking at,


exactly what is going on. Secondly got home and knew what was going on?


Yes. What was your reaction when you discover that? I came back and did


some more, I was excited. The archaeological Society carried out


eight test date and found remains they thought were incomplete because


the park has not been properly built on. The new council's archaeologist


said they can also see why there are so many Roman bricks in the walls


around here. Welcome in lots of buildings here and then any Middle


Ages, lots of people who were building things here borrowed from


that. Recycling? , yeah, essentially. The smart thing to do.


The best thing you can do is start with a modest trench, remove the


turf, Dickie space and recorded. We will then put Everton back the way


it was. Hopefully, depending on results, we will repeat that process


the next few years. We have defined that what sort of people lived in


these buildings, what sort of things they ate, what sort of things they


had on their tables, if you like and how they fitted in with the rest of


the community. Chichester is rich in Roman history with a museum built


around the remains of a Roman bathhouse. In contrast, the newly


found buildings would be on public display, but it set the Diggle on


new facts about life here 2000 years ago. -- the dig. Fascinating find.


Join us later when we'll be talking about how we become


global and we'll be showing you some of our moves.


Onto sport now and one story dominates tonight.


Southampton are into a major cup final for the first time


since losing the FA Cup final in Cardiff in 2003.


able to go to see them in the EFL Cup final next month?


Well, this afternoon, the club announced that they have got just


over 31,400 tickets for the match against Manchester United or Hull.


That will be on your last Sunday February next month. At the moment,


it is due to be a 4:30pm kick-off. Going into the semifinal,


Southampton were the underdogs. A lot of people felt Liverpool would


be too strong for them. Here, they beat them 1-0. There, they beat 1-0.


Klopp and the Kop no match for Southampton.


Liverpool, with their fair share of ex-Southampton players,


got out of Saint Mary's fortunate to only be a goal


Last night, the expected onslaught for


the Saints' defence, minus Virgil Van Dijk,


Instead, Saints had other chances to bury the tie early on.


But cup heroics come in many shapes and sizes.


Southampton's six foot seven goalkeeper Fraser Forster


used every inch to deny the reds a breakthrough.


A heart stopping moment saw young defender Jack Stephens cleared


They can finish the job here, it's Shane


When we ran out at the start of the game, we could


Obviously they've carried is over the line,


Saints players today were digesting the drama at the training


It was a really big night from me in my career, because it's a


Really difficult game for us, but I'm so


It's 14 years since Southampton's last major cup final, defeat against


Seven years ago, they played at the new Wembley in a Johnstons paint


Trophy, winning in front of nearly 14,000 travelling supporters.


Many of those fans will beginning of victory next month.


As you would expect, social media has gone crazy over this. There was


a video posted of the Saints' dressing room. Look at them going


mad. It is buying the scenes stuff, people love to see it, of course.


All the team celebrating there. We also have some tweets from the


players. Shane Long posting a photo. A lot of fans start in traffic on


the', M6 at the time. I think you've got some tweets to weed out as well.


Yes, very busy day, the timeline flying around but I picked out a


couple. Jamie said he was really happy with the performance. He said


the club and fans deserve this moment and they want to now go and


wind it. More treats are appearing on screen for you now. That gives


you the kind of feeling of global appeal from football these days.


Talking of global appeal, India lost their cricket and we saw something


special to date when Tymal Mills took his first wicket for his


country playing in England's T20 victory today.


Mills dismissed Hardik Pandya, who was caught on the boundary


as England reduced the home side to 147 for seven


A great time for Tymal Mills. However, memorable times at


Southampton here. Still talk of the Franco will be invested from the


Chinese. Also looking at the prospect of the Europa League, which


we saw Southampton in this year against Inter Milan. The League Cup


is probably bottom of their priorities, taking into account the


league as well. They played a stronger side and there are now into


the final. The condition many fans might have written off is the one


that could actually fulfil their dreams for this season and many to


come. Football, a funny old game sometimes. Yeah, top priority now.


Thanks very much. Now, here's a tale to restore your


faith in human nature. It starts with a letter taped


to an empty bike rack The letter was addressed


to the thief who'd stolen a brand new bike, belonging to someone who'd


saved-up for a year to buy it. A passer-by saw the note,


and decided to do something Flapping from an empty bike rack,


in this letter caught Rachel's eye as she was walking along


Reading's Broad Street on Tuesday. Dear bike thief, have you ever


thought that you make You might have seen


that the bike is new and Less you know that I could only


afford that back after one year of I was saving and dreaming


of having a new bike one day. Well, it's a pretty forlorn looking


little note, as you can see. Everything I read just


make me made me feel sad It was signed from Alex, who had


added that he or she would wait by the bike rack at 6pm each evening


this week in the hope the bike I have lived here for coming on 17


years now and I think we're That's what motivated


me to do something. Within half an hour,


Rachel had set up an online appeal, aiming to collect


enough money to buy a 24 hours later, the total had


already reached over ?700. I've got no idea,


but Alex said they will I don't know whether Alex


is male or female, even. I will be here at 6pm,


hoping to give Alex Alex understandably wary at first


was deeply moved to know It has given back my


faith in humanity. All the money left over from buying


a new bike and a decent lock will go to a cycling charity,


helping provide affordable bikes for A charity which Alex now says he'd


like to join as a volunteer. Trying to give back that help


that society gave to me and hopefully, by receiving


and giving back help, So, hopefully everyone will be able


to do that and learn from this unfortunate


event at the same time. The world can be a lonely,


old place but, if everyone chips in, it can be


really, really lovely. I would like to say thank you very


much to everyone who contributed and also "Welcome


to Reading" for Alex. We love stories like that. Well


done, Rachel. What a truly lovely person. Now, we are revisiting a


story you might remember. At the end of last year,


we told you about Fatboyz Dance. They are a group of young


dancers who rehearsed That was until they got spotted


and were chosen to perform at one of the biggest events


in the sporting calender - Well, their performance has put them


on the worldwide stage and they've Earlier, I spoke to Liam


and Shivani from Fatboyz. They told you about their experience


in Abu Dhabi. It was on a completely different level. Our expectations


were here. When we got there, it was there. It was incredible. From the


very get go, get in on the plane, to the minute we stepped off the plane,


to the whole experience. It was nonstop, continuous, get from one


place to the other. The audience kept on bombarding us when we got


there. It was crazy. We're what the fans show up at the. Shivani, think


of the world for you since, haven't they? Yet, since we came back, the


support has been incredible. Local. Seven people coming up to us. It has


been so nice. People asking for our picture. Similar people inviting us


to invent. We've got a festival coming up and a world tour as well.


Wow. You're until? Gill again, our own world tour. We are starting with


the locals of everyone can see our performances and stuff and it is in


Winchester the minute. Natalie May 13. If you want to see it, come


along. We would love to. Have you been surprised by your success? Have


I been surprised? Well, Shivani and me have been working really hard at


this specifically. San Miguel, we work so hard. We haven't expected it


but everything that happens, we are like, well, how is this happening?


But we work hard for it and we don't stop working hard for it. We enjoy


every minute. Thank you so much for coming in. Thank you. Weren't a


great? Really well deserved and they are so talented. You saw a bit of it


then, but very exciting. They done a performance in the studio this


afternoon so, at the end of the programme, you can see them do their


moves. Now, time for the weather


with Alexis Green. It has been freezing today, hasn't


it? Bitterly cold. I will tell you about the temperatures in the


forecast. First, let's have a look at the photographs.


Rachel Baker took this photo of the sun trying


to poke through the cloud at Hamworthy Park in Poole.


Steve Miller took this picture of a New Forest Pony in the cold.


And Longstock, Hants - Sandy Burnfield.


Now, through the course of the day, chilly conditions. Three Celsius the


overall temperature. Tomorrow, looking like it'll be up to eight


Celsius. Duties if you don't like the cold. A frost developing,


though, in the early hours of the morning. Risk winds from the south


and south-east from clear skies. We will see one or two missed catches


and the is an ice warning for Sussex and Surrey, where we will see


someone three showers that could cause problems on untreated roads.


-- slippery. A cold, frosty, potentially IT started the day


tomorrow. Some brightness initially but, three course of the day, travel


increase and we see some patchy rain arriving from the south. That is on


a southerly breeze and the breeze will be strong tomorrow with


cabbages reaching 5-8 C. Through the course of tomorrow night, the rain


will disappear but further rain arrives, more persistent and of rain


during the early hours of Saturday morning. -- temperatures. Milder


temperatures as well. A lot milder than today's values, seven Celsius


now. A mild weekend and staying mild throughout the weekend into the


start of next week. Saturday, patchy rain at times. Thunderstorms during


the course of the day. Some bright and sunny spells and a brisk,


south-westerly winds. As we head to best of the week, tomorrow will be


an icy start in places, frost in the morning. Brightness during the


morning but then clouding over with patchy rain arriving through the


afternoon. Sunshine and the potential for thundery showers to


Saturday. Some rain about on Sunday had quite a cloudy day on Sunday


with further rain possible on Monday. If you're out and about


anywhere, do send us your weather pictures. Thanks very much, Alexis.


Mansell from us evening but, before we get a fantasy that balance


performance the promised you. Being a special performance in all studio,


Basingstoke -based Fatboyz Dance! Einstein replaced Newton's theory


of universal gravitation with a more accurate theory -


general relativity. So, why's my apple falling?


Well, it's not. It is the ground that accelerates up


to meet the apple.


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